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Dodge Durango Overheating Problems



  • pams49pams49 Posts: 1
    we have a 2001 Dodge Durango that started overheating.We have replaced the thermastate and checked the relay and fuse.We have replaced the clutch on the fan,and replaced the radiator fan and the tempature sensor also have tried to get all the air out of the line but we are having problems getting all the air out and it is still overheating do you have any suggestions?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    More info needed. Did it overheat all the time are just when idling while not moving? Has the radiator been checked to see if it's clogged? Was it using coolant with no apparent leak?
  • hmortonhmorton Posts: 5
    @ burdawg - I know this was to Pams49 - but I have same issue. Mine is overheat while idling - cool back down while driving - had the radiator flushed, replaced the cap, then replaced the fill nozzle when cap didn't work - replaced the water pump - the only leak we can see is it comes out the overflow when I stop - the overflow is never low, just gets higher and higher - only thing low is you always fill in the the fill nozzle (radiator cap) no apparent leaks.... anything is greatly appreciated.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    That kind of problem is usually indicative of the cooling fans not working properly. When your stopped and idling there's no air flow over the radiator, so the fan or fans should be running or running at a higher level. Once you start moving the air flow over the radiator is usually sufficient to provide the needed cooling, except during hot weather, when the airflow isn't enough.
    I don't know what year Durango you have, but on my 2000 there's a combination of a mechanical clutch fan driven off the serpentine belt and auxiliary electric fans also. If any of them are not working properly you can have overheat problems like you describe. The electric fans run all the time when the a/c is on by the way.
    Also, this has already probably been checked, but make sure there's no buildup of debris blocking the radiator anywhere in the front, like between the radiator and condensor or the power steering fluid cooler near the bottom of the radiator (that's where it is on the first generation). I bought mine used and was surprised how much junk was built up in that area. I blew it out with a garden hose and high pressure nozzle, and was surprised how much junk ended up on the driveway under it.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I should have also said that it still could be a clogged radiator. Flushing won't necessarily clean out a clogged radiator.
    I'd look towards the fans first though, especially the clutch fan if it has one. When it's idling and getting hot, the clutch fan should be running full on, actually "roaring" as some say, and the electric auxiliary fan or fans should be on.
  • lisajawealisajawea Posts: 4
    edited June 2011
    Sorry if this is repetitious but mine is a 2003 SLT, 5.9 liter, 4wd, and a/c. We have already flushed radiator, replaced thermostat with no luck. Today was 90 degrees and it overheated without the a/c on. Do they all come standard with a auxiliary fan or are some made different? There is not one on ours and since it is used, is it possible someone took it off? I know the front end was wrecked somewhat. Also it takes about 15-30 min. to overheat depending on the weather. I can turn the heater on and it keeps it from getting past the 3/4 line on gauge. It is pushing water out of overflow when turned off but doesn't really require adding more. The a/c definitely makes it alot worse but now I can't even drive to town 45 minutes without a/c and it goes above the middle line at least, every time. Thank you so much for any help, you guys are great!
  • donchil6donchil6 Posts: 10
    ours is a 2004 and we did all the things you did the auxilary pump is up front and i have heard some are in the back. We replaced the radiator cap and that worked for awhile. then we kept smelling radiator fluid and ssen a small leak everytime we parked. My son in law replaced the auxilary water pump it is NOT the water pump and when we replaced ours it was a dealer item only a friend that works at the dealer ship got it for 126.00 and we have had no problems at all since. it is not a fan that is what i thought but my durango came with what i call a second water pump but it is called the auxlariy water pump. Some people that work on cars could not belive it either My son inlaw put it on in a matter of mins in a parking lot. let me know if you have anymore questions
  • donchil6donchil6 Posts: 10
    edited June 2011
    also dont use the orange antifreeze use the green you have that auxilary pump. It is a pump that pumps the water from motor over to the heater core on mine it is under the bottom of the car on the right side above the wheel. I have drove the druango everywhere now and it never overheats not even in 90degree weather
  • lisajawealisajawea Posts: 4
    edited June 2011
    So is it possible that Durangos with tow pkgs. only got the 2 pumps or do they all have them? I'll have to investigate where you are talking about cuz we could only find one. Same with fans, only one. Found out just now there are two types of fan clutches and one is more heavy duty than the other, also costs about the same, 50.00. Today I will pay more attn. to the fan sounds. My guy says he hasn't been hearing it roar, but he can't hear so I'll double check. I have to drive to town again today... We put in a 185 degree thermostat and thought it helped a tiny bit. Just put new water and antifreeze in after flushing yesterday with radiator flush. Went through the radiator 3 times to flush out and barely anything but clear liquid with no debris. It has 108k miles and we bought it in winter,with the problem I believe, but didn't find out till things started warming up more outside. Thanks for your quick reply. I have someone in town at the auto shop getting a manual as well and I gave him your info. thanks so much and any more info would be greatly appreciated!
  • lisajawealisajawea Posts: 4
    When idling and radiator cap is off, water flows through with no problems. Our radiator cap is a 21psi one. Isn't that too high? Thinking maybe it could be the clutch fan. Driving to town today, didn't go yesterday so will see how it behaves. Am leaving early before it's too hot outside.
