Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan: Interior

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Thnx for clear post on this. Also, Torsen is very expensive and currently only useable with longitutinal engines.

Getting back to the Fusion;

How are folks finding the seats in the various Fusion models?
Some Fords, like Focus, have been roundly criticised for seat bottoms that are too short in the back. A brief sit in a showroom doesn't really tell anything - anyone here had a Fusion on a really long trip? How did it do?


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    The seats are the best part about the interior for me. Very comfortable and there is lumbar for the driver seat. Real life saver on long trips.

    The recline is not the easiest to adjust though :(

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    I have the black leather interior. First off, hot, hot, hot in the summer months. I went and got my windows tinted within a month of owning the car. Took the car for a 300mile trip to a resort for some family rest and relaxation. Averaged over 28MPG going 70-75MPH. Seats were comfortable and supportive. I now have about 5,500 miles on the leather and its feeling better. I have to admit. When I first purchased the car I was a bit hesitant because of the leather feeling slightly harder and tight.
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    "The seats are the best part about the interior for me. Very comfortable and there is lumbar for the driver seat."

    That's another one of the benefits of having Volvo in the Ford family. Volvo's seats have led the industry in comfort, adjustability and orthopedic correctness for decades. Good to see some of that expertise showing up in Fords, which used to have some of the worst seats in the business.
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    I agree with both of you - kind of.

    I personally think leather looks more attractive than cloth (at least for the first year or so). Yet, I much prefer cloth for car interiors.

    Leather is more breathable than vinyl, but it's silly to argue that it's as breathable as cloth - no matter how "fine" it is. If you doubt me, stroll around in leather pants for a few hours (don't ask). And while I have leather furniture in the house and I rather enjoy it, I don't want it in the cars. Of course, the inside of the house remains at a constant 70 - the cars... not so much.

    Maintenance is a concern too. The argument is often made that leather requires less care, but that too is false. Perhaps it's easier to do a quickie clean-up if you dump a mocha shake on a leather car seat, but that same seat will crack and split after a few years of summer sun without a lot of conditioner. That said, I have seen 25 year old cars with 100K on the clock and velour seats that still look new. I have never seen a 25 year old car with leather that looks new.

    I'm actually flummoxed by the number of people with leather in their cars that have told me they don't much care for it. In America though, it's so commonly associated with "luxury", it's a must-have item for a lot of folks. Plus, it's a relatively cheap luxury nowadays: on many Ford models for instance, it's a free or low-cost option. 25 years ago, opting for leather could add 10% or more to the cost of a new car. Now the guy a lane over driving the Focus or Elantra might be sitting on leather.

    It's interesting that in Europe, where the open display of wealth is more a vice than a virtue, even luxury cars are available with cloth interiors. Before someone jumps on me for that statement, let me add that's not the reason EVERYONE here chooses leather over cloth, but I fear that's the reason a lot of folks do (e.g., the Joneses).

    On a different note, not too long ago I was at a dealership where the salesman was attempting to talk me into a car on his lot that was exactly what I wanted EXCEPT it had leather. Of course, he wanted to know why I was insistent about having cloth so I told him that I liked the grip of cloth in turns. He replied that his wife preferred leather for just the opposite reason - she could easily slide in and out of the seat without wrinkling her skirt. Perhaps that would've been a good point, but I don't wear skirts nor do I intend to anytime in the future.

    Thank God it's a free country. My vote is for cloth.
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    Very well stated...

    I pretty much agree with all of that. I would agree that leather, when new or well cared, for does look better.

    Some leather seating is so heavily coated that it really is pretty much the same as vinyl. My wife's parents have a Crown Vic from a few years back that is like this...very slick and heavily coated leather. It really more like the leather substrate has been laminated with a vinyl type material.

    Other leather I have sat on (Maxima, Honda Pilot, VW) was much nicer and would be something I could tolerate, if I had too...but I'd still not choose it over cloth.

    That many take leather strictly for the looks is made clear by the fact that most buyers will even take vinyl ("leatherette") over cloth.
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    Nice looking vehicle not sold here..
    Fusion or Edge
    It is called a fusion though
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    It's based on the Fiesta, a 13ft long subcompact sold in Europe.

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    I went with leather mostly for the appearance which on the fusion is far and above the cloth look (love the stitching) I also like the easy cleanup. The seats are very comfy even on long trips. A few complaints though:

    Lumbar not electric, no lumbar or electric for side passenger. No heat in back. Leather could be higher quality. The recline is the most annoying part though.

