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Ford Windstar Problems



  • kturner1kturner1 Member Posts: 33
    We've had our 99 WS a year now with no major problems. The engine is noisy, pings a little and rolls/sticks when parking off level, vibrates on acceleration - the usual. The most annoying thing so far was a rattle that sounded like it was coming from the emergency brake at hwy speed. Pulling the brake a little would stop it. Dealer claimed to have replaced the brake hand lever but rattle was no different. I finally tracked it down to a giant pie tin heat shield under the car. Stretched a spring to it and so far so good. Anyone else with this?
  • chp1chp1 Member Posts: 4
    Maybe I'm just lucky, or maybe I got the only good one in town, but so far, with 15,000+ miles on my 2000 SEL I haven't needed ANY repairs or adjustments on my W/S. In fact, if anything, it seems to be a smoother, better driving van than when I first got it! So far I am completely satisfied with it's performance, etc. Are there any others like me out there?

    aNY repairs
  • snappy3snappy3 Member Posts: 13
    I usually get 22 mpg on a tankful of gasoline with my 2000 Windstar LX with a 3.8 liter engine. I don't do much city driving and I drive very conservatively. I don't drive much on a freeway either, I think this whale gets best mileage at 35 to 45 mph on county roads. The van is usually lightly loaded. On a road trip at 65 mph I got 25 mpg. Every once in a while I get a tankful that is less than 20 mpg, probably because I did not fill the tank all of the way on the previous fill up. In the winter, mileage is less.
  • snappy3snappy3 Member Posts: 13
    I bought this 2000 Windstar to replace a Chevrolet Celebrity station wagon. It is no fun on twisting mountain roads--I have to brake for every turn or just poke along. I was driving on unpaved roads and the front cradle bottomed out more than once. So, this is not the great camping vehicle that I hoped it would be. Maybe better tires than the General G4S (?) would fix the cornering problem. Bad ground clearance is something I will have to put up with.
  • jovileajovilea Member Posts: 1
    I just found out tuesday that my head gasket is blown on my '95 Windstar. Now I have been aware of this problem almost since the day after I bought it last year, and have been waiting for this to happen. I have gathered plenty of evidence to make sure that the problem is fixed at Ford's expense(the van has 75,400 miles on it), but my main concern is getting the dealership to pay for a rental while my van is getting fixed. Any idea on how I can approach the subject nicely and walk out of there without having to pay for one? Also, how can I convince them that the oxygen sensors will need replacing and possibly the timing gasket? I do NOT want to get screwed over any more than I already have. The buy-back is not an option for me since I still owe about $8000 on the loan. Any help would be appreciated.
  • scrappyncscrappync Member Posts: 1
    Well, found out that my 3.8L has a bad bearing and
    timing chain cover is leaking. Milage is 65k. The head gaskets replaced at 40k.
    Total cost to me according to the dealer, $495.
    This includes everything for a rebuilt engine, labor, add'l parts ,etc.
    I asked several times and he assures me that $495
    is the total cost.
    I am the original owner and according to the dealer, the warranty was out a few days ago. But Ford rep was in and said"Relace it"
    This is the best news I have heard so far.
    But worried that my transmission will probably go out at 75k like my other vehicle, 1994 Taurus.
    $2500 to replace transmission and no help from Ford.
    Maybe their getting their act together.
    Or maybe this is just dreaming.
    Only time will tell.
  • wholiganwholigan Member Posts: 148

    Got a "Warranty Extension Notification" this weekend from Ford regarding the 95 WS and their springs... It seems that in "high precipitation climates" (e.g., snow and salt in the upper midwest) can cause the springs to rust through. In some cases, customers have reported losing a front tire after the spring goes...

    I will try to get the verbage from the entire notification into another posting. I think that this is a 10 year/100000 mile deal...

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  • slbaron24slbaron24 Member Posts: 5

    Regarding the "Warranty Extension Notification" on the front coil springs for the 95 W/S - it is for 10 years/unlimited mileage. I received the same notice. There is a sticker that you are supposed to put with your warranty book that states:

    "The front coil springs on your Ford Windstar are now covered for 10 years from the warranty start date, REGARDLESS of mileage. This part may prematurely wear or break, especially when operated in high-corrosion areas of North America for an extended period of time. Coverage is automatically transferred to future vehicle owners."

