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Toyota Avalon Interior

ke21ke21 Posts: 2
01 Avalon XLS, 22000KM. Rattles from front right door on any hush roads. Anyone experiences this? How to solve it. Have sent the cat back to dealer for 5 times without fixing it.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


  • I have a loud tapping noise coming from behind speedo or center of dash only on hard accerlaration (3000rpm and up) or in idle it does when revved up and local dealer cannot find. anyone with solution highly appreciate.
  • Our trunk release lever stopped working suddenly, and an inspection of the latch mechanism revealed that the cable had simply come out of its holding bracket. I replaced the cable sheath into it's holding slot and shored it up with a piece of folded cardboard so it wouldn't pop out again. Hope this hint helps anyone with the same problem. The trunk locking mechanism is very straight-forward. By the way, if you ever get locked in your trunk, you can get out by pulling the cosmetic covering off the inside of the trunk between the latch and the lock, then moving the lever that connects the two. Hey, we live in dangerous times!
  • My wife has a 2002 Avalon with 13,000 miles. A few months ago she had to have the driver side door panel replaced because the seat belt didn't retract and the latch was wedged between the panel and the pillar. Toyota replaced it but said that happens very often and that it will probably happen again. The service manager said we are to look each time we get out of the car and manually retract the belt if needed. We were willing to do that, although my much cheaper Corolla doesn't need this to be done, but last month during a storm the wind caught the door and slammed it shut. Sure enough the latch was wedged and damaged the panel. Our dealer said they wouldn't replace the panel any more even though they admit there is a problem so we went to the regional office and was told the same thing. They refuse to replace the panel and they refuse to do anything about the seat belt.
    We bought 2 Toyotas in the last 2 years thinking their quality and service was top-notch only to find out they're no better than anybody else.
    Has anyone else had this problem or maybe know what can be done?
  • have the same issue with the driver side belt not retracting automatically my 01 xls. Only solution i have found is to make sure the belt retracts manually. seems as if detroit ethics have finally made their way to our pseudo japanese car companies
  • zebra5zebra5 Posts: 45
    I have a '97 Avalon XL. The interior trunk release handle, located on the floorboard down by the driver's feet, no longer opens the trunk, although I still hear it clicking when I lift the release handle. The only way I open the trunk now is getting out of the car and opening it with the car key - which is annoying. I first suspected it was a blown fuse, but as far as I can tell, the trunk latch release is mechanical, not electrical. Anybody have suggestions how to fix?
  • Looking for a suggestion to keep my 96 Avalon windows from sticking shut.

    The window channels are clean and so is the glass. It has happened to both right side windows in the last few weeks: They won't open. Nothing wrong with the electrical connections - I can hear the motor in the door click. On the rear window I was able to get it free by pushing down on the glass while pushing the power window button. The passenger side front required taking off the door panel and tapping the track while pushing the button.

    Everything is clean and the windows work fine once freed.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    Sweet tech advice on the HVAC system. Not my game above.

    Sticky windows. You found the problem. To prevent it the easiest way, I have gotta think, some "Blue Marine Grease" (Hydrophilic) in the slides, will keep it from sticking. You have an 8 year old car, and I would imagine the seals and channels have changed a little. Without replacing the entire mechanism, I would first try some Blue Marine Grease or any good quality synthetic grease on the mechanism that sticks to it, Weather or not.

  • I wish I knew where the windows were sticking. I have put silicone lube on the channels and weather strips. I also put a special non drying, non-sticky, lube on the track. Never had power windows stick shut before, even on my 18 year old Toyota Van.

    I was able to pass a wire completely around the glass along the door frame, so I'm sure it was not sticking to the channels or weather strip. That leaves the track. The plastic (that holds the window) that rides on the track was not rough and appeared undamaged. The track itself was clean with no rough spots, though there was some lubricant on it.

    I suppose it could be the window motors, but two at once?
  • bdriscbdrisc Posts: 1
    The center display - - the bright blue one in the center of my 2000 Avalon is disappearing. The background is now a charcoal gray color rather than blue. I can still see the information being displayed (day, temp, etc.) but just barely. The car has 67k miles on it and otherwise is in really good shape. Any help??

