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I picked up my new Ruby Red with Navigation yesterday after driving an Acura TL for the last 3 years. The Lexus handles better than I thought it would. The steering doesn't feel as good as the Acura's but the ride is much smoother without feeling too "luxury" if you know what I mean. The car's styling is awesome. The Ruby Red in sunlight is gorgeous and I also got the 10 spoke chrome rims which I think look much better on this car than the standard 7 spoke. Hooked up my IPOD and it sounded great, even in the standard stereo. Haven't called XM yet to swithch my account to the ES. The dealer installed the XM antena inside the car and you can barely see it, it is so small. The keyless entry and push button start is awesome. Acura's navigation is much better, however. The screen is bigger on the TL and you can input addresses while driving. I know Lexus is trying to be safe, but you can change all sorts of views on the ES and mess with the display, all of which take your eyes off the road, so why not just be able to input addresses as well? The voice commands work great for phone numbers but work terrible for addresses, especially cities. Also, on the Acura the radio is switched to the back speakers when route directions are given, but on the lexus if you have your music turned up, you won't hear the navigation voice. Using the phone automatically turns the radio off so I don't know why they didn't do something similar for the navigation voice. My Blackberry 8700 from Cingular hooked up no problem to the Bluetooth. Finally, and I know this is stupid, but I can't believe lexus uses the cheap camry green backlit dash controlls. The speedometer/tachometer look so great in the bright white led, why didn't they make the rest of the car match? The stereo and AC controls, etc. look like a cheap Chevy Malibu at night.
Anyway, these are small things and I definitely love the car! I'll post some pictures in a few days.


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    Nice to hear that someone is comparing the new ES to the old Acura TL. I currently have an Acura TL and am waiting for my ES to come in. I know that the ES will have a different feel than my car, but am hoping that will have the same immediate rocket-thrust (lack of a better word) as my current car does. I am aware that the steering may not be as tight, but I can adapt. I am buying a more luxury vehicle, after all.

    This thought came to my mind as I just got back from a road trip up North. As I was passing trucks and slow cars on two-lane Highway 1 on the coast, I was thinking to myself I hope the ES will be as responsive and powerful when I need it. :confuse:
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    The acceleration is more subtle than the TL. It doesn't throw you back into the seat, but it also doesn't jerk you. The power is very, very smooth and at first you won't think it has the power that the TL has, but as you're thinking that you're passing people. Also, when I stepped on it in my TL the car would almost always want to veer left or right. (Front wheel drive oversteer) The ES seems much better at this even though the steering is looser. I liked that the Acura feels the road, especially when taking tight turns, but I don't miss going over pot holes and speed bumps. I think Lexus did a great job because you get to drive a luxory car but they made the new interior more sporty and the exterior is definitely more sporty, so you still feel like you have a sports sedan. I had my Red ES parked next to my Gray TL and the Acura looked so dated and cheap compared to the Lexus.
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    We've had our 350 for about a month. It's a very polished car with a few exceptions. I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced a unique condition of the windshield wipers. If you try to clean the windshield, you can not lift the blades away from the windshield. If you try, you will probably chip the paint on the hood. The blade assembly does have a hinge that normally is there to allow you to raise the wipers so you can clean the windshield. Lifting the hood does not help. Anyone else experience this? Thanks, alien.
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    Well, 8 weeks of waiting and reading these forums. Finally, we got the call. Picked it up on Thursday and we are extremely happy with it. See photos:
    We had the spoiler added along with the Sport Wheels. The wheels give the car a great look. For now, we have lots to learn. So far, this has exceeded our expectations.

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    Great looking car! If you don't mind me asking... how much did the dealer charge for the spoiler and sport wheels? thanks
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    The spoiler was added at no charge. The wheels were $1,250. Seems like a lot, but we think it really gives this car a unique look.

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    Should have stayed with Lexus and never leased the TL, but the car looked so good and I did'nt need another large one, my 2006 GS was used mainly by my wife - great car BTW - anyhow, the TL was a major piece of lemon junk and after suing Honda, I took a small settlement and put it down on the ES350.
    The car is great overall, I have an issue with the transmission - intermittent hesitation changing from 1st to 2nd. Other than that it's great so far. I have'nt played around to much with the NAV system and voice commands other than Bluetooth
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    )) "I have an issue with the transmission - intermittent hesitation changing from 1st to 2nd." ((

    Your car shares the new 6-sp. A/T with the 2007 Camry. Might wanna log onto the Camry discussions and read the archived 6-sp A/T "snap-ring" posts if you haven't already. (Some units self-corrected in the course of normal operation with the snap-ring finally popping into its retaining grove on the gear carrier shaft, thereby locking the gear into its intended position on the shaft. Others weren't so lucky and the fix required replacing the entire transmission under warranty.)
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    The car isnt mine, its my mothers. I researched it for her and it really is the nicest, simplest entry-lux car out there. NO frills, just the basics ... super smooth ride, plenty of power and lots of room [killer looks as well!].