    Sounds to me that Ford did not have a choice in this warranty, because if they did, they sure would not be doing it this way......they would be leaving us all out to dry. (But I'm not bitter)

    Also, just for the record I, also, had to replace my transmission on my 95 W/S and, it sure is starting to shift harshly again.....what a surprise.....put me on that 'NO FORD AGAIN' list!!!!
  • h8fordh8ford Member Posts: 1
    We bought our 2000 windstar in Feb 2001, used with 8500 miles. I think the day we drove it home was the only day we haven't had problems. At first it was minor things like the trans shifter indicator was off( when in OD it was between od and 3). Then it began to get worse. The paint on the drivers side rear sliding door is peeling. The shop needs it for 4 days, and of course no loaner. The windshield rattles,whines, whistles with a cross wind, cant prove it sitting in lot so too bad. CV or ball joints clunking more often then not when turning, told they are well within limits of wear. Passenger side rear slider rattles terrible, been "fixed" twice, but cant tell. Rear bumper clips keep coming unclipped and caused the bumper to split down the middle, was told that i must have backed into something cause they cant just do that on their own. Trans leaks when mates with the motor, this one is getting fixed next week and took everything I had to get a loaner for this one. the factory installed General GS60 tires are seperating and bulging with only 22k on them. Deal wont fix tire problems so have to drive 90 miles to closest general dealer to have them swapped out on adjustment. Asked about the two new recalls for the aux a/c blower and the wiper motor(01s25 and 01s26) dealer new nothing of them so I was SOL, will have to wait for them to get notice of it. I am sure there are other problems i have forgotten, but this gives you a hint of the problems. i blame my self for these problems because i was the idiot that bought my first and only Ford. if there is anyone in NE North Dakota thinking of buying a ford, I would definetly stay away from Hansen Ford in Grand Forks, ND. I know a lot of folks who have bought both new and used vehicles from them and had nothing but problems with them. if you must buy a Ford (why on earth would you want to do that) drive the extra hour and go to the dealer in Fargo. I just wonder how many others are having these same problems. GO CHEVY
  • emcmanusemcmanus Member Posts: 5
    Any info on changes Ford has made to the Windstar to fix past reliability problems?
  • chp1chp1 Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 SEL and it is an excellent vechicle with 10,000 miles on it. No complaints. I'd buy another one in a heart beat.
  • markus58markus58 Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2000 W/S SEL in February 2000, got it one hour after it rolled off the truck. 11,000 miles later and it still runs and rides as good as Day #1, no regrets so far. One one minor adjustment has been necessary to the passenger side sliding door, and a 30 minute fix was all it took. I highly recommend Birch Ford in La Habra, California, I got a first class deal with them using the numbers I got right here at I take the W/S in for it's scheduled maintenance to Capistrano Beach Ford, and so far no bad issues to report, they have been reasonably competent. My wife drives this car the most, transporting 3 kids around town in comfort. This is the best vehicle I have ever owned, and I would buy another tomorrow.
  • lemonwindstarlemonwindstar Member Posts: 2
    We bought our 2000 lx new in August on 2000. When I took it in for the first oil change they replaced some electronic device. Then a few weeks later the sport decals started peeling off on the side, so we took it back in and they replaced them. About a month ago the rear a/c motor started making noise, so we took it in once again to be repaired, that was before the notice of recall came out. about a week or two after that I noticed a whirring sound while driving. when I took it to the dealer they said they couldn't get to it right away. So I asked if they could give me a loaner car and the girl asked if I has an extended warranty. Of course I said no it's still under the factory warranty. She said well then you are on you own. I then told her that if something were to happen to my family I would make sure to name her in the lawsuit. She then had the shop foreman take a ride in my van, at first he said "Oh that's just tire noise" to which I replied, "I haven't had anything done to the tires so why would they begin to make noise all of a sudden?". He then said that it could be a wheel bearing going out. Oh and I forgot to mention that I have had the rear passenger door adjusted twice and it still leaks rain at times. And now the drivers seat has a hole in it where the cheap padding moved off of the metal causing the hole. The seat cover has been or order for about 4 weeks now. We went to our dealer and wanted to trade the damn thing in, they have offered us between $16,000 and $14,000. The sticker price when we bought it was for ALMOST $28,000!! So we still owe about $20,000. I guess that just shows you how over priced the Ford products are since it's now worth about half of the sticker. The van only has 13,500 miles on it! At this point I don't think we will ever buy another Fix Or Repair Daily product. We have been able to talk with the owner of the dealership and he has agreed to give us a rental car so the repairs can be made, but when we have called they say "We dont' have anything available at this time", they are now supposed to call us when they have a loaner car for us. Needless to say I won't hold my breath.
  • trankin1trankin1 Member Posts: 5
    Hey Chuck, count your blessings...this would probably be a good time to buy another Windstar because pretty soon you'll need the engine from your new one to replace the old when it blows. The rest of us know only too well that it's only a matter of time. We'll be here when you need us Chuck....
  • penguinpenguin Member Posts: 32
    Sounds like some people are real nitpickers when they complain of every shake, rattle and hum in a used van. Even the tires don't suit.
  • abeauchabeauch Member Posts: 2
    This is my second windstar. First was a 99 and had bad pinging problems, 3 dead battery's. Went to the sales manager and showed him the stack of work orders we had. He agreed to take back the 99 and put us in a 2000 for Tax and registration cost. Went to drive off the lot and check engine light came on. The pinging was horrible and the car was all over the road. Got the pinging problem fixed, had to replace the tires(generals were cracked and had other issues which were replaced by local tire dealer under warranty), now after only 3000 miles I have had to add a quart and one half and the transmission wont always shift out of first and the overdrive light flashes. Going up to the dealer next week. At least I can get a loaner. I bought this vehicle with 19,000 miles on it! This will be the last ford I own!!!!
  • engr7engr7 Member Posts: 1
    Start with an automatic door that would open while
    driving down the road, Add Computer module problems that kept it in the dealership while they pulled the dash out a couple of times, Then add a transmission that dry docked the van in the dealership for 15 days to rebuild, Then add bad
    air sensors......Well we filed a Lemon Law complaint down in Texas, but a slippery Ford Consultant wormed out of it on a technicality of the filing date being 7 months rather than 6 months after the vehicle reached 24,000 miles!!!!
    The Ford Windstar Van is a total abortion!!!!From
    inception to present day. Like the Firestone fiasco, Ford wants to sweep a lot of their problems under the rug....silent recalls, poor design, poor quality, poor customer service. This
    is the last Ford for me, and I hope to talk my folks into turning in their Town Car, my father-in-law out of his Navigator, and my company from
    purchasing any more company cars and trucks from Ford!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    "Ford Motor Co. is recalling 777,742 Windstar minivans because they have faulty parts that could catch fire.

