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Toyota Avalon XM and Sirius Radio



  • Would appreciate suggestions to incorporate either XM or Sirius reception inot or add on my 04 XLS with JBL premium system- 6 CD changer, audio tape.
  • goateegoatee Posts: 51
    Purchased my 06 Avy XLS IN 11/05 with factory installed Sirius (it's actually on the factory sticker). Had trouble from day 1 - Only the left side speakers would work. The dealer blamed the Sirius and who blamed Toyota. It went back and forth a few times until Toyota installed a new "chip" in the trunk. All was well until today and I noticed the same problem over again. Can only hear the satellite on the left speakers. FM/AM, CD are all ok. Any suggestions here?? By the way - I love the Sirius lineup.
  • I installed the sirius in my limited myself. I was losing the signal all the time for extended periods. dealer gave me a new black box and no problems since.

    The way its hooked up should have no effect on your speakers, I mean that the wire harness plugs into the rear of the radio. That harness comes from the black box, so it has no bearing on the speakers (at least you would think).

    Seems to me that there is a bad connection inside the radio. Any way if you are getting a sirius signal and its coming out of a speaker than its not the black box. has to be in the radio. Nevertheless the dealer should give you a new radio if your under warranty. Good Luck
  • I installed a Sirius tuner in my 2007 Subaru Impreza last weekend and have the same problem where only the left side speakers produce sound (for the most part). Occasionally left and right will work, but it is off and on. My Sirus tuner is connected to a JVC head unit and eveything (CD, FM, Line In) else works perfectly with all speakers. This leads me to believe that it is most likely the Sirius tuner and not the JVC unit. It could be the cable as well ... all of the connections have been checked and are fine. I am getting a replacement Sirius unit.

    Just wondering how you made out on your problem and if you replaced the Sirius tuner or if it was something else?

  • goateegoatee Posts: 51
    Brought it into the dealer last Saturday. The Toyota technician said that it was definitely the Sirius receiver and ordered a new unit. This will be the third Sirius unit to be installed. I tried to argue to have both the head unit and satellite units replaced since this is the exact same problem I had when the car was delivered, but he would not go for it. I will keep you updated.

    Happy Holidays
  • A local Eugene, OR shop, Soundsational Car Audio, just installed a Sirius Starbase SFM1 system in my 04 XLS. I had the cigarette lighter/ashtray assembly cut out and removed, placing the head unit there in a way that allowed me to retain the little cover assembly- outasite when I park at the local mall! Since I don't smoke and the car has a 115 AC outlet, I haven't lost anything. The antenna, a very small item, is magnet mounted forward on the trunk- very unobtrusive.
  • Would it be possible if you still have the information and instructions for installing the system, that you could send them to me ? I've got a 2005 Avalon and would like to install one myself. If you don't, maybe you could give me a number to call for the installation instructions.
  • I finally got a replacement Sirius receiver myself and swapped it out ... works perfectly now. I also noticed that the new unit was made by "Eriksen" and the first unit was made by "Directed" ... both look identical. Makes me wonder if Sirius had a bunch of problems with one manufacturer and made a change themselves? Pure speculation, but it sounds like the units have a very high failure rate out of the box considering you are on your third unit.

    Merry Christmas.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Here's my update regarding the Sirius Radio problem. The new Sirius receiver was installed today (receiver #3). I still have the same problem - only with sound from the left side speakers. All other modes work just fine in all speakers except the satellite. The technician spend more than 2 hours trying to figuire this out including a very long call to some tech center in California for Toyota dealers. He traced all the wiring to each speaker and said they are all fine. Now they are ordering me a new "head unit." Just like I tried to tell them in the first place. And the beat goes on. I don't know what I will do if this doesnt work. The car is 13 months old now. Keep everyone updated after the new head unit is installed which I am sure will require quite a bit of dash dismantling.
    Thanks all...
  • Wow, that really sucks. Sounds like it must be the head unit... assuming they replaced the cable between the Sirus receiver and the head unit somewhere along the way. Sorry to hear you had to go through such a painful experience with a new car, and a Toyota to boot.

