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Dodge Caliber Tire and Wheels

nonnemachernonnemacher Member Posts: 98
edited March 2014 in Dodge
I thought about the expense of 17" tires too, but I bought the car anyway! With my driving, I figure the original tires should last me at least three years. By then, this size should be more common and the price should come down, especially if some of the import tire makers supply them. Worst case scenario, you can get a 15" steel wheel (on the SE) and a decent tire (205/70/15) for under $100 US combined, but it won't handle as well or look as nice. This could be a viable option for those wanting a separate set of winter tires, as winter tires are never cheap since they are somewhat of a specialty.


  • canoenutcanoenut Member Posts: 12
    I know it's early, but I'm planning to purchase 4 winter tires on steel wheels (with wheel covers) for my SXT. I would like to replace the 17" wheels with 15". Would going from the 215/60/17 to the 205/70/15 be OK? I'm looking at the Michelin X-Ice tires. The specialists at Tirerack.com say that it is too early for them to give a definite answer.
  • aaron_taaron_t Member Posts: 301
    I don't know if the 15" wheels will fit, but suspect the SXT w/o 4-wheel disc has the same brakes as the SE.

    205/75 would be very close to stock size.
    205/70R15 would be about 3% smaller. I'd this size would be better and a little more stable on the highway with the super soft winter compound. Of course, you lose 0.4" (oh, 11mm) of ground clearance.
  • nonnemachernonnemacher Member Posts: 98
    The SE has 205/70/15 tires with steel wheels. I'm sure the SXT and SE wheels are physically interchangeable, as far as brake size is concerned. The speedo and ODO may be set slightly differently on the two models, however.
  • jjurbanjjurban Member Posts: 3
    Saw a yellow Caliber on the road near Pittsburgh. Very nice! It had a black spoiler.

    Just curious, what exactly does a spoiler do? Is it helpful or merely a decoration?

    Same question with wheels - are 17-inch better than 16-inch? And are 18-inch better than 17-inch?

  • micwebmicweb Member Posts: 1,617
    Wheel and tire size choices involve various trade-offs. As you have probably noted from MTV etc., "big" - really big - wheels are a fashion statement now.

    But wheels are much heavier than tires, and stress the suspension. Most importantly, it's a lot harder to "spin" heavy wheels than lighter wheels - by way of example, imagine trying to twirl something around your head on the end of a string. An apple on a string is a lot easier to get started moving than an cantaloupe, due to the difference in weight. Ten extra pounds in the cabin of a car has virtually no affect on acceleration. Ten extra pounds on the wheels, especially where the ten extra pounds is further out from the axle, can adversely affect acceleration and fuel economy.

    Ok, that's the downside. What are the advantages of larger wheel size? Basically none, EXCEPT for one thing - reducing the height of the sidewall on your tire. Why does this matter? Because rubber sidewalls are "floppy" and when you turn the car, then to bend over. This causes the tread to lose optimal contact with the road, and delays the effect of your steering input. Thus, trucks with small wheels, large sidewalls, feel sloppy, and BMW's with narrow profile tires (band aids on wheels) handle like go-karts. Of course there are other things going on, like center of gravity (how high the vehicle is) and suspension design.

    The stock tires and wheels on the SE aren't so bad. They already have a relativelly low tire "profile" (height of the side wall) and later you can womewhat improve the handling and steering response (not that stock is bad) by getting tires with stiffer sidewalls (that's an alternate solution to tire flop, besides making the sidewalls shorter). The tire size Dodge chose for the SE is widely available so there are a lot of aftermarket choices to choose from.

    The larger wheels on the SXT have fewer tire options to choose from, and the tire that comes stock isn't considered a top performer (though it is very lightweight, which helps on fuel economy - at least helps to make up for the larger wheel). However it IS a little wider than the stock tire on the SE and the whole set up looks a little better (that fashion thing) even with the stock steel wheels. And Dodge designed the suspension to work with this setup.

    If you are thinking about dressier wheels, the $400 option from Dodge is the most economical. And I have to admit I am nervous about riding on wheels, from many companies, that are now made in China. Few of them are light, and none of them are certified and guaranteed by Chrysler like the stock Dodge alloy wheels.

    If you can't find a Caliber with alloy wheels, order your Caliber! The discounts are the same whether you order or buy off the lot - it's not like there are awesome deals if you buy from stock.