    All the 1999 and 2000 models being recalled have a wiper motor that can collect moisture and overheat. About 525,164 have a second wiring problem in the air conditioner."


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  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Ford Assures Customers Its Windstar Van is Safe

    "National Highway Transportation Safety Administration records show that several other popular minivans have been the subjects of multiple recalls during the past three years.

    "They include the Honda Odyssey, with six recalls for the 1999 model and four for the 2000 model; the Chevrolet Venture/Pontiac Montana, with four recalls for the 2001 model, four for 2000 and three for 1999; the Dodge Caravan, with two for 2001, one for 2000, and three for 1999; and the Mercury Villager/Nissan Quest with one for 2001, two for 2000, and four for 1999."

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  • davids1davids1 Member Posts: 411
    I just purchased a used 2000 Windstar LX with 13,000 miles and the 3.8 liter engine. Really wish I had read some of these posts before i leapt, but that's my fault. My question is this: I'm only getting about 12-13 mpg in combined city/highway driving. This thing is supposed the get 18 city and 24 highway. I plan on taking it to my local Ford dealer sometime next week, but I would like to know if there is anything in particular I should look for before I take it in. Thanks for any information.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Welcome. Lots of us discovered Town Hall "after the fact".

    Not everyone has trouble with their van, but the ones who do are more likely to post.

    Here's a good review to brighten your Monday (yeah, it does sorta read like a press release....)

