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Ford Windstar Problems



  • 95switch95switch Member Posts: 2
    This is in response to #92 & #114 in Ford Problems (I or II). Our 95 WS had a ongoing problem with the door ajar & internal lights remaining on. This problem was corrected by replacing the slider door connection, the 4 prong sensor. It was a $32 part, plus half hour labor to put it in (another $30). Apparantly this has been a problem with WS, however, not a big enough problem for FORD to make it a recall item. You need something big and expensive, like an engine to blow up on you for it to make news. Take it to a repuretable mechanic. It was also affecting our running lights in the tail, unless it was shorted out due to one bulb being out?
    We also have/had water in our back taillight also. It could be the form fitting form isn't that form fitting overtime.
  • pqschwartzpqschwartz Member Posts: 9
    I have a 98 Windstar which experienced the same problem, or so my dealer says. i took it in for service, and they said the door chime and light stayed on (never happened to us, so they "fixed" it. Well, then I had no door chime or light. It took a while for dealer to find the problem: 3 trips to them, first replacing the "GEM" module (didn't work), and then finally ordering a sensor which did it. I had to fight with them to not pay my deductible on the ext. warranty since they caused the problem in the first place.
  • johneks99johneks99 Member Posts: 1
    My 99 started pinging this summer. Based on previous postings, particularly from Ford Windstar Problems (topic 815), my local dealer reflashed the PCM and reset the octane setting. I also mentioned posting #70 under this topic where (nohorn) identified a design problem with the intake manifold that was leading to carbon clogged EGR passages. My dealer however indicated that this was for a top of engine rattle and based on my build date of 3/99, I supposedly had the redesigned manifold. Bottom line was that the dealer stated he has done everything possible and there is nothing else that can be done if the octane setting and pcm reflashing don't correct the problem. Well after 600 miles, the pinging has returned.

    Does anyone else have any possible explaination for the pinging or additional information concerning the manifold design that I can counter with back to my dealer. I have a hard time accepting a $25,000 vehicle with a consistent ping that the dealer calls normal.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Member Posts: 885
    Our 95 Windstar had the door ajar, interior lights staying on, and the "key in the ignition" chime ringing. The "country" Ford dealer fixed it with WD40. Spray a little WD 40 on the door latch mechanisms. Dirt has built up and just needs to be cleaned out. That's been the most elusive problem, we've had (blown headgaskets and bad tranny's aren't that elusive!), yet it turned out to be the easiest to fix.
  • clmielkeclmielke Member Posts: 1
    The power sliding door will close then reopen on its own as if there is an obstruction in the way. We have resorted to manually closing and latching the door and the dealer says Ford is working on the fix. The dealer stated 9 other Windstar owners are having the same problem (at this particular dealership) and they cannot adjust the door. Is anybody else experiencing this?
  • paula12paula12 Member Posts: 2
    Yes, I have 2000 SE. The dealer replaced the switch and the moulding and it is still reopening.
    It is going back to the shop this week.
  • wholiganwholigan Member Posts: 148
    I cannot believe they are balking at giving you that name. Can you try another dealership in the area?

    Once again, I just don't get these Ford dealers...

    Just because misery loves company... I have been offered a free 1984 Chevy Custom Van with 70000 miles on it. I know it has been taken care of (my uncle takes good care of his cars and his kid sells at a nearby dealership) so now I am really going to put my local dealer to the test. I am going to try and get the buy-back without buying another vehicle. I am hoping to use the money to pay a big chunk of what remains on the home equity loan I took out to buy the van in the first place. I should be able to pay off the remainder of the load within a year.

    Barring, of course, that Ford buys it back...

    Will let you know - as I hope you will let us know how your saga continues... GOOD LUCK!
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  • vickersjvickersj Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Windstar SE (early 2000 build date), and have the same pinging problem that has been posted elsewhere. The dealer has reprogrammed the computer module, and the pinging lessened for a while, but is now returning. Anyone have any suggestions??
  • jrwangjrwang Member Posts: 1
    I also have a 2000 WS (production 12/99) Recently noticed a slight pinging also at moderate speed and moderate throttle. Advise dealer about it, advised me that computer says everything ok.

