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Volkswagen Passat Audio



  • rachael3rachael3 Posts: 2
    I just got a 07 Passat and want to connect my iPod through the Aux jack in the glove box but be able to control it through the stereo. Can someone point me toward what connector I would need? I've been searching the internet but everything seems to need to be hard-wired. I just want to plug something in easily.
  • First you need a single stereo cable for the aux input. A 6 ft length is good (find at RadioShack). Snake cable from aux input thru back of glovebox along the center console to
    convenient spot and connect to your ipod. I plan on using velcro to attach the ipod to a convenient spot on the console. Press the CD button twice on your radio and you will see AUX ext. Start ipod and you're set. You might need to adjust the volume on the ipod higher. I just got an 07 Passat and I have to do the install myself. Enjoy
  • rachael3rachael3 Posts: 2
    Are you able to control your iPod through the stereo (e.g. navigating through playlists, etc)?
  • oxx93oxx93 Posts: 67
    I have a 2006 3.6 with navigation. Does anyone know if you can use the steering wheel audio buttons to go thru the pre set stations? Our other vehicle does have that ability to go thru al of the pre-sets from the steering wheel.
  • I recently purchased a 2003 Passat wagon and everything on it is great - except the radio. It has a message on the display that says "Check." It will not respond to anything except the power button. I can turn it on and off and that is all. Does anyone know what causes this and if there is something that can be done about it short of replacing it?

  • peregoyperegoy Posts: 12
    Does anyone know how the In-Dash 6-CD unit is supposed to mix across CDs? Obviously, it should be able to shuffle songs on one CD, as it has done for me. But there are 2 other options: CatFldr and Mag. I thought that the Mag option would mix across up to all 6-CDs in the Magazine (depending on how many are loaded) by shuffling to the next CD after each song. The dealer thinks that it mixes across the 1st CD, then the 2nd, 3rd, etc. instead of picking up the next song on a consecutive CD. I suppose I could see where this would slow things down a bit as changing to another CD manually causes a longer pause while it mechanically moves one out and the other in.
  • vdubs06vdubs06 Posts: 6
    I have the standard audio system that the car came with (NO satellite radio) and I have an ipod that I would like to play in the car. As most of you who own the 06 are aware, the car does not come equipped w/an aux jack. Therefore, the ONLY way I KNOW of to play my ipod would be to buy some external device (such as the DLO Transpod or the Belkin Tunecast). Is there ANY other way to play my ipod without the use of an external device that plays through the radio waves and/or installing a new system. And IF NOT, has anyone installed an ipod-ready system in their 06 vehicle? And how do they like it?

    Any help anyone could provide would be great.

    ***Also as an FYI to '06 Passat owners (and some other VW models), the compressors in the car have been found to be faulty and IF anyone notices their A/C taking about 10mins or longer to blow cool air- BRING BACK to dealership and have them REPLACE the compressor. SO many people have had the prob that I'm actually waiting on one on NATIONAL BACKORDER at the moment. Allegedly, VW would have placed a recall on such only that it would cost them so much money they cannot afford to do so. My car is currently in the shop as we speak (been there for a wk already!) and I've only had it 10mos!!! And as most of you know, the Northeast is experiencing a heat wave at the moment and so a non-functioning A/C on a 10-mo old car just didn't fly with me. =)

    IF anyone has any questions pertaining to the 06 model or would like to talk about it, drop a msg bc I'm looking for other people with the car to talk to.
  • jldannajldanna Posts: 1
    I recently leased a 2007 Passat and really love my car. The car is currently has a single CD player and I would like to purchase a 6 CD Changer that will need to be mounted in the Glove Box. The 6 CD Changer that may be purchased thru VW is $500.00. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to buy a lessor expensive 6 CD Changer and will I need other items in order to install, i.e., will I need to buy a magazine, mounting kit, etc? I previously had a 2000 Passat and the 6 CD Changer was mounted in the trunk and was way less money. Thanks for any help!
  • I am interested in changing my OEM antenna on my 01.5 Passat to a shark fin antenna. I wanted to know if anyone could tell me where I can find a multifunctional shark fin antenna that will catch AM/FM + Satellite. I heard the BMW 7-series uses a multifunctional antenna, and possibly the Touareg as well as some Audis. If anyone can help me with this, I'd appreciate it. I know it would probably be a lot of trouble to set it up, but I still want to know if it can be done, and how.

