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My G6 has a very noisy and Clunky transmission. I have had it to the dealer 3 times and I wrote and called GM. I believe there is nothing that can be done. Since it is the first application for this trans in a GM car, I think they just screwed it up. I am going to seek a buyout because I will not put up with the way this sounds. It really shifts poorly and cluncks into gears.


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    Your title says that it is coming from the clutch, how do you know? What did the dealer say/do at each service. Is it only in certain gears? Forward and Reverse? Or Forward only? How many miles have put on the car and have you tried another dealer. There are some dealers that have exceptional service dept and others have an exceptionally poor service dept. Not insinuating anything towards you. Just want to get all the information. Had a 99 GA with several problems and the 1st pontiac dealer was completely incompetent and could not fix anything correctly. The second pontiac dealer that I took it to fixed everything on one visit and I never had another problem with the stuff that they had fixed...Did have many other problems with the car over 5 years....biggest piece of crap I ever bought.
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    I have a 06 G6 GTP 6 sp manual with the same problem... the transaxle has a lot of slack in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears. It clunks badly when driven in any of those gears. Have you been able to get your problem fixed, or does anyone else have this same problem and been able to get any resolution? I have not been back to the dealer yet, but intend to go soon as this is a very annoying problem and definitely not right.
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    I have an 06 G6 w/ the 2.4L Ecotech and 4spd Auto. Lately I have been noticing that when at high RPM's the car hesitates and sometimes completely refuses to shift up to the next gear. I have to let off to at least 50% throttle in order for the transmission to finally shift up. Other wise I have not seen any other signs or symptoms from the trans. But however I have noticed some possible electrical problems, i.e. the temp gauge does not always respond and usually reads nothing, and then also the wipers while on wipe at different rates of speed w/out changing the wiper control to do so. Any ideas? Could this be an Electrical problem or a more exspensive transmission rebuild?
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    When I bought my 2005 G6 Sedan I was originally looking for a car with a manual transmission but was coerced into settling for the car my dad wanted me to buy. After driving my car for about a year I need a trani that gives me that sports car feeling. My Automatic transmission has honestly become a bore. I was wondering if there are manual transmissions made that will fit into a 2005 G6 Sedan and what subsequent parts I would have to get changed out to make it fit and be compatible with the underbody and the interior (Console) of my car? Or is it more complicated than this? Would it be worth the investment or should I just buy a motorcycle? I am in a bind on what I should do.
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    I love this car. I have an 05 G6 GT. The trans in a little ruff but for the most part fun to drive. I like the feeling of being in control. I have read that some the models have had problems. I have only had my car for 2 weeks and I have had no trouble. Runs Great!!
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    :confuse: My automatic 06' G6 has starting making a noise about 2 wks ago and has since worsend. It only does it when driving and usually starts making the noise after shifting into the first gear. The noise also goes along with acceleration of the car. How do I know if it's the tranny?

    ~~In need of help.
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    I have the same car and experiencing the same problem latley! Tonight my check engine light came on but my car has high mileage so its at 40,000 and the warranty was up I believe at 36,000 :( have you had your checked out yet??
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    Well, I'm sorry to hear you are also having problems. I did have my car checked. It turned out not to be the tranny, but instead to be the front right wheel bearing going out due to hitting a Huge pot hole during a rain storm 2 wks prior. I've since had it repaired and haven't had problems since. :shades:
    I would call the dealership service dept and just speak to someone about what you're experiencing and see if they can't narrow it down for you and possibly give you a round about estimate.

    Good Luck To ya!
    ~V in Oklahoma City ;)
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    One thing I am learning about my 08 G6, 4cyl, is the fact the Transmission is a little stiff, and rough at times. Now it has gotten better with more miles I put on it, I have about 4,000 miles. But, when pushed hard it seems pretty smooth, but yesterday, I really pushed it, not into redline, but just a good push, and it kinda jerked in 1 gear... Now whats up with that? Now, I am sure nothing is wrong, but found that weird. It seems to be breaking in better.. When I dealer tells you its broken in all the way, well I still believe they are wrong, it takes several thousands of miles to be truly broken into how the engine really should be. I know this, because this is my second lease.

    It might be the fact that it has only 4 gears.. rather than the "standard" 5.

    I have been running it up and down the RPM's to get the engine set, perhaps training the engine, of course, not doing it abusively though...

    Anyone with 4cyl, notice that the power seems to really pull further along the acceleration rather than more at the beginning. Which is kind of annoying, because I think most want bottom end torque.

    Do you think the traction control is playing a big role in the way the engine treats its torque??...I bet it does. I don't have to use it all the time.
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    My 2006 G6 GTP sedan with a six-speed is the shop today.

    With less than 29,000 miles, the clutch is burned out and the heat from the clutch took out the fly wheel as well.

    I had a 1992 Chevy Cavalier 5-speed and a 1993 Geo Tracker 5-speed, put more than 75k miles on the Tracker and more than 100k miles on the Cavalier, and didn't burn out either clutch. So I don't think it is "my driving habits."

    I'm really hoping the dealer doing the repair work finds something that broke to cause this. Otherwise, it appears to me that the manual transmission was junk in the first place.

    Anyone have similar experiences/ suggestions?
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    WOW, I can just copy the first part of your message.