    I'd only notice that pinging exist when ambient temp is very HOT!! Maybe earlier evaporation of fuel in engine??

    Just found Ford TSB# 8233 on nhtsa web site. Will talk to dealer again with this TSB next time.
  • altairsf1altairsf1 Member Posts: 4
    I am considering buying a new Windstar but am scared off by all of the head gasket issues raised on this forum. Has Ford addressed this problem on the 2000 Windstars or is it still an issue. I find it curious that the Edmunds review doesn't even mention the head gasket issue and they seem to like the vehicle, generally.
  • cmhdiamondcmhdiamond Member Posts: 11
    I have seen mixed information about the head gasket problem on the new Windstars. Ford claims they had the problem fixed as of the 1998 model year. But several independent and unconfirmed sources say the problem is inherent in the design of the engine, and has not been changed.

    The 1999 model has been on the road for nearly two years now, and I have not seen anything about head gasket problems in that one. I'm sure there are plenty on the road that have enough miles on them for the problem to show up if it exists. Based on that, I'd say it's probably fixed.

    I just leased a new 2000 LX and so far we love the van. It only has 1300 miles on it so far, so I can't really speak of reliability yet.

    But, if you search the other forums here on Edmunds, you will see that Ford is not the only manufacturer with recurring problems. Chryslers are notorious for their transmission problems. I don't know much about reliability in the GM products, but I do know that their safety ratings are far below those of Ford and Chrysler. Probably the most reliable vans are from Toyota and Honda, but when I was looking, I found them to be a little bit smaller (and more expensive) than the Ford. If the Honda interests you, take a look at the Mazda MPV. It is basically a clone of the Odyssey, costs a good bit less, and is actually more available. Go figure?

    Anyway, I hope this info was helpful, and if you do decide to get the Ford, you might want to get the extended warranty. That way you will be protected if the problems do arise in the 2000.
  • caseopiacaseopia Member Posts: 1
    I own a 99 Windstar SE, 10000 miles, since we had it we had to call A tow truck for a boost four times. If the van sits for the weekend, or a couple of days it fails to start. Everything is dead when you turn the key, We had it to the dealer 4 times. They told us we weren't driving it enough and told us to start it everyday. Everything checks out OK they told us. I thought the SE model has the run dowm time power saving ability. Shouln't the battery kept enough power to start. I think we should have kept the VW Eurovan.
  • That's bunk on having to start the van everyday. Something is draining the battery. See the dealership owner or go over their heads to ford. If no luck try a different dealer. Also, you may have lemon laws to go to after they fail 3 times to fix it. I would feel insulted if a service rep gave me that answer. I am no mechanic and the problem may not be easy to find, but there is definetly a problem.
  • anonymousanonymous Member Posts: 314
    Just purchased a 2000 Windstar LX. Two minor noises associated with shifting that I am curious about. One: when shifting from Drive to Park the transmission clunks. I have been told by others that this is not uncommon for a truck. Second: after starting the vehicle and accelerating their is a small grind when the tranny shifts from second to third gear. Grind does not occur again during a driving cycle, even from complete stops.

