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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • badgerx1badgerx1 Posts: 4
    Hello everyone
    I have been watching this board for months and really appreciate the info as I am preparing to purchase a new X. I am waiting to see the prices for the new 2002's. I am hoping that they will not be too much higher than the 2001. I have noticed that the 2001's have come down to below invoice. Is there any chance that the 2002 will be had for a similar price, or are they going to go for sticker due to popularity? If anyone has a good feel for the market I would appreciate it >:)
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    '02 prices will not be discounted. Nissan is counting on this vehicle to move quickly. With all the awesome enhancements over prior years, do you think they will need to lower prices?

    '01 prices are sweet now, but I would still wait for the '02 if I were in the market now.
  • radiogirlradiogirl Posts: 16
    I really, really liked the Mineral Blue and the Just Blue colors. I ended up with the Just Blue and after seeing a Mineral Blue SE on the highway a couple of weeks ago, I believe I made the right choice, given the color match with the trim, etc. In the Wash. DC area, I don't think the yellow has been a big deal, except maybe for beach aficionados or the really young folks (under 25). We're on a kind of conservative mindset in this area, where everybody wants their house to look like a Georgian Colonial on the outside and then a California contemporary on the inside! Anyway, I've seen many silver, black and green in this area, along with the blue. Still haven't seen a salsa one on the road...I think it looks more cranberry than salsa, but is still very nice. A couple of gold rush ones but never seen a khaki one, though I would think that to be a good color for dirt vs. clean vs. fade-factor. I don't think I'd go for that new blue, Shock Blue, is it? The blue equivalent of the yellow....too bright for me to stare at for ten years. I got some Southwestern design seat covers for my front seats and they look very nice with the Just Blue color. Yeah, that dusk/grey/whatever interior doesn't exactly mesh, but from the street, the seat covers look nice and help me indulge myself in my cowgirl-wannabe fantasies!! I think I lived in Santa Fe in another life.....! I'm also getting the wind/rain shields for the windows; I found a set for all four windows for about $60.00 on, which is a parts dealer in Texas. Autosport Catalog has the front pair for about $40, the back pair for about$30 or so. Of course, they carry them for all makes, but the seems best. Anybody ever dealt with them? Any problems on ordering or service?
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    I have bought items from them- quick delivery, no problems. Very professional.

    Also- I have seen Khaki- it is a brown version of mineral blue. Looks almost FLESH tone. Very NON metallic.

    The Khaki has a sort of Forest Service truck appeal.

    Don't order one without seeing it in person first. Does not look like pictures in brochure.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "The Xterra was built to be a rugged, off-road-worthy sport-ute that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, fits in any size garage, and doesn't look like a geek-mobile in the process. I would say mission accomplished."

    From the June report of our Long-Term Road Test of the 2000 Nissan Xterra SE.

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  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    That is a quote that says it all.
  • Well I went to visit my wife in Rio for the weekend and man, I cannot wait to retire there! Not only do you get a bang for your buck but you get...RIO DE JANEIRO! Lol, what is not to like about that beautiful country that has it all! I am still in limbo about the colors (black, silver and now gold rush). As well as the '02 4x2 SE or the '01 4x4 SE. I will probably be getting the '01 because I am with a sort of budget, but really like what they have done with the '02 upgrades and a part of me is willing to sacrafice a 4x4 for a 4x2 (just to get the upgrades). Do you all think it is worth the downgrade in muscle power, coming for someone that will be living in NY for 3 years? I am divided because I like that safety in the snow and the possiblity to learn to off-road. I guess it may all come down to, "what am I going to be doing with it, huh?" Talk with you all later, tchaou from Brazil...Jason
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    Get the 4x4.

    That is really what the X is about.

    I'd look at your budget from there.

    If I was getting a 2wd vehicle- it would NOT be rear wheel drive like the X. If you are going for 2wd get the Escape/Tribute- it is FRONT drive in non-4wd models.

    Just my opinion...
  • woohahwoohah Posts: 14
    I am thinking about buying a new or used X. Are there any problems with this vehicle I should be aware of.

  • badgerx1badgerx1 Posts: 4
    hey all
    Does anyone know the exact date the new 2002's will be available? I'm chompin at the bit here!
  • but I was thinking the opposite. I have a 92 Civic, and now a 97 Jeep Wrangler, and I was thinking (before buying the jeep) that "my next car will definitely have rear wheel drive". Well, I did it. I like Hondas and the Civic, and fwd is good in the snow, but I still like the feel of rwd the other 98% of the time here in North Central Massachusetts.
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    Sasquatch you are right. I had my Minnesota winter thinking cap on!

    Let me re-phrase- if "I" were to buy a 2 wheel drive vehicle it would have front wheel drive since I am often in snow and bad road conditions here in the Land of 10,000 really chilly flakes.