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  • davids1davids1 Member Posts: 411
    You are right, does sound like a press release. I have another question for Windstar owners. My van has the 2 passenger bench seat in the middle row. It looks like the seat can be moved from side to side, allowing easier entry to the back from any side you may choose. It also looks like I cannot put bucket seats in this middle row even if I could find some in a junk yard. Is this true. I would like to have the option to upgrade to the buckets at a later time, but I may just be out of luck.
  • bdemasbdemas Member Posts: 51
    Davids1 -- I believe the spacing on the middle row anchors is the same as individual buckets, so you should be able to put buckets in later. Also, the rear seat can be put in the middle row.
  • jsiedhoffjsiedhoff Member Posts: 18
    It's been a while since I last posted messages but after reading some others, I have had similar problems. Please see messages 589, 590, 591, & 595. I do not remember the # of my previous posts. I purchased my van in October of 2000. I have had some minor problems that seem to have been corrected (finally). They were mostly squeaks/rattles on the passenger side sliding door but there were also problems with the parking brake cable making noise and it took the dealer 4 tries to fix it (after numerous visits to the shop for diagnosis). My van now has 10003 miles on in and I just returned from a hellacious trip to Florida from Illinois. I had my wife, sister in law and my 18 mo. old son with me. We drove to Decatur Alabama on the way down (the Sunday before Labor day) and spent the night. The next morning when we were continuing to Florida, the van stalled in the hotel parking lot. After several attempts, it restarted and we drove about 3 miles and it just died. We were able to coast into a gas station and the van would not restart. I called Ford roadside assistance for a tow. Since it was now labor day, we could not find a dealer that was open so we could get a loaner car. We luckily reached Enterprise rent a car and the manager just happened to be there even though they were closed and she answered the phone. She brought us a Chevy Suburban to continue our trip. (great vehicle)! The next day, I called the dealer in Decatur where my van was towed to and they told me the computer and a relay had to be replaced and that it was fixed now (they also fixed the latest recall items). We headed back to Alabama on Friday to get the van. The dealer did not leave the key locked in the van as I suggested but I had my spare key. Well, the key would not start the van because of the chip (since the computer was replaced). The dealer made no mention of this. We spent the night in Alabama and I picked up the van on Saturday a.m. While driving back to Illinois, the van hiccuped and the check engine light came on while driving down the interstate. After coasting for a couple seconds, it kicked in and kept going. We made it to Illinois (about 50 miles from home) and the van went totally dead. It would not restart. I called for roadside assistance and had major problems with them (another story). Anyway, after 2 and 1/2 hours stranded, the tow truck showed up and I was towed to the nearest dealer where my van now sits. Also, the dealer in Alabama that fixed my van the first time told me they fixed the same problem on another van at the same time. Interesting....... I will post a follow up when I find out what is wrong this time. Any advice I can get will be helpful. I am trying to ghet Ford to buy back the van or overcompensate me for all of the trouble and danger my family and I were in.
  • matycatmatycat Member Posts: 12
    you should read my post #597 for advice. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO GET FORD'S EXECUTIVE PHONE NUMBERS AND GET A REACTION, READ MY POST. #597 !!!!
  • rozeltf1rozeltf1 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any problem with their wipers? I replaced the ones on my 2000 WS and it is still horrible.
  • lemonwindstarlemonwindstar Member Posts: 2
  • matycatmatycat Member Posts: 12
    Just a suggestion, keep on it at the exec's office. I know it's long distance, but keep at them, try telling them what you expect them to do. It worked for us to some satisfaction, I sincerely hope it will help you too. Like I've said before however, if EVERYONE starts calling that number, they might take us all seriously.
  • jsiedhoffjsiedhoff Member Posts: 18
    I just called the dealer where my van has been for almost two weeks now and they finally received the new computer (pcm). They replaced it and they are still having the same problems I have already experienced twice before. They told my that an engineer was called in and he is currently looking at the problem now. For some reason that they cannot determine, the computer is not communicating with the rest of the car. I have informed the dealership where I purchased the van and they know that I will be trading out of it asap whether it is fixed or not. Even if they think they have fixed it, I told them I am not comfortable with it and I will not drive it.
  • eusrisoeusriso Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 99 Ford Winstar. Where can I find a complete list of all recalls so I can go to the dealer and have the fixes done?


