Honda Civic - What's new for 2007?

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I just test drove both the Civic coupe and the sedan. Sedan had more head room (with seat positions in both the upper and lower adjustment limits) and felt that the sedan had more interior room.....the couple just felt more cramped. I have read the previous owners' comments about some of the problems with the 06 Civic and would like some opinions as to whether or not I should wait for the 2007. My question is: should I expect the first-year problems that the car magazines warn about to be ironed out in the 2007 model, or is the 2007 model expected to be the same as the 2006, differing only by the designation of 2007 vs. 2006. I refuse to pay 18 or 19k bux for a car that has a history of pulling to the right, having misaligned doors, rattles, etc.
It might be worth it to just buy a cheap beater, then wait until Honda irons out the problems reported on this site, then consider buying one. Any advice?



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    I have an EX sedan I purchased in November06. The model certainly has had it's share of issues. And, problems with the struts or misalignment are not to be taken lightly. I have the idle vibration issue that no one has solved yet and a rattle here and there.
    However, you should note that these issues, in a radical redesign and overhaul, are relatively minor. There are many, many happy civic owners out there without any problems whatsoever. I really like my civic. Mostly people who have experienced car issues come to this board. I had an 04 which I am sure would have been rock solid. It wasn't nearly the car this one is.
    Read the problems and solutions section of any car you are thinking about and you will see similar problems. In fact in this class, even with the redesign, it may give you less problems than other cars. The Mazda3 is a great car but if you read their board, there are still major issues that haven't been worked out 3 years later.
    I don't know what the difference between 06 and 07. For minor problems, Honda is probably continually trying to address them.
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    I plan on buying a 2007 Honda Civic LX sedan w/auto trans. sometime in early to mid-November of this year. I've now test driven multiple '06 Civic LX sedans over the past several months and they all perform flawlessly. I'm completely thrilled with the all new Civic. It drives and performs like a car that's far more expensive than it is. The Corolla seems like an inferior car next to the new '06 Civic. I can't wait to get my new '07 Civic!!! The new Civic in my humble opinion is a no brainer: great fuel economy, great looks inside and out, very good engine/tranny performance, superb handling and steering, and most importantly the Honda name!
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    Good luck with your Civic. Let us know when you finally get it!! You will love it.

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    Ah yes..that Honda name!! As the owner of a 2006 Civic, my first Honda of any type, I had the misfortune to buy the totally new design. This transition to a new design seems to have confounded even Honda. I and others have a variety of un Honda like quality the two leaking rear shocks on mine @ 4K, hard plastic door trim that is already scratched badly and much more. Yes, it does get great fuel mileage, and I do love the styling but many including me question the quality so maybe you will like the 2007 better than I like my 2006.
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    I own a 06 LX civic, my wife a 05 corolla.

    In response to your comment about the corolla seeming inferior, I beg to differ.

    My wife has driven corollas all the way back to 1986 and honestly, the are one of the most reliable and solidly build cars ever in my mind.

    Every one she has owned, not one problem, not one visit to the dealer for a warranty issue other than a noisy brake caliper that needed lubing.

    Her 05 corolla, now with 11,000 miles is far superior to my civic in almost every aspect. Low RPM power, no noises over bumps, awesome gas mileage, great room in front and back, super easy to work on, unreal supple ride on the highway and local roads. Many corollas have been described as having lexus like rides on highways and her does.

    Every corolla she has owned has been the definition of reliable and solid and the cost of ownership is so little, it saves you money.

    The only downside, on the 05's, not many air bags unless you go for optional side & curtains, which is a hard option to find on the lots.

    I love my civic and she loves her corollas but honestly, you can never knock a corolla as the design and mechanics are practically unsurpassed in the segment.

    I am not saying people don't have problems with them but if you ever owned one, you would not feel the way you do.
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    With all due respect the '06 Corolla cannot be compared to the '06 Civic in my humble opinion. I've test driven both cars back to back to back and the Civic is 1.) Far better looking both inside and outside, 2.) A far more engineered car, 3.) Much, much smoother/refined engine, 4.) Much tighter feeling suspension (sporty) and steering, and 5.) A much better, solidly built car overall. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not bashing Toyota in any way because I've owned 2 Toyota's in the recent past ('99 Camry V-6 and '94 mini pickup truck). The Corolla had to have the most awkward driver's seating position I've ever seen or felt. I'm 6'2" and I was either too close to the steering wheel w/cramped legs or too far from the steering wheel w/outstretched legs. Never could find a comfortable seating position. All the Corolla's I've test driven seem to exhibit lots of rattles in the dash area and the quality of a lot of the switchgear seemed very subpar. Also the engines were all very noisy and upon start up were very, very loud...they seemed very unrefined. The Corolla overall seemed very unrefined. I'm sure Toyota will rectify many of these issues with the new redesigned Corolla coming in 2008. And believe me the Corolla had it's fair share of issues when it was last redesigned in April 2002 for the '03 model year. No vehicle is perfect...just look at some of the $70 or $80k Mercedes'...Consumer Reports shows Mercedes are some of the most unreliable, most problem prone cars on the road. No thank you I'll stick with a good ole Civic! It's not perfect which I don't expect perfection, but it's close enough.
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    I hear ya, we all have our opinions :)

    The seating position you refer to, you get used to it after a while and it actually promotes are great view of the road. My gripe on my wifes car, the dash board layout is so yesterday and boring.

    It's quite possible the 06's fell in quality as my wife's 05 is just a super example of a perfect corolla.

    No rattles, no noises over bumps, no defects as of yet, engine has great low RMP torque, etc etc.

