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Volvo C70 Audio System Problems



  • millenrmillenr Posts: 28
    I know that you have said this many times, yet the literature still states the pre-wire for Sirius. I picked up my car last week and I have the navigation system - so I asked the dealer again, and he said that it was pre-wired for Sirius.

    I believe you know what you are talking about, just why doesn't all the other dealers know this?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I don't know why they don't know.

    I did check w/ Volvo and they confirmed that none of the C70's are being pre-wired.
    I don't know if the C70 Sirius unit will even be available as a dealer option.
    It is a factory option on the 07's.
  • barry626barry626 Posts: 78
    You are right on the $.
    Sirius is now a option for 07 cost is $295.00.
    I just ordered my loaded C70 for 10/3 delivery.
  • freddy8freddy8 Posts: 13
    I've searched the archives, and it's still unclear: does anyone know how I can get the definitive on hooking up an mp3 player directly to the premium sound system in the C70 -- I do not want to buy a car for which I'll have the mp3 player's sound translated to FM radio signal to get it into the amp of the car. (the loss converting CD to MP3 is all the sound quality loss I think I can stand). Looks like the '7 may only have the accessory to hook it up and bring it in as an FM radio signal. Thanks!
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    I am not sure why you would want to listen to mp3s on a premium sound system. I mean, the sound quality of mp3 even on a lower end system is really unsatisfying, but for a high end system, such as the dynaudio in the c70 the imperfections of mp3 are so obvious it would seem to defeat the purpose of having such a great sounding system to begin with. I suspect Volvo took this into consideration when they made decisions about how the sytem would be built and with what features to include. For me, the only advantage to mp3 in car audio is the portability. I have a high end system in my current vehicle and can't stand listening to the mp3s.
  • alp8alp8 Posts: 656
    does that mean you only listen to CDs, or that you use a different format for what is on your iPod???
  • curemecureme Posts: 15
    I spoke with my dealer because I had the same concern and I have been assured that the auxiliary input for the radio (both standard and dynaudio) is a direct wired connection and not via FM. I actually gave up delivery on my '06 this month and delayed until November to get an '07 with this feature.

    As to the quality of MP3s on a high end stereo, I've got a great system at home and stream MP3s all the time. As long as the bitrate is high enough, it sounds pretty dang good in my opinion.
  • crixycrixy Posts: 3
    Hear in the UK the AUX input will only be on the High Performance or Dynaudio model - so not on the base 'Sport' model. From MY07 specs:
    'Aux Input (in conjunction with high performance or Dynaudio Premium Sound) (£650.00 option on Sport model)
    This handy mini-plug socket, positioned in the deep storage bin behind the centre console, allows you to connect a portable music device, such as an MP3 player, to either the High Performance or Dynaudio Premium Sound Audio System. Volume is conveniently controlled from the steering wheel or centre console.'

    It's the only thing missing from my MY06 T5 manual...

    Could be different in USA of course.

  • freddy8freddy8 Posts: 13
    Thanks everyone. I passed on my '6, because I've had my last car 9 years and don't like the FM modulator route sound quality.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Only the 2007 model has the aux input for MP3 players
  • Hi All,
    Has anyone found a good FM transmitter or other solution for the '06 C70. I love my car so far, but am getting sick of burning discs and miss using my iPod in the car. I wasn't a huge fan of the Volvo option which was the left, driver side dash mounted option - I'd like something a bit more discreet - thinking something I can use from the center console area. Any suggestions? Any and all help and leads are appreciated.
    Many thanks!
  • Here's a great solution that the guys at Tweeters stereo store came up with for me. You take a wireless FM modulator (Clarion) with an MP3 output and put the modulator in the trunk, right next to the radio unit. Then you run the MP3 output up to your xm radio on your dash. Because the FM signal has so much shorter to travel, you don't get nearly the interference you do by just using the wireless capability in the xm radio itself. I had it installed yesterday and it works really well. Now if they could only do something with the whirring noise/barking dog ....
  • Earlier Volvodriver posted the following:
    "Hi, I had my Bluetooth installed a couple of months after I received my car. I received a comprhensive manual and the Bloothtooth works great with one exception the sub-woofer in the rear still thuds and booms even though the rest of the audio system mutes itself - Volvo service at my dealer states this is an issue without a fix and told me just power off the stereo during phone calls... A quick question for other Bluetooth users with the Dynaudio system, are you having the sub-woofer issue as well?"