    Otherwise very happy with the van. What a horse with the 3.8L, 200 horsepower!!!!! Had a 93 Taurus for 7 years and no major problems. Thanks
  • bamboozledbamboozled Member Posts: 1
    I own a 1995 Winstar GL. I don't know where to start with my problems. I have replaced all but one electronic latch, because my door ajar light was on constantly (pretty funny watching me jump out of car to run around and open and shut every door multiple times). I have had my sliding door recalled,the transmission went at 80k miles, and the real biggie that had me floored was that at 4yrs, my GAS TANK FAILED!!! I went into the dealer and they charged me $700 to replace it. When I practically stood on the maintenance manager's desk and very loudly proclaimed that gas tanks shoudn't fail (I have not been in any accidents with this car) his reponse is that sometimes they do!! I have owned cars for over 30 years and never once did I have one fail. After much gnashing of teeth, he knocked the price down to $500. Then three months later I get a letter from Ford Motor company recalling the gas tank, BUT ONLY IF I LIVED IN CERTAIN HOT WEATHER STATES!!! I called Ford to see if I could also be covered under this recall, since they admitted in their notice that it was a SAFETY recall, but they said no. I asked the nice young man if he had ever been to Virginia in August if Ford didn't think I lived in a "hot weather state". I called the dealer back and discussed my conversation with the parent company. I also filed a complaint on the NHSTB web site and informed the dealer that I planned to go to the local media, because this should be a nation wide recall. I could have been killed because I noticed the gas smell right after refueling and thought I had just overfilled and spilled gas. I drove this car for two days before I realized something else had to be wrong. Had someone rear ended me, we would have gone up in a fireball. End result, I must commend my dealership because I had a check from the dealership within a week for a full refund. They did the right thing, I can only hope Ford does the same for others
  • scouts2scouts2 Member Posts: 1
    Contact... MidwestConsumer.com
    You don't pay unless they win...Helped me on 99 Chrysler Town & Country A/W/D...Frank
  • kathy36kathy36 Member Posts: 4
    Well, another week, another headache! The last report I gave you was that my NY dealer would have had the car towed from PA if he had known about the problem right from the start. Well, he claimed he tried to call PA and got no returned phone calls. I went to PA for eight days last week. I decided to go to the Wayne County dealer and speak for myself. (By the way, my 12 letters to many had already gone out in the mail.) So the owner/service manager said the car could be towed, as he understood my need for a loaner car (which the NY dealer promised me, if he could tow the car down). I gave him the NY dealer phone number and the owner's cell phone number, where he left two voice mails on a Wednesday. I call my husband and say, "Let's see what happens." My husband, still in NY, stops at the dealer on Thursday, and was told by the owner, "everything's been arranged, see the service manager in back." Service manager says, "no way, it's too costly, not worth it." What do we do? I come home the following Monday, and ask my husband, "anything?" No. Ok. He gets on the phone with the 800 Ford people. The woman calls PA to find out what's what and tells us, PA says the car was going to be towed and he cancelled the engine order last Thursday. Whoa! We call PA, and dealer says, yes, this was so. We call NY dealer and owner says, what did service manager tell you last week? My husband says, too expensive, no go. He says, I'll call you back in half an hour. That was yesterday. Today, we left 2 messages, nothing. My husband stops at the dealer and he gets the go around. AGAIN! I'm leaving in 2 days for vacation with a rental car and have no answers as to who will do my car and if an engine (ordered 4 weeks ago) is still on order or if we have to start all over. ANY ADVICE?
  • educationeducation Member Posts: 1
    Our '98 Windstar has started vibrating when we brake. Anyone else have this problem?
  • sam121sam121 Member Posts: 10
    I have a 2000 lx and am experiencing a popping sound in the front of the car. Some other folks have experienced that as well. Did anyone find a solution for this? I would love some feedback before I take it in and hear some B.S from the dealer.
  • rpc1rpc1 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 98 Windstar, with 35000 miles. For the last few months, the van would not move in drive while stopped at a light. The engine would race, but it felt like it was in neutral.
    If I turned off the engine, and re-started the van the problem went away, and the van would drive normally. This problem would happen about once a week, but NEVER when the dealer drove it.
    Anyone have a problem like this??
  • rpc1rpc1 Member Posts: 2
