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Tribeca Accessories & Modifications

chrisc5chrisc5 Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Subaru
Perhaps a silly question. I am wanting to put a roof rack on my Tribeca, the accessories page on Subaru's website list the aero crossbar kit...does the kit include the mounting attachments to the roof also? I called my dealer and the parts guy was pretty clueless about whether the kit was just the crossbars or all that you needed to set up the roof rack.



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It seems very, very likely that it would.

    I have many accessories from Subaru, and all of them come with all the hardware you need. The trailer hitch even came with a complete wiring harness.

    Well, now that I think about it, it did not come with a ball hitch, because there are multiple sizes.

    But I'd bet the clamps are included.

  • nspringernspringer Posts: 12
    I just put mine on, and all it needs are 8 screws and some little covers that go over the screws, and it was all in the box. Pretty easy to install. I did notice after it was on that the rear cross bar wiggles a little bit. The sides are screwed in tightly, but there are a couple of small screws on the bottom of the bar itself that looked to be a little loose. I tried to tighten them and couldn't, so I put it back on. When I looked at both bars closely, only the right side on the rear bar has any wiggle. All four spots have screws, but only here is there any room to move around. It looks like they made it so it could be adjusted width wise, but I would think I should be able to tighten it up?! Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks.
  • leopard1leopard1 Posts: 2
    Same issue here...easy install but the rear bar is a little loose in the mounting bracket. If it's any consolation though, while you can wiggle it a little bit by hand, there doesn't seem to be any noise from it while in motion, and believe me, I've listened for it, and over a variety of surfaces and various speeds. So...bottom doesn't seem to be a real-world problem.
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    No clamps with mine...just the crossbars and a tool to remove them, if nec. The bars were pretty simple to install, according to my service rep. There are predetermined spots on the rails where they have to fore-aft adjustments are possible.

    -Karen in AZ-
  • bgadlagebgadlage Posts: 15
    HI all,

    I just bought a 2007 5 passenger Limited with Nav/Back up screen.
    I will be returning to the dealer to install the auto dimming mirror/compass, splash guards and cargo tray.

    What other accessories do you all like that maybe I should consider.

    Considering the cargo cover but am concerned about quality and will it mess up the back seats when reclined or folded?

    Is the light for back section helpful?

    Does anyone have the bumper corner molding or the rear bumper cover?

    Thank you
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    I have only had it for 2 weeks and love this car.

    I am in Central IL and have NEVER seen one on the highway as of yet.

    I saw it as the Feb Chicago auto show and really liked it .
    DO they not sell many?
    All who have seen it really likes it and can't figure out why they have never heard/seen them.

    I also got a great deal on the price .
    Quite a bit under invoice and only a little off the Acura that I traded in.

    OH WELL, our luck

  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    The Puddle Lights are very cool.
    It's worth a couple hundred just for the 'wow' factor.
    For me, the cargo tray would just get in the way, but I'd definately use the bumper cover, as I strap things to the roof rack a lot and it's where you stand.

    chrome wheels and the chrome mesh grill???

    other than that, the 'beca is a very well equipped vehicle.
  • Belva- I got the cargo tray too, I think without it the back "carpet" would get stained too quickly. I like the idea that I can take the tray out and hose it down when needed. Mine came equipped with the puddle lights, which I thought were a waste of money until I got the car home. They're very cool, my daughter calls it the "rock star car" now. I couldn't appreciate them at the dealer in the daylight but at night they're really bright and also stay on for a few seconds after the doors are closed. The car looks like it's going to blast off or something. I don't have the bumper cover but will probably add that.
    I live in Orange County Ca, where it seems EVERYONE drives a new car, and I've never seen one of these on the road either. Mine is getting lots of attention though. I guess we're trend-setters ;)
  • harvptharvpt Posts: 40
    I have a 5 passenger and did get the cargo cover, which is great and heavy duty, easy to clean. Also have the rubber floor mats, which are also heavy duty and easy to clean. I recently went in vacation to the beaches of Marthas Vinyard, and sand etc was easy to remove. Take them out and wash them down. The cover is not a problem with the seats. I also purchased the cargo carrier for the roof. It is like a metal basket with a mesh cover. It was great to carry beach chairs and boogie boards etc. It came in very handy, and was easy to install/un-install. I have the bumper cover which I would recomend as well.
    And, you gotta love the "puddle lights".
    I saw 4 Tibecas on Marthas Vineyard and a few in Upstate NY.