    Personally I don't use the lumbar but other drivers of my car have and wish it were electric. I also don't mind that it isn't all electric or heated. But these are things to be pointed out.
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    I agree the leather in the Ford Fusion as a bit ruff but gets a lot softer over use
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    I'm looking at buying a 2006 Milan Premier with the wood grain interior, but I would prefer the silver interior. It looks to me like it should be able to be switched easily, is this possible?
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    I have begun looking at cars again after considering buying one back in July. The deals are really good right now. I have narrowed down to the 2009 Fusion SEL V6 or the 2009 Hyundai Sonata Limited V6. I went to the ford dealership and drove the Fusion down the road about a mile to the Hyundai Dealership to do a side by side comparison. Sonata is better looking on the exterior along with the 18" wheels it has. Fusion's leather is a much better quality. In fact, the leather is excellent and better than what I've seen in Toyotas. The overall feel and look of the Fusion's interior rates better than the Hyundai. The Hyundai has a better Warranty and better MPG rating as well more Horsepower. I've gotten great deal offers from both Dealerships, but I'm having a terrible time deciding which one I want to buy. I have driven both on the Highway, but I plan on taking out the Fusion for another drive and immediately going to Hyundai to drive it again. I'm going to pay particular attention to wind and road noise in the cabin. As well as how they take bumps in the road. Any opinions and experiences with either would be appreciated.
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    Don't think you can go wrong with either one. The 2010 Fusion is being unveiled next month and will be on sale in January. It gets an upgraded interior (especially the center stack and radio), restyled front and rear clips and new engines: 2.5L I4, 3.0L V6 w/240+ hp and a sport model with the 3.5L V6 (265 hp) plus a new Hybrid. Ford is promising best in class fuel economy for the 2.5L gas and hybrid and the 3.0L, not sure about the 3.5L. But if you're not in a hurry it might be worth waiting to see.
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    Went this morning and test drove a Fusion V6 with the sports appearance package, the SEL V6, Hyundai Sonata V6 Limited, and Hyundai Azera w/Ultimate Package. The Sonata is not even close to the Fusion SEL in ride and driving comfort. Sonata's suspension was very loud when going over bumps. Everything about the Sonata's interior seemed second rate to the Fusion which had Heated Leather seats, Moonroof, and the upgraded stereo sytsem. For me the Fusion was just better in every way and I went into the search with a bias toward the Sonata. The Fusion with the sports appearance package blew all of them away in handling, but the ride is maybe a bit too firm for me. The 18" wheels were gorgeous along with the spoiler. The optional equipment on the Fusion SEL was the Moon & Tune Package, Rear Spoiler, Reverse Sensing, and all weather floor mats. The SEL comes with heated leather seats, climate control, Ambient interior lighting, Sync Voice activated sytem, 6 months of Sirius satellite, steering wheel mounted audio controls, and much more. Of course the Sonata is similarly equipped. Now the Azera was better than both. Incredibly quite smooth ride. Hyundai sounded like they were really desperate to make a sale, but at that point I was getting tired, so I told them I'd get back with them. The Azera w/ultimate had a MSRP of $31,000 roughly so unless they are really willing to come down in price it's more than I want to spend on a car right now. The numbers on the Fusion are: MSRP $26,715 OTD including tax, title, etc. $24050. Taxes are 6.75% and are calculated on the MSRP.
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    I'm planning on signing the deal on the 2009 Fusion SEL on Monday after work. The final out the door will be $22,877 for the car that had a MSRP of 26,715. For a moment this morning I thought I might even be getting a $4000 rebate because the Salesman called and told me the rebate was $3000 plus an additional $1000 with Financing though Ford. I checked online on Ford's website because I could have sworn it was $2500 + $1000. Called him back and he double checked and found that he was looking at the rebates on an '08. I still feel I'm getting a very good deal and a very good car. Hopefully I will get at least 18 miles per gallon around town with the Fusion. Would have considered a Malibu or Saturn Aura, but they just don't seem to really want to deal. I thought GM was in pretty bad shape financially and from what I heard on the Financial news channel that's owned by NBC (The name escapes me right now) that GM has virtually sold no vehicles in October. Hyundai seemed the most hungry to make deals. Probably could have gotten the Limited for a $1000 lower than the Fusion, but it comes down to ride, comfort, appearance and the overall feel when I sit in a car to me. If I didn't care about those things then I'd just buy a Prius for the MPG.
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    i drive with the average mpg displayed. it helps you notice when you are doing something to cause it to drop. with a fwd fusion, i think 18 mpg is not too difficult.
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    Yes that's a very good suggestion and one I use on our '04 Mountaineer AWD V8. I find if I accelerate smoothly I can get around 14 to 15 MPG around town. My wife drives it most of the time and she doesn't seem to get it because I'll get in it after 3 or 4 days and see that the average has dropped to 12.5 MPG. Fortunately gas has dropped to 2.399 here. Not sure how long that will last.
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    HA! HA! I have an '02 explorer v8, which my kids usually drive, so I know EXACTLY what you mean! :)
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    So, what did you took in the end? Fusion?

