Mercedes-Benz SL and SLK Care and Maintenance

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I bought a 2001 SLK-320 in Jan of 2005 that was just like new & had only 9,600 miles on it. 21 months later, I've only put 1,400 miles on it (I'm at about 11K now). Service B was done on it by the dealer when I bought it & it has synthetic oil in it. Do I need to service it yet (service level A / oil & filter chg, etc.)? I'm getting differences of opinions & wondering if the dealer just wants the $$ but it really doesn't need servicing yet.


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    What is a Service B? I don't see anything about servicing the 1999 Kompressor I just recently got. The dealership wants $625 for a Service B with a brake and transmission flush. I'm wondering what it includes and if maybe I should get my mechanic to do it instead of the dealership...I hate to sound like such a "girl", but I really am in the dark here. Thanks, Kate...
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    I'm experiencing trouble with my retractable hartop. It goes all the way up and goes all the way down but stops before rolling all the windows up and I'm also getting the red light blinking on the button that retracts it. Can anyone help with this issue?

    thanks, Lisa
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    what is the approx. cost to replace the camshaft chain in a 1983 Mercedes-Benz 380sl?
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    I think you'll need to take it in to a Mercedes-Benz service dealership...
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    Got a 2000 SLK Kompressor 230. I have a speaker on the passanger side that is distorted. I'm thinking of replaceing it myself. Can you pry the door panels off like an american vehicle. and any tips on doing it. Leo
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    My Wife's 99 SLK stalled the other day. It restarted ok, she then took it to the dealer to check diagnostics.

    They said the gas had water in it and charged $1000 to drain tank, fuel lines, etc.

    Is the only option for this happening buying bad gas. Or does water build up over time and get in the fuel line. Can't see how that would happen if fuel is pumped from the bottom of the tank, but is that the case?

    Anybody have this happen to them?
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    Has anyone had problems with the RUN Flats on either the SLK
    280 or 350. I have read other manufactures BMW and LEXUS will not stand-by these tires. Customers are replacing these tires as many as 3 times a year. These tires are extremely noisy and can damage the front end. I have read on the web site that there is a class action suit against BMW due to these tires. Has any MERCEDES owner having similar problems with MB? I wish manufactures would wise up and remove these run flats, they could be a safety issue. ;)
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    how do I set the idle, in neutral it idles at 1600 rpm, I want to bring it down
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    I have a 1999 MBZ SKL 230 that I am about to purchase. I was curious to know whether it is okay to put regular 87 gas in the car or if I need to use supreme 91 gas?
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    I have a 2002 SLK 320, and the top and trunk are very noisy with the top up. I went to the dealership and was told that the only possible adjustment is to lubricate the rubber seals with a special oil...has anyone experienced this? Is there anything else I could do to fix the noise?

    Thanks !!!
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    When my wife's SLK350 squeaks--about twice a year--I take it to the dealer and they lube it and it is quiet again. These are only minor squeaks not rattles. No charge from dealer.
    If you do this yourself ONLY use lub that is made for rubber. No WD40 etc.
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    Went to lower the soft top, but it stopped in the middle of process. Now top is unlatched, windows won't roll back up, and roll bar is down. NOTHING works. Anybody have a suggestion to get this back in sequence? Is there a central relay/fuse that controls all of these? Any suggestions will be appreciated!
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    I have an SLK230, 1998, and it is warning me it is time for a check up (it has around 95,00 miles). I live in San Diego. Does anyone know how much I should budget for. The car runs great, no problems.
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    Depends on which service is required. When you find out ---call the MB dealer.
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    Plastic rear window on '91 SL is beginning to get "cloudy" along the area where it folds when retracted. Is there any kind of cleaning compound to use to try to restore it?
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    I had a 1998 (essentially the same) and used 87 (cheaper) and never have had any problems, runs fine! On a recent trip to Texas, I filled with 85 and got 33.3 mpg on that tank!
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    1. Quality of Mercedes Benz Build
    We purchased a MB SLK 350 last October ,2007 from Mercedes Benz, Lincoln . A very serious defect on the quality of the build of the car itself was encountered. The creaks and rattles of the car that cost in excess of £44,000 is utterly abysmal. According to the General Manager of Mercedes Benz Lincoln, Andy Worsley, all SLKs and Mercedes convertibles have rattles and creaks especially those with sports suspension and the 18 inch wheels. My wife has been in tears in the showrooms, which the staff thought was highly amusing, due to the problems being ignored. The car was in the workshop over three weeks shortly after being purchased being investigated and supposedly repaired for the noises but to no avail . After numerous complaints and the staff of Lincoln garage taking the car out on investigative drives they recently tried to repair and suppress the noise by placing gaffer tape around the struts of the car boot tray and stated this was the best they can do.

    Contacting Mercedes Benz, Gary Morris a senior Customer Support Technical Manager within the Directors Office visited us and upon a ride in the car he agreed it was defective and indeed stated that the noise would drive him potty. WE had had 6 months of this. The car has been at a garage at Peterborough for initially a week followed by three weeks in order to try and rectify the faults. The tape was removed and the rattles have been improved however, the car still creaks when driving and the rattle is slowly returning after little use on the Lincolnshire roads. We were informed early August that our problems were over in respect that Mercedes would assist in an exchange and we were told that arrangements would be made for us to test drive the Mercedes range. When we called the garage to sort out a date the garage had not been informed of the visit and due to their involvement in the repairs suggested we returned to Lincoln as they did not want the ‘Friday Afternoon‘ car. Mercedes management have returned from holiday but are ignoring us …how long do we have to wait to get fair treatment from Mercedes but we WARN YOU NOW. Watch this space..