    One more thing--if there isn't a multifunctional shark fin available that I'm looking for, will the 06 Passat multifunctional antenna fit on mine?
  • I just bought a 2006 2.0T Passat and it didn't come with either owners manual and or 2nd key. Do you have any idea how get those? How has your overall experience been with the car and are there things to look out for? Did you get the iPod to work?
  • As for the owners manual, you will probably need to go back to the dealer to obtain that. Mine came in a little black binder and my sales rep gave it to me the day I came in to pick up the car. It has dividers in it for each section. It's pretty nicely organized. They even have a section at the end for maintenance intervals and you can have the dealer stamp it each time you have the scheduled maintenance performed.

    As for the key- I dunno why but I want to say that my sales rep told us that you're only supposed to get one...but bc we insisted on having another, somehow he was able to obtain another...I think he said IF you EVER need to replace the key, that they cost $200 bc of the design of it (a keyfob). I could be wrong. Maybe they're supposed to give you 2, but I seem to remember my sales rep telling us they don't give out second keys...but he got one for us bc we insisted we needed one. You may want to check with another VW owner to find out whether they received 2 keys.

    As for my overall experience with the car- it's been good- though I have had one major issue and a few minor ones. First off, let me warn you that if you're A/C goes on the car, GET that car to the dealer IMMEDIATELY and have them replace the compressor. The 06's have faulty compressors. I had to have mine replaced and UNFORTUNATELY it happened during a heatwave. They replaced it free of charge THOUGH they were NOT so quick to diagnose the problem! I brought it to their attention bc I found A LOT of info on the web about it.

    Once I got the car back, the AC was fine. No problems AT ALL. The A/C was fine UP until the point the compressor went AS WELL. It's just that all of a sudden one day in the middle of a heatwave, my car started taking MORE than the norm to cool down. It was taking about 10-15mins INSTEAD of about 2-3mins. It woudl blow air the temp of the air outside the car.

    Since I had that prob taken care of, I've ONLY had minor little things go wrong. My driver side visor does not light. My window lock button does not work. The driver side visor light is a common problem. I've spoken to other people with that problem. Next time I have my oil changed, I'll have them order the part.

    Other than that, I LOVE everything about the car. It runs smoothly. It runs fairly quietly. It's got great pickup. It's a beautiful car. You name it. I like it.

    Just one thing to beware of AT FIRST is that the car has a tendency to EAT oil...You may need to add oil BEFORE You go for your first oil change. I NEEDED desperately to add oil to mine. I was only about 2500 miles in or so when it DESPERATELY needed oil. But since then, I have NOT had to add oil in btwn changes. I'm at about 11000miles now...I've had the car a little over a year and just to be safe- I've had 2 oil changes already. My third one is coming up. At first I brought the car in at about 3000miles or so just to be safe...then at about 7500 or so. Now I'm taking it in in intervals of 5000miles bc it's synthetic oil which can stay in the car longer than the norm.

    Lastly as for the ipod- I haven't looked much into it since I last posted. I can play the ipod through the radio with the help of the DLO Transpod but it's NOT clear at all times. I was looking for a way to play it through the car stereo itself...and not have to play it through the radio waves...unfortunately I dunno that there is a way to do that with this car since it doesn't have an auxiliary jack. At least mine doesn't. My model is the model without the satellite radio. I think it's like one above the value model. It's the 2.0T but NOT the value edition. Yet, it still doesn't have satellite radio. It doesn't have that little black fin on the back.

