Buick Regal Transmission Problems

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I have a problem with my transmission, when I drive my car on the freeway it will not go on overdrive, even if I put it on overdrive manually. I had the transmission flushed and since then I have this problem. Where would I start to try to find the problem? I sure would like to know were to start looking. Could it be that something happen during the flush?


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    I think the first thing I'd try is disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. Make sure there's no security code set for the radio before disconnecting (see owner's manual). I know this idea sounds strange, but the same thing happened when I drained/refilled/installed new filter in my sons Chrysler minivan. The battery trick worked.

    Additional thoughts: If you had what is called a Power Flush done, it's possible some crud that was once firmly attached to the inside of the transmission was loosened and is floating around clogging ports. No matter what, I'd definitely take it back to whoever did the work.
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    A good reason not to have powerflushing done.

    Are there some engine codes that cause the transmission not to go into the OD gear as a way of protecting the motor or keeping something from being damaged. I think I recall that from somewhere. I.E., if the motor is over heated the trans only goes into third based on the idea that a faster turning motor is able to circulate coolant and cool itself. Does the trans do same for trans temperature errors.

    Does the trans shop that did the flush has the proper code readers to find out what part they affected or what's happening

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    I have a 1991 buick regal coupe with a 3.1 V6. the other day, it started having problems going up a hill. when i would accelerate, the car would start to studder and shake until i gave it some more gas and the transmission shifted. i was wondering if anyone knew the problem and if it is a major problem or something that will go away on its own.
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    You didn't say how many miles on the motor and what maintenance had been done. Have new GM plugs and wires been put on or equivalent wires to GM originals? They can show up with spark scatter with that symptom under solid load at low rpm in gear. Usually occurs on slight grades just above the lockup speed for 4th gear and torque converter lockup.

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    Sorry bout that. my car is a '91 with 190,000 miles(original engine and transmission, which have been excellent). i change the spark plugs every year and the cables are about 2 years old. i take very good care of this car and i change the oil every 3000 miles or 3 months. this problem is happening most often when im trying to keep a speed going up a hill and the car is in its third or forth gear. if you can give me an idea that would be great. i really would like to have this car back in top condition as it has been very good for these 15 years.
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    Did you use AC plugs and OEM quality wires (GM or NAPa or Belden)?

    I'd check the plugs and cables. It could be just aging catching up with the motor. Did it smooth out when you gave more gas before it downshifted? That still could be plugs and wires. The coils might be a source also. EGR valve or fuel filter is another possbility. Doesn't sound like fuel pump-I assume it's not been replaced. Has fuel filter been replaced?

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    No i dont think the fuel filter has been replaced. pretty much most of the car has been original equipment except the alternator, water pump, brakes(common problem), and shocks/struts. it did smooth out when i gave the car more gas but i did notice that the car does not have the same power as before. cables were purchased from NAPA specifically for GM cars. i would be surprised if it was the spark plugs because i change those every year and i drive this car less than 8,000 miles a year. other things you mention could also be it but im gonna take my car down to the mechanic to see what he thinks. my original thought was the transmission/ torque converter as they are origianl and have a lot of miles on them. anyway thanks for the your thoughts.
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    Hey imidazol,
    i took the car to the mechanic today and he is pretty sure it is the ignition coil packs so you were pretty close on your predictions. he said hes not sure how many of them are going bad so i dont know whether i should just replace all of them or try and pick out the broken one or two. its about $80 a coil and labor is about $200. just wondering what you would do.
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    I'm not sure how the labor gets to $200 for replacing one coil pack out of three.

    Might be time to price a different repair shop. I would replace the coil pack myself, frankly.
    Check price at Advance auto and Pepboys.

    But if you need for him to do it, I'd to the one that he says is bad. And then plan a different strategy for theothers if they go bad in the future.

