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Chevy Venture Transmission Issues

drey_25drey_25 Member Posts: 1
i have a question on my chevy venture 2003 front wheel drive my transmission broke so i can get a transmission for $200 but its fromm a 2003 chevy impala both cars have the same engine and by the looks of it the transmissions look the same. I checked the transmission filters if the venture and the impala have the same ones and they do so does anybody know if the venture and the impala transmissions are the same?


  • russ21russ21 Member Posts: 5
    I have a 2000 venture. Every few weeks or so out of nowhere the auto transmission make a distinct winning sound that lasts a few hours to one day max. During this period every shift is very hard, the van bangs with every shift no matter how slow or fast I approach each shift. New transmission fluid and filter make no difference.
    98% of the time it is quiet and shifts perfect and smooth in all gears. It seems to be tied to longer drives with altitude changes & warmer Temperatures, but not always? It always goes away before I can get it test driven by a mechanic. Van has 103,000 mi on it now been duing this for the last 40,000 mi at least.
  • kayfusleekayfuslee Member Posts: 16
    I too have a 2000 venture with 60,000mi. My trans out of the blue kind of bucks between shifts. It only does it once in awhile under any condition. I think I may have heard that whining sound from time to time, but very faint.
    Good luck.
  • russ21russ21 Member Posts: 5
    I have been able to narrow down this problem to what I believe to be hot transmission fluid. The problem has been getting worse and I went to the hand car wash and using the high pressure I blasted the bugs and junk out of my radiator which part is used for cooling the transmission fluid. I have not had the problem since but have not been driving hard yet. The fluid is new only about 10,000 mi or less.
  • jingles4jingles4 Member Posts: 3
    I have the same exact problem, seems like it will not start doing it until you stop after driving for awhile and take off again, it starts whining and shifts hard, if I shut it off for a few minutes it will run fine, until it runs for a few miles then it starts again....I've noticed it does it in warmer weather also....I've had the tranny flushed....Think I will give the radiator fins a good cleaning as posted before and see what happens....Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!!!
  • russ21russ21 Member Posts: 5
    I have about 2000 miles left on my extended warranty. So I took the car to the dealer to see if they could figure out why the transmission does what it does. They tested it out and said it was the pressure switch in the transmission. The warranty covered it so it was replaced a couple of weeks ago. Took it on a test drive up in the mountains and so far everything works great. I guess the hot transmission fluid just made things worse but was not the problem. New transmission fluid did help some but did not fix the problem.
  • jingles4jingles4 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks russ21, I figured it would be something internal, mine of course is out of warranty but right now it's my wifes only means of transportation until I get out from under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy...Guess I'll makes some calls, would it be better to let the GM service dept. do it or take it to a tranny shop locally??? I'm thinking GM ....
  • russ21russ21 Member Posts: 5
    If I did not have a warranty then I would get it troubleshoot just to confirm and a total repair bid at a professional place like AAmco & also the dealer. I would expect a transmission expert to be more efficient and lower cost? Good Luck.
  • twinchevytwinchevy Member Posts: 1
    I too have the same problem and I will try to clean out the radiator. Does anyone know what sensor is failing and is it costly to fix yourself?
  • russ21russ21 Member Posts: 5
    You will need to get it checked out by either a dealer or a transmission expert. The part that caused this problem with my van was the transmission pressure switch that controls the transmission shifting. The dealer charges around $600.00+ or at least mine did. Did not get a quote from a transmission expert company. Either way I would get it troubleshot and quoted on paper.
  • carphilcarphil Member Posts: 2
    My trans would shift hard and the check engine light would come on periodically. Later had battery wearing down. Took to dealer to change battery (since not real easy) and they found a wire shorting. Afterward, trans worked perfectly. Cost about $350 to fix short.
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Let me start by saying I'm only a mechanic of the "shade-tree" variety. My 2000 Venture had been doing the same thing for about 1-1/2" years. I've read that its a failure of the "transaxle pressure control solenoid" or PCS. My mechanic recommended that the trans be rebuilt to the tune of $ 3000.00, told him "no" as I failed to believe that a trans that works fine 90% of the time is in need of a rebuild.

