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Acura TSX - Interior

gburtongburton Posts: 4
edited October 2014 in Acura
I have ordered my TSX and have to wait 8 weeks to get it. I live in Australia, and here we call it the Honda Accord EURO. The only difference between the US version and ours is. No Nav system offered, 16" wheels instead of 17", No Milano Red color. Did you know the laether is a "Synthetic" leather, Yup thats right its NOT real leather. Hence no leather smell.


  • id888id888 Posts: 12
    As an owner of a nighthawk black pearl/parchment TSX, I'm a little disappointed in the hodge-podge of colors inside the car (the exterior is quite another matter!). I'm thinking about getting more fake wood inserts to cut the amount of black plastic.

    The wife says I would be going from bad to worse. Of course, these discussions become moot when I turn the key...
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I've toyed with the idea of adding a little (and I stress "little") more wood to the shift console area, and maybe the window switch plates.

    But I don't know, the longer I own my TSX, the less I think it needs anything else.

    BTW, congrats on your new ride...I LOVE the TSX in black (it has those deep purple metallic flecks in it, doesn't it?).
  • id888id888 Posts: 12
    I don't know if the metallic flecks are purple or blue, but they set off the black beautifully. The salesman from whom I purchased the car also sells BMW. He said that their black was nonmetallic-- harder to keep looking clean and shows swirl marks more readily.
  • id888id888 Posts: 12
    At least in the states, the TSX comes with leather seating surfaces. That means the perforated portions of the seats (the part that actually touches your backside) is supposed to be leather. EVERYTHING else in the car that looks like leather is probably vinyl.

    Right now, I think several makers are using this approach. It turns out that leather on the curves of seats has a tendency to sag and pucker after a while.
  • brademceebrademcee Posts: 1
    I have had my TSX for about 1 month.

    I have the grey leather interior and from the first day I have had problems keeping the leather clean. Whenever someone sits in my car, the persons pants or belt leave discoloration on the leather. I just found it annoying to have to clean/treat the leather multiple times a month. But this last time the dye from my suit belt (which I have owned for a long time) rubbed off on the seat. I tried leather cleaner but that did not work. I took it back to the dealership and after they tried several times, they ended up eating away some of the leather.

    Now 4 weeks with this car, I am forced to have my seat ripped out of my car so they can re-cover the seats. I very upset and Acura is not standing behind their car!

    Anyone else have this problem?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    It's is unfortunate that you are having a problem - it's one I'e never heard of. But it sounds like Acura and the dealer are standing behind the car by replacing the leather. What do you expect beyond that?
  • id888id888 Posts: 12
    To chime in from the third TSX leather color-- parchment-- I have not had any major issues in the three weeks I have owned the car. I chose parchment since I live in a warmer clime and did not want to suffer with the ebony during our nine months of summer. We'll see how it holds up...
  • chiggy45chiggy45 Posts: 10
    I actually own a 3.5RL, and something similar happened to me. I have the parchment color leather, and one day when it was raining outside, I got wet and sat in my car to drive off. When I got home, and got out, I saw that the seats had some blue discoloration from my pants. So becareful, if it's happening w/out rain, be careful in the rain.
  • sfonesfone Posts: 3
    I got my TSX July 15, and three weeks later I discovered that the right rear carpet and floormat were soaking wet. I took it to the dealer, where they discovered that plugs which keep water out of the cabin were missing. They're supposed to be checked during PDI but apparently they weren't. The saleswoman and service adviser are being very gracious and helpful, and they've pledged to make the car good as new, so I don't want to be too confrontational, but I'm wondering how upset and/or angry I should be. When I received the car, the steering wheel was off center as well, which they're also fixing, but the two problems combined make me wonder whether the car was checked at all before I received it. There was no checklist sheet for the PDI among the paperwork, something I got and kept when I last bought a new car. Any thoughts? I'd especially like to hear from one of the moderators.
  • I had this problem with my '95 Mazda Millenia. I wore some new black jeans in the car and the dye rubbed off on the seats and could NEVER be removed.

