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Lexus IS Bluetooth and Navigation



  • alolewisalolewis Member Posts: 36
    My 2004 RX330 has the version 3.01 DVD, if I bought the newer DVD ($275) would it only update the maps and Point of Interests or would it also update the software to what my wife's 2006 IS350 Nav System screen looks like? Has anyone an experience with the updated DVD's?
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    i tried to eject the map dvd and it gave me an error. are the maps preloaded and dvd's used only for updates?
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    the nav system speaks highway names and exit numbers but not street names. do other manufacturer systems (acura, infiniti) say the street names? the only other system i've seen have it is garmin - is that exclusive to them at this point? is saying the street names something that can be added via a map update?
  • netwonnetwon Member Posts: 53
    This may help. Lexus 5th Gen Nav Tutorial If you go to How To > Advanced System Setup it will show you how to turn off voice guidance. It seems like you select the menu button (right hand side), then click setup (on screen). Then hit the down arrow to access the second page. Go to Voice Recognition Guidance, and select off.

    Hope that helps,

  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    anyone know where you can get a list of voice commands? kind of odd its not in the owners manual.
  • netwonnetwon Member Posts: 53
    I think that thses are all of the voice commands:

    NAVI Commands
    Command Alternate Commands with same function
    Current position Current Location
    Zoom In
    Zoom Out
    Right Map Zoom In
    Right Map Zoom Out
    North Up Change to north up
    Heading Up Change to heading up
    Map direction Change to map direction
    Right map north up
    Right map heading up
    Right map direction
    Dual map Change to dual map
    Single map Change to single map
    Mark this point Mark
    Home Go Home
    Repeat Guidance Repeat voice, Repeat
    Arrow guidance Arrow guide, Change to arrow guidance, Change to arrow guide
    Turn list guidance Turn list guide, Change to turn list guidance, Change to turn list guide
    Entire Route map Entire route, route overview
    Delete next destination Cancel next destination
    Delete final destination Cancel final destination
    Delete all destinations Cancel all destinations
    Suspend guidance Stop guidance
    Resume guidance Start guidance
    Compass mode Change to compass mode
    Lane guidance Change to lane guidance, Guidance screen on freeway

    AUDIO Commands
    Command Alternate Commands with same function
    AM AM Radio
    FM FM Radio
    CD Changer
    DVD Changer
    Audio Audio on, Audio off
    Seek up
    Seek down
    Type up
    Type down
    Fast forward
    Reverse Program
    Next track
    Previous track
    Skip backward
    Track up Next track
    Track down Previous track
    Disc up Next disc
    Disc down Previous disc

    Climate Commands
    Command Alternate Commands with same function
    Automatic Air Conditioning Automatic Air Conditioning On, Automatic Air Conditioning Off
    Raise Temperature Warmer
    Lower Temperature Cooler
    65 Degrees Temperature 65 Degrees
    82 Degrees Temperature 82 Degrees
    83 Degrees Temperature 83 Degrees
    84 Degrees Temperature 84 Degrees
    85 Degrees Temperature 85 Degrees

    Help Commands
    Command Alternate Commands with same function
    Help Command help, Command list

    Everything but the phone commands, you can also ask it for a "command list" apparently.

    Hope that helps,

  • cklho818cklho818 Member Posts: 29
    Hi all, I got an IS 350 w/Navi and the Bluetooth will not automatically connect to my Motorola L7 even if I have (Auto-Connect) ON and my cellphone's Bluetooth enabled. Does anybody experience the same thing? Everytime when I am in my car, I have to connect the phone manually. :sick: Pls help!!
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    on your phone you neeed to check the is properties and ensure it is a trusted source.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    extremely helpful, thank you. i cant imagine why they are not in the owners manual. did you copy these from the car or get them from somewhere? are the phone codes on the nav screen help screen?
  • netwonnetwon Member Posts: 53
    Just press voice command button then hit help it should be able to help you out from there..

  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    well i finally tried to input an address destination using voice input. here's what i find odd: when i say the street name, it repeats it back to me, in the nav system's voice not my voice. so, obviously, it can peak the street names. why doesn't it announce street names while driving? it appears to me it has the capability, but for some reason they have chosen to not have it active?
  • toydrivertoydriver Member Posts: 227
    Question for the techno kids:

    I'm wondering if any of you owner's know if a text message will display on the NAV screen.
    Will the Bluetooth interface retrieve an instant message and display it on the screen ?? I use a Motorola Pebbl phone.

