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I have a 97 Camry. Can some one tell me how to replace the interior light bulb? I can't find any screw at the interior light. Please advise, thank.


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    Hey, could anyone tell me where can I find Camry LE V6 2003's wood dash trim cheaper than dealer?
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    I have the light grey carper mats in my 2002 Camry---they get dirty quick so I went on a hunt for Rubber mats for the winter season. I found a set of 4 at Sams Club the fit the Camry incredibly well. They were actually labelled as truck or SUV mats. The passenger front needed know trimming at all and covered almost the exact area as the OEM carpet mats...even more so. The drivers side needed atrim where the trunk release is....the mat had a cut out lineright in that exact spot though! These are heavy rubber with deep notches to hold in the water and dirt. It was a great deal.
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    I bought the Costco all weather mats but the ones for passenger cars. They didn't fit well enough so I returned them. I just have to get the SUV ones! Thanks!
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    I've been looking to get some all-weather mats, thanks for the info! btw, do you place them over your carpeted ones or do u just replace them?
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    I took my carpet ones out and cleaned them...good idea though...shojuld have put them back under the rubber ones!
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    Hi andrelaplume, What color did you get at Sam's Club? I could only find the Tan color at the club and they are made by Kraco. I am looking for the gray color to match with my phantom gray/stone color.
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    I have a Camry SE V6. I didn't get the leather package because then I would have to pay extra for other things I didn't want (like CD Changer and side/curtain airbags). I have the sports fabric inside. Not bad. But lint, dust, and hair sticks to it. It shows up because the fabric is dark gray.

    I am just wondering if Toyota has the leather kit available and whether they would install it. Would like to know the price for it too if there is such a kit. I have seen people putting on aftermarket leather kits onto the Camry SE. Seemed to fit well. Just didn't like how plasticky it looked. It also had some letterings written on it too. TRD or something else. Too fancy for my taste. So if Toyota offers a kit that is EXACTLY the same as the leather seats I would've gotten if I had paid for the leather package, I would definitely buy it if the price is right.

    If anyone knows of such a kit, I would like to know if it's easy to install and whether it would be exactly the same as the genuine factory leather I would've got.

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    I agree. The sport seats are very easy to attract lint and hair on my 03 SE. It is just keeping me busy on auto detailing. I don't think you can find it from Toyota OEM parts. Maybe you can, but it will be costly. I looked at ebaymotors last week and saw the leather seats kit (gray or charcoal) from $400. They recommended you have the auto upholstery guy to do it because you have to remove the seats and the existing seat covers. I think the kits is included the side door panel.
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    The instrumentation lighting for the SE is a orange/amber color. If I wanted to change the color to blue does anyone know if this is even feasible?
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    I have the SE also. I think the orange dash light is just fine. Nice work for Mark's Toyota. I also heard that Sylvania Silver Star bulbs don't last very long. slov98 - Trust me. You will find the MTEC as bright as the PIAA but cost much less.
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    Hi on my 99 camry I went to get in and the door seal has started to fall off it looks like its rotting away. I only have 50K on it and also its been garaged except when at work. I was wondering when you put it on do you use glue also in the groove? Also do you have to get the seal at Toyota or does anyone know an aftermarket place that sells them? Thanks
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    I was wondering as to how you can polish the birdseye maple dashboard. What is a good product I can use? I have a 2005 camry XLE.

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    It's permanently sealed, so it's not meant to ever need polishing. Just wipe it with a clean cotton cloth.
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    Hi..How do you clean the leather seats in the car? Also, what kind of leather does Toyota use? I believe Hondas use Scottish leather. Not sure though.
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    anyone have any experience with aftermarket leather for the interior? i am looking at buying cloth and upgrading to leather as the options packages will not allow me to get leather in an XLE without a moonroof (ridiculous) or waiting for many months and paying through the nose for it.


    also interested in getting wind/rain guards for the passenger doors. anyone know anything about the benefits/ advantages of the inside mount vs the outside mount?
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    Hi, 'bought a 2005 Camry XLE with leather seats and leather trim. I need help telling leather from vinyl so I can use the correct cleaner/conditioner. Thanks all.
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    I have an SLE also, with 'full' leather interior.