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    the only reason why labor was expensive was because if i chose to fix one of the coils, the mechanic would have to try and guess which one is broken. however, i think im just going to change all three at once so labor should be around 100-150. overall though this mechanic has been very good with my other car and i respect his quality of work even though prices might be a little higher.
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    Recently bought a 96 Buick Regal with 30,000 original miles which was driven by a 83 year old gentleman. The car was garaged and looks like its only 1 year old!!! It was dealer maintained with oil changes every 3000 miles etc.. all receipts with milage and servicing. I did notice a slight intermitten noise when I drove the car home. The next day I started the Regal and the transmission fluid was down 4 quarts and the little noise sounded like a bucket of bolts rattling around. I filled the fluid per procedures and the noise subsided, then drove it 30 miles and dropped the tranny pan and changed filter with new synthetic trans fluid (Dextron III equiv). One small aluminum particle in pan. The car does not have any leaks!!!!
    Thought I solved the problem when the tranny shifted and ran quietly for 50 miles. However the noise comes and goes and now shudders slightly when I start out from a stop, then shifts okay.
    Right now the car is quiet and shifts smoothly. However I know that the noise and jerking will come back. Anyone got any ideas?? suggestions.
    Did take it to a transmission shop and the mechanic said it will need a total rebuild at a cost of around $2000!!! HELP!!!! A GOOD DEAL GONE BAD?????
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    The real question is: why was the transmission fluid down 4 quarts on a car with only 30,000 miles? Therein lies the problem.
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    This Buick is a 1996. My guess is that the transmission fluid level was never checked during servicing, and gradually over 10 years the fluid evaporated??? The previous, 83 year old owner had the car serviced about once per year.
    Since I have changed the fluid and filter,250 miles ago, the fluid level remains full with no leaks..
    Someone recommended that I try some LUCAS TRANSMISSION ADDITIVE.
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    You've done the right things. Just drive it reasonably and watch and see. It may be the trans just was leaking oil? Unless there was still a vacuum modulator on that era transmission which might be allowing trans fluid to be sucked into the motor.

    As for the overhaul--I was told my 98 LeSAbre transmission was junk, all GMs are, and would cost 1800 or up to repair. He wouldn't know until he took it apart. Needless to say I got second opinion and 60K miles later we're doing fine without his repair. He must have needed a boat or summer home payment the day I went in for professional opinion! :P

    I would just keep asking if it continues to use trans fluid. Maybe it just didn't get exercised enough.

    I think all trans shops say a trans will need a rebuild even if it's not got a real problem.

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    My truck was given to me by my grandad when he passed at 83. Its a 1979 and had set and been allowed to run down. The transmission fluid down 4 quarts does not suprise me. My grandad still drove it and it was in good condition when he was 82 but when his health failed him, in the course of a year, the waterpump went bum, the clutch needed replacing, the hoses were worn off the spark plugs needed replacing. Cars run down when they are garaged for long periods of time. It did with my Chevy so I'm not suprised it happened with your Buick.

    Stick with the General...He want let ya down :shades:
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    I'm hoping I don't need a transmission rebuild. Your reference to a vacuum modulator being on this transmission may be correct. I picked up a GM transmission repair book by Haynes and it shows a 4T60 transmission that has a vacuum modulator. However, the 1996 transmission is designated as a 4T60E.. It may, or may not have the modulator, but I will check that out if the tranny fluid level drops.

    Before agreeing to a new/used/rebuilt transmission, I plan to add a transmission additive (LUCAS) and drive it for 100 miles plus if possible, and then drop the pan and change filter and fluid again. This time I will crack open the tranny filter and examine for any metal particles.
    The transmission repair shop asked me if I saved the filter after my first draining/refill and filter change. Unfortunately it went out in the trash. Repair people normally crack open the filter of problem transmissions and any debris/metal can help in diagnosing a problem.

    Anyway, rebuilt transmissions range in price from $1250 to $1850 and that doesn't include core charge. Installation is extra.
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    The 83 year old that drove this 96 Regal bought a new LaCrosse and the 96 sat unused for 6 months at his son-in-law's house until I bought it last week.

    The hoses, plug wires and everything under the hood looks like brand new. However, the water pump did have a leak and was replaced at 27,000 miles by the dealer along with the serpentine belt, battery plus oil change to the total cost of $722...