    Navigation works beatifully even though it can be a bit wierd, it calculates three routes, and you have to choose one of those routes before it automatically begins route guidance. So if your in an unfamiliar area, you might be scratching your head at which route to pic... but usually they cover their bases and choose "fastest route", "no high/toll ways" and something else.

    I love the power, you never want to let up on the gas, but trying to do something other than going in a straight line and you'll quickly find out that this car isnt sporty. The super cushy ride serves its purpose, just dont try to push this car near its limits.

    The backup camera is a great feature [comes with NAV] .. but its almost a must since VISIBILITY is rather poor. Looking rearwards for reversing or checking blindspots can become a chore since the body paneling can get in the way.

    ONE MAJOR PROBLEM: I dont know i this has been discussed in any other forums, but check this: You can turn on car normally with keyfob, but if you remove the keyfob from the car, the car is still operational!!! Even if your in park, and you get out of your car [with key]... the engine will stay on!!! This makes me almost doubt wireless keyfob pushstart systems ... since normal cars cannot operate without the key, this one will. obviously once you turn it off, the car will not start back up again [without key], but to think of the many things that can happen with this vulnerability ... kinda shocking this went through Lexus Testing and didnt get fixed.

    We upgraded from a 03 TL type S ... and its like the lexus is a completely different car. The TL was nice, but the suspension was too sporty and steering to stiff. I liked those aspects, but my mom obviously beared with it since it was something that she liked and we could afford. The lexus is defintaly a very nice car that gets looks from everyone. Many people will say the es350 is basically a upgraded camry in hopes to knock on this car... but i dont care. Its beautiful, and the lexus dealership is nice and the service there is excellent. Your paying for some prestige, great service and a excellent car.
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    Quote: "ONE MAJOR PROBLEM: I dont know i this has been discussed in any other forums, but check this: You can turn on car normally with keyfob, but if you remove the keyfob from the car, the car is still operational!!! Even if your in park, and you get out of your car [with key]... the engine will stay on!!! This makes me almost doubt wireless keyfob pushstart systems ... since normal cars cannot operate without the key, this one will. obviously once you turn it off, the car will not start back up again [without key], but to think of the many things that can happen with this vulnerability ... kinda shocking this went through Lexus Testing and didnt get fixed."

    You offer a valid concern/point; however, here's my counterpoint (mind you, I'm not necessarily disagreeing with your point about the vulnerability of the engine still running even though the keyfob is not in proximity):

    I would offer to venture that the majority of folks who would exit their vehicle while leaving the engine running do not do so unintentionally--IOW, for whatever reason they consciously chose to exit the vehicle w/o turning off the engine; in this regard, there would be no difference between getting out of a vehicle like the ES 350 w/ keyfob in hand and getting out of a vehicle w/ the key still in the ignition. Ask yourself this--is getting out of and walking away from an ES 350 w/ keyfob in hand and engine running leaving the ES any more vulnerable than if you were to get out and walk away from a different vehicle whose engine is running w/ the key still in the ignition? If anything, the former scenario is a bit less vulnerable overall since w/o the keyfob it is not possible to unlock the doors (if locked) or restart the vehicle on the ES 350.

    In any case--it's not as if Lexus was totally oblivious to this "vulnerability"; if you exit the vehicle and close the driver's door while the engine is still running, the vehicle will beep at you to let you know that you left it running.
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    Yes, you make a good point. At least with the keyfob system, if the car was stolen, it could not be started back up again w/o the keyfob.