    That being said, I had 1/2 a bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix in my garage as I used it when I changed the trans fluid on my Saturn about a month earlier. (It says on the label that its good as preventative maintenance and I put it in my Saturn even though I had no issues with it.) Thinking I had nothing to lose, I put it in the Venture. For about 1 week the problem got much worse. Then it went away...that was 5 months ago...hasn't done it since. Don't know why...don't know if it had anything to do with it...but it went away. You may want to give it a shot........
  • psirasmompsirasmom Member Posts: 2
    Morning all. So....beautiful weekend until Sunday. My husband came back with my van, and the back window was covered in tranny fluid. He looks under the van, and there is a HUGE puddle...

    He has worked as a mechanic in the past, so he and a friend took the tranny out last night (poor guy got back at was close to a 5 hour pull) - apparently there is basically a blow hole in my transmission case. He says it looks like there was a "bubble" or what have you in the metal to the case, and it finally gave through (we're close to 100,000 miles).

    I'm just curious if anyone else has had an issue with corrosion, etc., and if this is something I should pursue with my mechanic who rebuilt the tranny for me about 2 1/2 years ago.
  • psirasmompsirasmom Member Posts: 2
  • nickelndimenickelndime Member Posts: 2
    Same exact thing here. My car started this back in the early fall when temps were still warm. Then it turned cold and it quit for awhile but as I drive distances longer than 20 mins, it starts up again. We thought it was all due to low tire pressure. I have my 2 right tires leaking and consistently low. It seemed as we fill them the problems go away. Then the car started doing it even when the tires were full so we knew. I had the wind up toy car noise upon acceleration and the thunk at every shift until it hits about 45/50 mph then it quits. Had it in to a dealer who said they couldn't find anything wrong with the transmission. Fluids were fine etc. Took it to another dealer, they couldn't duplicate either but left me an open ticket to bring it in immediately when it does it. I did and before the service manager left the lot, he could hear it and luckily got the check engine light when he left the lot which put in the code that there was a transmission error and a rear sensor o2 error. They couldn't find the rear sensor error but did find that there was a pressure control issue. I'm looking at a new oil pressure switch/solenoid where they have to take the whole trans apart to get to it (labor costs!-3-4 hours of work) and I also need a new transaxle oil pan filter. We'll see if this fixes it. My van is a 2000 with 95,000 miles on it. I'm looking at a $730 bill most of which is the labor and diagnosic. The solenoid they quoted at $50 although I've seen them for as low as $30. I will update later when I actually have the car a bit to see if it's fixed.
  • yadmityadmit Member Posts: 3
    I have what appears to be a transmission fluid leak, however, the fluid level seems to be stable.

    When my van was shifting, it would do a 'thunk' sound as it geared up, but that was only once in a while. Now that 'thunk' seems to have ended and the shifting is pretty smooth.

    I'm wondering if perhaps there is another red fluid used aside from tranny fluid as I cannot seem to find where the leak is coming from exactly.

  • nickelndimenickelndime Member Posts: 2
    That's exactly how mine started originally. I had what looked like a rust orange/red pile in my driveway about the size of 3 basketballs but the several occasions I put it in, they could never find a trans leak. Then all of a sudden it quit leaking and they tell me I have a trans leak. A month passes by before I put it in to get the trans fluid leak fixed, and they then tell me there is no leak. Go figure! Am I being taken or is it all just part of the process, the come and go of the leak, the come and go of the thunk. A couple months pass and the above start happening (post16) and well that post tells you the rest. I'm having no problems since it was fixed. Good luck.
  • yadmityadmit Member Posts: 3
    Actually, turns out it was a coolant leak. The rad cap is shot. The coolant the last shop put in is actually about the same colour as tranny fluid. New cap, rad flush and few other odds and ends and it should be good to go.

    Doesn't say much about the shop I took it to as I had a coolant flush there a few weeks ago. Guess they lost my business.
  • mudder1_2000mudder1_2000 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Venture. Just recently while driving at around 50mph and up it will start to jerk really hard every couple of seconds and hesite. If I push the acellerator it feels like it isn't getting any fuel. Just hesitates and jerks. If I slow down to below 50mph or so it will be fine. Also it doesn't do this while driving in the city. Only at higher speeds on the freeway.

    Anyone with an answer to this problem? Thanks in advance Corey
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    This one is hard to diagnose over the internet...I've never experienced anything like this on our Venture...

    Is your check engine light on? Do you have access to a code scanner, if so you may be throwing a code that doesn't make the light come on (many trans codes are like that)

    But I'm not sure its a trans problem, sounds like an ignition or fuel problem to me. Maybe a coil pack getting ready to poop out? Or possibly an injector dying? The PCM is probably storing information when this is happening which only a scanner could read. With a scanner, you could even check all of the engine/trans parameters in real time while you are driving, that would probably be the best way to get an answer unless you happen to find someone who had the exact same problem...