    The last servicing on this car was a dealer oil change and 19 point inspection at 28,962 miles on 4/26/05. Cost $27.

    No mention of low transmission fluid.

    I did call the 83 year old that sold me the car and he was surprised that the tranny was down 4 quarts and that I was having a transmission problem.

    I told him to make sure the dealer checks the tranny fluid in his new LaCrosse because my guess is that the dealer service department never checked it on this 96 in 10 years!!!! Can't lose 4 quarts in 1,030 miles when there are no visible oil leaks under the engine. At least I don't think so..

    Previous owner had all records, receipts and was meticulous with the care of this automobile. Unfortunately the transmission may have to be rebuilt.
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    Thanks for the advice. My 96 regal has a vacuum modulator and it was bad.

    According to the repair manual you check the vacuum modulator by removing it, then, you look to see if any fluid comes out of the vacuum connection, if yes, it's defective. Then you do a vaccum test to see if the VM will stay extended when vaccum is applied with a pump. My VM leaked transmission fluid and nothing happened when I applied some vacuum.. It was totally shot.

    I guess that's were the 4 quarts of transmission fluid went. Anyway, this Buick Regal is shifting smoothly, no stumbling/shudder and the noise is gone!!!!!! I'm really very happy that I don't need a transmission rebuild for $2000, which was what the transmission repair shop said was needed..

    I guess my experience mirrors yours, now, if I can get 60,000 miles out of the car I'll really be doing great...

    This car is turning out to be a good deal after all!!!
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    The inside of all 4 chrome wheels on my wife's 2000 GSE are peeling off. As the wheels turn, the flakes are scraping the struts, making a terrible noise. I took it to the dealer, but he said it eventually happens to all wheels because of the plating process. It's not covered under our extended warranty. Needless to say, my wife's upset. Has this happened to anyone else? The dealer wants to charge us for labor to cut off the peeled chrome. We'd like to write a letter to someone at GM about this, but don't know where to write. We live in a northern suburb of Chicago.
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    Trans changed how they control the shifts and pressures so some don't have the vacuum modulator.

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    It may be your transmission. I own a 99 Regal GSE, and have had the whine since I bought the car. I thought it was the supercharger. At 55k it started to get worse, took it in to my dealer, thinking it was the supercharger. Nope, I was told the transmission was going bad. Replaced the transmission and the whine went away, but the noise has reared its ugly head again occasionaly. If the trany goes again the car will go too. I am not paying a $1000.00 bucks for a transmission. GM covered the first one under the extended warranty I purchased. Anyway get it checked out.
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    You know, the tranny on my '99 LSE had the same whine just after the factory warranty expired. Fortunately I also had an extended warranty, with no deductible, so it didn't cost me anything. Dealer said it would have cost $1600 otherwise. Perhaps there was a bad batch of trannys during that model year.
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    I was on vacation last week when my 2001 Buick regal transmission went on me while I was driving on the hi-way, on my way home from vacation. It felt like I hit a large hole in the road. I was lucky to get off the road to a rest area.

    I had no reverse, drive, or 2nd gear. the only gear working was 3rd. I also noticed trans. fluid on the ground. I had the car towed to a buick dealer and had to rent a car to get home. As of now I'm waiting for the dealer to fit me into his schedule.

    I searched the internet and found a Tsp bullitien (tps-00-07-03-022c) with the exact symptions except for the fluid leaking out.

    My regal has 59k miles. Has anyone had this problem?
    Can sure use some help as a senior citizen.
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    #3267 of 3269 Transmission problem by tonyf2 Aug 08, 2006 (8:49 am)

    I had no reverse, drive, or 2nd gear. the only gear working was 3rd. I also noticed trans. fluid on the ground.

