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On the front of the car, where the chrome-like emblem appears in front of the grill, is that chrome paint, plating or what?

At my first oil change, I'll ask the dealer if it can be touched up...But on my second washing I encountered a particularly difficult bit of bug juice and rubbed a bit hard (okay, I was using the edge of a fingernail, but gingerly)....and suddenly a tiny shiny silver spot turned black. I didn't purse the matter as I assume a bit of chrome paint came off and I didn't want more to come off.

Would it be better to dab a bit of fresh wax (or something else) on the spot in the meantime or just leave it alone?

It's really a tiny spot, but the first flaw (especially caused by me) hurts!


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    So far, I keep reading that the Acura TSX has a bland exterior compared to the C class, A4, BMW etc... But, what these writers don't see is that if you put a rear spoiler, and an underbody spoiler on the Acura TSX, it looks sexy. Also, you could probably add a navigation system, and still spend less than you would have at the German competitors. If anybody thinks that the TSX doesn't look good, go to an acura dealership and see if they have a fully loaded version for you to look at. I saw one in a beautiful grey color, and I'm sold.
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    I have a "stock" (sounds funny saying that about a fully loaded car) meteor silver 6-speed with nav. I can't think of anything it needs.

    I didn't get a spoiler because I think the car is more elegant yet still sporty without. Didn't personally like the "ground effects" packages, but I wouldn't knock anyone who did like them. In fact, I can see how the car can appeal to a diverse group. The aftermarket underbody is expensive though! I thought the optional aluminum wheels were also quite expensive and not necessarily any better looking--since the car already comes with stock alum wheels, that'd be the only reason to go with a wheel option, right?

    Guess I'm a wet blanket in this discussion! Sorry!

    By the way, if you like the grey, look at both silver metallic and meteor silver metallic. I like them both but am very happy I got the meteor silver (and it has nothing to do with being an astronomer--honestly!!).
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    with icstars about the spoiler. Having seen the car with and without the add-ons, I think it works really well without. Nice, sharp, clean lines.

    There are some cars that, IMO, really need the rear spoiler; I traded a '99 Maxima SE for my TSX, and the spoiler made that car look a lot better than the "plain" Maximas (not that any of them were that stunning...). Likewise, I think the new 9-3 Vectors really benefit from the ground effects. But for every car out there whose looks improve with these add-ons, there are two that look cheapened by 'em.

    Boy, talk about subjective!
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    Anybody put after market mags on their TSX ????
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    First, I don't own an Acura. Not yet. Am curious about the upcoming '04 TL.

    Seems to me that your warranty will easily take care of the minor problems you are experiencing.

    I'm surprised that some of you are not happy with the audio system. I agree that for the price you pay it should be at least better than the new Accords and RSXes'.

    As for nicks and scratches, I had to LOL about the person using the finger nail. I've done that so many times to my own car to check if someone scratched my black car. Turns out I'm the one leaving the fine scratches.

    Enjoy your TSX. They look nice and dependable. Wish they were just a tad sportier for me to buy one though.
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    How do I find out fair prices to pay for Acura dealer-installed accessories? I plan to get a TSX around the end of the month, and am interested in adding the following:

    Splash Guards
    Fog Lights
    Trunk Tray
    Car Cover
    Cargo Net
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    If you check, you'll find the lowest prices for TSX accessories I've found. These prices beat local dealers by over 25% or more.

    I attempted to negotiate the vehicle with the fog lights, spoiler, cargo tray, and cargo net, but even at "dealer cost" they could not match the parts prices I got. I doubt you'll find a local dealer who will match those prices.

    I ended up negotiating for the vehicle (which already had wheel locks and mud guards pre-installed) plus the cargo tray.

    Calculate your offer price on the vehicle only, then add $100 for the splash guards (but no more), provided they're already installed. You might be able to get the cargo net or tray thrown in as well, but there's no way you'll get a good deal on the fog lights.

    If your dealership is unwilling to negotiate (sometimes the sales dept is at the mercy of the parts department, so their hands are tied anyway) you can probably buy the other accessories at a substantially lower price than you'll get at your dealer, who will be happy to install the parts post-purchase, even if you didn't buy them there.

    And the best part is that they'd still be covered under warranty!

    Call your local dealers for labor estimates to install the fog lights and cargo net. Pretend that you already own a TSX and have the parts already.
  • sdradioguysdradioguy Member Posts: 101
    Okay, so I just checked out -- and the same three things one of the local Acura dealer wants to charge $350 for -- the mud flaps, wheel locks, and cargo tray -- can be found at that site for $176. Of course, that's parts only, no labor.