    There was a recall on 98 Windstar brakes. Have your dealer check this out. The problem may also be warped brake rotors, that would cause the vibration in the front when the brakes are applied . Rob
  • sefentonsefenton Member Posts: 2
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  • HCLEMOHCLEMO Member Posts: 19
    I had the same problem--shift piston is the cause. It is made out of aluminum. You need the steel one. If the van is still under warranty, insist that the transmission be pulled and inspected. Make sure that all of the clutches are examined carefully, also.
  • crkeehncrkeehn Member Posts: 513
    The steel piston would already be in the 1998 Windstar. That change was made early in the 1996 model year when it was realized that the aluminum piston was the culprit for much of the transmission failure.
  • seth60seth60 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 99 windstar SEL . It has now been towed to the dealer 3 times because as soon as I try to start it the car dies before I can switch it into drive. It seems as if it is starting right up but it just dies before switching into gear. Has anyone else had this problem and had success figuring out what it is . Thanks
  • randersoranderso Member Posts: 1
    I have a 98 WS with the 3.8 engine and it has a tendency to stall. I had it into the dealer 4 or 5 times last winter. He finally decided the problem was a corroded fuse box under the hood and he replaced the whole thing. After that it ran fine until now (6 mos. later) and it started doing the same thing again. It is an intermittent problem and, of course, it won't do it when the dealer is in the van. Sound familiar to anyone?
  • There is a tsb on the stalling, my 98 had it done and it never stalled again. Don't remember the part replaced, someone else may. But, it is definitely fixable.
  • nelpamnelpam Member Posts: 1
    I have been following the Windstar problems and I haven't seen this one yet.
    Our car was in for 2 and a half months for an engine replacement this summer. We had it back for less than two weeks and the engine died and had to be towed back to the dealer. Guess what? It needs another new engine. We were never given the buyout + certificate option. Until I discovered this site, I didn't know that there was such a thing. Now, the Ford dealer is refusing to give us the buyout option because we had the engine replace. (Despite the fact that the engine they put in was even more worthless (if possible) than the original.) I have to add that we paid $1,100 for other work done over the summer( tie rods,fuel leak at the fuel rail, transmission gaskets, etc.) Also, the car went back for $307 immediately after we got it back, because the front brake was making a noise, which it didn't make before it went in this summer. (New rotors, break pads.)Anyway, they are telling me it will be 2 more months for another rebuilt engine. I thought Ford's press release said 5 days for an engine or the buyout plan. I have had it and I don't want this car, repaired or not. I am interested in any suggestions anyone might have to get action on this.
  • jlfgobearsjlfgobears Member Posts: 1
    For CASEOPIA - Aug 21, 2000
    Sounds like you have a light on somewhere. My battery did the same thing after a remote-entry trunk adjustment that resulted in the trunk light staying on all the time. Follow the light.
  • aikaraaikara Member Posts: 1
    12000 miles -----Break service done under warranty
    32000 miles---Broke down Highway Interstate 78---replaced with a new transmission--under waranty
    43738 miles ----Intense leak from transmission, happened interstate 80 on the way to drop my daughter in college near Syracuse---fluid leak under the car. Car could be moved.Signs of ABS and traction control---always on--never went away.
    The dealers at two places could not find the source of leak even after 4 days.ABS-T/C fixed. Now I am afraid to drive more than one hour. It is a shame.Transmission was never smooth.
  • haulthault Member Posts: 130
    Follow the FORD complaint system. Arbitration etc. Keep all documents of FORD denying you. When you have reached the end of FORD file a better business complaint against the dealership. Have all the FORD documents about the "buyback" program 00M09/00M10 to show the BBB. If this does not provide adequate relief there are more drastic measures.
  • a_jimenez_sa_jimenez_s Member Posts: 1
    I own a Windstar 2000. Two weeks after I bought
    it, I was driving the vehicle, stop it, close it,
    enable the OEM alarm, walk away, when I return to
    the vehicle I tried to start the engine on
    unsuccessfully, the vehicle was towed to the
    and they claimed the smart key had to be
    programmed again (I did not buy it). Then, five
    weeks after I bought it, the same thing happened,
    since it was midnight, the vehicle was towed and
    parked in the dealer garage over the night, the
    following morning I went to the shop and the
    was starting OK. Then six weeks after I purchased
    it, the same thing happened, luckily the engine
    started after one hour.