    While I did not drive both of the cars (only an '08 Sonata), I've spoken with some other drivers. Most will agree that Sonata is quieter and feels more refined (especially when idle). The 2009 Sonata interior is just gorgeous with blue backlighting and high-quality material, has excellent prices, and is a bit bigger in all dimensions. The Fusion's interior is nowhere as good. Dated gauges, radio and climate controls, everything old school, low mounted, and not easy accessible.

    I am a little skeptical about the upcoming 2010 Fusion's interior. I assume it will be similar to most new Fords, (Flex and Lincoln MKS comes to mind). While better quality materials, the design is not eye catching, and IMO, Ford has the worst interior designs in class.

    Compared with the Sonata, the Fusion definitely handles better, especially on curvy roads. It has better steering, and to some people (me excluded) better exterior appearance.

    But as someone stated above, you won't go wrong with wither one. Good luck in your choice, and happy driving!!
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    I bought the Fusion. It was hands down the better vehicle to me. I test drove both the Sonata and Fusion numerous times over the past 4 months. The final clincher for me was last Friday I drove the Fusion for about 20 minutes on both Highway and city. Drove the Fusion directly to the Hyundai dealer at the end of the test drive which is about a mile from Ford. Drove the Sonata on the same roads. The black leather in the Fusion was a much better quality than the Sonata's. The ride and interior noise was much better and quieter than the sonata. The Sonata rear suspension made a loud clunk on every bump. The driving position was much better in the Fusion for me. Overall I thought the Fusion's exterior and Interior were just more appealing to me. I bought that Fusion SEL V6 w/Black Leather and all that comes with the SEL plus Moonroof, Upgraded stereo w/ 6 CD changer, Rear Sensing, Rear Spoiler, and All Weather Floor mats. I picked it up Monday night and have put about 200 miles on it. I'm not regretting anything about my decision. You really need to drive both to understand. I thought for sure when I first started looking at cars that it was going to be the Sonata since I already own a 2003 LX V6. I'm glad I tried some of the other sedans out there.
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    My sister in-law purchased a used 2005 Mercedes C class entry level sedan. Nice car no doubt. However, after all was said and done, the sister in-law gone. My wife who knows nothing about cars, says "The leather in the Fusion feels better than the leather in the Mercedes" !! So much for status.. :surprise:
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    I'm planning to buy a new car in the next six months and I've pretty much settled on the Fusion. I'm one of the relatively few car buyers who does NOT like leather interior! I prefer dark interior colors (Black/Charcoal) and black leather is a torture device on blazing hot Georgia summer days! I like the look and feel of a high quality cloth interior.

    I have seen the Black Cloth with Red Stitching/Trim that is standard with the SAP and love it! I currently have a 2006 Mazda3 with black interior and the middle section of the seats is black/red checks- I'm a UGA grad, so red and black are my colors! :D

    Is the cloth seat fabric the same for SE and SEL models with the Sport Appearance Package? I'm also curious how the Charcoal Black cloth looks in the standard SE model (without SAP). I'll wait for the 2010 model to arrive at dealers, so I can get the best deal on an '09. If I can't get a model with the SAP/cloth, I'll probably go for a regular SE model. The standard SEL isn't an option because I don't care for the Piano Black Dash/Center Stack trim at all!
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    The piano black dash trim is the best interior trim to me (I have a 06 SEL w/medium light stone and it looks great). The dealer should have a sample chart with the actual seat materials for both the SE and SEL so you should be able to tell the difference. The red and black combo does look great - you'll love it. (fellow Georgian and UGA grad - 86).
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    i prefer cloth interiors too. the focus i had before my fusion had heated cloth seats.
    great for up here in new england.
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