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Recalls, Technical Service Bulletins, and Other Good Stuff

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  • kerryckerryc Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Windstar LX. It has 1100 miles on it. I am bringing it in for some minor items. I have been getting about 14mpg, much lower than stated. I know of a couple of other Windstar owners getting 18-24mpg. Has anyone with this poor MPG gotten better results once they brought it in for service? I am already preparing myself for grief because the sevice desk was already making up excuses. They were even questioning my math ability. So, I am going in both barrels loaded, but I am curious if any of you guys did get better MPG once you brought it in. Thanks.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    In my experience with my Quest, it took several thousand miles before the mileage got acceptable (went from a low of 12 to around 20 overall). Get your concerns into the service history now, but it may just take a while for the mpg to get up there. Good luck!

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  • 5greyhounds5greyhounds Member Posts: 338
    I have been reading all the comments. My 95 GL has been really good. No problems in the last 50K except for a ground strip that rusted through. However, I was making a left turn with a left turn green arrow and a pickup ran the red light. Well, both bags went off and I was out for about 5 minutes but except for a few lacerations from the bag I am fine. Not so my Windstar. It is totaled. I have a line on a 99 SE with 19k on it for $16,450. After dealing with my long time Ford dealer I an getting the 6 year 100k warranty for the price of an employee with zero deductible and no proicessing fee with a total price of $17,700 after Taxes. I talked with my service manager who has been dealing with me for 15 years (very trustworthy) and he said the 99 was the best one since it was the last year prior to the power doors and a lot of the problems have been fixed. With the warranty I really am not concerned but the SE is in really good shape. I guess the average miles were 6,500 for three years--not bad.
  • 5greyhounds5greyhounds Member Posts: 338
    I picked up my 99 SE last night and everyone was correct about the engine being a little more harsh than my 95 but it does have good power. It has just over 19k on it and I drove it to work this morning. Nice drive, but floats a little more than my 95. It is nice to have the cruise buttons illuminated. No more guess work. I had all the recalls done so that is taken care of. I need to put a few extra PSI in the front tires. It has the quad seats and is really nice. I just hope it is as good as my 95 was. yes, I had a 95GL and except for the head gasket it was a really good van.
  • leelee2leelee2 Member Posts: 1
    I got the number for the executive offices from post #597 and called. The person whose name is shown is no longer in that department. I was on the phone about 25 minutes and still don't have any satisfaction.

    Background: Our 21-year-old son (who's a college student with no job!!) drives the '95 Windstar. Well, he drives it when it's actually running, which isn't often. He has had it 21 months and at 106,000 miles, the head gasket(s) has blown. He had been losing coolant since about 96,000 miles but the dealership said they couldn't do anything until the gasket(s) actually blew. So now, here we are, with a $1,600 problem. We've already had the transmission, one fuel injector, and the computer replaced. Fortunately I have a husband who took care of the fuel injector and will replace the head gasket ... otherwise we'd just have to junk it.

    Here's what I got after speaking to the executive offices:

    They said to take it to a service department and get an estimate on what it will cost to fix it (the estimate will be around $70 which will come out of my pocket). Then we can contact a salesperson, decide what NEW FORD PRODUCT we would like to buy, and the salesperson can call and get authorization to reduce the sales price of what we want. I'm sorry, but what college student without a job can afford to buy a new Ford product???

    I started the conversation by saying that I was considering never buying another Ford product. The "executive" said if that was the case, then they couldn't do anything to help me: they could lose me for free. His tone wasn't tacky, but I understood what he was saying.

    So now, my husband is going to fix the head gasket problem, we're going to sell or trade in the van, and try our luck on another used car ... probably a Toyota or Honda. They've always been very reliable brands for us. Whatever possessed us to buy the Windstar, I'll never know!! Maybe it's that our son is 6'4" and has trouble fitting in little cars!

    Hopefully others have had better luck with the executive number!
  • jsiedhoffjsiedhoff Member Posts: 18
    The continuing saga of my van (see post # 632)....
    This is the 4th week that my van has been sitting in the dealership service department. They have no idea what is wrong with it. They got it to start once but it has failed again. Ford engineers have come out twice to look at it and I was informed yesterday that they are trying one last thing this morning to see if they can fix it. I have already gotten approval through Ford to be traded out of my van even if they fix it. There are several options for making the deal so I will still have to do some negotiating and it could take a couple more weeks. I will know later this morning if they were able to fix it and I will post what they did as soon as I find out. Has anyone else had similar issues?
  • midlifecrisismidlifecrisis Member Posts: 391
    I've got a 1997 Windstar with 59K miles on it now. It's been relatively good for the past couple years. I did have the speedometer replaced just before the warranty ran out. It was making a slight grinding noise, like the cable needed to be lubricated or something. Of course, two weeks later when the warranty was up, the sound came right back and I can't get rid of it! Now the passenger window seems to only work intermittedly. Can't figure that one out.