    My 2007 G6 Coupe 6 Speed with slightly over 28,000 is in the shop today. They said the clutch is blown and the heat destroyed the sway actuator (spelling ? sorry). That it is a wearable part so it is not covered by the warrentee unless they fix it and then find that something else is wrong that caused it to happen. $1500.00! On a car that is 1 year old this month!

    I too am a responsible adult not some hot rod kid, who has driven standard transmission vehichles for over 30 years and NEVER burned out a clutch! Arggg!

    Anyone else having/had this problem?
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    Just heard back from the service department that the fly wheel in my G6 2007 is detroyed due to heat as well. Another $700, they still don't know if they will find anything else that caused the problem.
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    What did you hear back on your car? The service department at my dealer says there is nothing they can do, there is nothing wrong other than the clutch blew out and the heat destroyed everything else.

    I did get advice to call Pontiac Customer Satisfaction from a GM mechanic I know, that number is 866-790-5600 the representative I am working with is Charlene at extension 31364. My brother in law is former GM Service Manager he said to just call, insist that I know I am right and not give up. If they won't make it right I will turn my car back in.

    A mechanic at the shop I went to told me that it very well could have been the check valve in the slave cylinder that if it stuck it would allow the clutch to partly engage which would explain the way it ran right before it blew. This would have caused everything to get hot; and if this happened it would be covered under warrentee.

    By the way. My clutch feels totally different now than it ever did new. It is strong, pushes back quickly, shifts gears easy. Its a blast to drive. Was never this way before, this tells me that it was never right to begin with.

    Hope this helps. Let me know how yours turned out.
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    In August the dealership my car had been towed to replaced the blown clutch, flywheel, slave cylinder/actuator, whole system. Their mechanic told me that it could have been the auctuator sticking causing clutch fluid to leak, but there is no way to know for sure what happened. The service manager at Suss Pontiac in Aurora Colorado was a complete jerk, even after his mechanic admitted that it could have been caused by a defective part he said that the mechanic didn't know what he was talking about and that I blew my clutch out. That it was my fault and would not be covered under warrentee. I filed a complaint with Pontiac customer care, they were rude and completely useless. I had the worst experience I have ever had dealing with a dealer and customer service. I will be filing a BBB report.

    After a couple weeks; although I thought my clutch "felt" great I began smelling the burning smell again. I called Customer Care again to report what was happening, they were even more rude and told me if I took it back it it was my choice but the file was closed and there was nothing they could do about it.

    I continued to drive noticing the smell again every now and then. I took it in for service at my local dealership last week and ask them to check the clutch as well. Guess what the seal is leaking clutch fluid and needs to be replaced! I called Pontiac customer care AGAIN, to let them know that I would be taking the car in next week to have the clutch repaired, the first person I dealt with was very very rude, started bringing up all the stuff from before, I stated "look I am just doing what I was told to do, letting you know that there is a problem and I am taking it into a dealer that I trust to get it fixed" the operator hung up on me. I called back and got a different person, he was very helpful explained the process to me, apologized for the bad experiences I had had with the other operators, and re-opened my file for a second opinion by the local dealership. I still don't expect much from Pontiac as I am very disenchanted with them, but just wanted to let anyone who is having clutch problems with a manual G6 know that there IS A PROBLEM with the seal and or actuator leaking! IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!
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    hello, i have a 05 pontiac g6 gt my transmission has been slipping really bad in first when i start off and slips shifting to 2nd gear then fine after that. any clue as to a simple fix or think its just done? and if so does anyone have a clue how much gettin a new will set me back??
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    I left the long story in the G6 convertible section. So long story short... Bought a brand new 2008 Pontiac G6 hardtop convertible 8/20/08. Paid about 30,000. Didn't really like the way it took off or accelerated (I don't know if this has something to do with a faulty transmission or if this is actually how the car drives). 3/13/09 started have shifting problems. On the highway it wouldn't upshift and was running up to 5000 rpm's going about 60-65. Taking off from a stoplight it revved up pretty high and was barely moving then suddenly kicked in and tires spun. Shop told me to bring it in on Monday. Over the weekend I didn't really drive it. My husband took it out on Sunday and it was driving fine. So I took it in on Monday and they couldn't find a single thing wrong with it. Treated me like I was some dumb lady when I told them my tranny was going out. At this time I imagine my car had around 8,000 miles. So I told them I'd drive it till either the check engine light came on or until it quit working. I drove it around the rest of that month and the beginning of April with no problems. Then around the 10th it started kinda stalling when it was shifting. Still no check engine light though. So on the 15th I drove it up to a friend's house. By time I got off the highway it was really acting up. When I would try to go I could pretty much floor it and it would barely go. Took forever to get up to speed. I get to her house and realize I'm blocking people in so I go to back out of my spot and the reverse doesn't work. How embarrassed was I to push my practically brand new vehicle back. It has between 9,000 and 10,000 miles now. I had to get it towed to the dealership and they gave me an egg on wheels (Chevy Cobalt). Friday I called to see if they figured out what was wrong. They told me it had an internal transmission problem and they had to completely rebuild the tranny. I was tempted to ask if this was the same transmission they told me nothing was wrong with a month earlier. They must think I'm psychic or something.
    So any ways... I was totally devastated. I was crying, I don't want a car that I can't trust. I am so upside down on it right now that I can't trade it in anytime soon. I hate my car and really want to get something else but there's nothing I can do until I can get it paid down a bit more. I just don't feel the same way about it anymore. Does anyone have any ideas? lol
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    Well, don't feel bad. As I am so in tune with a car too. I can figure out something is wrong easily over time. So you observing that is totally normal. Perhaps take the car to another dealer, get a GM rep out there. Or perhaps drive the car until it gets worse, to the point where they finally see it. It all under warranty. Its so annoying when they claim nothing is wrong. You feel like a moron. Hello? I certainly wouldn't come in just to make something up, and have people messing around with my car. If nothing was wrong, I would NOT bring it in. Duh!