    Good luck
  • mudder1_2000mudder1_2000 Member Posts: 3
    So I had my OBD codes pulled today and a total of 3 came up. They are
    P1189 - Oil pressure switch circuit
    p1626 - Theft system fuel enable
    P1811 - Max adapter long shift.

    The mechanic pulled one of the plugs and we discovered that they are the original plugs. Quite worn out. I am going to change the plugs and wires this weekend to see what that does. I still don't know how the plugs or wires would only cause a problem on the highway and cause my lights to dim. Anyone with more suggestions? My ears are open. Thanks
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    P1189 is probably a broken wire or bad connection in the oil pressure circuit. The sensor is located next to the oil may want to check and clean repair as necessary...not causing your hesitation problem

    P1626 is a problem with your theft deterrent system...basically, there is an intermittent problem with the serial communications between the powertrain control module (PCM) and the body control module (BCM) This is also not causing your hesitation problem, its just a stored code that says that at least once, your car had trouble verifying that the correct key was being used to start it. If this was your problem, the van would start, run for 2 sec. and shut down. I wouldn't worry about this one...

    P1811 - the long shift code is typically set when your pressure control solenoid is going bad in your transmission. About a $ 600 repair, its internal to the trans and an all to common failure on the Venture (and on the 4T65E trans in general)
    The typical symptoms are harsh shifts at all speeds and a loud whine when the trans gets hot. You don't mention either so I'm guessing its not your problem. It may be as a result of your actual problem.

    I don't think any of these 3 are indicative of what's going on. Without driving it I'm still thinking fuel or ignition issue. Change your plugs and wires like you said you were going to do and also change your fuel filter. Be prepared to let out a string of expletives as you try to get to the rear plugs... Also make sure that the terminals on the coils are squeaky clean when you replace the wires and coat them lightly with dielectric grease before you put on the new wires, you'll have to remove them to get to the rear lugs anyway so its a good time to check them out - if you've got a multimeter, check the resistance between the two towers on each (towers meaning where the wires connect to) the resistance should be 5000-7000 ohms - if its above or below, you've got a bad ignition coil...Hopefully you'll get rid of your problem...good luck
  • mudder1_2000mudder1_2000 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info. Your post has been the most informative one that I have recieved on a number of forums that I have posted on. Thanks again abd I will re-post after I change the components.
  • krobanker1krobanker1 Member Posts: 1
    You sound like you have dealt with these issues before, or are at least competent. My 2004 just started the thunking shift and the wind up "gear" noise as I drive. I would like to find acompetent shop in Cincinnati for transmission issues. My van has 58k on it and has never towed. I have noticed it is getting worse as it gets warmer. Any ideas?
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373

    I am not a mechanic unless there's a shade tree and some beer around :)

    That being said, couple of suggestions -

    -Chances are, the pressure control solenoid inside your trans is failing causing the bumping shifts and whining noises. Any competent trans shop can make this repair - expect $ 600-900...and yes, it tends to get worse as the weather gets warmer...

    - Are you a gambling person? Try this...go to the auto parts store and buy "Lucas Transmission Fix" put 1/2 bottle in and wait 2 weeks...your problem might go away...strangely enough, that's how I got rid of it on mine and it was completely by accident... NOTE: it will get worse for the week or so right after you do it and you will say "I can't believe that I listened to that guy on the internet!!!!" but then it might even go away. That was 2 years ago, haven't had to worry about it since and my mechanic told me I needed a new transmission when it first started happening 3 years ago...Worst wait a couple of weeks, it doesn't go away and you bring it to the trans shop for the solenoid repair...Good luck
  • fleastifffleastiff Member Posts: 52
    Where does one add the Lucas Transmission Fix?
    Why add only a HALF bottle of it?
    Are there any risks to using this product?
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Where does one add the Lucas Transmission Fix? - Put it in right where you would add trans fluid (at the dipstick)

    Why add only a HALF bottle of it? - Because that was what I had left in the bottle when I did it? Actually, it says on the label that you should only use 1/2 a bottle for smaller transmissions. I don't know if the trans in the Venture qualifies as small.

    Are there any risks to using this product? - Says on the label that its good as "preventative maintenance" so you can put it in a perfectly OK trans without a problem. You may want to contact Lucas directly for more info...

