Chevrolet Aveo Crash Tests/Safety

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The new July issue of Motor Trend has a road test comparison of an Aveo LS Hatchback, a Kia Rio Cinco and a Scion xA. All were 5 speeds but only the Aveo had a sunroof on it which ran the price up out of proportion. The road tester obviously never liked Daewoo, is suspect of Korean cars in general and is a died in the wool Toyota-Lexus lover so of course we end up with yet yet another biased report and that is typical for many of the leading auto mags. I have driven 3 Aveos, a Rio and recently my wife and I tested an automatic xA and were greatly disappointed. An Aveo with ABS stops shorter than a Scion with ABS, the Aveo has the best crash test record and has a 5 year, 60,000 mile power train warranty but he stated 3-36. If he compared the automatic Aveo to an automatic Scion he would find the Aveo to feel zippier right up to 80 mph while the Scion runs out of breath. At 75 mph or any speed for that matter the Aveo is quieter and rides much better. We saw no difference in fit, finish, paint, etc. and the Aveo seats are much more supportive and the back seat is decent for adults. Just try and squeeze in the back seat of a Scion xA. It is for kids only (wheelbase is 5 inches shorter) and the doors dont open wide enough and they publish false legroom stats for it.. The Scion xB box is far more vehicle than the xA but both of them suffer from weak A/C systems that dont do much in hot climates.. His remarks about the Rio are close and Im not saying the Scion is bad- it is fairly good but the Aveo is better except in a fast slalom perhaps. and he says some good things about Aveo but I think it is obvious he had him mind made up ahead of time You have to pay $15,000 for a Scion but can buy a nice Rio or Aveo for much less. The resale is less but you spent far less to begin with. I have owned 4 Toyotas and the quality was good but not unusual compared to many other brands I have had. The front seat in a Scion seems narrow and in fact the entire interior feels cramped. Somebody should set him straight. Just my opinion of course.


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    When I read the article when it came in the mail I was surprised the Aveo placed last since many owners of Aveos and people who have driven them on this board say that the Aveo is light years ahead of the Kia Rio.
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    question about the Aveo's structural reliability. Has it been crash tested yet? If so, what was the outcome for frontal, side and offset tests? Thanks!
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    5 Star front, that much I am sure of, I have not heard about sice or offset
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    Before you buy this car be advised that it got only one and a half stars out of 5 in the European independent insurance front end crash test at 40 miles/hr.
    The test was so disastrous that the frame folded i.e. broke resulting in serious injuries to the driver.
    Based on these results certain GM importers in Europe have declined to import this car for sale.
    You can read more about these tests by "Google" NCAP crash test.

    Chevrolet Aveo: disastrous NCAP crash results
    In recent years, the increasing number of cars obtaining top marks for adult occupant protection in Euro NCAP’s tests has led some to demand the introduction of a new benchmark and a sixth star. However, results announced today by Euro NCAP prove that whilst some manufacturers are forging ahead in their safety development, others still have a long way to go. Of the six cars tested by Euro NCAP in this recent phase, only two achieved the top five star accolade for occupant protection in Europe’s leading independent crash tests. The 2006/2007 Chevrolet Aveo has been singled out by Euro NCAP for the unacceptable high risk of life-threatening injury to the driver’s chest, which was highlighted by the frontal test. As shown in the image to the right, the Aveo suffered severe intrusion to the passenger cabin for a modern car. (See results PDF).

    As a result, the car’s final star was struck through. Although the Aveo scored enough points overall to qualify for three stars, Euro NCAP insists on a minimum level of performance in each of the frontal and side impacts. While the Aveo’s performance in side impact was good, it did not score enough points in the frontal test to be given a three-star rating.
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    Those European statistics don't mean anything here in the U.S. where the Aveo is the safest sub-compact on the road with a 5 star frontal crash test (the best rating), and now has side air bags as standard for 2006.

    If this European test included other small cars that are sold here you would have quite a few more recognizable names to talk about, but until that happens the Aveo is as safe a car as any of its size.
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    A) The Euro crash test is for the 2007+ Aveo, not the 2004-2006. Considering the previous generation Daewoo Lanos (Aveo predecessor) did better than the 2000+ aveo, I hope that the present Aveo also would have done better. Of course there is no way to really know, since it has not been tested in an offset, as far as I know.

