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I would like to buy the official 2002Toyota Avalon Engineering Manual, not owers manual, besides the Toyota dealer.
Can anyone tell me where else can I get it?



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    Repair manual can be obtained through Toyota web site, for information Look in the FAQs section. I called the number referenced (1-800 number) It sounded like it would take three manuals (If you included the electrical circuits etc.) Have much money ready when you call. I believe it was around $250 for all three manuals) My dealer rep advised that because of the need for a computer to read the diagnostics, He would not recommend that expenditure, but he would have been glad to order it for me.
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    Try ebayMotors, there is a set there now for a 2003 model year. I got mine (2000) at less than half the dealer cost. Good luck!
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    My son just bought a '96 Avalon. It did not come with an owners manual. Can anyone help us find one? Or, copy yours? Also, I believe it had an alarm or keyless entry but the button did not come with the car. (the car was bought from a dealer that bought it at auction) Last but not least the CD Player will not eject the CD (it plays though). Does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix that?
    Thanks, we would appreciate hearing from you if you can help us.
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    Any suggestion on where to buy a set of repair manuals for my 2000 Avalon XLS?
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    I bought a 2000 Avalon xls but have no manual (the dealer was going to send it---of course he was). I love this car so much that I will not do anything without knowing exactly how first. Can anyone suggest a book that covers the most?

    I have to replace a stop light, I don't know all of the control options on the panel for audio, etc. And if I won't take a chance blundering around with these, you know I will avoid repairs. I expect more need in the area of details than repairs because it has been such a great car mechanically.

    I saw the manual by Haynes at Amazon. But I'm not sure if will address what I need.

    I am not a regular so feel free to email. Thanks.
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    Actually, since we're an online community we'd really rather the conversations take place on the boards instead of by email. That way the information can benefit all of our members, now and in the future.

    Hope you WILL become a regular. We have lots to offer! ;)
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    Buying the service manual if probably most comprehenive since it is specific to your model and year. For instance, I have an 02 Toyota Avalon, and a Vol I and II specific for that model and year. It was way more expensive than the Haynes, but the Haynes is more generic, more for an overview and fluid changes. For instance, Torque specifications, important for things like put the A/T pan back on and other items are omitted in the Haynes manual.

    Anyone of them is better than none, and anything you can do yourself is a bonus.

    Good luck.

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    You can now read the owners manual online, video and text.
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    Beeman4u, I moved your post to a better place. You might want to look at some of the things that have been posted there already since it is about what you asked. Here's the link to where your post is now: beeman4u, "Toyota Avalon - Basic maintenance questions (oil changes, fluids, etc.)" #201, 7 Nov 2006 6:52 am
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    Bushman26, I moved your post to the Avalon Audio discussion. Here's the link: bushman26, "Toyota Avalon - Audio (iPod, MP3, speakers, etc.)" #139, 13 Nov 2006 6:56 pm.
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    I own a 2003 Avalon and I am looking for an in-depth manual/repair book on such things as sun roof removal,installing a Sirius Radio in the ash tray compartment without loosing the spring loaded door and other customizing options. I'm as first timer so I am open to any and all suggestions.
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    Give All Data DIY a try. I use it for all my cars and it lists that it support the 03 Avalon. The book quotes the time to do a job and TSBs, where the clips are behind all plastic pieces in the dash etc. It has two demo cars to check it out on (one is a 95 Tercel). There is a yearly price but it isn't much. If you get a multi year subscription, you can change the vehicle the manual is for once for free.

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    I will soon be the owner of a 2000 Avalon XLS with all of 30k miles on it. The car looks to be in excellent condition, but it is 6 years old.

    From what I understand the only real maintenance done to the car has been oil changes, tire rotation, and I don't know much beyond that.

    Given this scenario, what type of maintenance or proper preventive care should I invest in right off the bat.

    I was thinking tires, battery, coolant flush, transmission fluid, differential fluid.

    I'm not sure if this is being paranoid or if it makes sense to do all of these maintenance items.

    What would you suggest?

    Mike :confuse:
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    Hi huy67_ca - welcome to CarSpace! I moved your post to a better discussion for the subject. You might want to look through (or Search) the previous posts to see if you find anything helpful while you are waiting for some input. Here's the link: huy67_ca, "Toyota Avalon - Engine Questions (Check Engine Light, etc.)" #253, 21 May 2007 8:40 am.
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