    I do not know what is happening, the only pattern
    the problem is showing is that it happens after I
    turn off the engine, close the doors, enable the
    OEM alarm on, walk away, disable the OEM alarm,
    open the door, and turn the engine on.

    Also, when I am driving in highway from one town
    to another, a smell appears for several minutes, I
    can not define the smell but is kind of spicy. My
    father have a 2000 Neon and showed the same
    problem, Chrysler had identified the problem and
    the dealer spray a solution into the evaporator
    the problem went away. Unfortunately, Ford does
    not have the problem identified.

    Can any of you guys help me? I began to be afraid
    to drive my Van. Unfortunately, I like the Van a
    lot (this is my first Ford vehicle), but these
    problems are not helping me to trust on the
    dependability of my MiniVan.
  • pregympregym Member Posts: 2
    Purchased a 2000 sel in June. After 1 week problems started with passenger side power door. The door will make contact and kick back open. It is not any of the opener buttons, dirty contacts or anything blocking the track. Now the door is stuck closed. Drivers side door works fine. Has been to the dealer twice, adjustment made and part replaced, did not fix it. Anyone have a solution to this problem, please post. The numbers are increasing as to similar complaints posted. My dealer was going to research and get back to me. That was almost 2 weeks ago.
    Love the van otherwise, but this is annoying.
    Has your dealer found a solution? if so,
    Email: precisiongymnastics@excel.com
  • wholiganwholigan Member Posts: 148
    Well, here is the last thing I would try prior to filing a complaint with the BBB. Contact the dealership and ask for copies of the FORD recall documents 00M09/00M10. These are the documents that outline how the BUYBACK is supposed to work... If they refuse - explain your intention: "You don't have to provide me with those docs, however, I will find another dealer or someone on the internet that will. And when I do, I will file a complaint the local chamber of commerce and the BBB regarding this issue. Please let me know how we should proceed."

    At this point, they are either going to hardball or provide the documents. From there, you should have all the ammunition you need that states FORD should honor the buyback commitment.

    Again, I really do wish you luck (and lots of patience and persistence). Let us know!!!

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  • kjclowkjclow Member Posts: 29
    I now have about 80,000 miles on my 97. I bought it new and thought that I got a pretty good deal. I thought I would let everyone know how the van has handled.

    The engine still pings, espically under loads and when cold. I have a steep driveway and cannot shift out of park without sounding like I am leaving part of the tranny behind. I follow the dealers recommendation of pressing the brake to the floor, setting the parking brake, shifting into park, and then releasing the brake pedal. Nothing works.

    We had to replace the parking brake handle. It pulled off the floor. The tranny hesitates at 10 - 15 miles per hour. If accelerating for freeway speeds, you almost hit your noise on the steering wheel. It reminds me of the Chryslers we owned as kids. The seats do not keep their comfort like I had hoped. We have taken a lot of trips in it, mostly 1000+ miles each way.

    There is quite a bit of road noise, almost as bad as the 90 Aerostart I just got rid of. The stereo system is garbage. From the driver's seat, all I ever hear is the passenger's front speaker. The carpet stains so easily that I have taken to covering it with black plastic runners.

    I have not had any major engine problems with it. Lot's of little problems, most under warrenty. From the other posts, it sounds like I was one of the few lucky ones. So, I will continue to drive it until the wheels fall off or I can afford a new silverado. I am afraid of what this 100,000 mile tune up is going to do to my check book.

    Overall recommendation would be to not buy a Ford, unless you buy the extended warrenty.
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329

    "I have a steep driveway and cannot shift out of park without sounding like I am leaving part of the tranny behind. I follow the dealers recommendation of pressing the brake to the floor, setting the parking brake, shifting into park, and then releasing the brake pedal. Nothing works."

