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Cadillac STS/STS-V: Driving Experience/Handling

merckxmerckx Posts: 565
edited April 2014 in Cadillac
For a while now, I've noticed the only topics concerning the STS have been i-pod issues and number of gears in the transmission....Anyone here have thoughts on how the car drives??


  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    Well – I drove the first 1SE and the first 1SF delivered to my local dealer in Fall 2004. I posted my reviews here. And I drove the second STS-v to arrive at that same dealer, and also posted my impressions here.

    I have not driven a ‘regular’ STS since those first 2, since I have seen no indication that the dynamics have changed during the 2005 or 2006 model year runs.

    The six speed ought to enhance some aspects of the driving experience. So I expect that in August or September I’ll drive a 2007. And I will post my impressions here . . .

    If anything significant had changed that I thought would effect how it drives, I’d have previously arranged another test.
    - Ray
    Happy in this rut, until 2007s appear . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • quemfalaquemfala Posts: 107
    It appears that GM may have a few of us out there that are waiting to see what the 2007 STS brings. I do like the idea of the 6-speed transmission, and am looking to see if there are any upgrades to the interior. But, as mentioned in many other posts, many others have the opinion that GM may be too low on cash to upgrade very much.

    In the meantime, I'm going to find a dealer with a 2006 AWD-V8 and run it through the paces so I can make a proper comparison come Sept.
  • I was in my 2006 STS and again found myself in a bad spot in this car....only ice spot on the road I hit it at about 40mph... no traffic and the car imediately spins out of control I have plenty of room to bring the car under control the old fashioned way but my STS actually goes in reverse while the car actually can be heard accelerating while my foot is buried on the brake! I am asking if anyone has had something as crazy as this happen because the telephone pole yards off the road was the only thing stopping this "Christine" from a 20 ft water filled ravine...I have never had an accident before this vehile and I have now (3) in less than (2) years! I simply cannot believe this is normal
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    I'm more confused than ever, lured into the dealership by the CTS, finding it a bit confining. Trying out a DTS and generally liking it, though it felt dated (and I just felt old driving it). And now, just for grins, trying a V6 STS and almost buying it on the spot. Without doing a same day comparison of all three, difficult to be 100% sure. But the STS seemed the quietest of the three, a better "size/fit" than the CTS, the best handling and ride of the three, though lacking and interior pizazz of the CTS and the interior room of the DTS. And I did feel younger than with the DTS....

    Unfortunately, was not able to drive a V8 STS, and am curious: Can anyone comment on the performance difference between the V6 and V8? Significant? The price difference appears to be around $8K. Personally I like the sound of the V8 and the feeling of the extra torque of a V8 but wonder if I'll really miss that with the V6 (I currently drive a 300C). Would be nice to save $8K.

    Also, apparently neither the CTS nor DTS have flash-to-pass during daytime. But the salesman said the STS does. Is true? It was there on the test car (with the standard halogen lighting) but I'm curious about the Xenon headlights.

    Comments on your impression of the car appreciated....
  • I also am having a terrible time with my 02 V8 STS. I get stuck on a 1% grade if there is snow on it! I discovered that there are no snow tires available at all--we a struck with the Michelins that came with the vehicle. I don't get that at all. Also, I was stunned to learn that my $52,000 car is worth about half its sticker in trade on a new Cadillac. Very disappointing to discover we should have stuck with an import. At least Cadillac should support the price of its own vehicles. :(
  • Hello, I have a 1978 Eldorado. It has the 425cid. with a carburetor. It has always started right up just fine. However, lately, the starter will crank once or twice real slow, and then the engine fires up. It seems to do this mainly after the car has been driven a bit and warmed up (if I were to shut the car off and re-start it right away).

    Does this sound like a bad starter or that the timing needs to be adjusted? Thanks :D
  • I am serious the 2006 STS is a handling nightmare! It is horrible in the smallest amount of snow and wavers in even light rain! I believe we should band together and try to do something........The car is costing me a fortune in insurance and payments and could have cost me and my young son our lives!!! We have a voice if we use it!
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    What kind of tires do you have on this vehicle. If they are "summer" tires, rather than all season, then they will be very poor in snow. My 2007 SRX with AWD has all season tires and does quite well on snow. You probably should have bought the FWD DTS.
  • To pay 56k and not be able to put snow tires on this vehicle adds to the problem with this vehicle
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    If you really want "winter tires" you may have to put somewhat different sized tires on the rear wheels than the 255/45 tires that you probably have. If you actually have summer tires, which would have been on the 1SG package, then you could put all season tires on, but they may not give you the traction on snow that you want. Nokian tires have 18 inch tires in the 235/50 and 255/45 sizes...
  • I don't understand. Tirerack shows several winter tires for an 06 V8 am I missing something here? I live in Buffalo and was considering a new cts but have decided to set my sights on a loaded up 06 sts $67K sticker price new, but used with about 30k miles for around $32 less than half the original msrp. I need awd and will put snows on it.
    Again am I missing something in all of this????
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    If you get a second set of wheels to mount the winter tires on, then I see no reason why you should not be able to do this. The STS does have a wider rear wheel than the front wheels with some combinations of options. However, in 2006 I think the 18 inch wheels were all 8 inches wide. In any case, I think you can put a set of wheels that match the front wheels on the back, and then you can get a set of winter tires that fit (the diameter of the tires should be close to the diameter of your standard tires). I do not see any problem with putting snows on. If you get the AWD, then I think all 4 wheels and tires are the same size anyway. If you have all weather tires you may not need winter tires, but if you live off the main roads that may make a difference. If you do live off the beaten path the SRX might be better?

    Ahh, yes, Buffalo - think about the SRX
  • I traded in a 1998 Deville for a 2007 STS V8 and this first winter snow storm was a rude awakening. The car would not hardly go at all - the Deville was pretty good in the snow. The 17" Michilin tires on the STS look great for tire life, but are lacking of any lugs at all for winter. So I put on four 225/60-15" Michilin symetry tires from my Deville (my winter set) and it has made a big improvement. The car looks different and my dealer probably would not approve, but now I can use the car in the winter. The 15" wheels do not have the tire pressure sensors so the light glows on the dash that there is a malfunction, but at least I can use the car. Cadillac should not sell this car in the midwest with such terrible winter tires. I have a friend with a 2006 STS who also cannot drive it in the winter.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Although I've read several articles that say today's RWD cars with traction/stability control are just about as good on snow/ice as FWD, you can't prove it by me. I owned a 300C, comparable in power to a V8 STS and it was pretty much dangerous in snow. Traded that for a DTS this past spring and just had the, ah, pleasure, of driving it after our first ice pellet/sleet storm. Total control. Not one skid or spinning tire. The current thinking is you really want RWD for better handling and performance. But my experience is you really want FWD if you want to go anywhere in safety in winter.
  • bunkie21bunkie21 Posts: 2
    There is no substitute for proper snow tires. The only time I got stuck in my '03 CTS was the day I was on my way to the Bridgestone dealer to get a set of Blizzak snow tires. The all-season Goodyears were flat-out awful on ice or snow. WIth the Blizzaks, the car was transformed.

    I bought a set of wheels off ebay and mounted the snows on them. When we traded the CTS for an '06 STS, I kept the wheels and snows and will use them on the STS next winter.
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