    Another concern ive had is the fact that these keyfobs work off of frequencies that could potentially be hacked right? There are means of hacking peoples garage doors ... whose to say it couldnt be done with keyfobs? Now this would effect ALL car manufacturers that use such ignitions systems.
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    True, but to generalize your concern...any car can be stolen--keyfob or no keyfob--if someone really wanted it. What makes the difference between whether it gets stolen or not is the degree of difficulty--i.e., the layer of protection in place. Sure, it is theoretically possible to hack the keyfob frequency...but the codes used to distinguish one keyfob from another are so numerous it would take quite some time for any person to be able to identify it...and certainly longer than the amount of time your average car thief would be willing to spend in order to discover the frequency code for a particular car. Same thing with modern garage door openers--they use rolling-code type frequencies; not that they can't be scanned and retrieved, but it would take a long time to discover the correct one. many car thefts were discovered to have done via some guy using a hacked transmitter to deactivate the car alarm? No more than a relative handful, I'd be willing to bet. In any case, the majority of cars are stolen and driven away by one of two methods--they're either hotwired or they're towed IMHO I don't think there would be too much to worry about someone discovering the transmitting frequency for your vehicle. ;)
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    I have no source to back this up other than a vague memory of "reading it somewhere," but I believe most stolen cars had the keys left in the ignition. At least if you keep the keyfob in your pocket, that isn't a problem (unless you leave your pants in the car). Now a keyfob in a purse is another problem altogether.
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    well said tdoh ... I'm guessing youd have to be a super hacker to even attempt decoding and successfully stealing a keyfob car. I guess im overthinking the situation. I just thought id throw it out there... thanks for the response!!

    All in all though, i love the es 350. Its just a wonderfully pleasant car. being a college student, i drive a hand-me-down 98 regal. Last weekend i went home and ran an errand in the es350 ... and it felt like i was in a whole new luxurious spaceship. I love the way the car comes to life and the telescopic steering wheels moves out to meet you.

    Its so easy to get comfortable in the car too. I usually just mess with simple forward/back movement of seat and seatback ... but i just noticed controls for THIGH support... now thats sweet. Lumbar is a goodie but i dont need that. The thigh support is a really nice feature that can support drivers of all shapes and sizes.
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    I just got the black sapphire lexus es 350 with the ultra luxury package (mark Levinson audio) and i pretty happy with except for a few things. I sometimes leave the car on at the gas station to pick up some smokes and my girlfriend thought it would be cute if she just started driving the car while i was in the store. I didnt worry because i had the key and i thought it would not allow her to drive, but it did!! does anyone know if there might be a way to this car to shut off or any other type of measures necessary that would allow me to walk away from the car without worrying, and yes i know i could just turn it off but it is just a force of habit. I also wanted to get the spray they offered but i didnt want to pay an extra 1000.00 bucks for it does anyone know if there are places that will spray the car for cheaper and offer the same type of gaurantee. i also do not see any mods for this car yet, physical or enging wise and i do not something that needs to custom fitted to the car because i have had problems with this before and it ended up caused some minor problems to one of my older vehicles.
    I know this may seems like a long list but i want to keep this car for awhile especially since i had to wait almost 2 and 1/2 months to get it. I will post some pics up as soon as i get a chance, but all the help would be greatly appreciated.
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    i see it cycles thru mpg and you can see distance traveled but how do you set time clock.... the nav will tell you projected time and distance but not actual time spent driving... i had a es 300 and that was part of the info cycled that you did from the steering wheel but i dont see it on the new 2007 es 500
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    My ES350 is only 3weeks old . I am very dissapointed with the wind noise, especially at the drivers head level . I love the rest of the car but at speeds over 50mph the wind noise is really disturbing. The dealer told me they couldn't hear it. Yesterday I was driving against the wind doing 65mph and it was so loud I tried to cover it up with the radio but still heard it. I drove a 1994 camry before this and never heard the wind even at speeds up to 85. I taped up the windows and door seals with shippping tape and tested it. The wind level went down a little but was still there.

    I am so sad this beautiful car has this problem and probably will sell it in a year.
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    Have you experienced any transimissions issues? I wrote in the other section of the ES350 forum about being disappointed with the ES350. I don't own one... but I have been so into the car since it was released at the Chicago auto show in Feb. 2006. I was 100% sure I was going to get the car... but now, honestly... I'm "scared". Now after reading your post, it just confirms it even more.

    So, if you had to do it again, I'm assuming you would have passed if you had known all of this, huh?

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    There is none...revert to your watch.
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    I won't dispute that many vehicles are stolen due to folks leaving their keys inside the vehicle, but that wasn't my main point...which was that your average car thief won't bother stealing a vehicle unless it can easily be done in a very short amount of time.