    I thought a new thread would make it easier to find info on Bluetooth and/or Audio Systems...
  • My Bluetooth was fixed by the dealership. It used to come out of the sub-woofer/rear speakers only. Now it works properly. It comes out of the side speakers. When I am making a call the radio/audio mutes. I don't get thudding/thumping/booming or anything else through the sub-woofer. I do not have to power off the radio. It seems to do that automatically... I hit the blue button on the bluetooth, the radio mutes and the radio screen turns to the generic audio screen and the only thing I hear is my call... when I hang up / cancel / exit, the radio returns to normal.
  • tombontombon Posts: 11
    I have been using the Bluetooth for about two months and until your post I thought the entire sound system went quiet during my phone calls. However, I now notice the sub-woofer noise during calls. It is subtle, but it is there. Maybe my sub-woofer settings are a little lower than yours???
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    I haven't gotten my C70 yet. I'm getting the Dynaudio stereo and the navigation system. In the photos it appears that there is a center speaker in the dashboard, but that is where the screen for the nav system is located. Whats up with that?
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    The NAV system pops up from the top of the dash when you press the button. When you shut it down it recedes. It's not the same screen as the audio screen.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    Yes, I realize that. In pictures of C70s without the nav system, it looks like there is a speaker in the same spot. There even is a Dynaudio logo. Is this a center speaker and if so, what becomes of it if there is a nav screen in that spot?
  • I don't have the nav system but I know what you are talking about and I wondered the same exact thing. (What happens to the center speaker on the front dash when you get the nav system?)
  • My subwoofer setting is about two notches past center. I've not noticed it yet. I'll try to listen for it again and post later.
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    yes it is the center speaker. If you get the NAV the screen pops out in the same general area of the center spearker.
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    The speaker actually wraps around the Nav pop up with most of the speaker located in front and on the sides of the NAV lid. It's very nicely designed.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    I will be very curious to get a closer look at it. It seems like the nav screen would interfere with the sound when in the closed position.
  • Okay, I am wrong again. I listened more carefully for the thudding and thumping from the subwoofer and IT IS THERE. Yuck. I hadn't been noticing it until I turned the subwoofer up a little more. Maybe I hadn't noticed it because I was on "3-channel" and not on Dolby Pro earlier. Either way, this time I was on Dolby Pro and I heard it. And, yes, turning down the volume takes care of that. It's not too bad.
  • jaanjaan Posts: 3
    Will receive my C70 tomorrow (T5, Dynaudio, Nav).

    Dealer told that for Volvo BT handsfree he must also add installation set for premium sound or high performance sound system (Volvo part # 30775964) and something called AEM block (30752453). No big deal, but still twice $100+.

    Any experiences about handsfree installations? Are these two parts really a must or tries my dealer to get bit better markup on his first C70?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Simply put, the parts book dictates what must be part of the installation.
    Some people here have complained about the Bluetooth w/ the Dynaudio system, so maybe their dealer didn't include the parts in question.
  • Know where i can get a 3 cd mag for my 2003 c70 sc 901 cd/radio? Or where i can get a cheap replacement cd/radio if the problem ( the mag keeps going in and out without ever seeming to accept a cd) is more than the mag?

  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,390
    Obviously, you can get them from your dealer. Sometimes they are on Ebay.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Sounds like an issue w/ the radio.
  • jaanjaan Posts: 3
    After some consulting with dealer I decided to go for Nokia 616 instead of Volvo (Motorola) BT unit. Got it installed a while ago, but using separate speaker and no radio mute (some cable missing on dealer's side).

    Two weeks ago wrong cable delivered...

    Last try just finished: right(?) cable set delivered, mute finally working, but sound still only via separate speaker. Explanation by dealer: there is no right amplifier in Nokia 616 to connect it to Volvo head unit. Sounds like BS.

    Q: Any [postive] experiences about Nokia 616 (or other Nokia HF) and new C70, using factory speakers?
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