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Buick Lucerne Vibration Problems



  • rake2rake2 Posts: 120
    How many times have you had it in for this problem? In many states, there are Lemon Laws that cover this. For instance, in Pennsylvania, after 3 attempts to fix the problem, if the problem exists then the car is considered a "lemon" and the manufacturer must replace it. Assuming, of course, that it's a serious problem and the problem first arose within 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.
  • rake2rake2 Posts: 120
    Just thought of something. Is it possible that the torque on the lugnuts is off? I seem to recall my service manager indicating that such a scenario could have caused the "problem" when it felt like the rotors were metal on metal for me.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Possible but it sounds like they have been rotated and hopefully the same mistorque was not repeated.
  • That's exactly what I was thinking. I have had it in three times and we're scheduled to take it in again tomorrow so they can start working on the driveline, which makes me very nervous because they don't seem to know anything. I'm not sure how "serious" the problem is but I figure we shouldn't have this much trouble with a brand new $31,000 car. I actually do live in Pennsylvania so you've just confirmed what I saw yesterday as far as the Lemon Law. Have you had first hand experience at using it? I hate to blame the car - it's great - I think it's the service people that are :lemon:'s
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,381
    Switch all four wheels with a car that drives without vibration after it's warmed up on the road.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • rake2rake2 Posts: 120
    I once forced Chevy to buy back a Camaro w/ over 40,000 miles on it for all but $300 of the purchase price, plus another $10K in attorneys fees and costs. And it doesn't matter if it's a service problem, you go against the manufacturer, not the dealer.

    Double check the warranty info on the car, because there's probably a requirement to use a BBB forum, as I recall. If you have to go that route, BBB will send an independent expert to inspect the car, who may actually say it's a serious problem. Here's a website to look at on PA Lemon Law.

    Note that in the definitions sections, a "nonconformity" is defined as:

    "A defect or condition which substantially impairs the use, value or safety of a new motor vehicle and does not conform to the manufacturerÍs express warranty."

    Let me know if you have any questions about it.
  • Thanks for the info. Hopefully I won't have to go that route but it almost seems easier at this point. I am a bit concerned that they will not consider this a serious enough problem. Although, there is also something going on with the steering wheel -- feels wobbly when making turns or rounding bends. I'll see what happens after the service they do tomorrow. That will be the official third time it was in for the same thing.
  • rake2rake2 Posts: 120
    good luck with it. it really is a nice car when working properly.
  • Was it the intermediate shaft as it was in mine? Apparently GM has had problems with them including in the Cadillacs.
  • Are you referring to the steering issue? It's currently being serviced again so I don't know yet what explanation they'll give me this time. Do you know if there is a service bulletin out about that since it's a known problem? They told me last night that they are going to get GM involved since this is the third (actually fourth) time it's been in for the same thing (vibration). Twice for the steering. They said they hadn't even looked for service bulletins on it yet. Seems like that should have been one of the first things to do after it came back the second time.
  • Yes. I have a friend who works for a Cadillac dealership in the service department, and he said there has not been a bulletin issued. However, people have complained of the steering and how it feels. It is not a noise just a sensation. At the service department I go to, the service manager drove my car and tested the steering himself. He felt the same thing I did so they replaced the intermediate shaft. This was the second time I took it in for a steering problem.
  • Thanks, I'll pass that info. along to my service dept. It's hard to say what they're doing to my car -- GM gave them four bulletins to complete today. I hope they fix it this patience are wearing thin. Oh, just want to mention how much I'm enjoying the Chevy Cobalt rental/loaner I have... :( Thanks GM, appreciate the first class treatment.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    Was it the intermediate shaft as it was in mine? Apparently GM has had problems with them including in the Cadillacs.

    Actually, the popping feeling and/or sound when turning the wheel has been an issue on so many GM mid-size and full-size platforms, from Chevy to Cadillac, that it's not funny anymore.

    BTW, have I said that I had my Bonneville serviced twice already to address this very same issue?

    GM has no fix, though there are plenty of TSBs about it. Even replacing the intermediate steering shaft doesn't solve it, it's a failed design. What others have found to work is to lube the steering shaft spline every couple of years or so. That is, you learn to live with it. :P