    Enjoy :shades:
  • It seems the Kenwood CCD-900 Rear-view camera is now in stock at some on line retailers. This may be the way to go for a retrofit on a 2006 Tribeca, no?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Be the first! Try it out. I may pick up a used '06 Tribeca next year and I'd love to know that's possible.

  • tupintupin Posts: 71
    OK, I'm actually in Canada and I'm buying a TRibeca in the US.....were're getting hosed here in Canada on Pricing of new cars.....

    On Friday I will be picking up a Silver 2006 7 pass limited with a great deal!!! I'm very excited. We used to own a 1998 Subaru Forester and just sold it...wanted something bigger. We bought this thing and have never driven one!!! Crazy or what??!!

    A few questions... Can I convert the climate control readouts to Celcius? Ditto the outside temp readout?
    The nav seems to include Canada....much info on canada? is there a Canada DVD?

    Any must have options?? I noticed that mud flaps are an accessory....some cars can get away without this the case with the tribeca?

    I think it's going to get a lot of attention...due to it's high price here in CAnada I may have the only one in my small province (PEI).

    wealth of info on these forums.....are people finding them pretty reliable?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The NAV is DVD based and covers all of North America, so you're all set there. You can even make "Becky" speak in French.

    Not sure about the Celsius trick, though. Anyone?

  • I can't find it in the manual. That would be about right with this less than intuitive system. Subaru really needs to address the programming on it's NAV system. Everything seems to be backward when it comes to controling it's functions.

    While it's better than nothing, I doubt that I would spring for it again.
  • I think you can change the temp readout in the setting menu...
  • I don't know if the headend unit is programmed for it. Subaru did make some changes software changes to it. For 200 bucks, that's expensive.
    PepBoys has a wireless camera ($120) that mounts on the license plate and sends the video signal wireless to a display unit that you can mount on the dash. I think right on the passenger airbag indicator is a good place for it ;)
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    I had the BU sensors installed today. They do stick out a bit from the black plastic bumper, as the bumper is angled slightly. They seem fairly sensitive, but I haven't had a chance to test them much. There are three volume settings for the beeper, which is installed in the right rear cargo compartment, near the woofer. The quietest setting is virtually inaudible, and the upper two settings sound almost identical in volume (one is a slightly different pitch, but not much louder). The dealer initially charged me $300 labor (3+ hours' work), but I showed them an email one of their sales staff had emailed me earlier in the summer for $142.50 (1.5 hours), and they changed the amount. Good thing I remembered to print that out and take it with me at the last minute :-)

    I'll play with these some and report back...

    -Karen in AZ-
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Pep Boys has a color, wireless back up camera that fits on the license plate for $120. Haven't bought one yet cause the screen takes up quite a bit of space with the holder, unless I found another spot on the dash to install it. You need to attach both the camera and the screen separately to power and I am not sure if this is something I want to do. Anyone else out there tried one of these?

    I wish there was a way of incorporating the nav screen to buy something that would work with it.
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    Let us know where you decide to install the screen. I couldn't find room to install a Sirius Sportster Radio so I went with a eBay gooseneck mount.
  • how about using Velco and velco the screen on top of the passenger airbag status light? That seems to be quite useless to me.. If not, the visor should work and there is power there too... ;)
  • teamjdteamjd Posts: 40
    I have a 2006 B9, and I really got tired of bumping into the cars behind me due to the tight spots that I try to get into here in NY, so I bought the VR3 wireless camera just to try it mainly because it was so cheap. What I found so far:

    1. The picture quality is OK. It's clear although a little soft. I had no problem seeing behind me either backing up close or looking down the block. Night viewing was no problem because the reverse lights give ample light for seeing the car behind you when parking or backing up. The monitor has an on/off switch, a screen rotate/mirror view adjustment to help with your choice of mounting.

    2. The wireless signal was good (an occasional momentary drop out)but for the most part it was always a steady signal even after leaving the camera on all day. (I hooked it up temporary by plugging it into the rear acc jack the first day and couldn't shut it off at will.)

