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Chevrolet Cobalt Audio Questions

I own a 2006 cobalt coupe ls, and i'm planning on putting my stereo system in it... but in order for me to do that i need to replace the stereo with my head unit. does anyone know how to remove the trim without breaking it? or if you need any special keys after the trim is removed? :confuse:


  • it seems to reset every time I switch the station the equilizer resets itself. I hate that.
  • The EQ is NOT resetting itself, it actually stores the EQ setting for each station. So, if station #1 is a rock station, set it to rock, then switch to another station and set it to another EQ setting. Go back to the first station and the EQ should be reset to rock for that station. I don't have the MP3 stereo, but that's how mine works.

    I've had more problems with the gas gauge--it said that I had a 1/4 of a tank and the car would not start. Unfortunately, I had it towed to a chevy dealer and the mech wrote "2 gals of gas = engine run". I felt like an idiot, but they claimed they reset the "IPC" (computer) but it happened again within a week--this time it showed a 1/3 tank. I filled it up completely and now it seems better.. who knows.
  • gvsunursegvsunurse Posts: 28
    I had to "fix" this in my aunt's Equinox's quite just program the equilizer you want with the pick the equilizer and re-program it and you should be all set. The dealer should have explained that to you...
  • airmn65airmn65 Posts: 14
    I would NOT attempt to change that sound system, or play with the dashboard!! You could really tear things up badly.My LTZ has an: AM/FM/CD. 7 speaker sound system,with a sub-woofer mounted in the trunk!! All standard and the system sounds GREAT!! I love it. You just may need to play with the equalizer/sound selector button to get the sound you like best, but I personally would NOT change it!! Mine sounds very good and VERY loud!! Well...Good luck.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    To each his own, but I agree, I wouldn't change the stereo of any new car with an aftermarket unit. Factory car stereo's for the last 10-15 years are very good and in my opinion (especially the Delco's) are as good as the aftermarket. I have always replaced head units in my auto's in the past with Alpine head units and amplifier, but I will no longer do that in the future.
  • airmn65airmn65 Posts: 14
    Also...Changing your audio system just might void your warrenty as far as electrical problems go. I still would leave it alone....For now!!
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617 has a lot of do it yourself tools, instructions, parts.

    I agree with others that the factory stereo is quite good. It is limited principally by the small speakers (small due to the size of the doors and location of glass etc.). Crutchfield has tons of replacement speakers to play with. One option would be to replace the rear speakers, which are larger, with higher quality speakers. And possibly add a power amp to drive the newer speakers (better speakers are sometimes less power efficient, hence the need to place an amp after the head unit, before the speakers).

    But I'd keep the head unit, it's probably as good as you'll get.
  • I have an 06 Cobalt with the 7 speaker system w/228 watt amp. Does anybody know where the amp is located at in the car??
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Check under the front seats. If not there, call a dealer... :confuse:
  • dkurrledkurrle Posts: 20
    my girlfriend is thinking of buyin a cobalt without the truck subwoofer. I found a subwoofer out of a cobalt that i could probably install, but does the subwoofer have a built in amp, or would i need to buy an after market amp? Also does the stock stereo have outputs for an after market amp?? any help would be appreciated
  • does anyone know if i can switch my 2006 head unit to the newer,updated 2007 head unit? Thanks!
  • i just got a 07 cobalt Ls and i want to keep the factory stereo and install my 12" subwoofers and amp is there a module that allows you to connect it all without putting in a aftermarket head unit??
  • I had the same EQ problems with my '05 Cobalt. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain it to me! My boyfriend works with electronics all day and he couldn't even figure it out! Glad it's not something too serious! I will try to reset my stations!! Thanks again!
  • I was wondering if anyone knows the specific specs for the standard audio system on the Cobalt LS and LT1?

    I know it is a four speaker system with XM, CD with MP3 capability and an AUX-IN, but I can't find any info on the power of the amp and the capability of the speakers.

