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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    Well- don't look at this link if you don't want to be completely in love with the 2002. It's official- I'M WAITING!!!

    I'm sure there are those that dislike change and like the square headlights etc like the old Jeep Wreangler- but I think the improvements, particularly the interior, are worth the wait. I hated the upholstery in 2001 SE and XE.

  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    Also- with GAS prices, the Jeep Liberty as competition, look for similar pricing for similar equipment (probably no finance deals or rebates for a while though). I'm planning on about $26k for a 5speed SE with hitch, mats, splash.

    I think I'll be able to do it. There are a lot of Jeep Liberties around for the picking at MSRP- everyone said they'd be GONE in a flash. Patience is a car buyer's best weapon.

    Good luck- you really can't make a bad choice- cheap 2001 with great financing, or pay more for an updated 2002. I think the depreciation will be a bit higher first year on the 2001 due to new body style on the road.
  • I agree, the '02 is just flat out nice. All around from the inside out and with all the new updates to make things a bit more convenient. But if the prices are too high, which I do not think they will be (I hope to get back tot he states to buy one for a nice labor day weekend sale or something) so that I can catch a nice finance or rebate offer. Just to make my purchase more worth it. I did not think that a '02 SE 4x4 Manual would go for 26K. I am hoping for a bit lower. Maybe I am asking for too much though. If I cannot get it for what I want I will have to get a 4x2. Which will not be the end of the world, but because I really appreciate the upgrades in the '02 I am going to get one.
  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    In addition to engaging the 4wd every so often remember as part of your overall maintenance to get the fluid in the differential changed, transfer case fluid changed, ask them to lube the grease fittings on the driveshaft, and ask them to lube the 4wd linkage. A lot of these things aren't spelled out clearly in the owners manual (they don't go into much detail in servicing if you have 4wd), but these are all things that anyone with a 4x4 will tell you are a must to keep up with to keep your 4x4 system in proper working order.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    The Xtra hp and the seats alone are worth it! My wife is getting stuck with my '01 while I look at the '02. She could care less about power, cheap interiors, lousy seats and lawnmower tires. Anyone know what tires they are using on the '02? I forgot to look.

    Many have emailed me regarding my disdain for the current '01 Xterrable. I just give my honest impressions and facts regarding repairs.

    I Also think it would be good to email some on this board who really like the current model. I do guarantee (with only sitting in an '02, not driving it) that there is NO comparison between the '01 and the '02!

    cygnusx: Great advice regarding the 4x4!!!! I am sure it will save many monetarily in the long-term.
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    msieng, I don't want to put words in your mouth... but you must like the vehicle in general since you are considering the '02...

    I agree- where the driver contacts the truck (seats) and where the truck meets the road (tires) are bad, bad, bad. Improving these things impacts the whole vehicle more in a major way than the sum of these few improvements.(not to even mention the optional power improvement!)
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    If you already have a bad taste in your mouth with the current X, I don't think the 02 will be any better. But, you have had more than your fair share of problems, maybe one too many, I'd head for a PF. The 02 will be new, and I see a new crop of problems on the horizon.. what the build date ;) I still haven't had anything to run to the dealer with except oil changes.

    Lube points on the X ?? Where ?? I was used to doing it on my 4runner, but have yet to find one lube nipple on the X, read somewhere I think everything is sealed. As far as the other fluids.. always something to watch.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Yes, I do have a bad taste, but the '02 is so much different. The improvements are awesome in my humble opinion. With so many people purchasing "error free" Xterras, I just got a lemon. May give Nissan a second chance.
  • I started out looking for a 4wd truck and then my wife wanted to look at the cherokee. that meant we had to look at the liberty and both fell in love with it...however...we are a nissan family and love the brand. so if we are changing the target vehicles from truck to suv we have to look at the x. now it gets difficult. There is no way it is an easy choice between the 2. even with the increase hp in the new model x. they are fantastic cars and both drive well but I like the jeep better in all but one reason...JEEP is on the badge. I have owned a wrangler and spent five years with it as my first new car. It was a five year car and pass off the problems to some one else. If the new x is too expensive than I will get the lib. but if they compete dollar for dollar and the gas isn't an issue with the new x...than x it will be.