    Tony, thankfully nobody was hurt! The very same thing just happened this morning to me as I was driving my daughter to tennis. I have a 2000 automatic Buick Regal with only 30,000 miles on it. The whole bottom of the car sounded like it was churning and going to fall out! Then it would not go anymore and when I put it in park it wanted to roll back so I had to put the emergency brake on. None of the gears worked. There was no fluid leaking at all. Nor has there been. It was riding a little rough lately before this happened, for about the first 10 minutes of driving. It is now in a transmission shop. We have yet to hear what is wrong. I have to say, GM waits a long time for a recall on their faulty parts. We have owned exclusively GM cars and it seems we can spot a trend before the recall takes place.
    Please post when you find out what is wrong and I will do the same. :)
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    Tony, I also find it interesting you also seem to have had the same window problem we have. My 2000 Buick Regal had to have both windows front and back on the drivers side repaired. The drivers side window repair alone cost over 400.00.
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    When I pull over in the rest area there was a odor like something was burning.

    I was told the transmission was beyond repair and had to be replaced. I had no recourse because the dealer was over 200 miles away. I picked the car up 2 days ago at a cost of $3500. (this included tax, labor, fluid, etc.)

    I'm was thinking to call and report this to the Hi-way safety commission as being dangerous.
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    That is a high price you had to pay! I am sincerely hoping ours does not cost that much. The trans shop called and said the car is not going into any gear and they believe it is some sort of band possibly that broke, inside the transmission. They are looking at it tomorrow. I will post when I know the details and cost. I just think it odd that the windows and the transmission seem to go on these cars. Take Care.
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    I have two Buick regals, I repaired the windows myself. you can buy the regulator with the motor on line for $69.

    I being a retired mechanical engineer, took the old assembles apart and found the cable that brings the window up and down is to thick and binds on the plastic pully thats attached to the motor gear; on hot days it sticks. After a length of time the cable will pull out of its socket and the window will falls down.

    I consider this defective parts and I think GM knows this.
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    Well here is the news on my 2000 Buick Regal with 28,000 miles. They had to rebuild it. The mechanic said he could not believe how bad it was (no gears at all). Before he realized what awful shape it was in, he gave us an estimate that on the high end was 1700. When he realized all the work he had to do, he said it really should be 2000. but since he quoted 1700. that is what he charged. There is only a 6 month warranty on the work, I figured most places gave 12? Tony, I am sure you were raked over the coals as you were an out of towner. That is horrible. Did you get a warranty with your work? I wonder how long rebuilt transmissions last. Good Luck with your cars. :)
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    my transmission is sliping and i don't kown what to do and i don't what to replace it :cry: :sick: :confuse: :(
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    My 1994 Buick Regal 3.8 has 80K miles and is runnung a bit roughand sometimes stalls as I am stopping. I starts easily and you can continue like nothing ever happened.
    Anyone any ideas?
  • rkrygerrkryger Member Posts: 2
    My 1994 Buick Regal 3.8 has 80K miles and is running a bit sometimes stalls as I am stopping. It starts easily and you can continue like nothing ever happened.
    Anyone any ideas?
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    Im at about 128k or so and my transmission is misbehaving. 3rd gear between 50-60mph gets some slipping at low throttle input ... it happens every time unless i give it some gas and it stays in 2ndgear.

    Lately some more problems cropped up. Driving home in rushhour about 30miles stop-and-go traffic... the transmission was giving some ugly shuddering/slipping once at around 15mph and again somewhere around 20mph or so.

    One more symptom, when coasting in stop&go traffic I'll start to brake and take the car down slowly to a stop ... right before it comes to a complete stop it will start shuddering again but will stop when the car is not in motion. Once i try to pickup again it will give some hesitation slippage but then go back to normal.

    the 50-60mph slipping has been there for maybe a year now [over the period of 5~6k miles, i dont drive a whole lot]. When i asked the mechanics at GM they said for me to not change the transmission fluid, seeing how its current distressed state is somehow keeping everythign in equilibrium and if i were to get it changed it would open a can of worms. I've been able to confirm this judgement, but I would like to know if there is any prognosis that can be given as to how much life i have left in this transmission? at 128k ... i THINK the transfluid might have been changed at 100k [dad had it before me and I cant really vouch for him being mechanically minded and observant]. What i can tell you that at 70k this car had a transmission swap. So with 58k on the dial for this 2nd transmission ... any takers as to what kind of life expectancy im looking at?