    I actually think something is wrong with my transmission too. I have the 4cyl G6 sedan, and when it accelerates at about 40mph, with normal not fast acceleration it shifts quite hard into the next gear. There is 1 gear that seems to shifts rough. Also if I am in traffic going about 30-40mph, it shifts up and down a gear quite rough. Its almost like a lunging affect. I hate the engine!!! :lemon: It was never shifting real smooth when I bought it, especially that first gear, its so rough. I just thought it would get better with time. Breaking it in. But, it seems like it is getting a bit worse with time now. I am not hard on my engine, and when I accelerate, just let is ride up to speed, that is when it really just sorta lunges, roughly nudges right into gear. Who knows it might not be the 1st gear, but one of them is getting bad. Now, if I accelerate with a bit more punch, it will be a little less rough, but you can still feel it. I am not sure why they put the torque line so high up in the power curve? It makes sense to have it in the lower end.

    When I take the car to get an oil change I am going to have them look at it. I am going to word it with a trust worthy person I know there. There is something wrong with my transmission. It lunges into gear. It feels like its slipping a bit. It embarrassing, because it might do that when I have people in the car. Now of course, it'll act perfect when they take it out. BUT, I am going to take out another similar G6, same specs. See what it feels like. My car has about 15k miles. It should not be acting like that.

    I know the pain you are talking about. If you take that kind of pride in a car, it is disappointing to have no one believe you, and there is trouble with it. I lease my 08 G6, I want out!! Love the car itself, but the engine is truly a disappointment. I hate it! I miss my Honda engine!!!

    Go to another dealer, contact GM, get a case started. Just give them as much information as you can. Drive another car like yours, have them ride in both.
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    Well they have to believe me now, it's in the shop having the transmission completely rebuilt and they're footing the tow bill and my rental car bill. Is there a way to get out of buying this car? I know I've had it for 8 months now, but I'm so unhappy with it. I have never hated one of my vehicles before now. I know more has to go wrong with it before I can do the lemon law. I had asked them if they'd just trade me cars or something, lol. They weren't going for it. To me I'd think a transmission going out on a vehicle would lower the value later on. I don't know that for sure. Some people would think it's just fine since it's been rebuilt. But in my opinion I kind of think of it as tainted or something. Can't really think of the words, but I just don't trust it now. I had a car before that the transmission went out on and it seemed once we replaced it we kept having problems with it. So you think I should contact GM? What would I say?
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    I am glad they are trying to fix it, but you are right. It is not always good to re-do the whole thing, because it is never the same as a true factory spec model. It could have problems. But, then again it could be just fine. Just what it needed. I would give GM a call and nicely, but firmly talk to them about the issue. You no longer have a untouched product, its been in the shop, the tranny has been rebuilt. Honestly, they probably won't allow you to get out the car. But, try to do everything you can to get out. Seek all options. Talk to your dealer about getting out. Document everything, every paper, forms. It will help support your problem. Honestly, I personally think having a tranny rebuilt is grounds enough for an owner to get out. I certainly would not feel confident about it. I lease or buy new for a reason. It defeats the whole purpose. The transmission is a BIG deal. I am not sure things are ever the same after you mess around in the engine bay.

    If you think about it, you will have a new car, but a rebuilt transmission. You try to sell the car later, its documented, people will look at that. Instant value drop.
    Is that your fault? NO! I would push to get out, as you no longer have a "new" car. I would file a report, either lemon with the tranny, (because the tranny is a lemon). Be firm. I certainly would NOT be forced to drive the car. In fact, I would tell them right off, If the tranny has to be re-built, I do not want the car, as the company is breaching their end of the deal, and I no longer have a satisfactory product, and will fact the issue in the vehicle report for the life of the car. That is not right, I am so picky when it comes to cars.

    You no longer have a clean, new product, its been re-built! A bad tranny is a lemon. Be nice, and firm. Get yourself another car. This is not your fault. Its bad enough GM has value problems, let alone "re-built tranny" that screams out lemon!
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    I did some research online...... and guess what I found? Well I found a similar complaint about the 08 G6 4cyl transmission or engine. Stating it jolts, lunges, lacks pick up when its around 20-45mph. That is EXACTLY what my car is doing. They took it to the dealer and they first did not see anything. But, later found it was a problem. So perhaps its not just me! Even when I first got the car with 200miles on it. I noticed its shifted a bit rough, but 15k miles later, it still feels the same. Though when just accelerating normal, just letting the car ride up to speed. I wait for it to get up to about 45-50mph, and sure enough, you can literally feel the transmission jolt right into place. Now, I am sure most would not call that normal.

    Also, if I am in traffic, the transmission just goes up and down the one gear when going 20-40mph. You can feel it roughly slip back and forth into gear.