    Thanks in advance.
  • I'm wanting to hook up a new head unit with bluetooth connections but i dont know how to remove the dash without ruining it. Any advice??? :confuse:
  • Not sure if this was covered yet but, My 05's warrenty just ran out and so i want to put my subs in, Nothin big, 2 10's at 300 W each, I have the pioneer factory head, 7, and trunk sub, not wanting to get rid of the pioneer head, but not sure if I can add another amp at the back of the head, or splice before the stock amp, and add the 10's there, or im open to ideas, and like every other post, Does anyone know how to get the dash appart?
  • sethy32sethy32 Posts: 3
    the best thing to do is have it professionally done. the cobalts have a very complicated stereo. i had to have an adaptor put in mine because there was so much stuff tied into my stock stereo.
  • sethy32sethy32 Posts: 3
    i'm pretty sure its right behind the stock subwoofer...if you look on top kinda behind the sub you can see the different wires.
  • sethy32sethy32 Posts: 3
    yes you can connect it to the stock head unit there is an adaptor thats used and an rca output box that needs to be installed. its pretty simple and not that much extra. $.
  • i have a 2005 cobalt and i want to take the stereo out to see if i can connect an mp3 player somewhere in the back since it doesnt have an aux input jack in front. does anyone know for sure if the stock stereo even has that in the back??
  • do you have an idea of how i can take the stereo out...... or where i could find something to tell me how to take it out????
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    There is probably a schematic sheet somewhere that explains how to do it but I couldn't tell you. I thought someone had posted that it has the connections at the back or you can use an adapter of some kind.
  • cnancnan Posts: 1
    does the 06 stock stereo in a cobalt have an auxillary input?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I believe so but I can't say for sure. Try a google search if no one with an 06 responds.
  • xomissbxoxomissbxo Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Cobalt LT that I have had just over a year. My question concerns the XM Radio feature. When I look at the radio presets in my car, I have about 10 XM presets however I do not have the special antenna to hear them. When I try to listen to them the radio display says XM feature not available. I asked the salesperson who sold me the car and he checked it out and basically said I don't have the XM option eventhough I have presets. Does anyone know why I would have those channels set on my radio? Also, I would like to have XM but I don't want to buy the radio at Best Buy, etc. and spend an arm and a leg. Does anyone know if I can somehow (through the dealership or anywhere else) get the XM antenna and have it installed. I just don't understand why I have presets for it! Thanks in advance for the help!
  • expwymanexpwyman Posts: 25
    I bought an 08 LT that does not have audio controls on the steering wheel, and I saw a steering wheel with the controls on sale on Ebay. Does anyone know if the wires for the audio control are there behind the blank trim on the wheel? If so, can I replace the blank with the audio controls and trim?
  • cadelesscadeless Posts: 4
    I'm doing some customizing, Painting some trim "Victory Red" to match the exterior. The first pic is the front. The second shows the 6 pins that hold it on. BE WARNED! Very soft plastic! So take the time to get behind each pin and pull straight out rather then prying at the edges. Also know that they are firmly held to the dash. It will take some force. When it finally does give, it will sound like you broke it. The third pic shows how the trim at the top overlaps. So they get to come off as well. Pic four shows their pin locations. Same kind, get behind, pull straight out, The last pic is the front of the three parts that need to come off to access your head unit. Lastly, your DIC buttons, seat warmer switch's, and passenger airbag on/off display, are attached to the back of these parts that your popping out. Will say it again, Very Soft Plastic! If you intend to reattach them when your done, then take the time to un-attach them. When you remove the DIC buttons, Make sure you don't loose your buttons. You will understand when you get to that part.

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  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 299
    When I bought my 2006 Impala I ordered the Bose speaker system. It was not much better or actually any better than the standard stereo in an Impala I rented a few months later. I am going to order a 2009 Cobalt in January. Has anyone compared the standard system in the 2LT with the Pioneer 7 speaker system? What do you think? Is it worth the extra money?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I have wondered that myself. Delco's have always been known as the best stock brand stereo in auto's but to compare that with a Pioneer would be tough unless a dealer had a few cars with different radio's to compare to. I have heard that some vehicles radio reception (HHR) hasn't been as good with these upgraded radio's.

    I have always bought Alpine stereo's with every car/truck that I have owned but there is no reason to anymore with these great standard radio's nowadays.
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