    I think that there is some Scotchguard for leather that should be used on the light colors.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    I checked a few TSXs last night and noticed that the door/dash gap (by the vents) on the driver side is a lot wider than on the passenger side. This was the same on the 3 TSXs I checked out on the lot. I was a little stumped cuz I noticed it when I was sitting in the driver side and thought the door wasn't fully closed. I opened and shut the door again but it was the same. I then sat on the passenger side and the gap was a lot thinner. The gaps seems to be about .4 inch wide on the driver side and about .25 on the passenger side. Anyone have this on their TSXs? I wonder if this causes air to seep in. Thanks.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    " I wonder if this causes air to seep in."

    I hate to break the news to you, but air seeps in the car anyway. No mass-produced car cabin is air-tight. (I have a hunch that they're not supposed to be, or you'd suffocate.) ;)

    What you described is merely the fitment of the dashboard to the body and the door panels to the doors, not the alignment of the weatherstripping-lined seals made by the doorframes to the body. Seriously, I don't think that a .15" variance in fitment is a deal-breaker. Do you?
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Definitely not a deal breaker. I left a deposit for a silver 6m non navi last night. I really wanted it by tomorrow but my car is enroute from Portland, OR and is due any day now. The 3.9% 60 mos offer is the deal maker though. Swayed me from buying the G35 sedan.

    Wrong choice of words with the air. What I meant was wind noise.

    Btw, check out Edmunds link... If you look at the silver trim, that width on the driver side is a lot wider on the passenger side. - - html?pg_type=Sedan&imgsrc=%2Fpictures%2FVEHICLE%2F2004%2FAcur- - - a%2F100278145%2F022589-T.jpg

    Car reviewers make a big deal about fit and finish and gaps and all that. Just a mere observation on my end initiated by "I didn't close the door fully" when sitting on the driver side.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Man... My 2 day old TSX and I found a problem already. My trunk latch lever from the driver seat is not working. When I pull, nothing happens. I made sure that the key is not in the lock position. When I switch it from unlock to lock to unlock, I don't feel any friction. For now, I can open it from the trunk or from the remote key. I really don't want to bring it in to the dealer now just so they can take it apart. Might cause some of those infamous rattles. Ugh... Aside from that, the car has a tight smooth ride and a very sweet engine. The pickup is awesome. You feel the torque without hearing the engine (V6 like). On a side note, Acura could have done better with the radio reception and the sound quality. The lows are good but the highs can sound a bit distorted.
  • rsfrsf Posts: 15
    I am purchasing a carbon gray/ebony TSX and am wondering if anyone has gotten the Metal-Look Trim Kit. One of the cars at the dealership has it and I think it adds something to the interior.

    I have found them on eBay for $280 and it seems easy to install. According to the directions, it seems that all you have to do is use the adhesive backing and apply the components to their respective areas.

    Has anyone here gotten them for their car?
    Are you happy with the decision to install it?
    Did the dealer install or did you?
    Was it easy to install?
    Any other comments or suggestions??

    Thanks RSF
  • williamwilliam Posts: 5
    well my tsx still smells like leather and its about 5 months old =\ hm...
  • pizagspizags Posts: 2
    I've had my TSX for less than a month. I've been very happy with the car until recently...

    Just noticed a large amount of water on the floor in the back seat of the passenger side.

    Scanning the msg board, I've seen two other similar cases of where they discovered the plugs that keep the water out of the cabin were not installed AND the other where the AC drain hose was not connected properly.