    I am very well in tune with a car... and it just doesn't feel "normal". I do realize its not the Accord 4cyl engine I had, but it seems like that can't be the norm for an engine. Perhaps I am not crazy.
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    Well I did talk to a lawyer to see what my options were. Pretty much as long as they're trying to fix it I'm stuck with it. He said in Kansas I would have had to of taken it in 10 times for the same problem for it to go under the lemon law. He said what I could do though is to make sure the care is still treated as a new car in the warranty. Sometimes they were try to do a refurbished warranty. He said I might also be able to get an extended warranty to make sure I don't have problems later on for the same thing. But I just have to talk to them and see what they are willing to do. Still not happy! Still waiting for the day that I can trade the hunk a junk in!!! Oh yeah... Still waiting on my dam car to get out of the shop. It's almost 80 out today too. Woulda been perfect day to be out cruising around with the top down.
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    I do respect that they are fixing the issue. If it comes out perfect, than that is great!!
    But, 10 times? What if I am bringing in my car 10 times because the transmission is acting up? You know how long of a period that truly is? That is not the way a new car should be? At what point are supposed to take action? Yes, make sure the car is treated as new. But, still the issue of having a re-built transmission is still at hand.
    I still see it as the car is already a lemon. The transmission is a lemon!! There is no other word to call it. No other excuse. GM has voided their end of the bargain. They are pretty strict with us (consumer) holding up their end of the contract, but when it comes to the company, they can do what they want right?

    Well, let them fix it, then drive it for a little while longer, keep track of your pay off versus trade in value. I figure, for me, I am 1 year into the lease now, but I think fall or the end of the year, I might have a better chance getting out.

    Document everything, get the extended warranty!

    I guess it does pay off to go for the car we all wanted to begin with. Cheaper does not always mean better. Just get the car you want from the start, then we will all be less likely to be unhappy during ownership and trade. Of course you were not planning for this to happen. So, the next car I lease, I am going all out (within reason) and get the car I truly want.

    I want an 2009 Acura TSX with technology package!! It is going for a cheap lease right now!! I too am thinking of ways to get out!

    My transmission in the G6 is still acting funny! I know something is not right.
    a transmission should shift that rough or unpredictable.
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    Yeah and that's only 10 times in 12 months! Ugh!!! Can you give the car back if enough people complain about the transmissions? Like make it seem like they're all lemons? LOL Just dreamin I guess. I can't believe how much the resale value has dropped.
    If I would have gotten the car I actually wanted I would have paid less. My husband said Ford Mustangs are not a practical car if it is your only vehicle. So at the time we were going to sell my truck. We ended up keeping my truck so I can drive that in the winter. Hopefully keep low miles on my car will keep the value up on it a little.
    When I went to get my car the mustang was $28,000 after negotiations and that's with taxes included and the G6 was over $30,000 with taxes included. If I would have gotten the 09 it would have been $35,000. They weren't willing to negotiate that at all.
    I don't know. Pretty much what I got from the whole deal was the Ford dealership I went to were very easy to work with and the Pontiac dealership I went to were kinda cocky. Take it or leave it type.
    Good luck with your transmission, I know how it feels, lol! Mine is still in the freakin shop. I call everyday just about to check on it. Been a week and 1 day today. It has also been 80+ this week and I'm stuck in my truck.
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    Pontiac is looking like its going to die. It really is too bad. I truly think they had some potential to offer some great things. It unfortunately was not brought to the level that I am sure they originally had planned. Too much on your plate would do this to anyone.
    The money was spread on so thin. I surprised it hasn't hurt or taken a toll on the Cadillac brand. But, with that said... I think it is fair to say that the Cadillac is the full potential for the company, but its too bad that you have to pay that hefty unreasonable price tag for the car. When it really should be the kind of work or quality on their cars to begin with. You buy a base model GM car, you will certainly feel "base".

    It is unfortunate that 13 plants are shutting down for the "claimed" 9 weeks. A few of which will not re-open I am sure. Many will be out of jobs. It will then create a bigger blow for GM.
    ">link title

    Pontiac is Dead
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    Hey guys

    I really feel your G6 pain. I have a 2006 G6. Rides nice, fits good, and thats about it. I have the 2.4 L. Tranny clunks...apparently it is building up too much pressure. Then the Engine light started coming on...apparently Camshaft Position Sensor, then Steering Clunk...Replaced Steering Shaft for the second time. Ran over a Raccoon...that took out my rad, and condensor...Ooops my fault not GM's.
    Then that passanger side airbag sensor showed a service airbag warning. I don't have leather seats as in the GM recall, so I don't know what was up with that.
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    When you mention "clunk"? What does is that exactly? Here lately, I am noticing the tranny running more rough. I even will get up to speed with a decent push, nothing too hard, really just normal, but I will get to about 55 or so, let off the accelerator a bit, and the transmission just jumps or just lunges down into gear. Not refined at all. It really never did that before. Also, it will do the same thing when in traffic, the gearing around 20-45, the trans just goes up and down the lower gears rough. Its like there is a lag time. The power of the engine just seems to be fine, but just unpredictable. The power is in the wrong part of the band. Its all on the upper rpm band.

    I am not sure what is going on, it just doesn't feel right.. I think it is more than just having a 4spd transmission. I am not sure what I am going to tell my dealer for them to really take a look at it.... and make it look like I am not really dumb...lol.

    I have to approach the dealer, approach the right person at the dealer to get something done. Perhaps my tranny was never right to begin with... but I am used to an 06 Accord 4cyl I had though too, but this just seems to be getting more weird.