    We use the van to pull a large popup camper and it tows pretty well with the 200 HP engine. I wish I got the quad seats because the bench is a real bear to remove when I need to load up the van.

    Gas mileage in mixed driving only averages 16-17 mpg. On trips with no towing, we can manage 20-21 mpg. I think the gas mileage has been the biggest disappointment of the van. Other than that, we have no major complaints and hope to keep the van for a couple more years.

    PS - the driver's seat has been the most comfortable of any vehicle I've driven on long hauls. Last year I drove 5 1/2 hours straight without stopping. Thank goodness for a 25 gallon gas tank!
  • jsiedhoffjsiedhoff Member Posts: 18
    Ford is buying my van back. The Ford engineers still do not know what is wrong with my van (see posting #640). They have replaced the instrument cluster thinking that would help but it made things worse and they also replaced the Passive Anti Theft System and that did not help. This van is apparently not fixable. I am waiting for word from the regional service rep on exactly what to do next. Just thought everyone might want to know (or maybe not). This 2000 Windstar has been about as frustrating as the 95-96's with the head gasket problems. I will be glad to see it go and I am glad they cannot fix it because I do not want to see it sold to some other poor soul and have them go through the same problems and safety concerns.
  • bmaigebmaige Member Posts: 140
    My wife and I bought a '95 Windstar new in 1995, as well as a new Mustang the same year with the 3.8 liter engine for our son. His Mustang blew a head gasket, for which Ford finally agreed to pay the cost of replacement, but our Windstar, for which we were given an extended warranty to 100,000 miles for head gaskets, did fine--until it reached 94,000 miles. Because of the head gaskets we were watching the coolant level and noticed we were losing it, but didn't have "muddy" oil which would have indicated it was a head gasket and coolant was getting into the oil. There appeared to be a coolant leak on the passenger side front under the engine. We took it to our local Ford dealer, they checked and said it was a leak around the timing chain cover, which is in the area the leak appeared to be. The design of the engine, believe it or not, includes a timing chain cover that can leak coolant. That was repaired, due to the problem of getting to that area, I had a new water pump put on, and they changed the oil and filter. My wife was driving it home a day or so after we got it back when the dash lights went nuts and it cut off on her. I went to it, checked the oil, the level was fine, but it smelled like burned rubber. We had it towed to the dealer, they checked it and said we had let it run hot. The van did run hot--when it was brand new and the hose blew off the radiator--but that was 80,000+ miles ago and never since.

    The verdict was we needed the engine rebuilt. I got a price from the Ford dealer, but got a better one from an independent I trust. We discussed buying rebuilt engines. He had a company with a 12,000 mile 12 month warranty that he used and had good luck with the engines. I had found a company that gave a 3 year, 100,000 mile warranty on their products, but our mechanic said he had rather have a good engine than a good warranty, that he had used some of those engines and had problems with them. I couldn't get my hands on the actual warranty of that company, so I found it on the internet and printed it. Once I read it I told the mechanic they didn't even have a good warranty. It didn't cover head gasket failures, which I was most interested in with that engine, and it appeared the limit of their liability was one half of what their customer paid for the engine. In addition, the customer had to put the cash out up front to have the engine work done if a failure occurred, send them the alleged failed parts, with no mention of who paid freight, and they would determine whether they would cover the problem or not--with no limit as to how long they could take to make that decision and reimburse the customer.

    We went with the engine our independent recommended. Oh, one other factor. We live in a small town, so any problems with a company get around fast and results in an immediate economic pinch on the offender, so they can't hide in the masses of similar companies. The result is only the honest ones stay in business long.

    Question. Does anyone know why new oil in an engine would smell like burned rubber? The problem we had came so quickly after the work done at the Ford place that I wonder if they didn't get some sealant or gasket material in the timing chain area that got into the engine and stopped a vital oil channel up, causing our failure.