  • lisajawealisajawea Posts: 4
    Went to auto zone and PSI recommendation ofr my 2003 is 30PSI. So didn't get a new one and did pick up a heavy duty fan clutch. Puttin it on tomorrow. Sure hope it be the problem, and no more overheating.
  • donchil6donchil6 Posts: 10
    have u tried the auilary water pump? that is what fixed mine over a year ago and no problems at all anymore
  • bammnbammn Posts: 1
    Upper radiator hose assembly corrected my problem - assembly meaning including the radiator cap housing ($38 at the Dodge dealer). It can look normal but the housing is plastic and the hose connectors crack. When the vehicle is hot enough to blow steam it can appear as thought he steam is coming out of the cap (it's tough to stick your face into scalding steam to get a close look). But the steam is coming out of the housing.
  • shanmm79shanmm79 Posts: 1
    for some of you dodge owners let me tell you this vehicle is nuts i have a 2002 dodge durango that has pissed me off since the day i bought it. It overheats when it sees fit i had a flush hoses checked waterpump replaced , and a part no one even a dodge dealership never new existed called the auxillary pump many people have had success with replacing that I did for awhile it ran without overheatin but has started doing it again. took it to a dealership had the thermostat replaced 3 times. Fan works and kicks on used to spew antifreze but doesnt anymore i swear these vehicles are haunted or something one day they work perfect the next they overheat two block down the road wth????
  • nezznezz Posts: 1
    This problem with overheating Durangos surely would carry enough weight for Dodge to issue a recall and fix this obvious design flaw in these trucks. I've got an 04' with the 4.7 and until recently hasnt given me much trouble. I've only went thru 3 water pumps, 3 thermostats, 2 fan cluthes and countless times of riding with the heater on full blast just to make it down the road. With summer only half over I figure either i'm looking at up to $500-$1000 total cooling system replacement or the nearest carlot willing to trade. Any advice anyone???? Oh yeah the secondary or auxillary water pump, I've removed it and just connected the two lines together with a metal coupling. Does this pump really make that much difference?? I've found a replacement online for $76 thru Bosch. My truck does NOT have rear heat/air.
  • Have you had the system fluhed? If so, did they replace the fluid with the same from Dodge? If not, it will overheat.....weird I know, but it happened with my '04. I love my Durango, but the cooling issue should carry the weight to have them recalled and repaired.
  • qltr_36qltr_36 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any idea just where this auxiliary pump is located, somewhere under the battery maybe? What all has to be taken off to get to this pump, do you get to it from under the engine? Very frustrating trying to figure out how to stop this overheating. I've replaced my water pump which did go bad and leak antifreeze, changed the thermostat, fan seems to run fine, the auxiliary pump is the next thing to try to replace if I can locate it.
  • My hubby showed me where t is, it is the box that is right on the left corner
  • hmortonhmorton Posts: 5
    OK, so my husband wants me to clarify that it is leaking out the overflow slowly, even when the temp is reading normal. We've tried heavier radiator caps, and it still makes it's way to the overflow. We even replaced the upper hose assembly where the cap goes.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    "it is leaking out the overflow slowly, even when the temp is reading normal"
    If that's the case, then are you sure it's not just overfilled and being forced out when the coolant expands with temperature?
  • hmortonhmorton Posts: 5
    No, its not overfull. I can suck the excess that is in the overflow, fill the radiator, start my trip, drive 200 miles on the highway and the car will get hot (from loss of coolant), and take nearly 2 gallons of coolant to get going again. That is starting with a full radiator and an overflow at a good level. It just continually sends coolant to the overflow, never sucking it back into the radiator. Isn't it supposed to send coolant to the overflow ONLY when the car is hot? I filled my radiator Monday, drove around town for 2 days, and had to put a quarter of a gallon back in the radiator on Wednesday> Aaaackkk!!! Need help on what to change next!!!
  • I just had the same problem with my 2000 Durango over heating. I replaced the clutch fan drove from York Pa to Atlanta Ga. I made it 4 miles from the Ga border and broke down. I rebuilt my motor. The head gaskets where blown out and my heads where badly damaged. I bought new heads, new water pump, new hoses, thermostat, I had my engine block vated and magnafluxed to check for damage which that did come back fine. So basically I have a brand new motor now and 2500 dollars later. Just took it for a test drive today.... It runs warm but not hot. I think I might be putting a 3 wall radiator in next. I would like to find a thermostat that was like 180 or lower but according to all places I have tried they only make a 195 stat for this truck. This is want I have done so far. Not sure if it helps you but I think these trucks run to hot from factory!
  • I fixed it!!!! Got to thinking about how the transmission runs thru the rad as well as the coolant. Right well the temp from the trans at least on my truck on the return line was around 170 where I tested it. Well the temp of my tuck was running around 212 at an idel and on the road or high way it was getting as high as 230 to 235. I did replacemmy rad but I was still concern about the warm temps. I have read very many blogs forums and such about this 4.7 L motor not having a good cooling system or the rad was to small. So I went and got a 60 trans cooler today installed it and I have not been able to get the truck to even go any high then 194 and the stat is a 195 stat. I am very happy now and I hope this help people with their over heating problems. I think the trans just produces to much heat. I got an heavy duty torqflow trans cooler fro
    AutoZone like 60 bucks. Thanx for everybodys feed back on this problem