    You offer a valid "exception" regarding a person who keeps the keyfob for the most part inside a purse or other kind of storage item, who then for whatever reason leaves said item inside the vehicle. I would offer a counterpoint to that--a thief who's looking to steal a purse or other valuable item sitting inside a vehicle is for the most part not initially thinking about stealing the car as well. After all, why would such a thief increase the odds of getting himself caught for stealing a purse by stealing the car too, given that the relative odds of getting caught from having taken property that was inside the vehicle are somewhat small?
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    ok, i've been hearing about transmission problems with the 07 camry. I assume this problem would translate over to the ES, can anyone summarize it for me? I dont feel like reading 3000 messages of some topic, thankS!!
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    Why don't you type "transmission" or "transmission problems" into the "search this discussion" feature to isolate all postings relating to a specific topic?? That way it's not necessary to read "3000 messages on some topic".
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    Just purchased this beautiful car on Saturday, 11/11. The Royal Ruby is not very prevalent. I live in So. Cal. and have not seen one in this color ever. This is the nicest car I've ever owned. It is so quiet and smooth. I have experienced no transmission issues or wind noise, or any rattles at all. It has, so far, exceeded my expectations. I know I've only had it barely 3 days, but I can find nothing wrong with this car. I got the tan perforated leather, premium plus package with navigation, wood package, gold package, rear window shade, park assist, heated and cooled seats, etc... The MSRP was $41,522. I got the car for $38,000. The gold package was listed at $695.00. I got this option at no additional charge.
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    about 4 months old now. 5000 miles.

    the rear half of the ceiling makes rattling noises when driving even on smooth road.

    the engine sounds like an old mercedes diesel engine from the 80's!!! but not as loud though. Still, i can hear the diesel sound inside the car. This is supposed to be a quiet car!!! The only noise that should come into the car is the engine acceleration growl.
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    So what are you going to do?
  • jaspalbjaspalb Member Posts: 84

    What is a gold package? I didn't find it in the listed packages. I liked the Red Ruby too, but my wife didn't like this color for me. I havn't seen this colour in DC area either.
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    i'm gonna send it to the dealer of course.

    but lexus shouldve tested and abused this car thoroughly before selling it on the market. They should use a shaking machine to shake the hell out of the car and see what rattles.
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    I have a 2007 ES350 that had tansmission problems when shifting between 3rd and 4th gears. Lexus has a technical service bulletin out that replaces the O ring in the tranny. It didn't fix mine and after the 3rd transmission they finally replaced the car. I believe that this is the first year that the 6 speed CVT transmission is being put in Toyotas cars. I know that the LS460 has an 8 speed in it. Hope this helps.
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    I wanted a bigger car than BMW 328i so I chose Lexus ES 350, and it didn't disappoint me. The one I got had almost all the options except the adaptive cruise control and ML audio/XM radio. The price I negotiated was $300 below invoice.

    ES 350 is a quiet car, but not as quiet as a submarine. The engine roars a little at each stop sign.

    Compared to a BMW 328i or an Acura TL, ES 350 lacks the responsiveness when you step on the accelerator. It has a half a second delay before the car dashes. Nevertheless, it is a pretty fast car and has no trouble merging into a busy freeway.

    Navigation system is very good especially in local driving/complex local driving situations. It tends to guide you through major highways unless you set it to local only. From SF to Las Vegas, the best way should be 80-580-5-58-NVI-15. However, none of the three routes that the Nav system guided me was trying to use this route. It kept trying to get me to I-99, which would get me into LA but in fact I could get on 58 at Bakersfield. After about half an hour drive on 58 East, the system gave up the effort to get me on I-99.

    From SF to Las Vegas, my ES 350 had two adults and two young children plus luggage and maintained an average mileage of 30.2 mpg on average speed of 80 mph, which is pretty amazing. (It exceeded the official mileage number.)

    Currently, the ES 350's mixed mileage is 24.3 mpg, with 99% of the time SF city (avenues) stop-and-go drives.

    The voice control system works well despite the fact that I have a heavy accent and have not recited all the voice commands. I simply say "I am hungry" to bring up the restaurant POIs and "next song" to listen to my CD's next track. "CD" to turn on audio system and "too hot" or "too cold" to turn on the air conditioning. However, when the car is noisy when children are laughing, the system has a hard time picking up my voice command.

    Blue tooth cell phone pairing is an excellent feature. I have a Nokia N80 cellphone, which is not one of those that got approved by Lexus to connect with ES 350. However, I had no problem pairing up my phone with the car. Whenever I enter the car, they pair up and I can make and receive phone calls without pulling out my cellphone from my pocket.