    Thanks in advance for all responses.
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    I have a 91 buick regal with the 3800 v6, lately when i start slowing down to stop at a stop sign the transmission acts like it has shifted into neutral cuz once i try to get going it will just rev up then it will shudder and go into gear and go normally, the motor doesn't stop running anyttime during this. Lately it has been taking more to get it going again, sometimes i have to shift into neutral then back to drive to get it to go when trying to leave a stop sign, the tranny fluid is up to the full mark and everything else seems alright, do i have a tranny issue or brake issue or possible injectors???? anything would be appreciated!
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    I read with interest your transmission studdering problem. I have the same problem with a 91 Regal, 265,000 kilometers. The transmission guy tells me its the overdrive lockup and the tune up guy tells me it's an ignition problem. How did you make out changing the coil packs?
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    I have a 97 Regal GS with a factory rebuilt 4T60-E & I can't find the vacuum modulator. I saw on previous posts that one person said it was on the front right side (driver side) of the transmission when facing the car. Well, I can't find it or a vacuum line.

    Maybe the rebuilt 4T60-E don't have a vacuum modulator?

    I went to Mitchell's & the exploded view didn't even show the vacuum modulator, but did mention part 47 which was not on the view.

    HELP, transmission shifting hard and not shifting right.
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    hello sir ,

    my 2000 supercharged regal , soon after 140k out of no where
    started to slip and buck at about 40 to 50 mph it kind of started when i took the gas to pretty much 0 i barely made it to the station . i thought it was it . but next day it continued , the next got worse and a small whine came from the bottom, soon after ,like the next day , i drove my first 1/2 mile of the day and my transmission went in neutral all at once , no reverse no gears at all. i shut it off , after a short time the car was fine for another 500ft then the same . could a transmission go in 4 days with no previous symptoms , and all at once . please reply to [email protected]
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    after changing the 3 ignition coils, spark plugs and wires, the car has been running great ever since. The problem was that only one of the coils was burned out so the car essentially was running only under 4 cylinders at a load. the car would studder because it wasnt balanced. I am happy with the way the car was running but i must add that the total bill for the repair came out to about $600. :cry:
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    replaced two coils on my 91 Regal and the car is working fine, thanks to this forum. Many were convinced it was the transmission lock-out, even the local transmission specialist. Thanks again
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    Recently my 99 GS has intermittant hard shift problems( up or down). Once every 3 or 4 days. Usually after shutting off and restart seems to shift just fine.
    Is this a Speed Sensor Problem or something a lot worse?
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    Okay I replaced my radiator this weekend. 135k on the od was about time. Replaced it with a 1 1/4 in radiator. Radiator works great. Lower transmission line... Not so good. It leaks. I checked the threading on both and they both looked PERFECT. No angle threaded happened. Anyway it is leaking through the hole in the middle of the nut. I put in a temp fix and but teflon tape on the white junk. Works great for now until the heat destroy's it. I looked at the flare and it looks good had a friend also look at it and he saw no problems. I assume he knows he restore Falcon's . Should I purchase a new Tranny line. The upper seemed to mate good. Let me know appriciate the help as always.
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    I bought a 2000 BUICK Regal LS on July 9th. The mileage is 86000. The price of BUICK is 3600$. My car runs smoothly. Last Friday, the battery of my car is used up, and I found that the stop light is always on. I drove my car to Firestone. The technician did an inspection of stoplight switch, and told me that the stoplight switch is worn out. Because they did not have a stoplight switch, they unfixed the stoplight. On Saturday, I found that transmission of my car has some problems. When my car is run at a low speed, and then speed up, these will an instantaneous tremble. Does the stoplight switch inspection cause this problem? I do not know how to deal with this. Would you please give me some advices? If the mechanical inspection is needed, would you please recommend a store for me? Thanks.
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    I have a used 95' Regal that was running just fine until recently. I got an oil change a few weeks ago and had my transmission fluid topped off. I suspected that was related, but now am unsure.