    Try adding an intermediate step. After setting the parking brake, shift into NEUTRAL. Then let up on the foot brake. After the van has settled onto the emergency brake, THEN shift into park.

    This will put more wear on your E-brake {I wonder if that terms been used before :-) }, but better that than your transmission.
  • kathy36kathy36 Member Posts: 4
    Since I went away and returned, there has been no progress on the van in PA. I did contact Ford headquarters in Dearborn, MI and spoke with a Tammy Powell in the Priority Division. She spoke to both NY and PA dealers, said the problem was in PA's hands. She said they would see about handling this without fixing the van. PA mentioned the buyout, but for a new vehicle. Well if I could have bought a new vehicle last March, I would have. The buyout doesn't take care of the loan I have. It's been 7 weeks, still no satisfaction. Today I sent off the application for NY Used Car Lemon Law Arbitration. I've had it! Now I want all my money back, the loan paid off, and GOOD-BYE FORD! The attorney general's office recommended this action based on my letter. All the documentaion went with, so I'll let you know when I hear from them if I qualify. Thanks again for all the help.
  • cjprattcjpratt Member Posts: 1
    I don't have a Windstar, but we are looking at one. But we did have a Dodge Grand Caravan that did this. I would put it in reverse and it wouldn't move, only sound like it was in neutral. It eventually started doing it in drive. I took it to the dealer (it was still under warranty) and they said it was the transmission, and rebuilt it. A few thousand miles later, it happened again. This time they put in a brand new one, not rebuilt. It was a nightmare. THREE transmissions in a vehicle in a van less than a couple of years old is too much. We unloaded it as soon as the warranty expired. Don't waste time in getting it into the dealer and don't let them off the hook. You need a transmission!!
  • mottingmotting Member Posts: 2
    Just to let you all know out there, Windstar transmissions are still a weak point. Mine failed at around 30,000 miles. They said it was the reverse drum. They rebuilt it and it lasted a whole 1500 miles. It's at the dealer as I write. So far it's been at the dealer for five weeks and counting. I would not recommend a Windstar to anyone unless they totally fix the transmission and there are no more complaints about the head gasket problem on the 3.8 liter engine.
  • pqschwartzpqschwartz Member Posts: 9
    After 17000 more miles, the transmission is being replaced once again on my 98 Windstar, now at 68000 miles. I noticed the transmission whine, and took it in. Waiting for the replacement "remanufactured" one to be put in under warranty. BTW, I am renting a 2000 Windstar (covered under my warranty, and it sounds much llike the 98. It will have transmission and front end problems just like the 98 does. Unfortunately, I am in negative equity and can't get out of the 98 right now. Wish I could ...
  • mragsdale1mragsdale1 Member Posts: 1
    Okay, we all know the horror stories associated with the 95 Windstar. I've got mine too, but they're just like everyone else's so I won't elaborate. In March of `00 Ford put a new engine (so they say) in my van after the one with the REPLACED headgasket seized and left me stranded. No cost, but only after a LOT of negotiating. The transmission has been slipping for several months (can be very interesting in a busy intersection). The dealer claims the trans. is fine, but put in a new transmission switch for $225.00 to "correct" the problem. Fat chance. Anyway, I still owe a little less than 5k. My question is, should I offload the sob or ride out the storm and see if the new engine lasts? Let me know what you think.
  • tpkentpken Member Posts: 1,108
    Anyone experience brake problems on 99 Windstar early on - say 20-30K miles? Buddy thinks brake job on his Windstar at that point is suspicious. This is his third leased Windstar and the first to demonstrate this problem.
  • yamanyaman Member Posts: 113
    We had a 96 Windstar which we kept for around 40,000 miles and , If memory serves , the brakes had problems at least 2 and maybe 3 times.
  • jbouchejbouche Member Posts: 1
    I have one of those 95 Windstars. It now has 125000 miles. Can't believe it has gone that far. It has taken a handful of O2 sensors, two transmissions, and a head gasket. I totaled up the bills one time at somewhere near $7000 about 30% of the original cost. I am curious about the buyback program as the current whole sale value is about $4000. I think I was sent something about it but threw it in the trash. Who is entitled to it, how much is it worth,(none of my repairs were covered under warranty) and why wouldn't the dealers be happy to use this method to get you into a new Ford. Wouldn't it be supported by Ford Corporate? Any thoughts?
  • pjyoungpjyoung Member Posts: 885
    The buyback is only if the van has less than 100K miles on it, and it needs an engine replacement, and an engine cannot be found for something like 7 days. They also offered a 3 or 4K certificate towards a new Ford vehicle, but again, you would not qualify because of the mileage on your van.
  • steve_rsteve_r Member Posts: 2
    I recently discovered hairline paint cracks running throughout the left and right roof channels of my '99 Windstar SE (cabernet red). I am extremely unhappy and disappointed that the paint is failing on a van that is just over one year old. I am pretty fanatical about maintaining the van's exterior (I am a Zaino devotee -- see Zaino posts in the Maintenance Conference), so I'm very concerned about the long term effects of this problem. I plan to take the van back to the dealer within the next two weeks.

