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Acura TSX Brakes



  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Your front brake rotors are slightly warped. Resurfacing (aka "turning") the rotors, or replacing them, will correct the problem. If your car is still new, it may be covered under warranty. Check with your dealer.
  • I'm not sure if this chat is still going, however, I have 25k on my 04 TSX had had to have the rear brake pads/rotors done. The fronts still have 50%! I have never heard of rear pads going before the fronts. Am I totally out of the ballpark on this?
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    'jkalen'....That is rather interesting that your rear pads went before your fronts. Typically the fronts wear faster.

    The only thought I have is....could there be a possibility that you had your parking/emergency brake on while you were driving? Or just dragging a bit? The reason is that the parking brake only engages the rear brakes.

    Only other thought is that your mechanic pulled one on you perhaps?

    Anybody else have thoughts?
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    The rear pads are 1/2 thinner than the front pads. So they wear out sooner than the front.
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    The more I think about it...are you certain the pads are thinner? Or are you thinking of the rotors?
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    Very sure the pads are thinner. Same thing with the Accord.
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    I've owned an Accord, an Integra and a TL. On all three, the rear brake pads needed replacements more frequently than the front pads. I think that indicates the rear pads are thinner hence wear out faster. Based on my experience with Honda/Acura cars, brakes is one of their weaknesses.
  • waw40waw40 Posts: 39
    Recent thorough evaluation of TSX by discusses weak and prone to overheating OEM brake pads. The reviewer claims that replacing them with aftermarket pads, such as Axxis Ultimates,increases braking power substantially and eliminates overheating problems. According to vtec, replacing brake pads is the most beneficial modification one can do to a TSX.
    Questions: (1)has anyone noticed the above shortcomings of OEM brakes? (2)has anyone replaced the OEM pads (with what kind?)and experienced substantial improvement? (3) what will pad replacement do to the original manufacturer's warranty?
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    My stock brakes have been OK so far (15K miles). I know people who've changed to aftermarket pads, and, yes, they've noticed a substantial improvement in braking performance.

    The only way any aftermarket mod can void or raise issues with your factory warranty is if the dealer can prove said mod led directly to whatever problem you are experiencing. This is unlikely with brake pads.

    BTW, Hawk pads are said to be very good, too. Many TSX enthusiasts love them.

    It's open for debate whether brake pads are the best mod for the TSX. The Hondata ECU reflash and A-Spec suspension are pretty good,too. Or CAI. Or better rubber. Or headers. Or RSB, etc, etc.

  • waw40waw40 Posts: 39
    Most of the mods you mention are for appearance or power enhancement. Vtec focused on brake pads because they may offer safety enhancement, which in their book should take priority. I am not going to replace the stock pads with another brand immediately, but probably will do so after they wear out somewhat.
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    Just throwing it in there for the sake of discussion. I'm very familiar with the ToV article. BTW, Jeff Palmer of ToV has his '04 TSX modded with everything I mentioned. If you haven't already perused them, his write-ups make for good reading.

    You're right, though, the brake pad swap would be an inexpensive, yet substantial, upgrade. :shades:

    Oh, and none of the mods I mentioned are for appearances sake. They either address power or handling. :D
  • jeannjeann Posts: 1
    I've only had my 06 TSX for one week. I hear squeaks when I step on the brake pedal every time. The sound is not very loud. But it's always there. The dealer says it's because of the moisture. It's been raining a lot recently in my city. Anybody has any ideas about this? Thanks in advance.
  • drewbadrewba Posts: 154
    I don't recall ever hearing the breaks squeak in the year that I've owned the car (and I live in Seattle which went through 30+ straight days of rain this winter).
  • mrgold35mrgold35 Posts: 73
    I’ve had my 06 TSX for 3 months and 3,500 miles with no squeaks from day one. Maybe you need to give the car more time to break in to see if it might go away. :confuse: When I changed the breaks on my 97 Accord, it took a few weeks to stop squeaking and the same amount of time to start biting harder during breaking.
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    If the brakes aren't properly bedded in during the first 500 miles or so, these types of issues can arise. That's why the manual says no hard braking for the first 500 mi. You should do that anytime new pads or rotors are installed, too.

    And it's brakes people, not breaks! :shades:
  • We have a 2006 TSX that we bought new in August 2006. We live in the northwest, and since the day we bought this car the brakes squeak/squel when you are in a drive thru at a fast food restaurant or when you are coming to a stop and the car speed is slow. The brake squeak/squel are worse in the winter versus the summer. We made a appointment to have the brakes looked at, and the service manager told us that the brakes on the TSX just do that, and that its normal. He did say he would resurface the rotors and replace the pads on the front this one time only. As soon as we rolled out of the dealership, the brakes squeaked/squeled just like before. The car now has 12k miles on it and the brakes are worse than ever. Sounds like a real POS going down the road. We are getting real frustrated with the brakes, not the car. Our local dealer is 120 miles away, so its not real close to just take it to the dealership all the time. Can anybody help here? thanks
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    When a manufacturer decides what type of brake pads to put on a new car, they have to consider stopping power cold and hot, dust characteristics, pad wear life, noise, pedal feel, and numerous other factors.