    Over the last couple of weeks the 95' Regal has starting jumping as it switches gears, more and more violently. As I was taking it to get looked at, it went out of gear completely into neutral while I was driving and I had to stop and start the car again to get it back into drive. When I got to the mechanic, they checked the fluid level and everything was full and fine as far as that was concerned - they recommended a transmission specialist.

    Has anyone else had these problems? Any suggestions?
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    I am having the same problems. My '98 Buick has only 70,000 miles on it. I refuse to believe that American engineers are that stupid. I did however read in another forum that the studdering and hard ship ploblems are related to valve in the transmission that goes bad. I believe it is the PCV valve. It made sense to me because my transmission still shifts when it is supposed to. It just shifts hard. I have not had it checked out yet because I bought a new Toyota Camry and have driven the car very little. However, my wife needs a car to drive when she gets her license her in another month. But this forum has got me worried about a speed sensor and starter coils as well. One could flush a lot of money down the toilet trying to find out what this problem is. Let me know if you have any luck.
  • foreigncarguyforeigncarguy Member Posts: 2
    Occasional problems with this vehicle are failures of the Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS) and the connections at the Transmission Pass-Thru Connector. Failure of the Transmission PCS is identified in TSB # 00-07-30-002B. Failure of the connections at the Transmission Pass-Thru Connector is identified in TSB # 02-07-30-022B. The cost to repair the Transmission PCS is estimated at $45.61 for parts and $273.00 for labor. The cost to repair the Transmission Pass-Thru Connector is estimated at $10.00 for parts and $65.00 for labor. All prices are estimates based on $65.00 per flat rate hour and do not include diagnostic time or any applicable sales tax.
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    I was told there was an error code that said my 2nd to 3rd shift solenoid was bad. The transmission guy said I would have to rebuild my entire tranny cause this part is so hard to get to. Is that true? The problem sounds simular to the one above. My car doesn't up shift to 3rd or overdrive until I let the gas go completely. And when I press it again it shifts back down. Someone also mentioned throttle position sensor but the code didn't come up for that only my mass air flow and tranny solenoid showed up.
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    Hello all I am hoping that someone can shed some light on a problem. I have a 1999 Buick Regal LS 3.8L V6.
    I love the car and have owned it for several years. It has 86 thousand miles on it and the transmission is acting up.
    Sometimes when I go to pull out it will make a bad shuttering noise. If I let off the gas it stops. The car will start to move but the shuttering noise is bad. Once I let off the gas and apply the gas again it goes on like nothing happend. It only does it once in a blue moon and there is no rhyme or reason that I can figure why it is doing it. It shifts fine in all gears and drives like it always has. It is just this one thing. It use to do this when I would go from reverse to drive and hit the gas quickly. If I let it sit for just a second and then hit the gas it never did do it. Now it is doing it when I pull out off and on. I changed the fluid and filter about 10 thousand miles ago but when I did it the first time it made no difference. To me it seems like it is not fully engaging into gear or it is coming out of gear partially and then reengaging. Any help would be greatly appriciated.. :confuse:
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    I've got a transmission problem I need some guidance with. My '01 Regal has just under 65K miles on it. When the vehicle is cold, everything works fine, but once warmed up, vehicle won't go into reverse any longer. Forward drives and shifts like normal. Does that sound repairable, or is it a prelude to a new transmission?
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    I have a 99 Buick Regal GS and had the same problem today. From a stop, the car trembled quite a bit (felt like the front tires were spinning). Once I got going, or if I eased into motion, the car would run fine. A bit later, I tried to drive it again and the car would not go into Drive, 3rd, or 2nd. Only low gear and reverse. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!

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    I recently began experiencing problems with my 98 buick regal. Two nights ago i was driving when i felt my car kind of pull back, as i tried to pull over to the side i noticed my steering wheel would barely move, it kind of locked. i managed to pull over and them my car suddenly stopped. i had to turn it off and then on again to get going. Yesterday, i was driving when as i was slowing down to come to a stop, it stopped running. i had to turn it off and then on again to get going. This happend three times yesterday. Any ideas what the problem is? Is it fixable? i do not know much about cars and dont want to spend a lot of money trying to fix it. Please help! :)
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