    Let me know.
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    When I mentioned "clunk" I meant when switching from park to drive, or reverse to drive. It doesn't do it all the time. Once it starts doing it, it will go on for a day or so, then it wont happen for a week, then back again. With these tranny's you have no dipstick to check levels, and there is suppose to be a sight window, but I haven't found that either. Now the engine light comes on . The code reads that the Camshaft Position Sensor is what brings the code.
    The car goes in the shop at the beginning of the week, once I have to problem fixed I'll bring you up to speed on cost and bottom line problem.
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    Your not the only one with the airbag sensor problem. I've had my g6 since june of last year, almost 16,000 miles, and somehow I ended up with a tear in the passenger seat. It's about an inch and a half long. I didn't think anything of it, until that display started coming on every time I start it up. So I took it in to the dealer. Turns out, who ever sat in my seat sliced the sensor wires as well as the seat. $400 dollars for the sensor and $ 250 for labor. And what really sucks is that its not covered under the warranty cause supposedly its a self inflicted incedent. So I'm looking for either a new passenger seat, or just replacing the sensor and getting some seat covers.
    I would like to hear all opinions on what to do. This is my 1st brand new car, and I'm not having the time I thought I'd be having in it. Thanx
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    So an update on mine. I finally got it back on Friday. I guess it is just the car on how it goes. There is so much delay from when I start pushing on the gas pedal before it actually goes. But I don't think the transmission is fixed completely. Sat night when I went to leave a stop light it kinda stayed in place and grinded for a second then went. Sometimes it takes a while to shift into the next gear. Now it kinda clunks when I put it into a gear (from like park to drive or reverse to drive). So I guess I'll take it back AGAIN. They will just send me home with it AGAIN and tell me they can't find anything. I may be a bit paranoid though. I am now paranoid of all vehicles new or old.
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    Don't give up!!!!!!. My situation is total different than yours as my G6 is a manual transmission; but I have had the transmission rebuilt twice now, first time was supposingly my fault 28000 miles Sept. 08 not covered under warrentee. November 08... 7500 miles later took it back, smelling burning smell not shifting right, rear seal leak ... this time they replaced it all again and it was under warrentee, but that had NOTHING to do with what caused it the first time. Third time, February 08 ... 5000 miles more, still not right... said they drove it nothing was wrong. April 08 took it to a different dealer... it's not right.... they kept it all weekend drove it almost 100 miles, nothing wrong with it. We went back to pick it up and refused to take it back until they figured out what was wrong, insisted it was fine... we made the service manager ride with us when it "made the clanking sound" and pulled to the right while shifting he admitted there was a problem. They FINALLY lifted it and looked at it..... MY ENTIRE TRANNY & Transfer Case were being held on with 2 BOLTS! Literally ready to fall out of the bottom of the car.... BUT there was nothing wrong with it according to two separate dealers!! GIVE ME A BREAK! :lemon:
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    I have the 08 4cyl engine, and it seems to do the same thing. Who in their right mind programed the darn thing to have all the power in the upper range and NOT the lower range where we use and need the power most. There is this one road on the way to work, I will gradually let is get up to speed, up to about 55. It will stay in the 3 or so gear for the longest time, then it sorta lunges into gear!!

    Also, if I get up to speed, about 50 or so, then let off the gas a bit. It sorta lunges too, lunges right off the gas. The transmission is not shifting right to me! I know the dealer will say nothing is wrong. But, I have decided I am going to tell them everything. That the engine absolutely sucks. The transmission is so rough, and having a new car that has 15,000 miles on it. I SHOULD NOT have to worry about feeling the transmission like if I had bought a car that has over 100,000 miles on it.
    It does, it feels like I am driving an old used engine!! It has gotten worse, and I am not just feeling things.

    As a consumer, we spend hours in our cars, we get to know our cars. Honestly it was sorta like this, but more smooth when I got it new, but its actually got a bit more odd and the shifting of the tranny is getting more noticeable. That alone is a sign, that perhaps something is not right.

    When I am going into 55mph and my rpm's are still in the 3,000's,because the transmission hasn't shifted into the next gear, and when it does, it lunges or slips right into gear, you feel it roughly shift. There has got to be some sorta problem.

    I love the car itself, I really do!! Its a fun, but the engine, its a piece of crap!!
    But it could be the transmission.

    Should I take the car in, and tell them to do a thorough inspection of the transmission. I think I will type out all the symptoms, so they can have it there.

    Those that had an inspection... how long did they keep it...? I will need my car at some point to get 30min back home.

    How do I word it good, so that I can be taken seriously, and be respected??
    I really want to just call them, but sometimes it is the approach and talking to the right person that can do the right thing. Let me know how to approach this.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724

    I called the dealership, explained everything to them. I bring the car in on Friday. Hopefully the find something. Because it does not feel right. But, from what others have said about both V6 and 4cyl engines, the transmission seems to act this way. But, I do believe mine shifts a bit rough, and that is more than just a re-program of the transmission. Its more mechanical. I want them to atleast tell me something can be done to help it. I am very concerned that they will tell me nothing is wrong and its normal. I drive the car all the time, I think I would know. I might even call a GM rep to keep them informed.

