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I have been looking for the 6CD changer wires in my 1999 Cabrio trunk (a small space to explore!). I think I found the connector today, but it is plugged into a small box under the taillight. Is this the adaptor for the CD Changer? Also, what is this box? It is marked VW and says Hella and some numbers. After reading some of the pposts, I did not unplug it because I was afraid it was cause problems! :shades:


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    The small box under the tail light in my car is the mechanism that powers down my convertible top... I found that out a couple years ago when somehow water came in during a rainstorm and shorted that expensive little box out and caused my top not to work anymore. I don't know if its the same thing in your car but mine is also incased in styrofoam.
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    How do I find -4 digit code- to be entered in order to override safe mode?
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    I know the answer must be here somewhere, but I can't find it, where the heck do I plug the CD changer in? I have a 1999 cabrio, finally got a cd changer and I just can't find the plug.

    BTW - I love this car and would buy another in a heartbeat! :)
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    Okay, I got it plugged in, but my radio doesn't recognize it! It's a Panasonic 610 6 CD changer, now what do I do????? :confuse:
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    I just replaced my 97 Cabrio with a 99. I want to replace the existing tape player/radio with a new cd player and hardwire a NON-iPod MP-3 player to it. I am having problems finding a player that will fit the car. I want the MP-3 capability, Blue tooth, HD, satellite, CD text, etc., I am willing to give up a few options but . . I would like to go for an Alpine or similar, but not spend more than $399.00. Can anyone help please??

    I LOVE my Cabrio and would buy another to have on hand if I could!!!
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    Can anyone help me? When I turn the radio on it says safe but it does not come back with the 1000. Is the radio broke, or is that normal? This is a 1995 Cabrio...Help!!!!
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    Hey Folks,

    I'm in the same boat with a 2000 Cabrio. I can't find the CD changer plug in the trunk anywhere. Does anyone have an idea where I should look?


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    how do I unlock this radio with no manual or code? i see the instructions posted here often. for people who have their codes, but what if I have no code? Weird...I have owned the car for several days. Before I purchased it a new battery was installed. the radio worked fine from that time. Now, a few days later, i park, go to work, come out to find the radio in safe mode...WHY??? Thanks to anyone
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    I had to take our Cabrio to a VW Dealer, where they pulled the radio out of the dash because the 4 digit code is on the side of the radio. We now have the code so everytime it goes in safe mode we can unlock it.
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    Im new here and in need of your help... its for a 95 cabrio Long story short... I got the Safe code from my local dealer ... I press MODE SCAN together and get "1000" I enter code as instructed 0138 for first digit I press 1 to take away the first digit and leave it as a 3 digit code then I enter the 138 after that I hold MODE SCAN and nothing happens then after 4 or 5 seconds the darn thing goes back into safe mode "SAFE" starts flashing and i have to wait another hour for it to unlock and let me try again... i read somewere that i should try pressing the > button after entering the code but it does nothing... now Im ready to lock the car in a garage (will have to rent it) and leave it on for about 5 to 7 days with the key in the ignition and radio on and hope it comes out of safe by itself... does anyone out there know what to do... how do i get this thing to accept the code... ????
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    I believe there are two '>'. If you are pressing the one on the left, you need to keep pressing this until the code is accepted. Then your radio will be available.
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    Im having the exact same problem!! Did you ever figure out how to get it to work? I would REALLY appreciate the help! (?)
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    So my radio turns on fine. My CD changer thingy in the back...I have no idea y its there. its not used. the remote i have for it doesnt even turn on. all is dandy though cuz i have a nice little radio up front that give me all the music I need. Only problem....once the volume goes 20 or shuts off and turns back on. Why? how do i fix it?
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    If you're the original owner, there was a card inside the cover of the owner's manual when you bought the car. I bought used, and this card no longer existed. Didn't have a problem until the dealer disconnected my battery, and they gave me a hard time until I pitched a fit to get them to look it up (I shouldn't have had to ask). If you get regular service by a nice dealer, they may help you out. Otherwise, you may have to write to VW USA HQ with VIN and proof of title.

    btw, after you enter the code (using the first four preset buttons), press and HOLD the Forward Seek button a few seconds until the system comes on.
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    Did you ever get this to work? After you enter the code, press and HOLD the Forward Seek button a few seconds and the system should come back on. Good luck.
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    Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Bought a VW changer and thought since the dash was set up w/ controls that the wiring harness would just be there. Have you had any luck w/ replies on "how to find?"...Looks like the shelf on the left side of trunk is the right place to mount.
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    Did you ever find the connection plug for your changer? Would appreciate knowing where if you did - my new changer resides in a box in the garage until....
    Thanks MJM
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    hi all,

    hope someone can help... The other day the radio on my 1999 Cabrio Stopped working. In looking at it and working on it today, I got it to come on, but only in "SAFE" Mode?

    CAn any tell me how to reset it?


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    If you have the manual, you can usually find the code on a card in the sound system section of the manual. Instructions for entering the code itself are here.


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  • bebeardbebeard Member Posts: 3
    Thank you..

    I found the code and instructions...

    works fine now

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    Hi, the bozos at Mineke managed to put my sterio into safe mode when replacing the starter. The only thing is that my Cabrio did not come with a book so I do not have access to the code. Is there any place on the car where I can find the code to unlock my radio?

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    thanks for the tip! now maybe i can play some tunes.
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