    I'd like to get in my car in the morning and have it tell me important messages that I have received from my job.
    (I've been using the bluetooth phone almost daily but I don't routinely use the text message option)

    Thanks for the input in advance
  • meyrick007meyrick007 Member Posts: 23
    is there anyway to use the navigation while driving? can lexus take off the LOCK on the navi? it would be a lot easier to use the navi when i'm with a passenger without the hassle of stopping... thanks!
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    have a phone connected, is the phoen number supposed to show up on the screen only when driving, or always, or only when the number is in the phone book? or does it depend on the phone and signal strength?
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    this works on the 2006 but from what i hear not on the 2007. plus, it has to be re-entered every tikme you drive the car. now only if there's one to override the phone lockout.

    Press Menu
    Press Volume
    Press the Top Left Corner of the Screen
    Press the Bottom Left Corner of the Screen
    Press the Top Left Corner of the Screen
    Press the Bottom Left Corner of the Screen

    A Menu will come up.

    Press and Hold Override for 5 seconds or until you hear a beep

    Hit back
  • chgo68chgo68 Member Posts: 5
    I have my '07 IS250 AWD w/Nav,bluetooth and Razor V3 with T-Mobile.. The phone and bluetooth works fine except sometimes just suddenly lose the bluetooth signals and phone gets disconnected :mad:

    I've tried to re-connect the phone with bluetooth sys. but it won't get re-connected until I re-start the engine and it gets reconnected automatically?? Please help if anyone has the same experience or there is any way to get the phone and bluetooth reconnected? Thank you.
  • toydrivertoydriver Member Posts: 227
    I've had similar experiences in my '06 IS250AWD and PEBL (Motorola) with T-Mobile. On rare occasions the signal is dropped and so the phone is disconnected. It seems to happen at the same place on the same highway during my commute, so I assume it is a relative "dead zone" for T-Mobile, even though this is in the heart of a large metro area.

    You said that you have "tried to re-connect the phone with bluetooth sys, but it fails". Have you tried turning the phone off and back on ?

    To re-connect I usually have to physically turn off the phone and turn it back on. This way the phone re-pairs to the Bluetooth system in the car. It always works for me. Your method of re-starting the engine will do the same thing (basically a re-boot). However, if you are driving and don't want to pull over, just try the cell-phone off/on.
  • chgo68chgo68 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info, I'll try to turn off the phone and turn it back on.
  • mdchachimdchachi Member Posts: 275
    It would only update the map & POI data. The software is not updated to make the system look or behave like newer systems. That's a pretty old map disc so if you're going to keep the vehicle for a while (and you use the nav system regularly) it might be worth upgrading.
  • mdchachimdchachi Member Posts: 275
    Maps are stored on the DVD itself and used during operation (if you take out the DVD, the system won't work). Maybe the DVD eject mechanism is stuck.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    when multiple bluetooth phones are paired, is it possible to tell the vehicle to automatically pair with any phone it sees, rather than having to go to the screen to choose a phone. example- i have phones a and b paired. i choose phone a to connect. if i get in the car with phone b (phone a not present) it doesnt connect - i have to go to the menu and choose the phone. one would think the system would be intelligent enough to figure this out itself.
  • moldhammoldham Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone managed to bluetooth register a palm treo 650 (cingular), running the latest software (1b.17-CNG), with a 2007 lexus IS350 ??

    I have been bashing my head trying to do this for too long without success !! :confuse:
  • mdchachimdchachi Member Posts: 275
    You have to choose. It will not automatically search.
  • bg3dwbg3dw Member Posts: 2
    MY NAVIGATION SYSTEM IS STUCK IN THE DAY MODE. THE DAY MODE BUTTON DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE DISPLAY MENU(this is an IS 350)...any suggestions on how to get the day mode off when it is night time?
  • mdchachimdchachi Member Posts: 275
    Try adjusting your speedometer console lighting. I think if it's at max, it will put the nav into day mode.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    anyone know what teh speed tones are?

    also, when programming a pause into a number, it does nothing. it just dials the number like usual and doesnt send the digits.

    when programming a wait, during the call you have to hit the 0-9 button and then send the tone. seems kind of odd.
  • newlexusdrivernewlexusdriver Member Posts: 1

    I'm a first time Lexus driver and have a question about the navigation system in my 2007 IS250. When I go on the freeway the nav has been telling me to exit off the wrong exit. For example, I was going to 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica the other day and it told me to exit off some exit in downtown LA, which is about 15 miles away from Santa Monica. When I don't exit, it would recalculate and tell me to exit off the following exit until I finally exited at the correct exit. Has anyone experienced this problem? Is this a system issue or is it a user error? Please advise. Thanks!!!
  • alolewisalolewis Member Posts: 36
    My guess would be that the Nav system was giving you directions for what it considered the shortest or fastest route which may not be the route you want. The Nav system uses preset speeds for freeways, surface streets, etc so it calculates freeways at 55 mph when in reality, the freeway may be only going 25 mph.
    When you don't follow the directions, it calculates a new route which may be reverse to the original route or all together new, depending on which it thinks is quicker/shorter, etc.
    You may also have input the destination incorrectly as you have to watch which city on places that have the same names, etc. Hope this helps, my NAV system has actually shown me new and better ways to get some places I have been going to for years.
  • mdchachimdchachi Member Posts: 275
    It sounds like you have your Route Preferences set to not use freeways. When you're setting a route press Route Preferences and make sure the Allow Freeways setting is on. If you're already in a route, press the Route on-screen button and select Route Preferences from there.