    Many people worry about leaving a keyfob in the car would allow a car theft to steal the car. In fact, I found that if you leave one of your keyfob somewhere inside the car, you won't be able to lock the car. A beep would also alarm you that there is a keyfob inside the car.

    This is a car that is fun to drive -- when you need power and handling, it has them all -- when you need comfort, it is there at all times.
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    I live in the east bay. Would you mind telling me where you got the $300 under invoice deal.

  • elwoodmoragaelwoodmoraga Member Posts: 15
    One other question - any problems with windnoise or the transmission that others have complained about?

    Thanks again
  • elwoodmoragaelwoodmoraga Member Posts: 15
    I've been looking at the ES 350 for a few months and getting serious about buying one. Now that you've had yours for awhile, would be very interested in feedback on how it handles on highway 1. We live in the Bay Area and make the tough drive up to Sea Ranch just about every month.

    The professional reviews of the ES 350 make it sound like it handles like a Lincoln Town Car on winding roads.

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    magnussen lexus of fremont: they had a three-day invoice price sale back in November. I don't think they have that event now but doesn't hurt to give it a try.
  • colorfulyearscolorfulyears Member Posts: 11
    You wrote:"I've been looking at the ES 350 for a few months and getting serious about buying one. Now that you've had yours for awhile, would be very interested in feedback on how it handles on highway 1. We live in the Bay Area and make the tough drive up to Sea Ranch just about every month."

    If highway 1 is your weekly or monthly drive, then I would suggest that you buy BMW 328i since it handles winding roads so well that you forget that you are driving a car. However, ES350 is definitely NOT a Lincoln Town car. It handles winding roads competently and it is FUN to drive, especially when you drive down highway 1 from Daly City to Big Sur. The handling is precise and the feedback is excellent, especially when you engage in the Sports mode. It lacks the firmer road feel that BMWs share, and it is not a sports car, however, it handles far better than MB's C or E series.
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    You wrote: "One other question - any problems with windnoise or the transmission that others have complained about? "

    I have yet noticed any unusual windnoise. The only time that I noticed windnoise was the day we drove back from Las Vegas. The windnoise was so loud that voice command could not be executed. I thought that I finally got the windnoise that others had complained about. However, when we got out the car at one of the rest area, we found that it was so windy that we couldn't even stand still! I was so glad that my car was able to hit 85 mph so easily when the wind was blowing against us so badly.

    In terms of transmission, I've tried both the automatic and the sports manual and found no problem so far. The dealer explained to me that the ES350s produced in May did have serious transmission problems but it was quickly noticed by Lexus and had been corrected since.
  • elwoodmoragaelwoodmoraga Member Posts: 15
    Thanks for your prompt responses and Happy New Year
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    I had all the Lexus badging on the front and rear of the vehicle gold plated. It looks outstanding against the Ruby color. All dealerships have vendors who perform this for them. My dealer through this in at no charge to get my business. It really adds a touch of class to the car!
  • colorfulyearscolorfulyears Member Posts: 11
    Anyone know if ES350 has diecast model?
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    I noticed an odd problem coming from my ma's es350. the rear right area of the car rattles when there is music with bass playing. I find this really odd since we dont have the upgraded speaker system and there really isnt much bass coming from the speakers... at all. The car cant really output much base with the given sound system. In comparison, i have 2 500Watt subs in my car that creates plenty of rattle. What im trying to say is that the rattle coming from the ES is dumbfounded, its like it shouldnt be there in the first place.

    it seems either some speaker paneling is loose or the speaker could be partially blown.
  • colorfulyearscolorfulyears Member Posts: 11
    Why don't you take it back to the dealer and have it checked?
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    I have had my ES350 since last June. However since that time I have had w specific problems that I driving me crazy. The first is that fact that the car is embarrasing to drive in the morning because it sounds like it needs a serious valve adjustment. It has a tapping and knocking sound, but the dealership tells me its normal operation and that it is probably the direct import injector. A car in this class should not sound like this, but they say there is nothing that they can do about it. The second problem involves a significant engine/transmission surge that happens at least once a day. It occurs on upshift after the car has sat for even a short period of time. During upshift the engine and tac races up to about 2500-3000 RPM and then drops back to normal. This appears to happen between 3rd and 4th. They tell me that this is due to the way that I drive the car. It has absolutely nothing with driving habit. It happens when applying the accelerator in a fixed and constant manner. I told them that I want to talk to the factory rep, but they won't tell me specifically when he comes to the dearlership but they do tell me that it is in the morning only. I can't get off of work during that time. They won't give me a phone number for him either. I'm am getting so frustrated that I wish I could give the car back.
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    Picked up my new ES350 last week, replacing my ES300. Love the car so far.