    In order to save money, what they do is they only construct PART of the interior (i.e. seats) in leather, and the rest they do in vinyl. They also do this in home furniture as well, so you have to INQUIRE and look at the tags when shopping for home stuff. The term they use is "leather match".

    What they do is they construct the parts that TOUCH your body out of leather, and all other parts are vinyl.

    If you look closely at the seat you will notice a very slight difference in color/texture. This is true for the rear seat as well as the front buckets. A good place to start is to look at the BACKS of the bucket seats. Those parts are vinyl.

    I really would've PREFERRED to have CLOTH. I regret it now. My sister just bought a 2005 Camry SE and custom ordered it. She got the cloth seats and I think they're great. What I hate about the leather is: cold in the winter, hot in the summer. I don't give a darn about the "image" it might make, I want comfort.

    On my next car I will make cloth interior a priority and custom order the car if necessary.
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    its been a while but anyway..
    I found a site that offers learther trim set for Camry (LE, XLE and SE)
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    Unfortunately, that is only for 2005 model !
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    I was trying to figure out how to change the gage lights to my 2000 solara and found out that it is a little more complicated than I thought. Actually, I don't even know if it is the light bulb that needs to be changed or a color plate. Also, I am on my second Solara (Have had both a 4cyl and a 6) and noticed that the gas mileage is not that good. Anyone else noticed this? If anyone knows anything about the dash lights, it would be greatly appreciated!
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    A few years back, I saw someone's website that showed how he converted his dash lights ton a 2002 Camry SE to be a different color. It was quite involved, and this person was quite creative in how he solved it. I think I bookmarked that page, but if I did, it is on the computer in my office. If I have it, I will post the link tomorrow.

    Good luck.
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    I have a LE w/ Side airbags. The Salesman told me that the dealer (or I ) can not install (leather) seat covers, since the seats have side air bags in them. Is this true ?
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    This is true -- see your owner's manual. The seat-mounted side airbags are designed to deploy through the existing seat upholstery. If you change or cover the upholstery, the airbags will not deploy properly. Any modifications should only be done by a Toyota dealer, and for liability reasons, I doubt any dealer would go ahead.
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    This is the first time I have had the dark gauge cover on a car 2005 Camry. All other gauge covers have been clear and I clean them with plastic polish and soft cloth when they get covered with dust etc. I have never had any scratches.

    The dark/black plastic I assume would be cleaned the same way. I can really see a lot of dust on the cover after 2 weeks of ownership
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    Hi all,
    I have a 2000 camry le with about 63k miles in it. I got the car at abt 48k miles one and half years ago. In that period the rear seat rarely got used. But when it was used recently, one of the rear seat belts got extended and does not retract. Is that a common problem and could it be fixed easily.
    Do I have to go to a mechanic? and how much does it usually cost?
    Any thoughts and suggestions appreciated.
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    try to pull the seat belt all the way out, (pull as far as it can go) then slowly release it, it should retrack to normal position.

    (if you pull it while retracking, it should lock in place)
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    I have an '02 Camry LE V6, and as with everyone else's Camry, the only light which goes on when the doors are open is the little dome light on the ceiling. I wanted to know if anyone has installed some additional lights under the dash (foot area) to turn on/off with the dome light. Also, where does the dome light wiring end?
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    The interior dome light bulb in my 99 Camry burned out. There is no obvious way to get the plastic cover over the bulb off. I'm scared that I'll break the plastic cover if I force it off. Anyone have any advice on changing the dome light bulb?
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    What does your owner's manual instruct about changing out the dome lamp bulb? ;)
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    I have the same problem with my Camry 2000 xle v6 where the rear seat belt(only the left rear seat belt, rest are fine) does not retract back. Its pulled all out and does not go back. I tried to pull more and see if it retracted back but it did not. Pls. advise me how I can get this problem resolved myself and not go to expensive dealers to rectify this problem.

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    Do you notice any big play on driver's seat (non_power one) for Gen 5 Camry ?

    I have 0.5 to 1" moment while I tried to shake the headrest.