    Anyhow hope this answers some of your questions. I know when I first got the car I had SO MANY questions (as it was my FIRST VW) but no one to answer them. I hope I was able to answer them and give you some detail. Good luck with the car! Keep me posted!
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Contrary to what you may have been told... a new VW comes with 3 keys.... 2 are the flip-open keyfobs and one is a "valet" key which will only start the engine.

    It is VERY strongly suggested that when you purchase a used VW to INSIST on getting all the keys (or write into the contract that the seller will pay for any missing keys) Do not forget, when you are negotiating the the sale.... YOU are in full control about what is written into the contract.

    Of couirse, you may negotiate a reduced price in lew of any missing keys. (assume $120 per missing key!)
  • I purchased my car with the Sirius satellite radio - but after a few trips to the dealer - that have resulted in an entirely new system, I'm still having problems. I only get what seems to be the first station in each category - so 1 station in Hits, 1 in Rock, 1 in news, etc. I do not have a manual specific to the satellite radio, but am thinking that I am doing something wrong. Do the units come loaded only with a few stations you can access? When using the tuner button, again, it jumps from station 1 to 015 to 021. etc. Or, is there a way to set it up so I can go from 001 to 002, etc?

    I'm finding it hard to believe that two different units would only receive in these few stations. It is more likely user error. Please help - I'd like to listen to more than espn news.

  • I have the 08 2.0 turbo auto. I played the star war music CD and it's loud and clear and clean. Just lack a little base. I wonder if and how we can add a subwoofer to it. I am not saying to add a big box to rattle things and people nearby, just wantting to add some clean base for music at low volumes.

    Another thing: I saw on the Passat photo there is an antenna on the top of the roof, in the middle just above rear windshield glass. Is that for satellite radio? The diversity antenna is only available on the comfort and above model. Mine is the base model turbo. I wonder where my antenna is. my radio does get clear signals, though.
  • greatcarsgreatcars Posts: 66
    It does not display the band and frequency of the station. Instead it displays the clock time that is beeing displayed on the clock display in front of steering wheel. I think it's not right or it's just simply stupidly designed that way.
  • fieldsefieldse Posts: 4
    I just found out that some of the 2008 3.6 Station Wagons didn't come with the DynoAudio sound system standard even though the invoice states that it did due to a production issue. Volkswagen called me yesterday and offered me $1000 plus sales tax for my inconvenience. I was told that the DynoAudio system couldn't be installed after market. Any comments??
  • greatcarsgreatcars Posts: 66
    Take the cash and buy a nice subwoofer for your home theater unless you over paid much more than a grand. I am not a fan of car audio, though.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I am wondering if the 08 Passat Komfort, Premium Audio System has a factory Amplifier? Not the Dynaudio, but the Premium..? It sounds so clean and powerful, but I never really got to turn it up too loud, but hopefully it doesn't distort too easily.

    My mothers 04 Jetta has the Monsoon, and I love it! It has a factory Amp in the trunk, but, I looked at the Passat and haven't seen one yet... I am hoping there is one, that will be all the better, I love my music!

    Please let me know.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I was also wondering those that have a newer passat, like 2006-2008. Those that have the Premium Stereo system, those with the 6disc, how would you describe the overall sound, does it play loud and clear? Please let me know...
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    They have a new Media interface for VW. Works with iPod, USB, and aux in. Full integration of the iPod but requires an iPod cable that is sold seperately. Sadly it needs a harness but it's required for full MFI integration. It shows what song you are listening to. Sadly it doesn't work on the current VW radios. Only RNS-510, and RCD-510. RCD-310 is also supported. Maybe it works on them but is guaranteed comaptible with those 3.

    The RNS-510 however is coming for the 09 models. It's an Improved touch screen navigation system with dynaudio support. Supports the MDI very well and the European skoda bluetooth kit. RNS-510 has Built in sirius radio and live Sirius traffic. This system can be retrofitted but needs the US maps and a sirius antenna extension cable. The hard drive can store maps and 17.67 GB of your favorite tunes. SD card is a plus. Has DVD Video, MP3, and WMA. Can play DVD movies while in park. Only works up to 2 GB SD cards.

