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Acura TSX Navigation

nerdaknerdak Posts: 12
I have had this issue with my Nav where the disclaimer screen appears and I get the "Ok" button but cannot press it.

Basically I turned on the car and ignored the navi system. After about 1min, I hit the joy stick to turn it on and the disclaimer and Ok button came on. For some reason I was unable to hit the Ok button or say OK. I restarted the car and problem was fixed. This happened once.


  • I have a TSX on order with Nav. When it arrives, I want to install an after-market deck in place of the stock one. Car Toys claims that it can be installed. They would have to custom-make a kit for the deck to fit in the space under the Nav system, but they have done it. Also, the Nav system portion that controls the stereo would still be there, but would not work.

    1. Has anyone had it done and if so, what did it cost?
    2. Were you able to find a module for the steering wheel controls to work with the new deck? I know they make them, but I don't know if they have one out for the TSX yet.
    3. Is there anyway to get those Nav controls to work with an after-market deck, similar to how you can make the steering wheel controls work?

    Obviously, if you don't have a Nav system and want to replace the deck, it's no problem... there's already a kit out for that.
  • jcampodjcampod Posts: 15

    This happened to me also--only once. Hopefully it won't become a problem.
  • kivigkivig Posts: 3
    Order a tsx model w/out nav. but to get it installed seperately for cheaper, since i think nav. would be a wonderful thing just expensive even though i fell in love with the car. Does anyone know a way?
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    Then it would be cheaper to order with the car. There a different front panel and a lot of integration with HVAC and radio. It will cost you significantly more to add after the fact.

    However, if you want NAV and want to save money an excellent aftermarket NAV is the Garmin Deluxe ( used to be called Street Pilot III with voice) for about $700 actual price.
  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    The ACURA NAV system is one of the best on the market. It is faster, more complete, and easier to use than the Garmin Deluxe. If you want a Nav system, I say get the TSX with the NAV to start. There are aftermarket solutions, but none work nearly as well. YOu can't add the Acura system itself after market.

    That said, there are two main advantages of the Garmin that are worth considering 1) With a portable GPS, you can move it from car to car as you see fit. So, if your family has more than one car, you can take it with you. 2) Some drivers don't like the way the NAV system absorbs controls on the dash. Its actually more than just a NAV system, since it alters the entire way your interact with the stereo and HVAC controls.

    Personally, I have the Acura NAV in my vehicle and can't say enough good things about it. It was worth every penny that I spent on it.
  • icstarsicstars Posts: 18
    I noticed a few things while catching up on this board....

    1. You CAN pick your FM presets directly if you have NAV. Push the AUDIO button and the NAV screen brings up buttons you can push. Personally, I don't mind scrolling through the presets (six at a time) myself with the controls on the steering column.

    2. If you don't want your NAV screen to go to "night" setting automatically, go to the set up screen and change it to always stay on the setting you want. I find the need for three settings personally: day, night and rainy day when I have my headlights on. On rainy days, I just alter the brightness with the black twist knob on the dash, go all the way up to override the NAV preset, then back down a few clicks to return to NAV presets. Works well.

    3. The car does remind you if you have your headlights on by beeping at you if you open the door with them on. Of course, you can ignore this and the lights go off automatically.

    4. In addition to the yellow low-fuel light on the dash, go to the Trip Computer with NAV to find out "exactly" how many more miles you can drive before you run out of gas. I put "exactly" in quotation marks because I haven't and don't plan to put it to the test--but I did get down to about 30 miles on one tank.

    I love the trip computer, though it does a fair amount of rounding off so the average fuel economy is slightly optimistic....maybe. On the other hand, comparing odometer miles to gallons put into the tank isn't exact either, but calculations made that way are as a rule 1-2 miles per gallon "worse" than the trip computer. Nonetheless, I'm happy with 24.5-26.5 average mileage with normal driving and 30+ highway.