  • hamcarmanhamcarman Posts: 6
    Have you checked your headlight switch and moved it from Auto to off to see if there was any change. I know there is a relay that is associated with the head light switch that can cause this. I know you have already checked to make sure your reostat for your dash lights is turned up.
  • texasfx35texasfx35 Posts: 65
    On my '97 Avalon XLS (64,000 mi) I have been living for months with a driver-side power seat that squeals as it approaches the full rear travel. Dealer has tried to lube it a couple of times, which seems to help temporarily, but the squeal resurfaces after a few days. When I look at the track mechanism is doesn't seem to be overly lubricated so I am not sure the dealer service tech is getting grease in the right spot(s). Now the dealer says they must replace the track assembly to fix the problem. However, the cost is $1650 to do so. The car is only worth about $8000 so this doesn't sound cost effective. Anybody had this problem and fixed it for a reasonable fee?
  • I've only had my '01 Avalon XLS for two days, so this may be only part of the learning curve, but the INST ECON setting changes constantly, very randomly, and with a wide spectrum of values, from, say, 3mpg to 50mpg in 6 seconds, all while driving on a straight-away with cruise set at 62mph.

    The manual says that the displayed value is updated every 2 seconds, so I expect the value to change, but not wildly.

    Is there something I need to do to "set it" or is this something I should check with Toyota about? (Car has 29,000 miles, and I purchased the extended 100,000 warranty.)

  • qualitynutqualitynut Posts: 36
    INST ECON stands for Instantaneous Economy and your display is operating correctly. The reason you see the numbers moving around so much is 1) the update time which you identified, and 2) because the instantaneous mpg actually does change based upon the driving conditions (let off gas, up hill, down hill, flat surface, etc.) You should set it to AVG ECON for more meaningful information. It will reset every time you add fuel. Based on definition of the INST ECON, there is nothing to "set." INST ECON is almost worthless in my opinion for the reasons I have just given. For your reference, I can easily attain 28-29 avg. mostly freeway and can obtain 30-31 all freeway (Ohio, mostly flat terrain). Fuel type doesn't seem to matter much, perhaps 1 mpg difference between 87 and 92 octane.
  • Thanks for the very helpful response. I'm greatly relieved to know that the car and its gauges are ok. Anyway, I've set the reading to AVG ECON, which is making sense to me.

  • lufululufulu Posts: 2
    After 5 yrs and 60K miles of ownership, my 1999 Avalon's airbag light has suddenly started sporadically coming on.

    My dealer did a diagnosis and has determined that both the sensor and the left airbag unit needs to be replaced based on an error code from the diagnosis. The cost is rather steep - $930!!

    My questions are
    - Is it possible for an original, undeployed airbag to be deemed faulty?
    - What can happen to it that necessitates a replacement?

    Before I ask the dealer to go ahead and replace the airbag I thought I will request this forum to weigh in!! If any of you have an experience with this, I would appreciate a response.


    PS. The Toyota Customer Service did a search for me and didn't find any recall. Additionally they were not very useful with hints on how to verify the dealer's claim!!
  • nomad56nomad56 Posts: 134
    lufulu-Have you had any work done recently, that would require an alignment(ie: struts)???

    ...or, any work that included an airbag "reset"???

    If the diagnostic code is for sensor/airbag replacement, I (personally/IMO) would start with the sensor, first, and retest. You may also get a second opinion. Perhaps with a tech who has seen this before???? ...but, I am imagining it is unusual. -nomad56-
  • lufululufulu Posts: 2
    Thx for the response.

    Nope - no struts work or airbag reset! The service reps at my dealership don't appear interested in probing into this issue but rather would replace the unit. Hence, I'm wary!!

    I will try to get some other opinions - one problem is that a diagnostic costs around $70 - so there is cost associated with these additional opinions.