    3. You will have to estimate the last foot because even with the supplied adapters to tilt the camera down, you can't see the B9's rear bumper or trailer hitch. I found that when the lic plate of the car behind fills the screen it's time to stop :surprise:

    4. You can mount the monitor with the supplied velcro to the sun visor, but then you have to run the wire up and around the window, or you can use the supplied monitor holder and attach it anywhere you want. Again, you have to run the wires around. I found that the best place for the monitor is velcro'd to the inside the top section of the center console since I plug it into the acc jack there anyway. Besides, since I'm looking back anyway, it's no big deal opening up the console to see the monitor.

    And that's my 2 cents ;)
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Is this the same unit they sell at Pep Boys for around $120?
  • teamjdteamjd Posts: 40
    Yes, that's where I got it. Not knowing if I could post where and how much, I left it out. Actually, Walmart online has it around $98. Wish I'd have look first.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    How difficult was it for you to wire? I am not very good at such things. Pep said they would not install it for me, which seemed kind of strange. Where exactly on the dash did you install it, or was it on the visor? When you are driving does it give good clear vision of what's behind you, particular to the left and right.

    Biggest problem I have with Tribeca is blind spot on psssenger side opposite the rear part of the vehicle. I am a very careful driver, have never had an accident in life (pretty remarkeable considering I am in early sixties and have averaged over 30,000 miles for the past 30 years plus.
    Wow, if I really added up all the miles I have driven over one million!
  • teamjdteamjd Posts: 40
    It wasn't difficult for me at all, but then again I'm an electrician. A few more observations are in order though. It doesn't appear to be a real wide angle lens, so I don't think it will address the blind spot problem. For a wireless camera, the picture is clear and interference is minimal. I will actually measure tomorrow and report back how far back and how wide the area is that image starts. The monitor has an adapter plug prewired to just plug into the cigarette lighter (I mean ACC Outlet in the center console), hence I mounted it in the center console with velcro. When I need it, I lift the lid turn it on and close it when I'm done. For a permenant mount you will have to drill a hole in the back hatch near the license plate to run the camera wire inside the hatch and find the back up light wire to splice into. If you don't mind having the wire exposed, you could do like I did temporarily and close the hatch on the wire then just buy a cigarette lighter plug and splice it on the plug it into the 12v outlet in the back. the rear hatch seal is thick enough not to crush the wire. It's only powered when the ignition key is on. You would be able to turn off the monitor by the on/off button, but the camera would be on whenever the key is on.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds like a photo would help a lot. If you can host them on CarSpace, great, if not e-mail them to me and I can post them up for you. I think this would help a lot of folks.


  • That's a EXCELLENT idea... Inside the center console underneth the arm rest...... You just got me thinking... Maybe mount it on the trunk door or the rear cargo window .....That way, when you turn your head back to see where u r backing up through the window, you can seethe backup cam too....

    I was thinking of mounting it on top of the passenger airbag status light but I guess center console or the rear window would be better.... :)
  • Or mount everything in the cargo area and get power from backup light. COmes on when in reverse and off other times. :)

    BTW, there is also a "reverse" wire that goes into the nav under the dash if you have the nav..
  • teamjdteamjd Posts: 40
    Sorry, I was out of town for a few days. I will figure out a way to post photos in the next few days. Back to my last question about the use of the camera for the blind spot. With the camera mounted on the top screws of the lic. plate:
    If you are looking at the bottom of the screen, the ground starts showing up at 8 feet back. Looking at the bottom left and right of the screen the image is 8 feet back and 8 feet wide, so I don't think the blind spot falls into this area. If your using it for parking you will have to judge for your self when too closeeis too close.
  • DO you have the dimension of the video unit?
  • well I took the grill to get powder coated and found out ... get this the frame of the grill is PLASTIC. the only metal part is the grill itself which seems aluminum. :surprise:

    I was going to get this part powder coated but the side grills are put together with plastic snap tabs that are not really designed to come apart. It looks like I would have to break the plastic to get it apart so I could remove the grill material :mad:

    so it looks like it will get installed with the chrome finish. I have yet to see a SE Tribeca yet on the road so it will stand out even if its factory chrome.
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