    In a dryer area there may be reasons to stick with rear wheel drive.

  • There aren't all that many rear wheel drive cars available anymore.

    You have your trucks and suv's. You have the Camaro/TransAm/Mustang. You have the Corvette/CrownVic/Caddys/Viper. That is about all I can think of for American cars. What about the Plymouth Prowler? (Do they still make that?)

    Otherwise, you have the Miata and a bunch of real expensive luxury/exotic type cars. The Nissan 240Z was a standout, but that is gone.

    I must be missing something, but for the most part, the Miata is the closest to an affordable, sporty rwd car left.
  • Isn't a 4x4 cheaper than a 4x2 (on insurance) due to the safety factors that a 4x4 will give you? How are the winters in NY? As I will be in Newburgh for about 3 years, starting September 01, so I want to be well prepared.
  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    Insurance on my 4x4's has always been higher. Reason being that they assume you're going to drive it off a cliff out in the mountains somewhere. 4wd isn't considered a safety feature the way ABS and air bags are.
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    I agree on the insurance being higher on 4x4...vehicle value is hiogher/cost of repair in heavy front-end damage higher- causing higher rates.
  • with the added safety options of the '02 it sounds better for me. The airbags and all, even though I am taking the risk of getting stuck in snow with the 4x2. I am also looking at having a family down the road, so I have to think about them and their safety! I guess if the snow it too bad then I will just stay home. What are some "home remidies" if you do not have 4x4 and you need to get around in things like that? Load your back down or what? I will not be doing much off roading especially the kind that I hear many of you all doing. Just never have gotten into that. Just the little things like camping and such.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I can't name one extra safety option the 02 has that the 00 or 01... unless there is another generation of airbags ?? The 4wd is you're best option for getting around safely when ever snow is concerned.. don't automatically think of 4x4 with offroad solely...many more advantages.

    If you do want to keep the rear end traction on a 4x2.. use salt bags, new bags come in tough plastic and last without spilling all over the place... usable traction if you are in a bind.
  • bags of sand (can be used UNDER tires for traction as well)

    cement blocks

    good tires

    tire studs


    chains are probably the best option and can make a pony car climb trees in the winter.
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    I have not read about any safety enhancements on the '02 at all (and I've looked).

    I believe the changes are cosmetic.

  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    I'd go for the 4x4 if you live somewhere that snow will become a factor. If you get a 4x2, make sure it has a limited slip differential (commonly referred to as LSD). This will assist you *a little* in snow/slippery conditions. I think some 4x2 X's come without it, so make sure it has a LSD. Two ways to tell:
    1) It should say it right on the window sticker if you're buying a new X

    2)look underneath the back of the X at the rear axle. There will be an orangeish colored sticker on the differential that says (use LSD gear oil) right there in the middle. Can't miss it.

    The X does pretty well in the snow in 4wd given the crappy stock tires Nissan puts on it. Upgrade them to an all-terrain tire or a M/S tire and you'll have pretty much never have a problem in the snow. Ice is a different story. Never assume you're invincible to ice even if you have 4wd (although you'll still do better than without it).
  • srushingsrushing Posts: 38
    Hi all,

    One thing I've noticed about my '01 X SE is that after about a 2 hours drive, my back hurts. Seatcovers are cheaper that chiropractors so does anyone have any suggestions of good ones for the X?
  • woohahwoohah Posts: 14
    Are there any reoccuring problems with the I? I am thinking about buying it and was wondering.

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I just finished a series of 6 hour drives, Got to love all these X owners stateside :-) nothing more than sore rear,, but what you expect from sitting for so long. I do have the Nissan seat covers, don't know if it helped, but they are comfy.
    My wife normally gets the sore back after an hour ( in all cars/trucks ) so I picked up BackMaster ( Homedics ) nothing more than a back cushion with lumbar support ( it can also be plugged in for heat and massage ) She hasn't complained yet, and still game on the next road trip starting tomorrow... more X people to meet.
  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    get the nissan ones at

    they fit and they work.
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    ....and there's always LEATHER....

    Follow the link...

    I love mine. Big $$ though.

  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    For a higher price there are also these

    Several people on other Xterra boards have them and are happy with them. A bit too pricey and fancy schmancy for me. Seat covers are supposed to get wet and yucky, that's what they're meant for. The wet okoles are too nice to get messed up. With these, you'll need seat covers to protect your seat covers, :)

  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    They look very nice. I have the Nissan Neoprene Seat Covers which are nice, too. Anyone know how to clean them as they get very dirty given that they are black and white?
  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    I just toss my seat covers into the washer on the delicate cycle and use only a little bit of liquid detergent (the powder sometimes gets ingrained into the fabric). Then I just ket them drip dry. They look good as new. For really muddy stains I pre-treat them first, or hand clean them with a small scrub brush first before they go into the washer.
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