2007 Ford Fusion vs. 2007 Hyundai Sonata

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I want to buy a I4 midsize sedan. I'm not looking for fancy gadgets. Just looking for the best value.

2007 Sonata has a larger interior (105 cu ft), better crash scores, longer warranty, standard stability control, standard traction, standard ABS, 3 rear head rests, interior air filtration, heated outside mirrors, and rear heat ventilation ducts.

2007 Fusion SE has standard 16 inch alloy wheels, in dash 6 disc CD changer, 2 rear headrests, and optional ABS.

Equipped with the Automatic transmission and ABS, the 2007 Fusion SE MSRP is $20,300 and invoice is $18,748.

With no options the 2007 Sonata GLS MSRP is $18,895 and invoice is $17,707.

Even the 2007 Fusion S trim with the optional automatic transmission and ABS is more expensive with an MSRP of $19,440 and invoice $18,147.

The only plus for the Fusion over the Sonata is style. I think that both the S and SE should price under the Sonata. Then the Fusion would be a good buy.


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    The Fusion will drive and handle much better than the Sonata and will probably be more reliable based on the first year of Fusion production and lack of reported problems (not a $$$ issue due to the warranty, just the inconvenience of taking it back for warranty work).

    Go drive each one and get a drive out price for each one (can't go by just MSRP or invoice), then decide. They're both good cars.
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    The only plus for the Fusion over the Sonata is style.

    I don't like the style of either, actually. But in addition to handling, the fusion has more comfortable seat and also better driving position for me due to telescoping wheel. Sonata does not have that, except in highest trim level.

    Fusion has 5 speed trans with the 4 cyl and 6 speed with V6, Sonata has one less gear.
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    Fusion has 5 speed trans with the 4 cyl and 6 speed with V6, Sonata has one less gear.

    Yeah but in the Sonata you can shift through all the gears with the V6, the Fusion you just have the choice between D and L.

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    The Sonata has a telescopic wheel in both SE and Limited trim. But that is a moot point if the driving position is comfortable for the owner and any other regular drivers. Personally I need the power seat option on the Sonata ($500 minimum package cost) to make the driving position comfortable. I didn't find I needed the telescopic wheel to be comfortable, but I can see it can come in handy if the driver has short arms, or different people of different sizes regularly drive the car.

    Regarding the comment on relative reliability, the '06 Sonata also had few reported problems in its first year. It's been out in the U.S. since the spring of '05, so there has been time for Hyundai to work out any kinks.

    A better place for this discussion I think is in the Midsized Sedan comparison discussion--where part of the question was cross-posted. In the post made in that discussion, it's clear the decision is not just between the Fusion and Sonata, but includes the Accord and Camry also.
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    The Sonata has a telescopic wheel in both SE and Limited trim.

    Not according to Hyudai's brochure.
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    Yep, the HMA web site doesn't mention telescopic wheel on the Sonata SE--my faulty memory told me it was on the V6 Sonatas.

    While on the web site, I found this, FWIW. Ford probably has something similar on its web site:


    Edit: Yes it does!

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    Silly Ford...they list "tilt steering column" in their own comparison. You'd think they would list "tilt/telescoping..." instead, and say "not available" or "tilt only" in the Sonata column.
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    That's not the only strange thing about Ford's comparison. The only two advantages they give over the Sonata are lack of a leather interior option (which is available on the Sonata Limited, as a standard feature) and something about a split back seat. I've sat in both back seats and I have no idea what they are talking about. Both cars have 60/40 split folding back seats.