    I thought that reading both conversations about x and lib would help me make up my mind...but I am still torn 50 - 50 on the purchase

    when I drove the jeep I went imediately to the x to drive it and then I had to go back to the lib to drive that is not a difference where most people will think high of one and low of the other. the seats are nicer in hte jeep than the x and one is cute and the other tough...looking that is...

    if anyone is having the same trouble i would love to hear about your methods and how you are doing with the choice...esp now that the new one is becoming the rave. I just called nissan and they don't have much info on it until mid aug.

    if you are a die hard x fan and are thinking about the new one go and drive the jeep. I don't think that i am alone in the mix here.
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    The supercharged X will take premium fuel.

    I suggest if you have time, to go drive a Supercharged Frontier Crew cab. You'll get an idea what the SC Xterra will be all about. I drove one with an automatic and was not overly blown away. I'd opt for a 5speed regular motor. But it is a personal choice.

    It touts itself as being such a muscle machine with the SuperCharger and really didn't deliver. I don't really trounce on the gas as a daily driver, so the so-so acceleration on the X really doesn't bother me personally... but if I am going to order an '02- I wanted to know if I'd regret not getting the SC... I won't regret it.

    The new one is going to be nice inside- I am glad they are dumping that old cloth- YUK!- almost as bad as Wrangler interiors- who are these people?

    They should, however make the sunroof at least DETACH! It can't slide due to the bump in the roof, but at least let us take it off... almost worth ordering an XE so you can have a removable aftermarket sunroof installed.

    Just my 25¢... can't wait for my '02!
  • From what I have read the '02 comes with the option in the SE to 'not have' the self-procalimed nightmare of a "sun roof". So that maybe something youwant to look in to. I really think you can order one (SE) without the sun roof at all. How much difference, price-wise, does the SC make? I do not want it, but I am just curious so when I go to bargin, I know what to say.
  • holy moly... regular is costing suv owners plenty now the suv I want to upgrade to is going to be even more of a hog. I don['t think i want the sc that bad and I am still having a hard time deciding the next vehicle to purchase. It does put another vote in the jeep collum. or is it the 01 x collum....or the jeep, the 01 x or...........
  • bstreetbstreet Posts: 37
    Thanks Hotcoffee for the pics! Definitely that makes my decision one step easier....if I go for the X, I'll wait on the '02.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Yes, what a mess Nissan made of the immutable sunroof! Why even have it?

    I sincerely hope Nissan (Datsun) is changing that option in '02! If they do not, be wary of the pop-up sunroof which is a complete joke and a waste of plastic.

    The supercharger should be much better than the POS 170 hp engine; how can one get slower? A high school kid in a stock Dodge Neon blew me off the highway today...what an embarassment!!!! Had to turn off the a/c to catch-up. Was a matter of former Marine pride!

    I have faith in the '02 model with the Supercharger. Maybe I am too hopeful, but I fully believe Nissan will rectify the wrongs of the past and improve a lot based on customer feedback and press ratings.....

    There are still many '01 models sitting idle on dealer lots and this is for a reason! Many are waiting for the new and improved.
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    Well- I can get an 02 X ordered for $500 over invoice... now, to find out if invoice has gone UP from 01. I don't believe it should (except probably for the 300w stereo and, of course the SuperCharger).

    That is a deal I will go for (if prices are stable). I'm taking a step of faith in Nissan that the 02 is overall as much of a bargain as the Liberty. Don't want to regret!

    If I can share the details of where I'm getting my deal I will in a couple of days. (I'll ask) My initial exploration on 02's was a similar story as Liberty. MSRP, MSRP, STICKER, STICKER.... then I got lucky.

    I will post all I can find out as it has become a quest for me now. A big fun game that leaves me better informed every day.

    Have a great weekend everyone.
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    A Dodge Neon- well look on the bright side. He certainly couldn't beat you in an OFFROAD race!

    My sincere hope that you recovered from the event!

    Remember, you bought a truck, NOT a hot rod.

    My wife has a very fast car to satisfy the need for speed, so we'll be covered.