    Good luck & Happy New Year.
  • I have a similar problem with the '06 Avalon Ltd. I purchased in August. This model comes with the 300W, 12 speaker system which sounds excellent. One week after purchase the dealer installed a Sirius tuner. I began having problems immediately with an intermittent loss of all sound with all functions, AM, FM,Disc or SAT. The volume control failed to register at all on the monitor. The first trip to the dealer they could not reproduce the problem. The second trip they decided to replace the in-dash receiver. The problem surfaced again. It worked fine for about a month, then progressed to get worse until after playing for about 30 min. it would go dead with no sound control, no volume. The dealer consulted with Toyota who told them to replace the amplifier. I picked the car up last night after installation of the amp and first thing the stereo does not work. The local dealer is frustrated. Obviously Toyota can not diagnose the problem. I'm wondering if there is some incompatability issue between the Sirius tuner and the system. This is bad news on a vehicle that costs $30K +
  • I have a a 2006 Toyota Avalon w/factory installed sirius radio and internal antennae on front window. The reception is generally poor always fading in and out. Do other people have this problem with Sirius? or is there a problem with my antennae or Sirius modualtor in my trunk? Any help would be appreciated.
  • I have the interior mounted windshield antenna also. I believe it is not the best choice for an antenna, mounted under the black ceramic dots. If you are getting the "no signal" message something is blocking the reception as you drive. I don't have much of a problem in the flat valley of CA except when driving under an underpass. Sometimes a big truck or tree will also block the signal. A roof mounted Terk antenna will get better reception.
  • Update on my 2006 Avalong problem with loss of sound on stereo on all modes: After the dealer attempting to idagnose my loss of sound on my stereo three times, replacing the head unit and lastly the amplifier, I diagnosed the problem myself by unplugging the wiring to the head unit on the Sirius receiver mounted in the trunk. There has been something wrong with the Sirius receiver. Now if the dealer will only belive me without having to take an entire day to "diagnose" the problem themselves.
  • netwonnetwon Posts: 53
    The Sirius Radio system may be factory but the standard location for the antenna (from install manual) is on the right hand side of the trunk lid. The factory antennas aren't designed for location inside the window, as factory metallic tints (even light ones) and glass it self can reflect the signal you are trying to receive.

  • cms1528cms1528 Posts: 45
    I have an 06 Avalon with the Sirius antenna mounted on the windshield. I had problems with the signal dropping out for extended periods of time. Dealer replaced the Sirius black box and it has worked perfectly since then.

    If you go under an overpass sometimes the signal will drop out for a few seconds, roads surrounded by leafy trees can do the same. But this is normal, you can easily mount an after market antenna to the trunk if you want or any other place. But a satellite signal can be blocked for a few seconds by any number of things. As long as your vehicle is moving the signal should come back.

    Sirius did have a quality control problem with a number of black boxes that were made for Toyota but they have switch manufactures.
  • I'd like to know if anyone knows about a possible connection between a Sirius S50 installation in a Toyota Avalon and the sudden malfunction of the 6 CD JBL changer. My children gave me a S50 Sirius portable satellite radio kit for a Christmas gift. Since I know little to nothing about electronics of this type,I took it to a local Car Toys for installation into my 2003 Avalon XLS last week. I was charged over $200.00, but Car Toys mounted the satellite radio base, installed an on-off switch under the dash, mounted the antennae on the passenger-side window, and hard wired the base into the JBL deck. I was, and remain very happy with my satellite radio. However, later that day, I noticed that when I switched to CD mode, the CD in the changer would skip. Then, by the next day, the CD changer was in complete malfunction: would not eject and would not play. I never had trouble with the CD changer prior to the Sirius installation. When I took the car back to Car Toys with my concern, the installer looked over the radio-CD-tape system and told me that the malfunction of the CD changer following the Sirius installation was coincidental and that the installation had nothing to do with the CD malfunction. The best way to fix the problem, I was told, was to replace the entire radio-tape-CD deck with a brand new one which would also be "Sirius ready". I have a hard time believing that a JBL system in a 2003 Avalon XLS would just deteriorate like it did coincidentally. If anyone can help me sort this one out, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • The signal always come back in 1 to 5 seconds usually. Is satellite radio just not perfected yet....because this is very annoying.
  • kjarobkjarob Posts: 5
    Hmmm, unless the Car Toys installer physically did something to your CD player I would have to agree that this is coincidental. The addition of Sirius could never cause a CD player to skip or to quit working. However, if the installer had your car deck out of the car (which shouldn't be necessary for your install) and it was dropped or something it could have knocked the CD "eye" out of alignment.
  • goateegoatee Posts: 51
    Here's the latest regarding my left sided speaker only problem. Dealer has now replaced the Sirius receiver in the trunk, and has now also replaced the "head unit". Still no correction. Got a call from the service advisor today regarding their inability to fix the problem. Now they want to replace the "wiring harness" and have already ordered the part. They say that this is the only thing left that it can be. I hope the third part will be a charm. Will keep everyone updated.
  • goateegoatee Posts: 51
    Got the car back today. Seems to be fixed - it was a wiring harness. All speakers seem to work now with the Satellite on. Dealer gave me a courtesy Camry and even detailed my Avalon.
  • cms1528cms1528 Posts: 45
    Actually it has nothing to with additional perfecting of the system. The signal just becomes blocked to the antenna and the signal from the antenna to the box can not be completed. Thus, the coding is not translated and the music stops playing until the antenna can receive a signal and send it to the black box.