  • nomad56nomad56 Posts: 134
    lufulu-I don't think you need to run the diagnostic again. Call, or stop at a dealer, and let 'em know what it's doing. See if a tech has experienced this. Or, has any recommendations. I do not recall any service bulletins on this one. -nomad56-
  • I have a 98 Avalon xls and have had excellent service. The only thing I can find wrong right now is that the cup holders that pop out of the center console stick. Striking the top of the arm rest frees this but is annoying. Does anyone know how to access or remove the cup holder mechanism so it can be serviced?
  • kicker9kicker9 Posts: 57
    If anyone has any detailed info as to how to remove the dash vents above the stereo, it would be greatly appreciated. I have a rattle in the vacinity and don't want to pay dealer hourly rate to search.
  • nomad56nomad56 Posts: 134
    Kick-You didn't say what year, but they ALL pry out-newer models they are self contained, older models they are attached to the radio bezel. Pulling it out away from the dash, as straight as possible. They are held in with those sheet metal clips that wedge into a box shaped hole. A 2" putty knife wrapped in a rag is best for prying it out. However tools are rarely needed. -nomad56-
  • djmdjm Posts: 1
    The light on the right side of my 98 Avalon dashboard is out. (Can't see the MPH or fuel gauge at night.) I pulled the plastic cover and metal pieces below the steering column in hopes of getting access to the bulb from behind and underneath the dash with no luck. Any advice on how/what to remove next in order to get to the bulb would be appreciated.
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    yesterday mysteriously the power window on the drivers side front door stopped working. It wasnt cold and i last used the window a day before. I had some rust proofing done including the door about a month back. In the morning it started working again. Is there a overload protection mechanism in the motor and could the rustproofing oil do any damage. Its a 96 avalon xls.
  • Also have 96 Avalon. Starting last year, one or more of the windows sometimes do not work. It is always just one or two, with the others working fine. Just happened to both right side windows a couple of weeks ago. They stop working for no apparent reason and will start working again, sometimes days later. They will usually continue working perfectly for several months before the cycle repeats.

    I've pulled off the interior door panels, unmounted the motors, cleaned and lubed the track, and made sure nothing was binding. I also tried bypassing the main switch and the individual door switch, as well as he anti-theft system, when I powered the motors directly from the battery. Didn't work. Sometimes, tapping directly on the motor or track will get the motor working again, but usually not. Then, hours or days later all is working perfectly.

    My Avalon received the wind noise upgrade kit years ago that included new windshield side moldings, new door weather strips, new front window motors that closed the windows tighter, etc.

    It is hard to believe that I have four bad window motors or four bad individual window switches. Even when a non driver door window is stuck shut I can hear the click in the door when the driver's door master switch for that window is pressed. That eliminates the master switch on the driver's door and other non-motor electrical components. My volt meter says the switches are okay too.

    Please post what it takes to fix your reluctant window.
  • Just this morning my 99 Avalon did the same thing. The airbag light came on and stayed on until I turned the car off. Anyway, what did you finally wind up doing about your airbag light?
  • zebra5zebra5 Posts: 45
    I have a 97 Avalon on which the rear driver side window has not worked since about six months after the warranty ended. A dealer tried to sell me a new motor, to which I declined. It mysteriously started working again for a while, but then shortly after stopped once and for all. Maybe somebody out there has cracked the code on what the most likely solution is - if so please share it.


    I also have had what I consider excessive wind noise from the front driver side window from Day One with this car. Fndlyfmrflyr, when did you get your wind noise upgrade kit, might it apply to 97 models also, and did you have to request it or were you contacted (i.e., a recall)? I've heard nothing about such a thing.
  • A good slam of a read door usually gets the a rear door window working again. I've had the panels off and cleaned the connectors. Also made sure there was no binding on the track and nothing in the window channels. Took out the motors and checked them too (Every time I pulled a motor it worked fine when I tested it).


    The wind noise fix was for 1995 and 1996 Avalons. New windshield moldings like those on the 1997 model were installed. New door weather stripping and new design rubber sound strips around the doors were installed. Insulation was added to the side mirrors and new front door power window motors were installed that closed the windows tighter.


    There was no recall. Dealers would do the fix for customers that complained of wind noise around the front door mirrors and near the tops of the front door closed windows. The fix did not make a big difference. However, I stopped noticing the wind noise after the fix, so it must have done some good.
  • Does the Avalon have a transmission filter that needs to be changed with the oil? Thanks.
  • Hi, I do not know answer on your question,but I would like to ask you were did you get window noise upgrade kit for avalon..thank you
  • The dealer. This was done when the car was less than two years old.
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