    5. I don't like the HID headlights because of the issue with oncoming drivers and because it is a propagation of a myth--that we have to eliminate nighttime with ludicrously bright lights in the name of 'safety.' In fact, glare and the excess contrast between what is and isn't illuminated by bright lights (HID, gas stations, etc.) is more of a problem than if all headlights illuminated moderately. If you let your eyes become accustomed to a level of light, you will see fine. I'm going to ask Acura service at my next (first) oil change to tilt the headlights a little lower so they are less likely to blind oncoming drivers on uneven roads. When I grew up, headlights were for more for letting other people know you were there, not for providing more light than in an operating room. : (
  • thepdmmthepdmm Posts: 82
    I test drove a TSX and when the car is turned on the Nav system comes up with this intro stuff and has an "OK" button so naturally I pushed it just because.. My question is, what happens if you never push it?? does it go away and leave the the car's controls unobtainable until you push the okay button or does it go away and just bring up the controls?

    I like the car VERY impressed with the i-VTEC and I may be having to move away from my V6 need in my next car purchase..

  • jimblockjimblock Posts: 62
    If the OK button is not pressed, the screen turns off -- dark. However, all screen functions except Navigation are still available. With the most recent DVD update (which ships on newly delivered TSXs) you can also use Voice commands for all functions except Navigation.
  • thepdmmthepdmm Posts: 82
    thanks jimblock,

    so you does the screen come on to control the heating/AC?? or is it off and you are left with only the manual controls??

    in your opinion and anybody's opinion for that matter, is the Nav system a pain or is it good, is it a pain to try to use the stereo and the nav and climate control all from the same screen??? or is it make it nicer to use??

    thanks for your time
  • jimblockjimblock Posts: 62
    The screen can be used to control manual functions of the heating/AC. Many of the common functions work with dedicated buttons, and I, at least, almost never use the screen for heating/AC.

    I am definitely biased in that I wouldn't buy a car without a Nav system, but I don't think the use of the screen gets in the way. I had a loaner TSX without the Nav system and was not impressed with the standard dash setup. You don't need to use the screen for most audio functions, either. The small LED that is a clock on non-Nav models shows a great deal more information if you have the NAV system (even if the Nav screen is off).

    But I strongly suggest you visit a dealer and ask to see/play with both Nav and non-Navi models so you can decide what you prefer...
  • I bought an 05 without the navi...cause they couldn't find a dark-gray WITH a navi in it.

    What i'd like to do is put a Pioneer or kenwood Navi in it, or maybe get one of those magellan GPS's and put it in.

    Anyone done anytihng like this? If so, how did it work out? Any siggestions?
  • I just took delivery of an '05 TSX w/ Auto w/ Nav yesterday and was looking to impress my friend with the "wonders" of the navigation system. While parked at his house, I voice queried the system, "Find the nearist Chinese restaurant" and promptly turned off the A/C defroster... After another similar misstep, I defaulted to the "Go Home" voice command and we took off for a test drive.

    On the way toward my home, I deviated to a twisty road in the opposite direction of my home and, on every crossroad we passed, the system voice interjected, "Make a U-Turn". I couldn't find a way to cancel the set destination, so the drive proved both annoying and frustrating as I punched the Nav buttons w/o effect...

    I've got to believe that I've missed something obvious in the manual, but remain clueless... How do I QUICKLY cancel a Nav destination?

    Please have pity on a TSX newbee...
    chase53 :(
  • Don't recall what the name of the button is on the bottom of the map screen(while it's guiding you), but it's the one on the left bottom corner. Click that and it brings up a few options. A button like "cancel current route" is on the left bottom of that screen. I haven't bothered t learn the voice command, if there is one, which I'm sure there is.