    However, I will request to drive an identical car to see if it acts the same.
    Just so you know, the Saturn Aura with I believe the same engine has had a few same issues. One had a transmission re-build. I've seen a couple of those.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Well, I will not be bringing my car in today.... Why? Because the service rep was extremely rude to me on the phone when asking to see if I could test out another car while it was being looked at. I stated I wanted to test drive the car for just about 30min to see what the difference were. He refused to let me. We spoke over me, and took offense to me explaining any of the details.... He kept talking in circles, I was calm on the phone, but you could tell in his voice he was irritated and elevating the conversation. I stated sir, you are elevating this conversation, he was actually mocking me!! This will be the 2nd time he has gotten all crappy with me. Other employees have stated similar observations of him too.

    I canceled my appointment, I left a voice mail for the "service manager" Hopefully this person understands what customer service is all about. I am so mad...

    I just want to say screw it, if the transmission goes out, well let it!!

    I will look for another dealer perhaps to look at the car. I will not be treated that way. Then dealers wonder why they have a bad rep?
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724

    not sure if anyone is reading this...lol. But, I did bring my car in, and we took my car and I showed them the issues. They did feel it too, but only like 1 time. I felt it more, only because I know my car better. I had a chance to take another similar car out, an 07 with 25,000miles. I seemed to have had more power and shifted better, smoothly. There was a difference. My car isn't as smooth and peppy as that other car I took out, with an identical engine, more mileage, and year older. We both rode in the other car and the rep felt that it was a bit more smooth, and I showed her the power differences.

    I am bringing my car in tomorrow early. The 30yr experienced mechanic will look at it. They will have the car the whole day. I hope they can come up with a reasonable solution to the issue.

    However, I am currently waiting to hear back from my dealer on trading for a VW. They have been so awesome so far, so if I am able to get out.. I will!! Its so far looking good. They have told me, I have $3,000 negative equity, but that is not bad at all!! You can work the sale price and numbers to make it appeal better. So, they are obviously wanting to help me. This is my dealer, so they know me, and have helped me... they sold me the car I am trading. They know I never wanted it to begin with. If they can get me out!, well awesome, I'll do it, if they can't, well, I will at least get my issue fixed on the G6. Hopefully!

    Wish me luck!! My friend is wanting to buy as G6, I might tell her to look around first, then make a choice.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Dealer has had my car since yesterday morning! I am sooooo hoping they found something and will have a fix for it. I have a rental now, it is an 09 G6, same options as mine, except it has the 6spd auto, and it drives substantially better. Mileage is improved too. Smoother transmission. If my car had that engine, I do not think I would be pushing to get out of the car so bad. Not a bad car.

    But, my cars engine, feels like an old grumpy engine! I am so nervous that they will not find anything. But, I wouldn't think they would keep it this long and then turn around and tell me nothing was really wrong with it. Unless they never got around to it yesterday.....hmmmm... Wow!

    My salesmen told me he would drive it too. I hope that I don't look stupid!

    Anyhow, get this, I was in there too, getting options to get out of my lease... and another person from my work came in, and have an identical car except it was an 09. They were there wanting out of the car too!! Same salesmen as me, we were both in front of him, asking him to help us to get out!! LOL it was hilarious! He was sorta overwhelmed with all of this... but I bet he wasn't surprised.

    He used to be a fan and drive GM cars.... now he drive a C-Class mercedes! HAHA, and he told me his mom got a Jetta! So he is finally figuring things out!!
    GM, Sorry bud, but your losing even your loyal customers.

    After I transfer my lease, well, I will not be back to GM. Not feeling it!
  • dave06g6dave06g6 Member Posts: 24
    Wow. Been searching the net for my issue (same as yours) and now here I am. 2006 G6, 4 Cyl Auto, have the exact same issues that you describe. Intermittent mind you but the code is always the same ( P0010 ) which is the cam position sensor. I have a code reader, I've cleared it a few times, sometimes it comes back immediately and other times takes a few days. You can also erase the code by disconnecting the battery for 5 mins. My shift issues however are starting to concern me, of course - we are out of warranty as well (3yr, 60K basic). I understand the 06's were not covered under the 5yr 100K plans. I had mentioned the rough shifts to my dealer (Toronto area) before it ran out of warranty - but it was not throwing codes at that time either. I have 69K on it now & driving it only on short trips ( lease is up in the fall ).

    I have friends who are mechanics and have driven it, their opinion ranges from a bad valve body or automatic clutch issue. But one guy says that the bad cam sensor could be related, it could be causing a high internal pump pressure or line pressure (falsely) in the tranny which makes it bang through the gears, or the pump itself could be bad too.

    Did your dealer get to the bottom of it for you ? Since yours is throwing the same code ( P0010 Cam Sensor ) then I assume we have the exact same issue. Might be funny to compare VINS, I bet these vehicles are close on manufacture date.

    Please advise what your results were... Thanks ! !
  • g6fobiag6fobia Member Posts: 3
    I went to the garage and the dealer about the issue. No-one could tell me the problem...but being a backyard mechanic myself, I think I have solved the problem, as it hasn't happened in a while now.

    I live in Northern Ontario, so chances are we are probably very close on Manufacturing date.

    Anyways...on the 2006 G6 the in dash information center basically tells you when to change your oil. I went by the percentages, car ran like crap, then the Cam Sensor code kept coming up, tranny problems, the whole nine yards.
    I even switch to synthetic, and semi-synthetic oils. That made the problem even worse.

    So what I did is went back to the tried and true 5W30 engine oil, and changed it every 5000KM or 3 months which ever came first ( regardless of what that Information Center said.