    2. Salesman ‘Get out Clauses‘ to awkward questions.
    At the time of the purchase on three occasions during the transaction we specifically asked the sales executive, James Murphy, if there was any changes, updates to the car expected in the near future. The salesman told us that he had no knowledge of a new model. This was a complete and utter lie as we have been informed by Senior Manager of Mercedes Benz that they were taking orders for the new model at the time in question. We were also told that with this direct question sales staff should be truth full and inform clients of imminent changes. Obviously, this is being ignored by sales staff at Lincoln and encouraged by their managers.

    3. Mercedes Benz Insurance
    At the time we purchased the car we were encouraged to take Mercedes Benz insurance as we were told by the sales staff that if we were involved in a serious car crash we would get a new replacement car,as printed in the MB Insurance summary schedule. Despite being more expensive, by some £100 we thought this car replacement scheme was worth the extra premium. In January 2008, we were hit from behind whilst stationary by a car doing 60 mph. When we asked if we would get a new car as per the policy summary as the car was only months old, had only done 2000 miles and the repairs involved the car being put on a jig we were told that to be eligible for the new car the repairs had to be more than 60% of the value of the car i.e. as with any other car insurance. We argued with MB Insurance over this due to the fact that whilst being sold the insurance their staff emphasised the new car replacement policy but no time was the 60 % damage limit mentioned. (As verified in the tape of the car insurance sales) . We lost this argument and were treated as any other standard insurance by Norwich Union with numerous calls from their Indian call centre, an example of their standard is that they wrote to us stating they understood the repair had been carried out when the car was still to be inspected by the assessor. (It appears you are buying a Norwich Union Insurance policy at Mercedes Benz prices).

    Ivor Woods, Retail Customer Service Manager , Mercedes Benz Insurance has offered to help us with our claims , they have spoken at length to the solicitor but state they can not assist us with the claim amounts however unjust the offers by the other parties insurance company. He stated that Insurance companies have an understanding they can not barter on costs encountered by insurance companies but can do what they like on Clients personal claims. We had an independent engineers report stating the diminished value of the car was approximately £4600 , the insurance company has stated on their response to the claim they normally pay 10% of cost of the car (in our case £4400) but in our case despite their client admitting total guilt they would only pay us £2000. As stated by Ivor Woods, 19 June 2007, Mercedes Benz can not comment on this as they have no qualified staff to provide them with such information. Indeed , they can not take any action on behalf of their paying customer . They have suggested if we are not happy with the solicitors Kayes who are pressing for settlement so that they can be paid we should take the matter up with the Law Society. (pass the buck time by MB)

    Speaking to Ivor Woods, Mercedes Benz Insurance he informed Mr Hewett that insurance companies only pay out what they want to pay out and they never pay out amounts asked for . When Ivor Woods was questioned on this Insurance stance and whether insurance companies take offers on their renewal policies he stated they would listen to any offers on insurance premiums.


    4. Customer Surveys Team
    The galling part of the whole fiasco is that the Lincoln garage has been awarded Customer Satisfaction Team of the Year award for the Group by Mercedes Benz…. indeed a whole MB brochure Summer 2008 is devoted to it.. In the news article it quotes Lincoln garage saying ‘Customer Satisfaction is something we take very seriously as a Company.’

    Ivor Woods, MB Insurance was informed in February 2008 that the Lincoln garage was cheating with respect of customer care as the garage offered a full tank of fuel for providing a signed blank customer care/survey form . A fact confirmed by other customers. So despite being told of cheating and underhand tactics Mercedes Benz have awarded this garage finical incentives and bonuses .

    Mercedes Benz Lincoln offered to exchange the car in May but at a loss of £16,000. Thus…. being a Mercedes Benz owner must be one of the most expensive in the car industry. !!!

    If you wish any further details
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    would like to find a shop manual for a 1981 380SL, tried a MB dealer, no luck
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    I have a 2000 SLK 230 with 90,000 miles on it, it is pretty much a garbage car but fun to drive in the summer and so I keep it as a weekend toy. The left turn signals no longer work, the bulbs/sockets are fine (4 way flashers work) and the right side works. Any ideas what is wrong? Local Dealership is very high priced (duh) and has mis-diagnosed a few other items so I am leary about just letting them have a go at it. I'd like some knowledge before I go there, if anybody has any input? Thanks.
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    I have a 94 Mercedes 500 SL. My battery died and after charging the battery the radio says I need a code to enter to get the radio to work. Does anyone know how to access the code? Thanks.
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    Hi Looking fo a bit of help
    I am looking to buy a 1983 380sl real easy on the eyes "looks Real good"
    White/Tan. 3.8ltr V8. 111k miles. Automatic, Both tops, Car cover, Hard Top stand and more.... Plus it's been upgraded to the double row timing chain.
    only $5,000
    What should I be looking for now and in the near future
    I dont need lemon juice in a few months
    what expectations should I have
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    Call MB @ 1-800-367-6372....give them your vin #....they will give you code.
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    My 1992 300SL is in excellent shape until this few days that I noticed some smokes coming out of the hood after 10 to 15 miles of driving and it's a the back end of the hood in front of the windshield. Any idea why that is?..Thanks and appreciate any response. Have no mechanical inclination at all.
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    i bought a 01 slk 320 can anyone tell me how to change the cabin air filter..thanks
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    My wife's 99 slk230 has started flashing the fuel light after it has been driven a few miles and then comes to a stop light. This is the same low fuel light which comes on and stays on when the fuel is so low that it is warning the driver to refuel. I looked in the manual and it said the flashing light meant that the gas cap is not snugged down. This is NOT the problem. I have replaced the cap and always snug it down as tightly as it will go. So far, car runs fine, but the flashing light is annoying and telling me something is wrong but I don't know what it is. Can you help? :confuse:
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