    Even traditional satellite signals used by the military experience these types of temporary black outs. Its the same with satellite TV, if the antenna is pointed toward the southern hemisphere and there is a tree standing significantly in its path, the signal will be blocked.
  • cms1528cms1528 Posts: 45
    One more point if you want you can buy a satellite radio antenna with a magnetic base from your local home audio store, they use the same size plug. Unplug the one from your kit and plug in the new one, in the box in the trunk, and mount it somewhere else. Maybe on the truck lid or inside somewhere.

    You might find that sweet spot that maintanes a good signal with the satelitte itself.
  • RE: "sort this one out". Hold onto your heated seat cushion because here it comes, long, hard and fast: Your "JBL" branded OEM head unit is best utilized as a boat anchor. The first of the 2nd generation Avalons used Fujitsu radios, then came Pioneer, Then Delphi (?!#*/%!). I have my original JBL/Delphi which came in my '03 Avalon XLS and a JBL/Pioneer unit which I picked up on eBay. They are identical save for some slight (very slight) chassis differences and the two faux-burl fascias are dead-on clones. The connectors are identical and either will fit in my Avalon and operate identically. I have several iterations of John Lansing's designs including 4 very old (and pristeen) 515B 15" woofers, a quad of JBL Earthquake Bass Bins with 18" woofers, and a pair of large format theatre horn drivers mated to a pair of HAND-made-for-Altec-Lansing-by-Vitavox horns. Not to brag, just to illustrate the forces that blinded me to the fact my stock Avalon JBL system was a neutered eunuch when it came to adequate, accurate and pleasing sound reproduction. Like you, I just kept telling myself that JBL made it, it had to be good. All this while I knew full well JBL hadn't made the components at all. I reasoned it (the quality) had to be somewhere in tweeking the adjustments properly. Then my in-dash CD changer tanked just like yours did. I looked around on the Web and found mine was not a unique experience; the JBL-badged 6-CD-changers just flip out and it's curtains for them. Luckily I'd purchased an extended warranty, something I rarely even consider when purchasing a Toyota vehicle. So after my dealer contacted the gatekeeper at the 3rd party warranty company I found the radio was going to be sent out to have the CD changer repaired. In the interim I was left with no tunes and a big hole in my dash. I dug an old Clarion Pro-Audio CD-reciever out of my boneyard, bought a Metra adapter harness and Metra dash kit designed to accept a single-DIN aftermarket H/U. I spliced, soldered and heatshrinked the Metra harness to my Clarion harness and presto; I was plugging into the factory harness with no warranty voiding butchery whatsoever. The dash kit was quite another matter but I'll refrain from bashing it and stick to the point: The sound was so amazingly improved with the 10-year-old Clarion head-unit that I immediately returned to the boneyard for a single SAS Bazooka Tube subwoofer and two Alpine tweeters. I figured I was on a roll so I'd ride it a while. I had always known the JBL "subwoofer" in the Avalon was a joke but never got around to doing anything about it. That result was really satisfying also, to the point where I'm considering bridging a small Soundstream amplifier (boneyard once again) so I can run team my pair of boneyard Bazooka tubes. I'm still using the OEM/JBL amplifier to feed that sub and let us not forget the puny "IV-drip" factory wiring is still in use. Mind you these are all 10 and 15 year old used components - imagine what the results might be if I'd gone out and invested in newer technology! A while back I picked up a spare set of Avalon/JBL tweeters on eBay because I knew I'd eventually be "in the dash". I'm currently working on mounting the Alpine tweeters to the original JBL mounting brackets so they'll hide behind the JBL-badged grilles. It'd be an easy job but I make everything hard on myself because I come up with esoteric mounting concepts that anyone sensible would rightly dismiss. I'd describe my mounting schema here but it might lead readers to dismiss my other descriptions, so again, I refrain. If you're out of warranty get the JBL/Junk outa' your dash as soon as you have chosen a viable replacement. Not satisfied with the Metra dash kit I'm also working on my own double-DIN fascia which will be sent out to one of those faux-wood-dash companies to be coated in bogus-burl that matches the OEM finish. Then I'll slam a double-DIN display unit along the design-lines of Kenwood's Excelon with a 7", 16:9 screen. Then "where to mount my NAV system" will be a rhetorical question as I'll use that monitor to display NAV as well. Sure glad I didn't let my wife gift me with that Magellan system a few years ago! I love the way it worked but I think I'd rather have the mythological Hydra riding shotgun than have that goose-necked Magellan rearing it's ugly head from points unknown below my glovebox (lurch, barf, spew). Ultimately the entire JBL system will no longer live in my Avalon; wiring, amplifier/s, and all speaker drivers will eventually be replaced. I've got some nice Dynaudio pieces (boneyard) and I really hope I can squeeze something larger than the 3.5" OEM drivers into my back doors. 3.5 inches? Who's that for? The Lilliputians? I want my passengers to have good near-field sound too. If I can swing it I'd like to shoehorn in a pair of Dynaudio 5.5" mid-woofs and find a stealthy place to mount two more tweeters into the back doors as well. I've got a pair of Dyn' 6.5" mid-woofers that I know will fit in the front doors. I'd rather run OLD Dynaudio than NEW anything else. Eventually a custom built sub enclosure with a single 8" driver (JL Audio?) will replace the Bazooka Tubes. That 8" driver is not in "the boneyard" so that phase comes last. I listen to a little Hip-Hop but I want a quick-reacting accurate subwoofer, not a ground pounding compaction device.