    The Code has not shown up since, and the (what felt like Tranny) problem has not happened again.

    Give it a try...it might work for you too. :shades:
  • dave06g6dave06g6 Member Posts: 24
    Uhhh, I don't know what to say on that - I was thinking this was a viscosity issue because it is getting aggravated now that the warm weather is upon us, however - viscosity of the trans oil ! BUT - we have one thing in common for sure - I have been using straight synthetic oil in the engine for the past 30K so, hmmm - that viscosity may be screwing with the VVTi cams ? You know that does make sense because one thing is that it never does it until the engine is up to temp for sure. And sure as hell it goes away once the car has been sitting (cooled) for awhile. Wow, this could be an angle that is correct, stranger things have happened. Alright - I am off to the store tomorrow for some straight 10W30 conventional oil. I will laugh my [non-permissible content removed] off if that does the trick ! Thanks for the input !
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Wow!! Seriously!? For me though, I did not lease my car to worry about oil, transmission, cam problems. lol. My dealer has had my car for nearly a week. My catiylic converter is clogged? What?, Hello? Kidding right? Bad gas? Well, its been acting weird ever since I bought it. It never shifted right to begin with? I ALWAYS thought it didn't shift too smooth. Now, I am going to get my car back either today or tomorrow... I am going to drive it, and see if it does the same thing with a new catylic converter. If it is still acting the same, that thing will be right back in the shop.

    The rental, an 09 G6 4cyl has much more pep to it than mine!!.... Honestly if the engine was not acting so weird, and random things going out.. I wouldn't be wanting out so quickly.

    I refuse to drive such thing like that. I lease! I shouldn't worry about things like this. I pay too much, work to hard to be unhappy. Besides this is a sign to me, that I need to get out of it now!! Everyone I spoke with about it, was like... really? Yes! Get out! NOW!

    Good luck to you guys too.
  • dave06g6dave06g6 Member Posts: 24
    I agree with you, I didn't get into the lease to deal with these kind of issues either - however, they neglected to warn me that this vehicle was not covered beyond 3yr/60K for powertrain... every other GM car I can think of was covered under 5yr/100K powertrain back in 2006, I don't know why this was not, new generation transmission probably was the reason. So - I'm screwed and have to deal with this now or not drive it at all until the lease expires in 6 months. Or try to negotiate myself out of it now earlier through GMAC or a dealer... hopefully the issue is not present when they inspect the vehicle but I don't want to even approach them in the interim as it will be on record, not looking to purchase a 3 thousand dollar transmission any time soon on top of having to buy out the vehicle afterward considering the residual value has plummeted because of GM's pending bankruptcy and Pontiacs doom.
  • dave06g6dave06g6 Member Posts: 24
    Well, it sounded like a good idea (switching to conventional lubrication from synthetic), but it did it again yesterday in the heat so maybe the frequency of the issue has been reduced - who knows. I guess I will buy a couple of cam sensors this week and try replacing those to see what transpires, since that is the only code showing (P0010 on Bank 1)... if this issue sounds familiar to you and the dealer solved it without replacing the trans, let me know!
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724

    It turns out it wasn't the transmission. It was my catylic converter. It was replaced after a week of waiting. It seems to run much better, has more power, and the shifting seems to be functioning better! Now only time will tell. But, I think it will be okay! I am glad to know that they were able to find that and replace it.

    I truly believe the car has a bad converter to begin with, since leasing it new. It never really felt this "normal" before. It feels like it is supposed to. Its not near a Honda engine, but definitely decent enough. I am glad to have my car back. I am seeking to still get out of it. transfer the lease.

    For now, its all good. I am glad that is over... I will monitor the performance, but seems to be better.
  • djasperdjasper Member Posts: 15
    I have an 06 G6 4cyl with same problem you guys are having. I have replaced both Cam pos sensors and so far no luck! My trans starts shifting hard and the check engine light comes on shortly after. I had two codes, the cam sensor and also the timing was advanced. I believe the tranny shift issue is related to the timing being advanced. I don't know where to go from here! Let me know if you come up with anything. I did talk to one dealer and he said that he hasn't heard of this problem, I can't imagine...
  • dave06g6dave06g6 Member Posts: 24
    Yup - sounds like the exact same issue. I haven't bothered replacing the cam sensors, I think its more of a mechanical failure in the trans. There is a way to read codes off the transmission from the main wiring harness off the trans but as far as I know - the codes can only be read off the trans from the dealer. And with this lease over in a few more months - we are simply driving it on short trips only (it usually takes a bit of driving for the issue to show up right? never when the trans is cold?).

    Try pulling the battery off for 5 mins, the codes will reset and the adaptive shift logic will have to be relearned by the trans. Sometimes this clears up our issue for more then a few days. Reason I think its also mechanical is because the auto starter fails to work after awhile too until you pull the battery, trans may be building up too many codes and causing that to fail safe too, who knows. I hope you're on a lease and done with it soon as well.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Well, I called Pontiac and started a file, I was asked what they could do to make me feel more "faithful" in my G6. I told them, that I want out of the lease.... Then guess what the lady told me (she was quite nice though) "you signed a contract, so we really can't do that"... I then chimed in and told her, well.. your company has to uphold their end of the contract too, offering a satisfactory product. They quickly forget that they are apart of the contract too. But, the contract is mostly 90% consumer, then 10% company right? lol? Of course. They fail to realize that. They claim, we'll honor our warranty. Well Duh! But, when the car has to spend most of its life in the shop, its still normal right?