    Also, Ford's review shows the list price of the Fusion to be less than that of a comparably equipped Sonata SE, yet Ford doesn't note that as an advantage. :surprise:
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    Here in the Phoenix, AZ market, I found the Hyundai dealers much more willing to discount their Sonatas than the Ford dealers with their Fusions. If you watch the weekend sales in the auto section of the paper, you can routinely buy a base Sonata for around $14K. I did. Couple that with the Sonata's superior standard equipment and warranty, it makes sense to buy Korean. We now see Ford is extending their warranties for 2007 - ain't competition great!
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    The V6 sonata is as safe as a crown vic and 1CF more interior volume than the vic and get 19.9 mpg city and 31 mpg hwy. I have owned fords my entire life (still have 2 in the garage) untill i purchased my 06 sonata. My sonata now has 46,000 miles on it. I have zero regrets. I have the top trim level. and paid 17,500 out the door. :)
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    You should check comsumer reports and jd powers. and then repost your handleing and reliability opinion ;).
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    Not sure what you mean.
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    here folks. Value, both these cars scream value/quality/fit/finish for a very fair price. I test drove both when I shopped last year. For me it came down to styling. I wanted a vehicle with a bit more styling/character. This is a personal choice of what an individual likes in styling. :shades:
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    These were my final four cars. Fusion/Milan may have had slightly better handling.

    In the end it came down to price. I chose an Optima over the Sonata primarily on the basis of the dealership. Paid $16.1 with appearance group and leather. Had I gone with a V6, I would have bought the Sonata because of the superior engine-- the 2.7 Optima offered very little over the four. Found the Optima (and Sonata) four to be smoother than the Fusion/Milan and with the 50 series Michelins the handling is as good or better than the Ford twins.

    The Optima shares the new Elantra platform. With struts up front it may be less sophisticated than the Sonata but I didn't notice anything major. Interior fit and finish and dash lighting (at least on the Kia--didn't drive the Sonata at night) were quite a bit better than the Fords.

    If the prices were equal this would have been a hard choice, I thought the Milan and Fusion were both good cars.

    If you're in the market for a four, the Optima should be shopped as an option. If you need the power of the six, the Sonata should be less expensive than the Fusion given similar levels of trim.
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    Michelins are standard on Fusion SEL.
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    Did this thread die?
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    I will give you my thoughts.I tell you i have been researching what to buy for like 4 months. I made the wrong decision before and i was stuck with what i bought. I bought a 2003 Ford F-150 4x4 FX4 with a 5.4L engine. 3 weeks after i bought this truck gas skyrocketed from $1.46 a gallon to like $2.20 a gallon...and it only went up from there. Not only did the truck suck like nothing else i had but it also was relatively slow. At first i didn't even look at hyundai because of the old past and people having the brand recognization that they were junk. I then drove one.....and well all i can say is WOW. I thought the performance was just awesome. The engine was very refined and i thought the transmission did a wonderful job. What didn't i like? The so so styling. Nothing jumps out at you really about the exterior styling. Also the interior dash was a little generic looking to me. I mean it wasn't horrible but not great either but wow was this thing fun to drive...i was quite suprised. Of course i was driving a V6 Limited and if i get a sonata this is what i will be getting. I also drive a FWD Fusion with a V6 and pretty much loaded. Ok exterior styling was to my liking. Not great but not to dang bad. Interior styling was a little bland but i would give it interior styling the edge to the fusion. Then i drove it and although steering and everything like that was very precise i didn't like the results when i tried to merge on the interstate and got up to speed with this thing. The V6 didn't seem refined at all. It was noisy and shifts were harsh. Eventhough i liked the styling better i probably would opt for a sonata over this because of the fun factor. Now these are the only cars i'm looking/looked at:

    Infiniti G35 (decided no because local nissan dealership won't work on them and closest dealer is 90 miles away).

    BMW 3 Series - Seemed to have gone WAY up in price since i had one 6 years ago

    MazdaSpeed3 - Loved it only two slight dislikes are sunroof is not an option and the have leather bulstered seats but not full leather seats with heat. I might be a little concerned with reliability of a turbo unit too (a lot more pressure happening at the engine level).

    Altima 3.5SE - Loved it when i drove it but ive herad a lot of reliability problems with nissans lately. Just look at what engine problems the 4cyl had in 06.

