Cadillac STS/STS-V: Brake Issues

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I purchased this 2000 STS when it had 29K miles but was about to run out of warranty via years. At that time (Sept, 2003) the dealer replaced the front (at least) rotors after I complained about the "pulsating" feeling that I was beginning to feel when braking.
Recently, the problem was developing again & I was planning to take the car back in, when the vacuum booster failed, eliminating my usual procrastination. While repairing the booster, the dealer informed me that the reason the brakes were pulsating was because they were "warped", explaining that they all do that under normal braking.
I have never had this happen before & wonder if this is "normal" for this year model. My 1994 STS never had that problem.


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    this is usually caused by exsesive fast breaking stoping fast in short distanses
    break early with gradual pressure on the pedal another possibility is break pads try another type of break pads this could be the original problem....??
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    If they are using an air wrench,this could be over - torquing the lug-nuts.This will cause the rotors to distort from heating and cooling down repeatedly.Find out what the specs are for your car in a chiltons(etc.) and have them ONLY use a torque-wrench.good luck.
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    2000 deville needed frount breaks at 19000mi, and now at 39000 I can feel the pulsating.Was reading there are heavy duty rotoers avalable, so will be looking into that.
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    I have a 1985 Deville--don't laugh-- which I inherited because I NEVER would have bought this car having been in the car biz for many years. I had to put a second engine in. Didn't everybody? The 4.1 was junk! But I have never had a car with so many brake problems! Rear wheel cylinder blew while braking and totally lost my brakes! Thank goodness for the snowbank! I've had booster problems, master cylinder problems, you name it! Cadillacs have had bad brakes between '85 and '95.
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    I have a 2005 STS with 30,000 mi. The brakes had to be replaced and the front rotors and the rear rotors had to be cut. The squealers did not make any warning sound, but the dealer and Cadillac say it is not a warrantee item since I should check the brakes despite the squealers. My feeling is if they put them there they should work and if they don't they are defective. Also, the front end will not hold an alignment.
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