    The cargo net was only $25, should not require professional installation. The car cover was just shy of $180. And the fog lights were a heart-stopping $276 -- so I can believe it when I read about dealers trying to get $500 for them.

    Here in San Diego, overnight and early morning fog is pretty common. Are the xenon headlamps enough by themselves to cut through it? Or am I really better off trying to get fog lights? Anyone who has a TSX, and regularly drives in foggy conditions, please respond.
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    Anyone have suggestions for some good car care products like Meguiar's?
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    The dealer I'm buying my TSX from wants to charge me $148 for mud flaps. He claims that's the wholesale price. Is that a fair price? Also, I went on but there was no link for the TSX.Plaese advise.
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    That is an absolutely ridculous price. On all of my Hondas and my latest Acura, I told the dealer I wanted the mudflaps thrown in for free, and they all did it.

    Anyway, to see the price at click on the "click here" button on the left of the screen (where it says online store) - not on the right of the screen (where it says "aftermarket accessories"). You'll then see the screen with various models, including the TSX.

    The price listed for the mudflaps is $63.00

    Here is the link: amp;Category_Code=ATSX

    Moderator, this site does not compete with EDMUNDS in anyway (no forums, etc).

    My Acura dealer had a strange setup with the sales department and service dept being independent. The Sales department couldn't give me a good deal on accessories, because they had to pay the price set by the service department. So, my salesperson introduced me to somebody over in service who was able to get me really good prices on everything I wanted.
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    They charge $60-$80 for the mud flaps and about $100 for labor.

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    I'm interested in purchasing the TSX car cover from the hondacuraworld website. Does anybody know the specs? 3, 4 or more layers, type of material, good for weather or is it for indoor dust protection, etc. Thanks.
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    Hey folks! Just helped a friend buy a TSX and had a pleasant experience doing so. (Hope to buy myself a TL in June.) The only minor glitch was they only have black splash guards for both cars. Neither she nor I like them -- feel they cheapen the car (personal opinion). Any idea where we might find body colored guards for both cars? Many thanks.
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    Have you actually seen the splash guards on the car? I do not think they look cheap at all. They are subtle, and the black especially looks real nice with my Marino Red TSX
  • tommyijrtommyijr Member Posts: 56
    Ditto, I like the look of the black splash guards on my Milano Red TSX, any more red may be a bit too much.....what's Marino red?
  • mulifatmulifat Member Posts: 26
    Marino Red is a color I made up due to a typo. I meant Milano Red. By the way, when I got this color I was worried I would get tired of it quickly. I like this color more and more as time passes. It literally puts a smile on my face
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    Yup, I originally thought Milano Red was too flashy but my wife talked me into it. Now I love it.

    Just say no to mudflaps...
  • tommyijrtommyijr Member Posts: 56
    What first drew me to the Red car (my first) was the way the interior played off of it, now I am hooked. Not only for how good it looks after a good wash and wax, I have only seen a few other TSXs around Virginia and none of them are Red, everybody seems to get the Gray......
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118
    All I knew was - I had to have the parchment interior. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.
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    Thanks all. Guess I'll recommend she skip the splash guards. Now on to figuring out how to program the garage door opener!
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    Having just purchased the bra for my TSX and never having one before I had a few questions that might get answered here. I know that when I wash the car it is advisable to remove it, how about when it rains? If I leave it on while it rains is it advisable to remove it afterwards? Does it dry under the bra or does it stay moist? Will leaving it on cause the finish to fade? Any other bits of info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Personally, I don't use car bra's... unless you don't care for the car's finish. Unless they have changed something in the design in the last few years, they have generally caused more damage than they save, because the dust/pollen/rocks get under the bra and when you drive, the wind causes the bra to vibrate/move and when you remove it, you have lot's of problems. the paint under the bra will also fade at a different rate, making it pretty obvious 5 years down the line if you remove it...

    They do make a 3m style clear tape that goes on the clearcoat and acts like a bra to protect from rock chips...
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Member Posts: 620

    sometimes they are slightly cheaper than hondaacuraworld...