    Btw my trans temp went from about 170 to going back in the trans around 107 to 98 now the rad doesn't have to work as hard and I ran the lines in the rad and out to the trans cooler back to the trans it self and it is
    Mounted in front of my ac condinsor work Awesome

    Sorry for misspelling or things that might make no since I typed this on an iPhone. My eyes are crossed now ;)
  • yankee211yankee211 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    I'm replying to all you guys i have a 2000 durango, overheating problems when its in traffic and if its towing my boat with the ac on or evening towing the boat with the a/c off.

    I went to the dealer and thye repaleced the upper hose with cap and they replaced the t-stat $595 what a joke. I could have done it myself for $120 dollars truth is it didnt help the clutch fan is in good condition the a/c fan works and it has the right antifreeze which i believe to be bs.

    Im not wasting the time replacing the radiator and the water pump to have it still over heat and then repalce the engine its a waste of time these trucks are lemons everyone of them. how the hell does a 2004 do the same thing with low miles.

    I guess everyone is wasting there time and money just like i have been. Im selling my back to the dealer for $2500 and cutting my losses. I am going to buy a second hand chevy tahoe built like a rock. feel bad for the sorry [non-permissible content removed] that buys my 2000 durango from the dealer for $8000 **** dodge.

    o2 sensor problems and idling problems its your coils or injectors for sure been through that ****...
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Has the cooling system been pressure checked for leaks? It's starting to sound like you have an internal leak in the engine somewhere.
  • Thank You for posting ... My Durango has had the same over heating problem ... We are going to try your solution tomorrow ... Is is still working for you ???
  • Sorry I haven't gotten back but to answer your question yea it is stillrunning great. I have towed a camper with it since the. And the temp never moved. I am so excited. Please let me know if it works for you. I M insterstead to know
  • Ok ... We put in the trans cooler ... $60 at Auto Zone ... Was running good ... until now ... We are towing a small trailer with a lawn mower and it is overheating ... had to pull over ... It got up to about 240 ...
    Any more suggestions???? What thermostat do you have?
  • I have the only stat you can get which is a 195. Did you try to either flush or replace the radiator. I did have some clogs in mine. If you have a new rad and the trans cooler. I would seek out a shop that can pressure check the cooling system. Have them check it cold. And then have them check it hot. It can not be running when they check it. The reason why is because your checking for a head gasket leak. You can try it your self just be damn careful when you do. Let the truck get to normal operating temp shut it off. Take the radiator cap off very carefully with a rag. Once done start the truck and hit the gas hard a couple of times and see if the coolant blows out the hole where the cap goes. Do not let any one stand by the truck when you do this in fear of hot fluids blowing on them. If it does then you have a blown head gasket more then likely. Their are acouple of different ways a head gasket can blow. One is white smoke all the time out the exhaust pipe. Another it antifreeze getting in the oil ( which is not likely). The most commen is the compression from the cylinders pushing back in the cooling system which the excess press of possible a couple thousand pounds of pressure blowing hoses radiators etc...

    Please let me know what you find I'll be happy to give you my opinion
  • 1sassygirl1sassygirl Posts: 6
    edited September 2011
    ok ... it is not the head gaskets ... we have already been down that road ...
    We have not replaced the radiator ... I guess we might try that. We did remove the thermostat but it is still running hot. So I guess we will try the radiatior???
    Did you replace the radiator with a 2,3, or 4 core??
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