    Interestingly enough, let's see how toyota responds to the new corolla due out in 08. I just read an article stating toyota was pushing back the release date of the new corolla because they were so taken off guard by the new civic.

    HOWEVER, corolla sales for the first part of 06 were up from 05 by a nice margin and you can't only equate that to a good price. This statement was based on the same article mentioned above from I think this past sundays newsday WHEELS section.

    Either way, let's enjoy our new civic regardless of the little issue we have.

    Oh, yes, some of the most expensive cars are having many problems because they are just making the cars to complex with to much fancy features that are all computer controlled.

    What ever happened to turning a knob for HVAC controls, how complicated do car companies have to make these simple operationsl.
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    I"ve a 2006 Civic and my girlfriend a 2006 Corolla. The Corrola has a better sound system and the outside noise is slightly quieter. Other than that, the Civic wins.'

    The Corolla has NO right side arm rest - there is a very low storage compartment but you would have to be a midget...she's just 5'7" but it's way to low for her to use and even at 5'7" she has to reach way too far for the steering wheel.
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    You may be waiting a very long time. Typically, car manufactures buy millions of parts for the making of their vehicles and these parts can be defective for many years to come. The Honda Accord owners from 1998-2004 can tell you that Honda keeps putting defective parts in the next model year vehicle. Their cars trannys were defective and it took many years for Honda to admit these trannys were defective. No doubt, there were many who got stuck with having to pay $$$$$$$ for getting their tranny rebuilt. I recently talked with a technician who only works on Honda and Acura autos and he said that " when Mr. Honda died in 1997 the company began using cheaper made parts on the new cars and this is why after 1997 the number of problems have increased dramatically." He works on these cars everyday and has seen thousands of Honda and he said the best Honda ever made with the least amount of problems is the 1997 Accord. So beware of the new cars:they are faster, more features, :blush::) more electronics and yes MORE PROBLEMS!!! :cry:
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    I must be a lucky person ;) I purchase my LX sedan 2006 in March. I don't have any problems or issue with my car. I just finish install the foglight yesturday. It was so easy in my opinion. :shades:
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    It's nice to hear someone not have any complaints on their car. Enjoy it :)
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    Why is Fiji Blue Pearl not offered in any other model except Si, I have an 04 EX coupe in that color. I saw one yesterday, NICE! and would have bought a Civic EX coupe but dont want the Si.

    Maybe next year.
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    My only regret with my purchase was not checking out the competition a bit more(I have a 2006 Civic EX). Because I have owned four previous Hondas, I just went for another one without giving it much thought. I am really disappointed with the quality so far. I rode in a co-workers Pontiac G6 coupe and could not believe how rock solid, quiet and powerful it was compared to my Civic (and he paid less than I did). Now don't get me wrong, I am still a Honda guy, it just made me raise my eyebrow a bit and wonder if I made the right decision.
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    Keep in mind though the G6 is a brand new model from 2005, replacing the Grand AM, designed to target the Japanese market. The base model is a V-4 engine and is 18,000 compared to 15,000 Civic DX. The upper two trim models have V-6 engines at much higher horsepower, and will most likely have average gas mileage at a price range of 26,000. IMO, Hondas are meant to be luxury cars with the best sound system and a quiet ride, that's what Acuras are for. Hondas are known for cheap, reliable, low gas mileage plastic cars. Pontiac, on the other hand, are part of GM who isn't known for quality or reliability and is drastically switching business gears to chase after Toyotas and Hondas and switch away from big truck market. For example, GM owns Chevrolet who recently came out with the Chevy Aveo compact car. Guess where the Aveo is from? GM bought out the recently backrupt Daewoo (they make TVs!!!) to make the Aveo. I've owned a Pontiac Grand AM before, it broke down every chance it could.
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    Love my car so far with no issues to speak just gets the job done. Having owned 2 Corolla's & 2 Camry's, it amazes me how Honda just "gets it right"! Rented a Corolla LE in St. Louis in August and was quite overwhelmed actually. The seats were comfy, and with bad spine problems, it was quite back friendly. I also was impressed with the mileage. It had 17k miles on the odo & the car was frugal. It's hard to judge with my Civic, as I haven't even passed the 3100 mark yet. But my calculations are showing 33 mpg's with a 80/20 mix. I know when it really breaks in, I'll be seeing closer to 37 with my mostly city driving.
    I was disappointed in the loudness & thrashyness of the Corolla 1.8 engine. The Civic just seems to drive very seemlessly, it accelerates at a brisk pace with almost nondetectable shifts & outstanding low end torque. I did test drive a brand new Corolla before I got the Civic and was underwhelmed with it that I chose to spend my $ elsewhere.

    The Sandman :):):)
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    I'm in the market for a Civic sedan, trying to decide new vs used. I walked around the dealer's lot just looking. The '07 Civic sedan has a really looong windshield, almost too long in my opinion, like some sort of minivan or "cab-forward" design (remember the old Chrysler ads?). I like the look of the '06 better, more like a 4-door sedan should look, just scaled down a bit. I looked around the forums, can't find any discussions on the new '07 Civic styling. Which do you all prefer?

    I had an '89 Corolla SR-5, and had the windshield replaced a couple times due to cracks (stray rocks, etc). Would the jumbo windshield on the new Civic be more expensive to replace?
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    The Civic's design changed for 2006. You are probably comparing the 2006-7 models to the 2001-5 generation.

    The 2001-5 Civic was boring IMO, the coupe a little less so than the sedan. The 2006-7 Civics may look odd to some people, but I don't think they can be called "boring."

    Get zero deductible glass insurance (not that expensive) and the big windshield will cost you nothing to replace.
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