Hyundai Sonata - Water sounds from the dash

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Just in the last two days my 06 Sonata has a water sound comming from the right side of the dash above the glove box it will only make the sound of running water if you are moving and stops when you stop ? I checked to see if the AC drain was pluged and it is working fine ?


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    )) " 06 Sonata has a water sound comming from the right side of the dash above the glove box..." ((

    First, while your car's engine is cold, check the coolant level at the radiator fill neck, NOT the overflow bottle atop the right front inner fender (which will be partially filled with a green fluid.). At the radiator fill neck, there should be green fluid right up to the sealing ring (located about an inch or so below the top of the neck) in the fill neck. If it's low, air may've become trapped in the heater core. Add a 50/50 mix of antifreeze/demineralized water to bring the level up to the sealing ring. Once that's accomplished, if the level of coolant mix in the overflow bottle is low, bring it up the molded midline. You can buy antifreeze-coolant pre-mix at any autoparts store or the automotive section at discount stores - just look for the designation(s) "Pre-mix" and/or "50/50". Actual brand is unimportant - even if it's a long-life formulation (Since Hyundai uses a standard antifreeze, you won't gain any advantage using a long-life product for top-up. Most antifreeze sold in North America, now, is long life specification. The important thing is that mixing them will neither cause harm nor reduce the working life of the original coolant.). Next, set your automatic heater/air-conditioning system to manual, manually advance the heater control valve ALL the way to the hottest setting, and then drive the car for a few miles - there might still be air in the heater core that requires purging. A good drive or two should purge it out. (You do not have to run the fan during all this but doing so to maintain comfort is perfectly acceptable. The main thing is to keep the temp control to full "Hot" while purging any trapped air out.) If this solves the gurgling-noise problem, you're not done, yet. Keep close tabs on the coolant level over the next several days - again, at the radiator when the engine is cold. Some slight loss followed by a stable level only indicates any remaining air has been purged out of the system. However if the coolant level continues to drop repeatedly without stabilizing, you have a leak somewhere which will require the services of your dealer and would likely be a warranty claim at this stage of your car's life.

    (Ethylene glycol-based antifreeze, attractively dyed, and, along with its pleasantly sweet aroma and taste, is equally very tempting to small children and pets. It's also lethally toxic in relatively small doses, so immediately wipe up spills.)
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    Proulblem solved, thanks for such a detailed responce to my water sound post saved me a trip to the dealer, and of coursr my wife looking to see if her shoes are getting wet.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I rarely find out later whether my tendency toward diarrhea of the brain is appreciated or overkill.
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    I am having the same problem with my Elantra 01, but inaddtion to water sound I am also noticing a medium leak. Would appreciate your advice.
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    If the leak is outside, and coolant, you probably have a bad hose. If the leak is inside, and plain water, check to see that the hose is plugged into the evaporator drain pan. If the inside leak is coolant, you could either have a bad hose or a bad heater core. You'll need to get on your knees (and maybe your back) with a flashlight to see. Or, you could just take it to the dealer. Sometimes a front passenger will pull the drain hose off with a shoe. Sometimes the drain hose can get plugged or kinked.
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    If you're expecting a reply from Ray we haven't seen him around here for quite awhile. Sure miss his input, very knowledgeable fellow. Good luck!

    One of my friends that read a couple of his posts guessed him to be Ray of Click and Clack. ???
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    Yeah sure he seems to be very knowledgable. My problem is resolved after topping up the coolant. I might have a leak, will need to keep an eye on it. Thanks for your replies though!
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