    IMHO, put the fog lights in, and put some real fog bulbs, that's what I plan on doing... Does anyone know where I can get the foglight switch that goes by the VSA? seems kinda dumb to replace the light stalk and kinda extra cost as well...
  • tommyijrtommyijr Member Posts: 56
    Thanks, I actually purchased it for longer road trips, I live on the East Coast and my parents are a spell down I-95 in South Carolina...lots of iffy road surfaces between Richmond and Hilton Head. As far as the quality, it isn't bad, it is from Acura, fits very snug and I can get it on and off in less then 10 minutes. It is certainly something I wounldn't leave on for more than a few days at a time, but it really looks good against the Milano Red TSX I drive.
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    My white TSX is 2 months old. A little touch parking took the paint right off the bumper. The paint seems to come off easy leaving the surface black. It looks like it can be pealed right off. I'm developing little black marks here and there that's very annoying.

    Anybody else have problems with the finish?

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    Any luck with your paint problems? I'm in the market for a TSX and I've read other forums complain about the paint and it makes me a little nervous. Premium white pearl is in my top 3 color choices.

    Jax TSX
  • glovesgloves Member Posts: 20
    No luck, but the dealer explained the problem. The bumpers are made out of a very flexible material. They flex on the slightest pact, don't dent, but there's a good chance the paint will come off. Try pushing one in with your hand - quite surprising. There's no protective piece around the bumper to protect it. It can't be touched-up because the touch-up paint is for metal surfaces. I tried. The cost to re-paint is $135 (the cost is a little more for the white - it's what they call a "3 stage paint"). It'll happen regardless of the color because of the bumper materials.

    Bottom line is expect to have the problem if you touch park, or someone does it to you. I put a decal over it. Rotten situation. The other problems I had were also on the plastic-like materials, and the dealer will re-paint for me at no cost.

    Frankly, I can't say that I would have bought the car had I known the effect of the bumper design. The TSX is a nice car, but I probably wouldn't have. I drive the way I drive, can't control others from tapping into me, and have not had the paint problem with other cars.

    Good luck,

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    I just bought a TSX and live in a state that requires a front license plate. I also occasionally park the car on the street. I'm looking for a heavy duty and deep front license plate holder so that if someone backs into the car they hit the plate before the actual bumper. Anyone know where I could get one?
  • members78members78 Member Posts: 130
    I want one of those license plate covers that prevent the red light cameras from obtaining a picture of my license plate number. I know theyre illegal but I've already gotten 2 camera tickets.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Member Posts: 621
    Have you considered not running red lights as a legal alternative?
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    Hi guys. I've had my TSX for 3 weeks and already I have a scratch on the car body. Note: I'm never parking near anyone in a supermarket again! I have a small scratch (3 inches long & thin) that is fairly shallow and doesn't penetrate through the (white?) primer underneath. There are no dents or dings. I have artic blue pearl, so the white primer sorta stands out when the car is clean.

    What do you advise I do? This really annoys me esp since is the first car I've ever purchased and I want to take really good care of it. The winters get pretty bad where I am, so I want the chance of future body rust to be minimal. Does anyone have a good car care site or tutorial for this sort of repair?

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    You can get some touch up paint from your dealer, and a bit of acetone. Take the brush, and place a small drop on a toothpick and try your best to cover it the scratch. Go very slow and it may take several coats. You can use the acetone to thin the touch up paint (not on the car, though). You can put a bit in a small container and add a drop or two of acetone to thin it). After it dries, you can use a wax or polish to try to meld the old and the new paint. It is a tedious process and not easy to do.

    It won't look like new, but if you are careful, it may look better. If you are not, it may look worse.

    The only real cure is a body shop, though. You might take it to a good one and see what they can do. Once the paint is broken, it's pretty hard to replace it to look like new in my opinion without a new spray job.

    Good luck!
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    with respect to your querry on snow driving make sure wash the underbody with water every after to avoid piling up of salt underneath. this will lessen corrosion. install splash guards too if you want so it will protect your running boards.
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    Has anyone had problems with clear coat or paint on their TSX? I have little bubbles all over my car that the dealer claims to be rock chips.I have them on the rear of the car too. My bodyshop friend says it appears to be a clearcoat problem, not rock chips.
  • uncledaviduncledavid Member Posts: 548
    Olson1, the paint problem you are having is very unusual. I'd encourage you to get a second dealer to look at it. That is certainly not a widespread issue on the TSX.
  • glovesgloves Member Posts: 20
    I had a bubbling problem in one spot. Dealer had section re-painted.
  • olson1olson1 Member Posts: 2
    What color TSX do you have? In what area did the bubbling occur?
  • glovesgloves Member Posts: 20
    White. The bubling was on the plastic piece below the rear left passenger door.
  • toons01toons01 Member Posts: 7