    Any other advise to bring to the dealer with me tomorrow? thanks in advance.
  • rcrtsxrcrtsx Posts: 1
    Hey all,

    I haven't seen this in the owners manual, so I'm curious what the tsx dash material is made of, so I can keep it properly cleaned and maintained. I forgot to ask the dealership, and while I'll be going in shortly for service, I just thought someone might know.
  • tommyijrtommyijr Posts: 56
    surprise, surprise, another person getting the carbon grey....
  • members78members78 Posts: 130
    sometimes i wish i had chosen the carbon grey too. but i really have grown to love my artic blue tsx, it attracts a lot of attention, and looks great in the sunlight. and i added some 35% tint (found 3 little scratches, arggh), which makes it look sleeker. now all i need are some sporty rims...
  • members78members78 Posts: 130
    i recall reading in some magazine that the dash is made out of PVC. Ive no idea what that acronym stands for, but i assume plastic is the main ingredient. the mag said that that material is extremely difficult to shape and mold, but acura did an admirable job of it.

    and ive only had my tsx for less than a month, and the dash is relatively easy to maintain. im anal-retentive-obsessive-compulsive about the cleaniless of my car, to give u an idea where im coming from, so take it from me, u wont be disappointed with the dash materials.
  • copseyalcopseyal Posts: 36
    In response to the dash message, i like the look and style to the dash, but it doesn't seem to like the Armor All for whatever reason. Seems to make it kinda streaky for whatever reason. Maybe it should just be washed? No clue.
  • members78members78 Posts: 130
    i think water should work, or a little soap if ya got a stain. i dont like using that armor-all stuff cuz I dont know whats in it, and it leaves a very visible trail, so if you dont wipe every spot, it's noticeable. just my neuroses.
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    PVC = polyvinyl chloride, and ArmorAll Ultimate Clean works well on the dash, leaving it with that nice conditioned look, but with a relatively low-gloss finish.
  • tommyijrtommyijr Posts: 56
    Try AmourAll High Gloss, anything but a low gloss finish, in fact when driving into the sun the glare of the dash off on the windshield can be strong.
  • bentorbentor Posts: 3
    We have had our TSX for over a year now and overall it is a great car.

    Here is my problem. I pulled the mats up to clean them and the carpet was a mess underneath. It was moldy and rusty. It only happened on the passenger side both front and rear. I cleaned up the mold but the rust is too much to clean. I took it to the dealer today and they said there is nothing wrong with the car and they don't know how it happened. They said it would cost me about $900 to replace the carpet. Has anyone else had this problem. We were using winter mats. Neither of us spilled anything that we remember. I don't understand how it can rust when there is rubber on carpet. They did pull up the carpet and said the floorboard is OK. Can some of you with a few miles on your car take a look under their mats on the passenger side.

    I also feel there is too much air noise when the car hits 60 mph. The dealer tells me this is not a defect but a characteristic.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    Do a search around here -- I recall that this happened to another TSX owner, and it was a plugged drain line for either the AC or the moonroof.

    Acura should be fixing this for free, no way it's the owner's fault!

  • bentorbentor Posts: 3
    Thanks for your help guys. I looked at old posts and they say they had a lot of water in the back seat passenger side. I don't think it is from just water. The floorboard under the carpet is in good shape so it does not appear to have come from underneath. I laid on the ground last night with a hose and saturated the passenger side from under and it did not get wet.

    There is actually rust and mold on the carpet. It looks like it does when you move a file cabinet that has been sitting on a carpet for many years. How can you get rust between a rubber mat and carpet? A neighbor suggested that it may be the heater core. That would explain the rust because it would bring a corrosive element into the mix. It would also explain why it is only on the passenger side because I guess the heating core is typically on that side. There is also a vent under the seat to get heat to the back seat passengers so that would explain how it got to the back seat. Yesterday I ran the car with the heat on for a while and did not have a problem.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm baffled.
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    Make the dealer figure it out. The car is new and under warranty. There is no way it should have any type of corrosion issues, and, if it does, it's up to the dealer to come up with a solution.

  • bentorbentor Posts: 3
    Zimbrick Acura in Madison says there is nothing they can do and they figure I spilled something on it.
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