    Short story long? Yes, the JBL in-dash changers do blow up and no, JBL did not make them. I'm sure the newer Avalon Synthesis systems have real JBL circuitry in them, but even that is likely to be Lexicon technology, via Harmon-Kardon, branded JBL. No complaint there; if Lexicon made a car head-unit it would almost certainly be "The Grail". Bottom Line? If you're out of warranty start shopping then begin lopping. If you heard my Avalon even in it's present hodge-podge state, you'd be tempted to chainsaw that JBL H/U right out of your faux-wood dashboard... TODAY! I had the JBL name fogging my mind and I forgot the most fundamental car-audio prime directive: STOCK SUCKS! Now my Avalon has acoustics! Now when I tweek adjustments things happen and I can actually tailor the soundstage, and so far it all came from the boneyard! Later
  • kjarobkjarob Posts: 5
    I'd have to agree with these comments fully. STOCK SUCKS for good sound. My 2007 Subaru came with an OEM branded Clarion head unit (6 CD in dash) and the "premium speaker" option. With only 25 miles on the car the decision was made to upgrade the audio system.

    I went with a JVC KD-SH1000 deck, a pair of Kicker SS6.5 components driven by a Kicker ZX 350.4 amplifier, and a 10" Rockford Fosgate Punch woofer driven by a Rockford P2002 amplifier.

    There simply is no comparison in sound quality moving from stock to aftermarket. It didn't change the fact I had problems with the Sirius tuner (solved with a replacement Sirius unit). I would offer some caution to people wanting to do this type of job themselves however, it can be a lot of work and if you don't know what you are doing you might end up with problems. I spent around 30 hours putting this stereo and remote start/alarm in the car (but i am fussy).

    The moral of the story? Just an agreement that if you don't have warranty left on these stock systems don't bother replacing them with the same thing. For the most part they are not that great anyway.
  • duncs5duncs5 Posts: 2
    I was able to get a copy from my local toyota dealer. no questions asked.
  • Hey, I'd like to purchase your subaru 2007 stereo. If your interested please email me back @
  • mdm4mdm4 Posts: 33
    Does anyone know if the 2008 Avalon (without JBL) is prewired for XM? Is there a wire harness already routed through the car or does the dealer have to wire the car? Also does the dash board radio cover have to be removed to connect the XM unit into it?
  • I bought a 2008 Avalon with an XM ready JBL radio. I had the local stereo store install the hardware necessary to receive XM radio. Everything worked great until I upgraded to Best of Sirius. Now I get some but not all of the XM channels and some but not all of the Best of Sirius channels. Neither XM nor the stereo store can figure out why. XM has resent the signal at least 8 times. They have performed at least 4 deact/reacts. I noticed that some of the missing channels show up when I push the TYPE/FOLDER button? Can anyone help me please.
  • obyejackobyejack Posts: 1
    I have a dealer installed XM receiver/tuner in my 2008 Avavlon. The problem is, the volume on the XM radio is considerably lower than all the other sound applications. That is, when I switch from the regular AM or FM radio, CD player to XM I have to turn up the volume on the unit.
    Is there a "volume" or "Input level" adjustment on the XM radio unit itself? (I think the tuner/receiver is mounted under the passenger's seat).
    I couldn't find a volume, input or level adjustment using the dashboard controls.
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