    I haven't purchased the TSX...yet. Two questions:


    Has anyone put a tow hitch on the TSX? how much does it cost? I like to go biking and a tow hitch bike rack would be a lot better option than a trunk mounted rack (less chance of scratches).


    separate issue... anyone have trouble parallel parking the TSX? I live in NYC area where parking is always tough. Out of all the cars I looked at..the TSX has the widest turning radius. parking the TSX is my biggest concern. you know...someone should invent bumper guards that are easy to put on/off
  • skilzskilz Member Posts: 1
    As far as the tow hitch, I have no idea...didn't even know it was an option.


    As for parking, I live in Brooklyn and just got my TSX one week ago, and I must say it's much easier than parking my 2000 Eclipse. The turn ratio really isn't that feels more or less comparable to the Altima's.


    Also, you can get a nice set of bumper guards at For about $95, you get front and rear pads, and you can usually get them in about 3 days (I believe they ship out of Brooklyn). I wouldn't leave the pads on in the street, however. I got them for the parking garage where I park in Manhattan to go to work.


    Hands down though, you're not gonna find a better car with so many options for the money. Good luck!
  • toons01toons01 Member Posts: 7
    thanks for the feedback.


    I found another bumper protection item...maybe a little easier to use for street parking. In case anyone is interested:



    I ordered my TSX last week. It's gonna be a few weeks before it arrives. The dealer did not recommend adding a tow hitch.
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    I have an 05 milano red tsx and I would like to add some highlights to the paint job. I'm thinking of a white stripe along the side body crease on the drivers and passengers side. Does anyone knopw of a good place to do paint work in the New York, Westchester area?
  • orilliaorillia Member Posts: 5
    Any advice on repairing stone chips? What touch up paint method is best?
  • johnny420johnny420 Member Posts: 473
    That's a tough one. Paint chips so easily on cars these days. I did try the touch up paint on my TSX, and it didn't look so good when I got done. Not awful, but you can notice it when you look close. The color doesn't match pefectly, and I got the paint from the Acura dealer.


    If there was a way to feather the edges of the chip, I think it would look better. Maybe someone else can "chip" in with an idea. LOL!


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    I am STUCK between colors on the 05 I am planning on purchasing in July.....I love the partchment interior, but am unsure if I want pearl white or nighthawk black!!! Then, for exteriors, I love the carbon gray but am not thrilled about only being able to have ebony or quartz interior, I think the partchment looks much more classy....ADVICE ANYONE?

    Also, Will acrua tint the windows prior to picking up the car? Would you be able to negotiate a deal? How long does it take and is it a pain to have done there? Any experiences? Also, can you choose the tint you want (how dark or light).
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    I bought my Red Milano '05 TSX in March. I already got a couple of chips on my hood because of construction on my way to work. :mad:
    I am getting the chips fixed with touch up, but it is such a bummer. I just ordered a nose guard, but I was wondering if I should consider installing X-Pel. Has anyone done so? Comments?
  • tommyijrtommyijr Member Posts: 56
    I have had my Milano Red TSX for almost 2 years now, first of all, I love it, no problems what-so-ever. Only complaint is the paint job, I sometimes believe the wind will chip it. Several nicks, haven't done anything about it, you can only really notice upon close inspection. I did get a nose mask, it is easy to put on and does give the car an aggressive look. I just find I have to pay closer attention to the weather when I put it on.
  • tridderitridderi Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for your feedback. I had a nose guard on my 98 Accord that I had before the TSX and I didn't pay too much attention to the weather. I became less diligent about removing it after it got wet underneath. When I traded in my car, I had some rust on the underside of the hood. I really don't want this to happen to the TSX, so I will be far more diligent.
  • drewbadrewba Member Posts: 154
    I bought my Red Milano '05 TSX in March. I already got a couple of chips on my hood because of construction on my way to work.
    I am getting the chips fixed with touch up, but it is such a bummer. I just ordered a nose guard, but I was wondering if I should consider installing X-Pel. Has anyone done so? Comments?


    I just picked up a satin silver TSX on Saturday and am getting a Stongard clear bra put on tomorrow. I looked at an RL at the dealer and a couple of demo cars at Stongard and I couldn't see the lines until I was within a few feet of the car. My understanding is that Stongard and X-Pel use the same 3M film so I'd expect the results to be similar.

    I'll post my impressions after it's done.
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