    I'm not promoting their product...I just tried an experiment when I had nothing to lose and by chance it worked...hopefully it will help someone else too...
  • rocco7rocco7 Member Posts: 3
    yesterday on my 2003 chevy venture lost overdrive and now also has a whine noise could anyone tell me is this is expensive to fix.
  • duraflexduraflex Member Posts: 358
    rocco7 - SEE MESSAGE # 3 and listed replies.

    My own 2000 Venture started whining last night after a high speed 500 mile run on the PA Turnpike through the mountains and flat old I-70 West to central Ohio. Temps were around 28 degrees F.

    It was fine on the trip until I got 5 miles from home and this noise began that sounded like running on under-inflated tires.

    I'm going to have it checked but this transmission pressure or "transaxle pressure control solenoid" seems the likely culprit from what I've read here.
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Your diagnosis is likely correct but try this:

    1. Get a can of mass air flow sensor cleaner and follow the directions to clean the MAF.

    2. Change your air filter.

    While the solenoid is likely your problem, occasionally the MAF will get dirty and that combined with an air filter that has a little dirt in it will cause the PCM to get some wacky info from the MAF sensor causing it to shift with a bump and whine. For the
    $ 15.00 it will cost you its certainly worth a try.
  • duraflexduraflex Member Posts: 358
    442dude - the shifting is fine with NO bumps or unusual noises.

    My whine noise is constant as I roll, even if I put the car in neutral and coast with the engine on - of course.

    What is mass air flow sensor cleaner and where would I spray it?

    I am not a motor head but I can follow simple instructions.

  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    The MAF is located between the air filter and the engine intake. Its the square looking thing with a wire connected to it and a short length of hose on either side of it. There's also an arrow on it to tell you which way the air should flow through it so you know which way to put it back in.

    The cleaner comes in a aerosol can and is made by CRC (maybe others too?) You can find it at any decent auto parts store. Just be sure to follow the directions on the can to a "T". And don't let the little red hose on the can contact any part of the MAF sensor.

    Good Luck,

    John :shades:
  • duraflexduraflex Member Posts: 358
    Turns out my whining noise and the feeling that I was driving on under-inflated tires or that car would not shift to 4th gear was NOT a transmission problem.

    The problem was a BAD FRONT WHEEL BEARING.

    My local BP garage mechanic put the computer on it, found no transmission codes or anything else wrong with the engine.

    He said I had a bad wheel bearing. He replaced it and now the 2000 Venture drives like new with 70,000 miles on it!

    Cost was $400.