    I just keep all options on all the time. The preferences are persistent so you don't have to set these each time.
  • gkkppngkkppn Member Posts: 1
    speed tones allow you to send access codes for things like voice-mail extensions or other calls that require passkey #'s. (EG: you call your office voice-mail system and it asks you to enter your password followed by the # key)that info can be set up and sent as a speed tone.

    the directions for setting speedtones were not included with the owners manual. For step by step setup instructions, contact your local dealership's service manager, and ask him/her to get with their shops diag specialist for a copy of the step by step instructions issued to them by the factory.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    i was reading on that there is a tsb on the 06 nav system. anyone else heard of this?
  • panoudimipanoudimi Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I recently bought the IS250 2007. I have a blackberry pearl and it works great with the navigation system. I have 2 questions. Where's the DVD player located in the car that holds the map info? and since you can store info is there anyway you can inpuit your own icons or change the Voices?
  • mdchachimdchachi Member Posts: 275
    I think it's behind the console somewhere. Your Navigation operating manual should tell you where it is. There is no way to change icons or voices as far as I know.
  • achan618achan618 Member Posts: 9
    Hi Everyone,
    I have a 2007 IS 250 w/navigation. Playing around with the navigation I accidentally put Chinese restaurant, banks and gas station icons on the screen. All of these icons appear wherever I go now if they are in the area. I was wondering how I will be able to delete these icons without deleting my memory points such as my house and work areas. Please advise! Thanks!

  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    using voice activation, say "Hide all icons"
  • mdchachimdchachi Member Posts: 275
    Press Map View (bottom of map screen), then Display POI Icon, and press Delete. (This has no effect on your personal memory points.)
  • achan618achan618 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for your help. I have been trying for weeks to find the right words to hide these icons. This worked!
  • rhsmdrhsmd Member Posts: 7
    look on the last page of the quick guide for the nav system. not the full manual, but the quicky guide.
  • jerry kjerry k Member Posts: 45
    I am picking up my IS 250 next week and wanted to read the Navigation/Bluetooth instructions prior to picking up the car. Short of getting the booklet from a dealer - is there anyplace online I can go to read up on the system?
  • netwonnetwon Member Posts: 53
    Search IS forums for navigation commands.

  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    This might help with the navigation commands: netwon, "Lexus IS Bluetooth and Navigation" #64, 25 Sep 2006 6:36 pm
  • scuba077scuba077 Member Posts: 9
    Hi..By any chance do you know what the cable connector types are on the MP3 conn to aux is for the IS250 ? Are both ends same connector ?
    Thanks in advance
  • quasiactuaryquasiactuary Member Posts: 50
    Both ends are the same, I think it is called a mini or 1/8" uses the headphone connector of your MP3 player, meaning it basically has a headphone connector at both ends. I bought one for a few bucks at Radio Shack. Hope that helps.
  • kcleukkcleuk Member Posts: 45
    I have a question,

    I know on the TL (with Navi), it has voice command to control the navi/audio/temperature.

    How about the Lexus? Does it ONLY control the navi? Thanks
  • jerry kjerry k Member Posts: 45
    The IS Nav by voice command can control all three as well.
  • kcleukkcleuk Member Posts: 45
    I just talked to a Lexus salesperson and he said no. The voice command only control the Navi.

    on the TL, you can say "Disc 3 Track 4" and it plays that particular song. Or say "60 F" and it turns the A/C to that temperature.

    I am confused now.
  • jerry kjerry k Member Posts: 45
    Well then I must have a special Nav (which I am saying sarcastically) because I can command audio and climate by voice command.
  • swisscottgswisscottg Member Posts: 2

    Is there a setting that returns to the NAV screen and makes the audible prompts while i am on the phone using the bluetooth hands free?
  • kcleukkcleuk Member Posts: 45
    did you get the Mark Levinson audio stuff?

    This other salesperson called me and I asked him again, and he said it only controls the NAVI.

    So thats why I ask if you have the Mark Levinson
  • jerry kjerry k Member Posts: 45
    No I didn't. You are probably speaking to someone not familiar with the Lexus IS 250. I don't know all of the ins and outs of the system but I do know I can use a voice command to raise or lower temperature - to turn on the AC - to change a radio station, etc. All of the commands are in the book.
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