    I know there was TSB this issue for power seat.
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    Does anyone know the procedure for replacing the bulb or bulbs which illuminate the dash instrument panel on a 1995 Camry? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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    Really solaraman you like the cloth? Maybe we can swap seats lol.
    I have the cloth and they are squishy and cushy, too cushy for me. Like an easy chair or even more soft. They are also not easy to keep clean.
    I like the leather seats in my wive solara. More firm but yes, sometimes hot or cold. But they dont absorb stains and easy to keep up. And her interior is black and a lot nicer to me, less glare or something. Oh well.
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    I cannot see the clock on my car at this time. all other instruments light but not the clock I check the fuse box area but it does not show anything for clock fuse. does anyone have any other suggestions the only thing I can think of is the led lights went out on the clock for some reason. Thanks
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    I am also having trouble trying to figure out how to replace the interior light bulb. I only see a tiny space to maybe put a small screwdriver in to pop it open, but am afraid of breaking the cover. Did you find out how to do it? Thank you for any help.
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    You have to put a small flat blade screw driver in there to pry it open. You won't crack it. The bulb in my wife's RX300 (identical to Camry's design) went out twice in 2 years. You will scratch it a little, but won't break it. Just be gentle and use slow but steady force.
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    A single layer thickness of cloth (handkerchief?) wrapped over the screwdriver blade might entirely prevent scratching the lens.
  • jodar96jodar96 Member Posts: 400
    There is not a whole of space for cloth, duct tape, masking tape over the blade.............
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    I'm looking at a 2002 Camry XLE to purchase, but noticed some play in the driver's power seat.
    I noticed your message #4688 concerning the same thing.
    Did you get any resolution, or, does anyone else know how to resolve this with the dealer. They seem to think there's
    no mechanical problem at all.
    Is this an easy fix?
    Thanks for Anyone's Help
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    They did change the rails on my seat but it did not fix the problem.
    For your car with power seat, I believe there waw a TSB about this issue. With 2002 model, your 3 yrs warranty is expired and you have to pay for the fix.

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    Does anyone know how to change the bulb for my a/c control dash light? It doesnt light up with the rest of the dash board. Thanks
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    How can one replace the dashboard instrument panel light bulbs? This is for a 2000 Camry LE. Dealer said they'd charge $175.
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    Any answers to this question? The owner's manual does not have this information. Neither does They only talk of external lights and brake lights.

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    I turned on my car the other day an now my radio, clock, dome light and trunk light do not work. My car run fine other than these problems. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong and can I fix it myself? People keep telling me it's the fuse, but I do not know how to find that. Is it easy to change?
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    The driver and front passenger door armrests on our 1999 Camry LE are bulging out, causing a gap around the window/lock switch plates. It seems that the foam core has separated from the hard plastic spine in the armrest, and a gap has resulted. I've looked at other '99's and have seen similar problems.

    Is anyone aware of a fix for this? (Everything still works fine; its a cosmetic problem but one that really detracts from the look of the interior)

    (This was originally posted in 2005 by but had no responses --- I have the same problem and am looking for a solution.)
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    Hello. Realize this is a little out of time, but- read you message and wondered whether you might know this. The clock, cigarette lighter and radio simultaneously went out in my car. I'm trying to find the fuse box to test the fuse for this. The 95 camry manual says the fuse is in the driver side kick plate fuse box. I looked- found a single fuse and plenty of wires plugged in to a grid. Did you happen to find the fuse you were looking for- if so, was it the kick plate box? I'm still trying to locate the fuse. Feeling sort of dumb, but thanks if you have an idea.
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    I would say the only solution is replacement. Obviously, a new one is going to be costly. You could try salvage yards, but finding a good part and in a matching color could be difficult. Plus salvage yards these days seem to be geared to servicing body shops and insurance companies -- the days of pulling your own parts seem numbered. And to top it off, the yard may not allow you to pull off only the armrest; they may want to sell the entire interior door panel.
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    I have the exact same problem. I keep forgetting to ask the dealer to take it off when I go in. They have done this type of thing before for me in the past. I'll try to remember the next time.
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    1995 Camry - do any of the repair manuals show how to replace the speakers in the front seat doors? I'll buy the manual if someone can point me to it. Thanks.
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