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Toyota Avalon - Aftermarket Parts

cc123cc123 Posts: 5
edited October 2014 in Toyota
Anyone know of any aftermarket heated side mirrors for the Avalon Touring? I don't see these as an option for this model.


  • I have the 06 Limited and have been wanting to find mercedes like mirrors with the light bar on the front side with no luck. I have run across a few after market mirrors - but none that were heated... If anyone has any thoughts - please share. image
  • kpraveenkpraveen Posts: 22
    Hi Guys,

    My stupidity hurted my lovely avalon and now i started searching for a passenger rear door. My avalon xl is 95 model. Can you kindly suggest me the websites where I can find this door.
    Thank you very much for reading this post.
    Thanks well in advance for all your replies.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    kpraveen - simply go to one or more junkyards in your area and ask for the door you need. Even before the widespread use of the Internet, the junkyards were networked together, so they can locate the part if they do not have it. You probably will not find it in the correct color, so you might be better off simply having a body replace the door skin and repaint the door, unless the damage extends beyond the skin.
  • kpraveenkpraveen Posts: 22
    fsmmcsi - Thank you very much for your reply. My door is not damaged from inside, its skin got damaged, so should i search for only door skin of passenger rear door. I have already posted request in few junkyard websites. I hope to year soon from them. I have submitted requests in,,

    What is the probability of finding them through junk yards. I know my question looks stupid but am anxious and curious to find whether will i be able to fix my car with the help of used door instead of new one. Because new door cost me a lot than used.

  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    used door or new door you still have paint it. the only issue is you might want to verify if the power windows work on the old door. a new door is NOT worth the effort for a 10 yr old car.

    if the dent is too big they are method/tools whereby they apply SUCTION and pull the dent out. you tehn need putty or something like that to finish it off, sand it and paint.

    worth the try. BTW getting an AVALON door might be hard since there arent too many avalons out there!!!
  • kpraveenkpraveen Posts: 22
    Deepan, Thank you for your reply. My car door hinges are broken and when i took it to 3 to 4 auto body shops, everyone said it needs to be replaced so i guess that it can not be repaired. I will make sure all things are working perfectly( like power locks and glass etc.) when they fit a used door and repaint it.
  • During recent rain storm intermittent wiper stopped working. Other speeds are operating.
    Can I make repair myself? Is it switch or the motor that needs repair? :)
  • koblackkoblack Posts: 1
    Does any one know where to get Avalon body kit or “ground effects” here are links to the examples that I am talking about. They are on

    They are two completely different cars but they seem to have the same kit. Please help!
  • manav82manav82 Posts: 16
    I have found replacement blades for the 2007 Avalon. has them for the lowest price I have seen ($14 each). They are also available thru for a little bit more.

    You can get more info at or call them at 888-485-8468.

    Valeo ULTIMATE® OE Wiper Blade
    Make Selected: TOYOTA

    Model Selected: Avalon

    Year Selected: 2006

    Driver — Part No: 900-26-7
    Pass. — Part No: 900-20-7
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    Does anyone know of aftermarket grille options? I found this one for the current model, but not for the 03. title
  • I have the same problem. How did you fix it?
  • How can a person buy a service repair manual for a 2006 Avalon Limited
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Or you sure you don't have a rain sensor..??
  • neil5neil5 Posts: 118
    I have had my avalon for 5 yrs. I recommend going to ebay and ordering 13.00 includes shipping and handling...Rainx latitudes..I am putting these on all my cars. They are wonderful. At walmart 17.00 for whole blade unit.
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