    However, it's often the little things that drive you crazy:

    1. I don't like daytime running lights. Went to the dealer and they told me they cannot be turned off. Can anyone out there verify that's true? Anyone know a work-around?

    2. The key fob. Absolutely hate it. I didn't care for the large-ish key from the ES300; the fob for the ES350 is definitely a step in the wrong direction. I feel like I'm carrying a deck of cards in my pocket. I think the Lexus people made a terrible decision sticking us with a fob of this size, especially leaving us with no alternative.

    Comments ??
  • jaspalbjaspalb Member Posts: 84

    I agree with your second issue with the key fob. It is annoying that I have to carry this extra piece of hardware. I can't put it in my key-chain, as it is too large to fit in there. As a result I often forget to take it with me. It should have been of credit card size.

    How do daytime lights bother you? You are not seeing them. Some states even have a law that they are required for safety reasons. I will agree that they can not be turned off.
  • cleveland3cleveland3 Member Posts: 3
    Re: the key fob....if Lexus is watching this board PLEASE come out with a smaller fob...I'd even pay extra for it. I feel like I'm schlepping a small pet around.

    Re: the daytime running lights...let me explain: I like daytime running lights. I like using them. I just don't like the fact that I can't turn them off. If I want to go to a drive-in movie with my wife and sit there with the car one, my frigging lights have to stay on (yes, I know they're somewhat dim). If I'm waiting to pick up my kid at night, my lights are on. I WANT THEM OFF !!!
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Member Posts: 422
    FWIW, I believe the daytime running lights get you a bit of a discount on you auto insurance from most insurers. However, if you like them and can't see them, why is it so important that you can't turn them off especially if you're picking your kid up????
  • cleveland3cleveland3 Member Posts: 3
    Daytime running lights are not the law in the U.S. Until then, I want the right to turn them off.

    I said, in my original post, that it's a small thing. But one of the reasons I drive a Lexus is that I don't want to sweat the small things.

    What can I tell you...doesn't everyone have one small, fairly insignificant thing that just drives them frigging crazy? Daytime running lights are mine. And that damn fob.
  • jaspalbjaspalb Member Posts: 84
    Fob is definitely more of a nuisance than a convenience. Once, I forgot to turn off my car, 'locked' it with the fob (ignored couple of beeps I heard), and walked away. I wonder if someone could have just gotten in and drive away.

    In Canada where I lived for 20 years, driving lights has been a law for ages. I am actually surprized that it is not a law in the US. For me I could not imagine that these lights could be a problem to somebody, but as cleveland3 mentions, to some they are!! If someone is waiting to pick his kids, generally either car should be shut off, or if it has to be running, lights just tell people around that car is running (and can move any moment, so be careful). Just my thoughts.
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    That is the tranny flare that has become prevalent in more than a handful of ES 350s...the service advisor that told you that the surge was due to your driving habits is feeding you a bunch of crock; that, or he apparently is truly ignorant when it comes to ES 350 issues.
  • tdohtdoh Member Posts: 298
    Re: DRL issue--don't mind them "Why would you want the DRLs turned off?" folks; not that I think DRLs serve no useful purpose, but hey--since it isn't illegal to have your DRLs turned off here in the U.S., who am I--or anyone else, for that matter--to tell you that you are wrong for wanting your DRLs turned off?

    As far as whether the DRLs can be "permanently" turned off--yes, they can be turned off; find another dealer whose service department is willing to look up the instructions on how to do so. And yes, they can be turned off--my local dealer turned them off on my ES w/o raising a fuss or questioning my motive(s) for wanting them off. Heck--I even had the service tech turn off the seatbelt chimes at the same I'll be waiting for someone here to ask me as to why I would want "to do something stupid like that"... ;)
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Member Posts: 422
    Let's see: DRL's and seat belt chimes - both are safety related, one to ensure people see you and the other to remind you to buckle up to avoid possibly getting killed in the event of an accident.

    now I'll be waiting for someone here to ask me as to why I would want "to do something stupid like that

    Uhh, not meaning to offend, but could you have posed the question and answered it in the same statement above?? :):):)
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