    B) The Aveo did as good as (Accent) or better than (Rio, Scion xB) all of its competitors in the US crash tests. If you are going to buy a small car in the US, this is your safest choice - until the Fit and Yaris are here.
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    A) The Chevy Aveo tested by Euro NCAP was the 2006 model with side airbags as clearly indicated in their official report. It rated overall one and a half stars for safety with a red strike through indicating life threatening injury to the driver. Specifically, it rated 3 points out of 16 in the offset front crash test. You can download the detailed official report from their internet site.

    B) The Kia Rio 2005 model rated overall 4 stars out of 5 in the NCAP test.
    Euro NCAP has tested 70 super-mini’s and 38 small family cars since 1998. The Aveo, which is considered a small family car, is at the very bottom when these 108 cars are rated.
    All the other cars but a few rate between 3 and 5 stars. 14 cars out of the 108 cars got 5 stars out of 5.
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    Interesting, but again U.S. testing shows 5 star frontal crash testing with this car, and now it has the side bags for 2006.
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    The Euro NCAP tests are more severe and realistic than our government’s tests. The NCAP frontal test takes place at 40 miles/hr and is offset whereas our government test is straight on into a wall at 35 miles/hr.
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    What is the consensus on the clock reset issue? My otherwise flawless '05 just started doing it after 14 months of trouble-free ownership. Thanks.
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    They may be more severe but we are in America and we need to follow our set standards of testing to equally evaluate like cars. Why put a scare into a possible buyer based on some foreign test that is irrelevant.
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    The NCAP test is indeed for the "redesigned" 2007 Aveo sedan.

    If one looks at the NCAP PDF and look at the picture for the 2007 aveo (just search 2007 chevrolet aveo on google), and you'll see it's the same car.

    Although they're similar, the new Aveo sedan is quite different in terms of length, width, etc. compared to the previous generation. So GM slipped the safety this time around. The "current 2006" models is still good.

    Just to note that the 2007 model tested by NCAP will be available in North America as the 2007 model starting mid this year (2006)
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    Check the battery ground cables and power connections at the battery. I had the same issues with my clock until I found a bad connection there....
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    My boy totaled out my 04 Aveo. Flipped it at 70mph Seat beat was on and car took a heck of pounding both boys walked away unscratched. Car is built pretty solid. Had to shut motor off. Running upside down. Probaly going to replace it with another one.
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    Wow...glad to hear that no one was injured!
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    Glad nobody was hurt ....but that is good to hear about the car also..
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    I was going to send you pics of the car but don't know where to post them?">
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    You can post them on your CarSpace page! :D
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    Notice the impact it took to the passenger front roof. Here are some real crash test results.
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    Oh wow...I always hate seeing crash photos. :( Did you replace it with a new one yet?
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    That is amazing......I am so glad they were not hurt.....supose a little shaken.
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    No I am looking for one to replace it with. I want one just like it. Right now I am driving my old back up Toyota tercel.
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    The safety of the aveo has been critized by many of the media, but what about the yaris? On some test it performed worse than the aveo.... I dislike the media that just because they are Toyota or Nissan automatically assume they are better....

    by the way, after all I have read, i'm gettin scared to drive the aveo(07)..
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    >> My boy totaled out my 04 Aveo. Flipped it at 70mph
    >> Probably going to replace it with another one.

    Scarylarry, it would seem your 'boy' is a reckless driver.
    Rather than allowing him to pilot your new car, it would be safer for the rest of us if you gave him a bicycle, and a good spanking.
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    AVEO sedan offset crash test results - picture is worth 1000 words.

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    "Total 04 Aveo"

    On the regular Aveo forum about 8 months back, there was a guy who's 2004 Aveo hatch was rear-ended while his girl friend was driving and it was totaled, but she walked away.
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    the fit stops from 60 in 121
    the aveo 172 check out jan 2007 motor trend
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    The on-set crash photo shows that the car does exactly what it's meant to do in the event of an accident. The front end has taken the most of the force and the front door remains intact.
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