    VW is also planning an RCD-510. The RCD-510 has the same touchscreen display but no navigation. Same bluetooth integration. No hard drive for music but has a SD Card slot. RCD-510 has a 6 disc CD changer. No sirius traffic but Sirius SAT radio will also be included in the US version. No DVD Movie support but has MP3 and WMA. Great for those who prefer portable over OEM integration. Can have a nice OEM touch screen but no navigation. VW wants to have touch screen controls and this is what they are planning.
  • I have a Passat 2000, i installed a new CD player, it worked fine few days and i had to add the cable for the radio. Since then the cd player does not work. I took out the new cd player and replaced with the old one, even that one is no more working, no power at all. Checked all the fuses for cd player and the wiring is also ok.... need help please.. :confuse:
  • I have a 99' Passat V6 with Tiptronic. I had the original radio but last week my dad installed me a new sony cd player that I just bought. But now, my tiptronic dosen't work at all and my car is in Fail Safe Mode and my check engine light is on. What can I do?
    Thank you for your help!

    Sorry for the english writing...I'm french :S
  • greatcarsgreatcars Posts: 66
    some wires may be misconnected or disconnected or the whole electric system needs a proper restart.
  • We tried. but nothing worked. My radio works fine. It's only the tiptronic and the '' safe failed mode''.
  • njstevenjsteve Posts: 4
    I'm installing a Pioneer Avic F700BT (NAV, Bluetooth, XM capable) with XM module to replace my OEM head unit. I also have Dynaudio and an active XM account. I bought the dash kit, harness, and antenna converter (for AM/FM). My questions are:
    1. Can I use existing shark fin SAT antenna? If so, is it clearly marked behind dash?
    2. Depending on where I mount the XM module, someone mentioned I may need an extension cable to tie in to the shark fin?
    3. For those who have been thru this before with an 06 or later Passat, any pointers, tips, or things to be aware of would be greatly appreciated!!

    Many thanks in advance ... :cry:
  • beefersbeefers Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Passat 3.6 4 motion, it has Dynaudio speakers but no subwoofer. The only problem I've had with the car is that I keep blowing the speakers. I would like to upgrade to aftermarket, does anyone have any suggestions to which speakers will work without giving me too much problems? And what size are the door woofers? Thanks!
  • njstevenjsteve Posts: 4
    I'm not sure why you are blowing speakers, especially with the Dynaudio system. See this Dynaudio/VW link: for a better understanding of the system in your car. If you are still intent on going aftermarket, check out and enter your car info. They will identify what speaker sizes you would need to interchange with.

    I just swapped out my head unit over the weekend (Premium 7 I believe) with a Pioneer Avic F700BT deck that does NAVI, Bluetooth, and XM Radio. I was very happy with the stock Dynaudio system but wanted built-in NAV and bluetooth while still maintaining XM radio (love it). The Pioneer head unit actually enhances the system's sound to additional levels with the built-in EQ. All in all, I am amazed and extremely pleased with this upgrade and have no intentions to change the speakers out at all. Hope this info helps you in your quest! ;)
  • avaehsavaehs Posts: 3
    In 2009 the asounds changes in am radio. I was told because it is HD radio i like to knowe does any body have this experience?
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Does this car have NAV. The 09 NAV system has HD radio for both AM and FM. The FM implementation doesn't have the subchannels for some weird reason.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Here are the recommended part numbers for Bluetooth for a Passat. These are the ones you should use.

    1Z0 035 729 A - Passat CC only since it's only for white dot MFD displays.
    1Z0 035 729 B - Same as 1Z0 035 729 A but for red dot display. Great for non CC's.

    Avoid these part numbers

    1K0 051 437
    1K8 035 730
    1K8 035 730 B

    Those aren't very good. Thats the Volk-L. The Skoda modules are the 1Z0 ones and are much better. You'll need to have a VCDS dongle cable in order to program it. Skoda kit needs programming but a car stereo shop should be able to install it minus programming.
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