Value of Mazda with Ford motor

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a ford body with a mazda motor serves it's purpose... but the other way around, you got both bad sides of the two car companies.


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    You are a snapper head, hehe just kidding. Mazda builds high quality vehicles. Ford Motor company builds odious junk. If Ford puts a engine or a drive train in a Mazda it is now junk. Ford has spoiled most of Mazda. The Protege and Miata are really, the only awesome vehicles in the current Mazda lineup. Just my opinion.

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    Apart from the Mazda truck line (B-Series and the Tribute), which is actually built by Ford, the only Mazda vehicle with a Ford engine is the FWD MPV minivan, and any examples of that would presumably still be under the original warranty, since it's been in production only two years.

    Or were they claiming that a Ford engine was dropped into some other Mazda?

    Perspiring minds want to know (or at least sweat it out)....
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    What about 2001 Protege? It has more Ford parts on it. I am not sure about PowerTrain. As far as I remember 2001 Protege is the first generation of proteges which have fords parts in it.
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    You want to be specific about which parts those are?
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    I think you asked that question to me, anyway not really, I am Mazda 97 626 LX AT veteran. I can not forget all the problems I had, sometimes it goes into my dream :-)
    Since then when I see a Mazda dealer I change my way.
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    The 2001 Protoge is almost ALL mazda. Japanese parts content is 94% with only 2% of the parts coming from North America (I believe it is the ECU).
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    Attention all you idiot engineers at ford!

    Do not mess with the Protege. Do not "improve" it in any way. I have seen the "impovements" on the ford cars since 1970. The only meaningful improvements were discontinuation.

    Do not touch the protege. You in the engineer suit! Put down the pencil and slowly back away.

    A ford engine in a protege is like I don't know what it is like. I gotta get a Mazda engine in a crate, and bury it in the backyard just incase!

    Ford engine in mpv is such a wonderful thing.

    Don't do it, Ford, please. I'll do anything. Just leave protege alone. I am getting sick over this.

    I loved the old commercial Have you driven a ford lately. So I went down to the local dealer and asked to see a lately. He thought it was one of the English Fords, not for sale in the U.S. Duh.
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    Supposedly, the present Protege is the last Mazda design. The next U.S. market Protege will be a version of the Ford Focus.
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