    I will just bring the thing in for every little thing. I mean everything! I'll rack up a warranty bill like no other!

    She is calling me back on Friday to let me know what they can do for me. Either way, I am done. I am transferring the lease to someone else. As everything is repaired for now. :lemon:
  • djasperdjasper Member Posts: 15
    I bought the car with 51k miles on it and now I have 65k, I had no issues at first but around 58k miles everything went to he_ _! I wish I would have leased then I would do the same as dave an give it back. I had a front wheel bearing go bad (used $60)and the "sensors", which cost around $54.00 a piece. Like you guys said, it is intermitent. It shifts hard, light comes on for a week then starts shifting normal, light goes out. It is a viscous cycle. Let me know what the lady has to say Friday. I am stuck with this car for another 4 years and don't want to trade now, because adding another year back on the loan isn't feasible.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Yes, I will let you know. Luckily I do lease, but your bottom dollar I will bring the car in for any and everything. GM wants to honor the warranty? Well, They'll get a nice hefty bill for it too!! I too am noticing a weird transmission shift in one of the gears. Shifts a bit rough, and why in the world does it seem to want hold on to the next gear before shifting to the next for so long? I love the car itself, but the engine is just a BIG disappointment.

    So GM, if you want to honor my warranty and hold me to my contract... Well...
    I will hold your company to your end of the contract with a nice warranty bill.
    You know those labor fees are pretty hefty..

    BY the way.. am not sure if I am being pulled a fast one... But are wiper blades for my car really $55?? You have got to be kidding? You would think I was driving a Benz!
  • dave06g6dave06g6 Member Posts: 24
    You guys know that the powertrain warranty for the 06 is over at 60,000 kilometers / 3 years right ? Only the 08 forward I think has the full 5 year 100K powertrain warranty. If you own this vehicle - I would look at a trade. I am convinced they have mechanical issues with this new version trans too and it isn't going to get any better. The earlier version of this trans prior to 2005 was even worse and suffered the same type of ailments, mostly in the Sunbird & Grand AMs. Intermittent will eventually become permanent unfortunately...

    A friend showed me this GM Service Bulletin:

    Transmission shift complaints and/or no engagement. Some 2002-04 GM cars (full list below) equipped with the 4T40E or 4T45E transaxle may come into your shop with a myriad of shifting and/or engagement problems. Among the complaints you're likely to hear are that the transmission slips, shifts erratically or not at all, or won't engage 2nd, 3rd, Overdrive or Reverse.
    According to GM, the most likely cause for all these complaints is the shifting of a small sleeve within the driven sprocket support assembly. The shifted sleeve blocks the oil feed hole for the 2nd clutch. A new-design driven sprocket support with a tighter interference fit between the sleeve and housing (Part No. 24207143) is now available to address the concerns. Installing the new support will require dismantling the transaxle, although the clutches, seals, bushings, etc., can be reused if they're not damaged.
    Vehicles that are susceptible to the above problems and can benefit from the updated support assembly are 2002-04 Chevy Cavaliers and Malibus, Olds Aleros, Pontiac Grand Ams and Sunfires and 2004 Chevy Classics.

    Oh & yes - the wiper blades are costly, they didn't rip you off... but you can replace with the older style if you want (not as good though)
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Well, ANOTHER update:

    My 08 G6 is showing signs of the transmission slipping again. There seems to be this one gear that slips or roughly shifts into place. When in traffic going 30-50mph, the one gear is a bit rough slipping into gear. When accelerating up to speed it will hold on to the one gear, the you can feel noticeable it move into the next. Then say your past that rough shift.... then you need to speed up a bit, it will then jump down in gear... It just seems to jerky and rough to not be something wrong.

    I have emailed Pontiac service, and they are calling me again today. I will discuss this with them today. I have only had the lease now for 13 months. I truly want out!!
    This should not all be happening on a leased car. I feel like I went out and bought a used car with many more miles. Its sad too, because I was actually liking the car itself, but the engine feels old and grumpy! I feel on edge when I drive it, waiting for it to slip into gear.

    What would you guys do?
  • dave06g6dave06g6 Member Posts: 24
    Well thank your lucky stars you are under the 5 year powertrain warranty and not with an 05 or 06 that came with 3 year / 60k. At least you can drive it until it grenades itself, unfortunately that is what you have to do sometimes in order to get the dealer to replace the damn thing or rebuild it (more likely). I have to wait patiently a couple of more months until the lease end is closer to negotiate my way out - just taking it on short trips only now.

    So - just keep driving it, maybe manually shift it until it dies completely, sounds like a definite mechanical issue there, it will eventually become permanent. They will likely take the trans out for a look if it gets towed in because it can't move !

    However, many other things can cause those symptoms - they should really be reading the codes off the transmission, not the ECM. The computer / ECM uses mass air flow / MAF and throttle position /TPS to determine engine load. The computer then uses those inputs to determine shift time and if need be increase line pressure to help stop any slip. You could have issues there but the SES light and a scan of the ECM should determine that. Mechanical issues should come to light with a diagnostic scan of the trans.

    There is nothing wrong with the engines - they are great, well balanced and for the most part trouble free (both of them). Its the trans that are plaguing some of these cars I think !!!! Grrrr.
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