    Camry - First of all, one of the highest MSRP for a loaded one of the bunch. A loaded camry (se or XLE) without navigation is over $30k. Also you have the transmission problems toyota has been having.

    08 Accord Coupe - It seems like most reviews don't like the V6 engine. They say its too refined..(whatever that means). Also read a review that said you can't really noticed that big a diffrence between the 4cyl because the VCM sucks all the fun out of the engine. Definatly bad!!!! If the VCM is at fault you could possibly get a coupe with a manual which takes out vcm but no one has said convincely that this is the problem with the V6 and i can almost guarantee you its going to be hard to find a manual transmission coupe at a dealer since this will be a low production vehicle compared to the others (most people want the sedan..and most want a automatic).

    So far i think my hightest candidates are the altima, sonata, and the MazdaSpeed3 but i could always change my mind.

    My main factors i want are in order by:
    1) Fun to drive factor
    2) Reliability
    3) Styling
    4) Descent Gas Mileage (i'm not expecting 40 on the interstate but i don't want low 20s either).

    I want to buy a car that i will keep long term. I made a mistake when i sold my last car for my truck (BMW 330ci). It might have not been the fastest car on the road but it was the best handling/fun to drive car that ive ever had by far.
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    I know this is an old discussion that's probably died. However, I just wanted to comment on the last poster's statement that the V6 in the Fusion was "unrefined", and that it's noisy and the shifts were hard. I've never experienced hard shifts in the car, and I'm a person with a lead foot that usually floors it. Speaking of that, I love the unexpected roar the engine lets out when accelerating hard.
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    That's just it. The roar and vibration of the Fusion's engine at full throttle makes it seem like you are driving a farm tractor in comparison to the smooth as silk V6 of the Sonata. Yes, I've driven both. While you may wonder what I am talking about if you drive the Fusion every day jump in a Sonata and you'll be amazed at the difference.

    - Chad
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    one of the main reasons i bought a fusion is because it has awd.
    my wife drives an escape, so i already knew the engine isn't one of the smoothest out there. the fusion version seem quieter, and i don't care about reving it up.
    i'm trying to figure out how to get the best mileage out of it.
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    I looked at both with my trade in Hundai was a much better deal.
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    It must've been on sale because your Hyundai didn't come with a "y". :shades: ;)
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    For those who have test driven these 2 cars (2009 i4 a5) could you let me know your experience, what you liked and didn't like, and how you made your final decision.
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    I looked at both thoroughly last fall. Drove a Fusion SEL V6 over to a Hyundai Dealership about 2 miles down the road. Had a salesman pull a Sonata Limited V6 out so I could look over both side by side. I must point out that initially I was pretty certain I'd buy a Sonata since I owned a 2003 which I've since given to my daughter. I immediately noticed that the Fusion's leather which was black seemed to be a better quality leather. The seat seemed more comfortable to me as well. I had already test driven the Sonata back in late July so I went ahead and drove the Fusion. About a week later I again called Ford to arrange a more thorough test drive of a loaded Fusion SEL V6 and also contacted Hyundai that I was planning to drive both one after the other on the same route. It was a mix of expressway, stop and go, and two lane road that I drove on. I first drove the Fusion about 15 to 20 miles then went directly to Hyundai and drove a loaded Sonata Limited V6. The Fusion was very quiet and smooth. The engine has a growl when accelerating that I love (I'll never understand people that claim it's harsh sounding). The engine sounded like an engine should sound. The first thing I noticed about the Sonata was the suspension noise. Not good and very intrusive. I also noticed that even though the Sonata had a supposedly better sound system the Fusion's Audiophile system was much better. Overall that test drive of both convinced me to buy the Fusion which I took home 3 days later. Bought a Ink blue Fusion SEL V6 with black leather which came with the Moon & tune package, heated seats, rear spoiler, and the reverse parking sensors. I've owned it for a little over 4 months and have about 5400 miles on it and have no regrets. In fact, I think it looks better than the new 2010 design.
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