    Maybe you need a BMW SUV?!
  • Reading the reviews that edmunds gave the '02 model just makes the wait suck even more! I can relate to the 'Marine mentality', lol, just pull him over and beat his, well, just remind him what he is driving! I am also weary about buying the supercharger because I do not need so much power, but am more interested in tall the other features of the SE '02. I would rather just have the '01 engine and a 4x4 option. I am easy to please as I have had my sports car and now want to do some off-roading. I cannot get enough reading material about the Xterra both '01 and the '02. I am addicted to reading new things and expanding my 'road scholoar' capabilities. I figure it cannot hurt and once you (hotcoffee) reveil your sources it would be nice to make conversation with them and see what they have to say. I hope that there is some sort of pressure on Nissan, fromt he Lib., because that is good for people like us who are wanting to see a good price. So for those who have bought new car before (same month they were on sale), what does one expect to pay? The MSRP or a little over or what? Also, does one have any bargening power when it is first reveiled? Like throw in extra's or is everyone pretty much at the mercy of Nissan and the latest fad? Just curious and would like you all's expert opinion. Have a great weekend and be safe! out here, Sergeant of Marines...
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    I would never buy a German car based on principle (even if they are some of the best made) Moreover, the BMW is based on a car frame. The Pathfinder has power and could have blown that little Neon away. The 4-Runner also is fast for an SUV.

    Marine, I thought I could live with the 170 hp engine and was wrong. When you strain to enter a 65 mph interstate (which usually drives at (75+ mph), something is not right.

    You want to offroad? Well, this is the right truck for that given you change your tires. As said before, I would def. wait for the supercharger and the pragmatic changes Nissan made!

    Question for people who know more about mechanics: If you drive offroad with the supercharger, what happens if you get it wet driving through water?
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    Just joking about the BMW- I'd never drive a Gernan or Swedish car. (had a SAAB 9000 Turbo).

    The Pathfinder is VERY nice... big jump in $$.
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    Looks like, from the pictures here at Edmunds of the 2002- you are stuck with the crappy tires (General Grabbers) unless you go for the supercharger- in which case you get 17" wheels and (I think) Firestone Firehawk tires. The wheels and tires are on the 01 Frontier and look really nice...

    I don't really like the 4 Prong wheels- I prefer the '01 XE rims. I think XE and SE both get the 4 prongers for '02... not sure though-- just what I can tell.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The Nissan Pathfinder has a unibody construction, similar in concept to the BMW X5. The 4Runner's engine is adequate, but it's by no means fast for an SUV.

    Good luck,

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Huh? Look at the '02 Xterra pictures on the Edmunds first drive column and the tires are 17" BFGs!!!! I am in love! Way to go, NISSAN!!!!!!!

    Anyone want to buy an '01 now? Dealers will have a tough time getting rid of them when prospects see the '02.

    Marine, wait, wait, wait. The new model looks better and better every day!!!! Maybe I should leave the keys in my '01 in a bad neighborhood?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I'd be curious which 17"?, I haven't checked into 17", but by memory, they don't make anything aggressive ( offroad ) in that size. In other words, you'd be getting more of a street tire ( ala Grabbers or Longtrails ).. At 17", it wouldn't be right for offroad anyway.. more rim, less rubber.
  • Yup msiseng, I am going to wait. Like I said before though it may not be realistic for me to buy a 4x4 due the reality that I will be living in Texas for a while. I think it would be a waste of money, I hear every telling met hat they get around just fine without it. Is the supercharger available in the 4x2? Man, I wish I had a price estimate on these things. This is killing me! I want to know how much more I am going to be investing in this bad puppy. And the tires and the rims on the S/C seem to be very distinct! I like 'em. You seem to have your problems worked out with your current X. Lol. Just don't get shot in the process! ha ha. Are you going to trade in and upgrade or are you going to get that one and let your wife keep hers?
  • By the way, that gold is a ver nice color. I hated the pictures I saw of the other gold in the '01 X, but either this one is nicer (darker) or jsut a better angle! It is still a toss up for me, Silver Ice, Black or now this new Gold.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    The wife gets stuck with th '01 and it appears most of our problems have been rectified (knock on wood). She really wanted it and does not seem to care about the same things I do. Funny thing is she notices how bad the Grabbers are on wet pavement and actually wants new tires. Go figure?

    Even if the '02 has a 17" less-aggressive BFG tread, it is still better than anything made by General.
  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    There are grease fittings on the front drive shaft that need lubed if you do any sort of off-roading. Dealer should be able to do it blindfolded. I got my dealer to do mine for free last time I was in.
  • I thought all the offroaders went with 15 or even 14 inch tires.
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