    I'd take the time to read the manual or at least play with the nav and voice command while you aren't driving. It does a TON of things. I love that you can tell it what temperature you want the car at, even though your hand is like 2 feet from the temp up/down button!
  • And he told me that the navi comes with traffic updates. I didn't think about this at first but does this cost some sort of monthly fee? Does your navi come with a monthly or subscription fee of some sorts?
  • Can the navigation system in the car play regular dvds? I heard some other ones can.
  • This isn't NAV related, but I didn't know where to post it. I just got a new phone yesterday - the LG UX245. I have an '06 TSX w/ nav. If you look up phone choices on the hands free link website, it gives you only 4 choices. One of them is a Motorola that U.S. Cellular doesn't offer, 2 of them are RAZRs, and I heard that they break easily, and the last one is a blackberry.... I don't need a blackberry. In addition, they listed phones that were "in testing," and the LG phone was on this list. I checked this phone out and it was only $50 (plus another $30 off in a mail-in rebate). I took a chance on it because of the price, and it works wonderfully so far, and the pairing was no problem. So this is just to let everyone know that this phone has worked fine for me, and you don't need to drop mucho dinero to get a bluetooth phone that works with your TSX!
  • I have a 2006 Acura TSX with navigation. I am having a problem with searching for the names of businesses. For example, if I type in Starbucks, it returns a list of Starbucks shops over 100 miles away, even though I live in a major city with hundreds of Starbucks. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    If I do a category search by type of restaurant, that usually finds close matches, but if I enter a search by a place name, it finds places far away.
  • frenchvfrenchv Posts: 42
    Is there a way to turn the Nav into a DVD player?
  • I very much disagreewith uncledavid above. The Acura navi has far less information that a $700 Garmin both in roads and businesses. The darn thing dosn't even have The Homestead in Virgina which is a large resort taht has ben there over 100 years. It has a very poor database and the CD's to upgrade are $200 each compared to about 50 for an Garmin update. The voice recognition is also very poor- I ahve had the salesman sit in my car a number of times and it just won't work well. It's bad software that Acura is sticking us with.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    The TSX in not nav traffic compatible. The TL(07), RDX, MDX(07), and RL(2005+) are the only acuras with nav traffic. Maybe the TSX will get it in 08.

  • foreverudisforeverudis Posts: 17
    My navigation voice command is little annoying. Can anyone try this own theirs and let me know if it works fine. Whenever i speak any number the system will take all the numbers properly but when i speak a number staring with 409 it would start with something else and rest 7/8 digits will be perfact. Initially i thought it was my accent but then i had couple of my friends (American , Chinese and a british as well) try on that and the navi did the same thing. Any number that doesnt have area code 409 is fine but this area code seems to have issue.....
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Did you say "four zero nine"? That should help somewhat.

  • foreverudisforeverudis Posts: 17
    yeah i tried almost all posible way, like four o nine, four zero would take 0, 9 and rest of the digits but 4, instead it would start with something else like extra zeros and then some other digit and then 0,9,...... if i would say 414, it will take it correctly. it seems it has issues only with 409.
  • vsaucevsauce Posts: 1
    I have an 06 TSX and a Kenwood DNX7100 navigation deck that I want to install in my Acura, but no one makes a kit for it. Does anyone know what’s the best way to install the deck with out spending over $500.00 for a custom made kit?
  • Hypothetically - if one were to pay through the nose and buy an XM NavTraffic box (used on RL/TL/RDX etc) from the Acura parts dept, could you replace your existing XM box and recieve Nav Traffic? Is that the only part that would need replacing or is there other parts that would need upgrading as well? Cosmetically there are no "traffic" buttons on the dash of those cars/SUVs with NavTraffic, so shouldn't this revision be possible?
  • mickrmickr Posts: 2
    I am new to this forum, but I have been a very satisfied Acura TSX owner for well over a year. I bought my 2006 TSX Nav in late July of 2006, brand new, and have 43,000 miles on it and nothing has needed to be repaired.

    Anyway, I have a RAZR phone that works well with the Nav system, but is there a way to use name dialing? I have only been able to make a call by either manually selecting a listing in the address book in the Navi system, or by vocally saying the number. Can I, for instance, say, "Call Bob" ? If I have that number stored in my phone as Bob ?
  • For the record, I have a 2008 TSX and just experienced this exact problem (e.g. find Starbucks, nav returns list from 100+ miles away).

    I'd love to know the solution...
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    You can have a device that allows dvd movies to be played on the screen.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    A new navi version is coming out soon. This new version will fix the 4.62 bugs :). Going to come out the end of Jan/early feb.
  • I think you have to choose CITY Location first, then Starbucks and it will find closest. I wish the system would assume that you are looking for retail and restaurant locations closest to your car's present position.

    Also, there is no real-time traffic option on any TSX. The closest equivalent would be subscribing to XM and listening to their traffic channels, which are for major metro areas.
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