    When I took my TSX to the track (a demanding 2.25 mile road course that's notoriously hard on brakes) back in 2004, the OE brakes lasted all day long with little sign of fade. In order for your TSX to have outstanding braking capability like this, it requires the use of aggressive compound pads - and a side effect of these compounds is some noise/squealing.

    The noise your brakes make when coming to a stop or slowly rolling through a drive-through is completely normal and in no way indicates a problem with your brakes. You can temporarily quiet your pads by applying some anti-squeal compound or a special adhesive backing to the back of your brake pads, but this material doesn't last forever and the squealing will return.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    i also have a 2006 tsx, bought new in November 06. I do mostly highway driving and my brakes never have made any squealing noise so i would not consider what your brakes do normal. my car has almost 33,000 miles.
  • joan15joan15 Posts: 3
    anyone heard of an updated ACURA solution to this? Bought the car 3 months ago and have intermittent noise (not every time I drive the car). Dealer says Acura is aware but has not issued a solution yet - they offered to cut down my rotors a bit and replace the pads - should I do this? Otherwise I like the car a lot.
  • yoon1yoon1 Posts: 3
    i have a 2009 ACura TSX with about 19,000 miles. as i'm driving, there is a very LOUD grinding metal noise coming from (it think) my rear tires..... mind you, it doesn't necessarily make that loud grinding noise when i'm actually breaking, but while i'm driving or cruising... I called the dealer and they told me that it's most likely due to the wearing of the break pads. Is this true? at 19,000 miles? another other possible causes? the dealer also quoted me $170 to replace the rear brake pads and $340 for the front brake pads... are these prices reasonable?
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    could be the brakes or calipers are dirty and need to be cleaned. Yes, 19,000 is not a lot of mileage but if you do lots of braking it could happen.
  • yoon1yoon1 Posts: 3
    took the car into the dealership yesterday.... got a call this morning saying that the grinding metal noise was due to my back brake pads being at 10%. $170 total to replace them. Good deal?

    in any case, they did tell me that the rear brake pads are thinner than the front pads to begin with (i think someone else mentioned that before). according to the dealership, although the car is a front wheel drive, when you brake on the acura tsx, all four brakes brake; sort of like a four-wheel drive... if that's the case, then why are the rear brake pads thinner than the front? so annoyed.
  • Same deal for me... took it in and found out that the manufacturer has installed the parking brake too tight causing the rear brakes to wear prematurely. Acura repaired mine for free. When I complaned that resurfacing the rotors was due to their issue, not mine, they agreed to replace the rotors and pads.

    Problem solved. Stand your ground. Make them replace the rotors that now have prematurely shortened life caused by manufacturing problem!!!
  • yoon1yoon1 Posts: 3
    the dealership called and said the rear brake pads were worned down to 10%... when i asked about my front brake pads, they said they were good... at 70%... is that possible? mind you, my car has only 19,000 miles... front pads are the original... i thought the front pads were suppose to wear down alot sooner than the rear...???

    parking brake being too tight might be the cause... but the dealership said everything was in proper working order.... ???

    i did call acura headquarters and they said that they will inquire with the dealership to get to the bottom of the problem. hopefully, they can resolve this issue for me.... the discrepancies between the front and rear pads seem too high... if it is the parking brake, i'll definitely have to ask them to replace the rotors too... like you suggested... thanks...
  • first time using a forum. I just had to see if anyone else has been having problems with there rear brake pads. i found it weird that my wife car is on its second set of rear brake pads. her friend also has the 2009 tsx and has the same issue. the dealer ship mechanic told her friend this is common problem and to expect to change them every 25000-30000 miles. be sure to get lifetime warranty on your pads if you do them your self. you'll need it.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    Guess i must be one of the lucky ones- My 06 tsx still has the original brake pads (both front and back) with lots of life left after 96,000+ miles. It helps that most of it is highway driving.
  • i would say so. never seen this kind of wear this fast on any other car that i have owned or worked on.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    my father when he was alive would go thru brakes rapidly. He would race up to red lights and jam on the brakes. When I approach red lights I ease up on the gas pedal and have manual transmission helps.
  • fabflfabfl Posts: 2
    I too was told I need rear brake pads at 21,000 miles. I questioned my dealer as to why they had worn out so quickly and was told that this was happening on the TSX. I have since done some research and see that you got Acura to replace yours for free. I tried calling Acura Client Service to get reimbursed but was told that Acura does not have a known service issue with the brakes at this time. After reading all the posts it is hard to belief that this is the case. Any help you can offer for us other TSX owners to get Acura to cover something they should be responsible for would be greatly appreciated.
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