  • I agree with you. Thanks for the "lube" info. I am keeping track of all the complaints and helpful ways of solving various problems. As for the Continental Touring tires, I am still in the process of determining if they are causing my drifting problems, etc. Apparently, my dealer did not do a very good job at balancing the tires after putting the shim in. They said that they aligned it, etc. I had to take it to a tire place, and they found the problem. Since I have had it only three weeks, they are going to talk to the dealership and have them pay for it. Has anyone complained about the noise that the fuel pump makes?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Why are you blaming GM for your loaner. That is the most stupid thing I have heard. What happened. Did Rick Wagner call your service guy and say if so and so comes in for repairs, stick it to him, give him a Yugo. Maybe you should blame your dealer as they are the one who gave you the car. They are just like every business, independantly owned. When I buy a car and take it in for repairs I ask then demand a vehicle that is comparable to what I bought. Your beef is with your dealer.
  • I put on MXV4. I have just finished a 3000 mile road trip in the last 2 weeks and even though the car is much better with the new tires it is still not 100 percent. My wife's Envoy is smoother at 55 to 65 than the Buick. At 80 mph this car is excellent. However, it still drifts right at any speed and it has developed rattles all of a sudden from the rear. I am taking it into a dealer next week. I'll keep you posted.
  • jbrichjbrich Posts: 23
    Atually, it is and isn't the dealer's fault and it IS partly GM's fault. The dealer promised a loaner from their lot but it wasn't back in time so they arranged for an Enterprise loaner. GM will reimburse the rental car company through their warranty program but ONLY IF THEY RENT A GM VEHICLE. This rental company did not have another GM vehicle available. Had GM allowed them to rent me anything else, there were many other cars on the lot that would have been fine. But you are correct in one problem IS with the dealer...if they would just fix my car I wouldn't have a loaner.
  • jbrichjbrich Posts: 23
    Thought I would let eveyone know what finally happened with our vibration problems. I think it is finally gone! Solution: new MICHELIN tires. After they made adjustments to the road force and rims it was improved but not perfect. They came back to us and said that GM felt that the remaining vibration was due to the tires (which I told them from the beginning)and they agreed to replace them with whatever we wanted. We got Michelin MXM4. It's like a whole different car. As long as we have this car, it will have Michelins. Now maybe I can start to enjoy my new Lucerne! Thanks to everyone who gave me were right! :)
  • newguy6newguy6 Posts: 34
    This has been a GM problem for years. I had A '01 Intrige that was a great car execpt for that thumping noise when hitting any little bump in the raod at low speeds. The car was taken to the dealer seven times, everything you can thinhk of was replaced but nothing fixed it. I don't really think anyone could figure out what the problem was then and apparently they still can't.
  • I'm leaning toward the purchase of a 2006 Lucerne CXL-8 and the vibration issue is a concern. I have test driven it and noticed the noise of the Northstar v8 engine (a little diasappointing I must say) more than any vibration and also some drifting and and that is expected when wheels are not aligned perfectly. Any advice from those that have experienced these problems would be welcome.
  • jbrichjbrich Posts: 23
    I have the V-6 but have vibration issues. My advice - if you feel anything that doesn't seem right-- don't buy it! I felt some vibration during the test drive and figured it was the road or just experiencing a different car. I wish I would have driven another one before buying. Also, keep in mind, it's a brand new shouldn't drift or need alignment right off the lot (although, mine needed the tires balanced along with a lot of other things which resulted in new tires and it's still not perfect.) It is a beautiful and luxurious car, just make sure you get a good one. Good Luck!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,381
    I suspect the Northstar noise is intential as part of the ambiance of having a "powerful" V8 like Buicks of ole.

    Vibration is a tire/wheel quality function. Proper balancing on a Hunter Road Force balancer usually quiets it and having tires that are actually round like Michelins helps the most. Another poster has mentioned vibration but they actually talking about a noise in the steering column or something related to the front suspension or front end if I read their description. They took it seven times to the same dealer; perhaps a second, more knowledgeable, dealer would have helped or a visit from the GM technician to decide what to do after they experience the problem.

    The alignments are critical on a quality stiff chassis I've found. The tire pressure on the car you test drove is probably too high or uneven. I have carried 2-3 pounds over the door sticker pressure on H-bodies I've owned. That would usually be 33. I sometimes have as high as 35 in them for a tight road feel especially on trips.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • Thanks folks for the helpful informative response. I am now test driving overnight the new Lincoln MKZ(Zepher 2007 replacement with a 3.5 liter six)and about the same horsepower and torque as a CVL-8). Very good ride and lower cab noise for a short wheel base but a smaller car. Only 2 faults thus far, some harshness and slight delay in in shifting and acceleration and the gas mileage may be lower than advertised (20-21 mpg overall).
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I'm happy that you managed to get a new set of tires of your choice from GM.

    Glad to help. ;)
  • rake2rake2 Posts: 120
    Guess I'm going to have to go back and read over the posts after today's event. Was in I-95, doing about 75, when one of the Bridgestone Turanza's blew on me. It's the second time one of that brand of tire has blown on me doing highway speeds. The other was on my '98 Regal. Not sure what I'll do, but I sure as heck don't trust the Bridgestones anymore. Only twice in my life have I had a tire blow out on me, and both times it was the same make and manufacturer. You'll never get me to believe that was a coincidence. But Buick better check into it, because if there is a problem with the tires, they will still run into liability issues when one of these things blow and causes an accident that kills or seriously hurts someone.
  • I'm having the same problem with my Lucerne. It sounds as if you paid for the tires. Is that true? Which Michlin tread design worked on your car?
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    FWIW, the ones that quenched the vibrations on my Bonneville were Michelin MXV4+.
  • jbrichjbrich Posts: 23
    You didn't ask me but GM replaced my tires (Continentals) with Michelins at my request because we were having vibration problems. They are MXM4 and seem to to have made an improvement.
  • fcoxfcox Posts: 7
    What channels at GM did you go through? I've been through the same routine with the local dealership who continues to replace the stock Conti's on my 06 Lucerne temporarily fixing the issue only to have it surface within 300 miles of driving... Thanks!
  • jbrichjbrich Posts: 23
    I didn't have to deal directly with GM. I made it extremely clear to the dealership that I was disgusted with the car and their service. They had several service bulletins that GM gave them to complete and when that didn't fix it, they called me and said that GM recommended replacing the tires. They let me decide what I wanted. Here's an update though -- I just made an appt. to take it back in tomorrow because the front tires are cupping on the outer edge (only 2800 mi. since new tires) so I guess there is still a problem. Tell your dealer you want another brand of tires - no more Conti's. Even the service guy at my dealership said they were junk. Good Luck!
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