    We have had absolutely no problems with this van since we bought it, other than the radiator hose not being put on properly at the factory, the interior is still in good condition, AC is still good, and the transmission is still working fine. I expect that to be the next thing to go, but if it does we'll put another one in and keep driving this van for a few more years. My wife loves it, and I can stand putting a few thousand dollars in an engine and another transmission better than I can buying another vehicle--especially since she would want another Windstar.
  • drew_drew_ Member Posts: 3,382
    Your mechanical and oil questions may better be answered in the Maintenance & Repair message board, so I suggest that you try posting your message in there as well.

    Good luck,

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  • autolover3autolover3 Member Posts: 53
    Does anyone know how much Ford Motor Co. charges for an extended warranty for the 02 Windstar? When I was on the lot, the salesman said that information could be addressed at the time of sale. I was just curious since that factor can impact your decision before an offer is made. Can't seem to find one on the site. Thanks.
  • bdemasbdemas Member Posts: 51
    autolover3: The price of the warranty can range dramatically. It all depends on the plan you want (deductible, mileage/time limits). For instance, Ford ESP plans (there are 4 available) can range between $700 to $2400. You will be better off shopping this after the deal. I recently bought one for my 2000 off the internet from a ford dealer in Iowa. They had beaten my local rates by about $600. If you want to save $100, buy it before 12 months or 12000 miles. Third party warranties are a different story. The dealer may try to sell you one of those. I had to press one of the dealers near me to get them to quote a Ford ESP plan. You will have to determine which is best for you.
  • 5greyhounds5greyhounds Member Posts: 338
    I just purchased a used 99 SE with a little less than 20K on it. It still had 8 months left on the factory warranty and I was able to purchase the new car extended warranty with a zero deductible, 6 years 100K, for $1,500. It is usually $2,400. It is referred to as the employee price. The one with the $50 deductible was around $1,100. I figured the extra $400 was worth the zero deductible.
  • jsiedhoffjsiedhoff Member Posts: 18
    The dealership that has my van just called me and told me they fixed it. I thought they had given up on it but I still do not want that van back. The problem was in the fuse box. There was some insulation crimped in with some pins or wires that was causing a faulty connection. The electrical system was then searching for a ground and that was setting off the relays and that is why they had such a hard time tracking down the problem. This is going to change the deal I had in the works with Ford on a new van but I will see what they can do.
  • autolover3autolover3 Member Posts: 53
    Thanks for the warranty info. As usual, these boards are full of advice and help. I appreciate it. I will look at the Windstar again.
  • 5greyhounds5greyhounds Member Posts: 338
    It is amazing how the little things can get in the way. I was having a real problem with a ping in my engine and finally the Area Ford rep came out and when he started to drive it he asked how could he hear this ping with the speedometer cable making so much noise.
  • kirkley1kirkley1 Member Posts: 1
    I own a 99 Windstar SE. The first few months the van seemed fine. I then started getting a roaring sound when turning the steering wheel. I took it to the Ford service center and was told nothing was wrong. I took it back at a later date and they put a new powersteering pump on. The van seemed ok but after a short while starting making the same sound. I took the van back and another powersteering pump was put on. The van still makes the roaring sound and also makes a clicking sound when you turn the wheel. I have contacted the Ford Consumer Affairs office and they tell me the engineer dept. has deemed this to be normal. So I am stuck with a van that has 31,000 miles and sounds like it needs the powersteering replaced. I am in the process of contacting a lawyer,I am not a happy person right now.
  • jsiedhoffjsiedhoff Member Posts: 18
    Kirkley1, There is definitely something wrong with you van. I am currently on my 6th week of driving a 99 loaner Windstar because mine is in the shop (although they claim it is fixed now)but it has not made any type of roaring sound or any ohter sound from the power steering pump. Please see my previous postings starting with # 648 and working your way back.
  • jvirginiajvirginia Member Posts: 65
    I had a similar experience with the Windstar power steering system. I was able to eliminate most of the noise by completely flushing out the system twice and then refilling it with Ford type 'F' transmission fluid. This is the fluid that Ford power steering systems use. If you (or possibly a service garage or inspection station)have added any other power steering fluids or conditioners to your system (pre- or post- pump changeout) this could be causing your noise. Try the flush, it's actually a very cheap cure if it helps. A little messy though. Make sure you use Type 'F' transmission fluid.
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