    A coworker who owns a Windstar SE has the same
    problem. He believes that each roof channel is
    filled with a thin layer of putty-like material,
    which hides a weld seam. The filler is painted and clear-coated along with the rest of the exterior sheet metal. He suspects, as do I, that excessive expansion and contraction of the filler over temperature is the cause of the paint cracks. If this is the case, simply repainting the roof channels will not solve the problem.

    If anyone has a '99, '00 or '01 Windstar with this problem (any trim level), please respond to this post. I'd really like to find out whether this is an isolated or widespread Windstar problem.
  • liebedaliebeda Member Posts: 13
    I noticed the same things on the roof of my '99 LX.
  • argyletxargyletx Member Posts: 6
    Purchased '99 SEL, and at 5000K miles, LH auto sliding door began popping back out after closing. 3 times (12days in shop)in 25 days to dealer, new switches, new motor. They were quite clueless about fixing it. At 14000K miles, the RH sliding door would open, but not close. 5 times to dealer in 6 weeks, cleaned & adjusted contacts and TWO new motors in 7 days. When I picked it up after the first new RH motor, the compass was out 90 degrees and would not recalibrate and the interior lights were flickering instead of staying on when door was open. They had to replace compass and light switches. When they told me I needed another new motor a week after they had put one in, I told them I needed another car! By now this car has had 5 door motors (2 failed factory and 3 replacements). I was not able to negotiate acceptable solution with either Ford or the dealer, so I am happily driving around in a 2001 GMC Yukon XL and it is really wonderful.
  • nickpnickp Member Posts: 4
    Has anyone noticed a grinding noise from the power steering in their 2000 Windstar? My 2000 SE has made this noise from day
    one, and the Ford technician (not dealer tech)
    tells me that this is a characteristic of the 2000
    model. Says they are working on a solution, but
    the noise is awfully annoying and could be
    potentially damaging to the power steering.
  • nickpnickp Member Posts: 4
    Has anyone noticed a vibration feedback in the
    accelerator pedal in their 2000 Windstar? My 2000
    SE has done this since it was new every time I
    accelarate. The Ford technician (not dealer tech)
    tells me that this is a characteristic of the 2000
    model. We even drove another new van in the dealer lot and it did the same thing. He says that the
    engine vibrations are normally isolated from the
    accelerator, but that in this model, they are being fed back into the pedal. Obviously, since you accelarte all the time, this problem is extremely annoying , with no solution being offered by Ford. The tech says there's no solution in sight, if ever!
    Has anyone experienced this, and was the problem
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