My Escape Pulsates when at full stop

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hello has anyone any info on what may be causing a eratic idle and hard starting on my 6 cylinder 2003 ford escape? there are no check engine lights on or codes to read.


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    You may want to try Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute: Problems & Solutions.

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    I have a 2005 Ford Escape that's been experiencing surging for 2 years. Most of the time this happened when I was accelerating and then had to come to a relatively quick stop. I've been to three dealerships been told it's the ethanol in the gas, had the main computer reprogramed, had the pcv "valve," and the erg valve replaced, and spent $300 and some odd dollars for fuel line "decarbonization." Most recently the dealership attached what they called a "flight data recorder." I drove around for 6 weeks with that in my car and pushed the recording button multiple times but according to the tech nothing was recorded "outside the normal parameters.

    Can anyone give Ford Customer service some ideas about what to do to fix my car, or is the problem so embedded that I need to start discussing financial compensation? How much is my aggravation worth?
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    Is your Escape a 4 or 6 cylinder? Unfortunately your aggravation isn't going to be worth much in the auto world.
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    It's a 6 cylinder. Aggravation, nothing. My "Ford Family" Customer Relationship Center says my car is fine and is operating within "normal parameters." But because they are so nice, they are offering me something called an "X package." They have given me a pin number, good for a year mind you, but to find out the monetary value I need to go to a Ford dealership sales department and pick out a new car to purchase.

    I know that no manufacturer's production is defect free so I've tried to work with Ford and gone back over and over again, but this last "offer" is an insult. Who dreamed up this customer service strategy. Like I'd even be willing to buy another Ford product again. Looks like I'll be doing some serious corresponding with Mr. Mulally.
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