    My clue that they were on the right track was when I was driving to put the car in Neutral and let it coast and it still dragged. To me that meant it must not be a trans problem.
  • fng985fng985 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Venture and I had that problem and throwing diferant types of codes. The mechanic I used to work for had me take the mass airflow sensor off and clean it with throtle body cleaner spray and a Q tip. Make sure all the stuff is off the wires then put it back together. Worked good for me. No running problems or anything for a while. But my tranny is acting wierd it whines shift hard sometimes and now shudders, I have to let is set when I start it cold bfore it will move.
  • welchsamuelpwelchsamuelp Member Posts: 1
    A couple of days ago I ran over a backpack blower that fell off someones truck. I immediately lost automatic shifting ability and later all ability to move. I found that my transmission line was snapped and pulled out. I replaced the line and all transmission fluid and oil. I was told by the chevy dealer that I would not need any pressure on the line for the transmission to reengage. After I replaced it it still fails to engage let alone shift into any gears including R. Anyone have advice for a person trying to save a buck.
  • jebernabejebernabe Member Posts: 3
    happy new year to all. I would like to ask if anybody has experienced this on their venture and if they have an answer. my 02' venture's 40k miles odometer. starter burned out w/out warning, i replaced it only to find out it could barely crank.double checked everything.electrical all ok. tried to manually turn crankshaft main pulley and starter ring gear with a socket wrench and pry bar. no budge.before i disassemble the tranny. is it possible the torque converter seized? van was running great no tell-tale warnings or anythig out of the normal. thank you
  • rhtransrhtrans Member Posts: 84
    If the fluid levl is not full then its an internal transmission problem...make very sure the level is correct. Low fluid level can cause all of these complaints.
  • rhtransrhtrans Member Posts: 84
    No...torque converter not siezed...unbolt the converter bolts will verify it.
  • fleastifffleastiff Member Posts: 52
    The shift lever moves freely without any resistance but it does not shift the gears. The transmission is presently in reverse and I can not shift the gears at all.
    Someone told me its a linkage problem but I have no idea what that means.
  • cach22cach22 Member Posts: 12
    I have read all the posts in this forum and it sounds like the problem with my Venture is the pressure control solenoid in the transmission. I will try cleaning the MAF first to see if that helps at all. My 2000 Venture is shifting roughly. I have had the transmission flushed and added some cleaner (Sea Foam) brand. It seemed to do the trick for a while. But the improvement only lasted a week or so. Now the jerky shifting is back and it appears to be gradually getting worse. I just have a couple of questions. I have not noticed a whine (other than the power steering whine) that many have mentioned here. Will the pressure control solenoid be bad without making the whining noise? My second question is... Is it hard to get to the pressure control solenoid? I guess I am hoping that I can drop the pan and get to it that way rather than take it to a transmission repair shop for $900 worth of repairs.
  • creamescreames Member Posts: 2
    1999 Venture LT bought new for wife, began shifting rough after 15,000 miles, dealer replaced trans, OK for a while ... after 30,000 miles began shifting rough again, dealer replaced trans again, OK for a while ... after 50,000 began shifting rough again, dealers says sorry ... still shifts rough more often now ... until I shut off for 10 seconds or more then will shift perfectly and after a while begins to shift rough again until I shut down for 10 seconds ,... been doing this for years .. now has 140,000 .... whining occurs when shifting rough ... appears shutting down resets something electrical ... not a mechanic but trying to get an answer for my mechanic to hopefully find a simple fix ...
  • azuazu Member Posts: 84
    Sounds like a failing PCS (Pressure Control Sensor). Mine at 133K is starting to act up.
  • creamescreames Member Posts: 2
    When you shut down for 10 seconds or more does it correct the shifting??? and thanks for your input...
  • fleastifffleastiff Member Posts: 52
    When the gear shift lever at the driver's wheel just moves freely, it usually means a small plastic/rubber cap has come off the transmission linkage just a bit in front of the firewall.

    I know I need a new one but I don't know whats its properly called.

    Cap? socket? I only want to replace what is really necessary.

    Chevy Venture 2000.
  • matt113matt113 Member Posts: 1
    my transmission started whinning about a year ago shifting rough now it will not shift past 2 nd gear and it winesover 40 mile hr car dealer said 2 nd 3rd shift solenoid still same problem
  • ceg1212ceg1212 Member Posts: 3
    Good news I changed a few plugs & wires it ran great, but I messed with the wires & the tble started again with the jerking, maybe the distributor or a wire close to it. Let me know if your mechanic figured it out.
  • dadsrepairshopdadsrepairshop Member Posts: 1
    My daughter parked her 2000 Venture at work, when she went to leave no transmission at all. I checked and the shift lever is moving on top of trans and rod into trans seems to be turning shift linkage moving arm and rod never had one fail like this? is their an electrical plug or connection that will cause an instant failure? fluids full and clean. something internal that could cause this? anybody else ever had this??
  • cat1516cat1516 Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    My Venture has been doing this for years. I've taken to different mechanics and nothing has stopped it. Odd that so many people have this problem and they cant fix it. Why turning the car off for 10 seconds makes it stop is bizzare, but it only works for a while. It drives me crazy.
  • gwmsgwms Member Posts: 3
    On round 2 of the transmission rebuild. Word from the shop is that everyting mechanical has been replaced. Now they are hunting an electrical problem. The symptoms are the well known transmission whine, hard shifts, stop, turn the engine off and wait a minute and it runs fine. They have replaced the PCM during the rebuild. Any suggestions what to do next. Perhaps the PCS was bad on the new unit? 2000 Venture 143K. Thanks for the help.
  • caribstar01caribstar01 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 venture and seems to be having problems with trans.
    While driving it sounds as if there is a strain on the engine it shifts into gears but continue with that dragging sound as if it has not shift into another gear.
    Sometimes it wants to shut off and it accelerate high when I am driving slow or if I am idling. Even if I put the van into neutral it still does the same.

    Please help!
  • rico757rico757 Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure out what was going on? My Venture is doing the same thing. The guy next door is a mechanic, hooked it up to the computer and he told me it's the pretty control solenoid. I took it to a transmission shop up the street and they want $1200 - $1500 to rebuild. Said no thanks and took it home. I may just take it to the dealer.
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