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Acura TSX - AC Issues

katope2katope2 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Acura
just got tsx-overall think its great.
but ac seems way to weak.
it may even be getting worse?
on manual selecting high setting, its decent, though air isnt freezing as I like it.
on auto, even with recirc selected, it feels as if its off, even with temp set at 68 degrees.
Please help.
Im due to see acura service early next week.


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    icstarsicstars Member Posts: 18
    Yeah, I get a buzz in my door with certain tones....definitely something resonating with the speaker in the door. That should be fixable fairly easily, though--there are lots of ways to dampen the mount or piece that rattles without changing components of the sound system.

    The sound system in general may not be "super premium," but it sounds quite nice to me and kicks butt of some others available (such as Saab 9-3).

    AC question--My TSX is putting out lots of cold air. As any car, if you open ALL the vents all the way, it'll seem like less cold air coming out--especially if the temp is over 90 F. If you like maximum cold in your face, close the passenger vent and manually direct the airflow to the top vents at high volume. If that doesn't feel very cold very fast, you probably have a complaint for your dealer. On the other hand, you may not be familiar with the greenhouse effect. On the hottest days, with sun beating through the windows, you will always have some issue because the glass lets heat in, where it is trapped in your car (with you), leaving your AC to constantly battle incoming heat. With windows up, you are hardly isolated from the Sun's effects.
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    kimbo5kimbo5 Member Posts: 2
    My TSX is barely 4 months old and the A/C wasn't working at all when I bought it. They said the "hose was defective and leaking"--so, for the person who had problems with their A/C...make sure that it indeed works at all. Both front windows were rattling, my engine makes a whining noise at 60mph, and the right front door was rattling as well (service dept. says it is an airbag problem)...eeks, I am soooo disappointed in this car. Talk about buyer's remorse!! Oh, I have the same problems as everyone else with their speakers! This is NOT what Acuras are supposed to be like.
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    flsnomanflsnoman Member Posts: 1
    Hey katope2 -

    Ever figure out what was causing the trouble - causing your AC to seem like it was off when it was on?

    I'm having the same problem - turn AC down to 60 degrees, and I hear the blower blowing, but no air is coming out of my vents. Mainly happens after I've been on the highway for 30 minutes or more.

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    seazseaz Member Posts: 3
    I've got a 2004 TSX 6sp and while I have experienced the typical problems (e.g., rear-view mirror vibrations, average audio performance)my car's A/C system experienced a complete mechanical failure. While driving I heard an explosion from the front of the car and what sounded like debris exiting the underside of the car and rattling around in the engine compartment. The a/c then immediately started blowing hot air, but the car continued to run normal. The dealer said they'd never seen anything like it before. I'm not too sure how an a/c works but dealer said something or other broke apart and there was metal shrapnel scattered within in the eingine compartment. I know I didn't run over anything, so whatever broke must have been defective from the start. Luckily it was all covered under warranty and they replaced virtually every a/c component, but it's a little odd for that to happen to a car with only 32k miles on it -- even if I do live in AZ and the temps can get 115+ degrees outside.

    The only other complaint I have is that at constant throttle at speeds above 60mph I hear a very faint whine coming from the drive-line. My old Acura did this, and I have even noticed loaner Acura cars doing it also. It is highly annoying. I used to have an Acura CL V6 and the auto transmission went out around 80k miles. I don't really trust Honda/Acura transmissions! That is why I got the extended warranty on the TSX and opted for the manual tranny over the auto.

    One last question -- how long should a clutch last before needing replacement? How does one know when a clutch is going bad?
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    johnny420johnny420 Member Posts: 473
    One last question -- how long should a clutch last before needing replacement? How does one know when a clutch is going bad?

    Completely depends on your driving style. I've normally ended up replacing clutches at around the 120K mark, but if you're one of those people who feathers the clutch a lot, or hammers it under spirited driving conditions, it could be a lot less.

    Clutch abuse = shorter clutch life.

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