    As to the spoiler, they don't do ANYTHING for handling - this isn't an F1 car running 150 mph that needs downpressure from a spoiler to keep its rear end planted. But, some spoilers look nice on some cars, especially the ones that aren't too big, and some drivers claim that a small spoiler on a square back vehicle (truck, SUV, hatchback) reduces some of the grime that otherwise seems to accumulate on the back window.

    I saw an orange Caliber on the road today, and that color looks better to my eye than the infurno red. The car looks better in my rear view mirrow (front is neat) than from the rear (looks boxy). But it's too early to form a lasting opinion. I'm glad they are popular, and after I run up 20,000 miles on my Cobalt, I might try a Caliber next (we ended up replacing the totalled Caravan with an Impala, not a Caliber).
  • neely2005neely2005 Member Posts: 70
    A couple of things, what you said about the Profile (Sidewall Height) of a tire is true but the Higher the Profile the smoother the ride as the tires flex and absorb a lot of the bumps which saves wear & tear on the suspension. I have winter tires which have a normal (high) profile and summer tires which have a much lower profile and when I have the winter tires on I get a much smoother ride, but when I have the summer tires on I get much better handling.

    As to the spoiler they are actually effective (depending on the spoiler of course) once you hit 100 Km/h (I think that's about 60 MPH) and will create downforce which will increase traction to the rear wheels.
  • micwebmicweb Member Posts: 1,617
    On the smoothness of the ride, I agree, smaller wheels with bigger tires ride smoother than the larger wheels with lower profile tires.
  • mbrymbry Member Posts: 9
    Got the rims & tires today. Photos are kinda crappy due to the weather--rainy & dark. http://www.carspace.com/mbry">link title
  • nonnemachernonnemacher Member Posts: 98
    I was going from Bowling Green, Ohio to Indianapolis today... I decided that I would take US 6 to US 24 towards Fort Wayne and then take I 469/69 South to Indy, since I 75 South and I 70 West have a lot of construction in Ohio. Plus, this route is about 25 miles shorter, which makes it about equal in time... unless you get a flat tire......
    About 20 miles south of Ft Wayne on I-69 I was basically pushed into the center median by a trucker from Ontario - I have no idea why. Going through the berm at a good clip with the ABS working kicked up all sorts of road debris and I got a small bolt of some sort in the rear driver side tire which caused it to go flat pretty quick. I got the rim off without breaking the seal at the bead though, because I stopped right away.

    Overall, the tire was easy to change and the spare is a good size, but it isn't balanced very well. Maybe that's by design so you don't go too fast with it on there.
    It was getting late, but I figured that if I got to the north part of Indy by 8 PM, I could find a large chain tire store that could plug the tire.

    I did find a Pep Boys and they had me wait for about 40 minutes before they even looked at my tire and said "we can't guarantee the patch/plug will hold in that location, so we are not going to fix it..." Why couldn't they have told me this when they first looked at the tire??? They then said they could sell me a new tire, but they couldn't do that because I did not want a new tire for one that has only 3k on it and THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE RIGHT SIZE TIRE!!! Can you tell I think they wasted my time?

    I am staying in downtown Indy and there is a real old-fashioned looking tire shop about 4 blocks from the hotel... I'm sure they can fix it tomorrow AM... they even sell retreads for trucks... these guys can probably fix anything - almost. I really don't want to drive 210 miles home with the spare, but I will if necessary.

    Pretty much every car I've owned has had plugs in the tires and I've never had one leak yet. I think my record is five plugs on one car at one time... that was one they were building my subdivision... lots of nails.

    On the upside, driving slower seems to be giving great gas mileage, with the AC on. I'll probably fill up tomorrow before heading home, and I'll post the exact MPG then.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    Don't forget to keep us posted as to the outcome.
  • commprocommpro Member Posts: 13
    I've got an SXT on order with the 17" alloy wheels and am searching for a set of winter wheels. Given the cost of 17" winter tires and wheels I am wondering if anybody knows what the impact of going to 16" (or maybe even 15") for winter wheels would be. Are there any ramifications?

    Also, does anybody know the exact specs for the wheels? Is 5 X 114.3 correct for the bolt pattern? When I've been asking at the tire stores all I get is a blank stare as the car is so new. In fact, my sales guy gave me the same blank stare when I asked him.

    Time since order was placed T-8 weeks and counting. :D
  • nonnemachernonnemacher Member Posts: 98
    You can go to 215/65/16 with very little change in speedo and odo - its less than 1% different than 215/60/17. The 215/65/16 is a Caravan tire size and is very common. All Caliber 17" wheels are 17x6.5 with the 5 on 114.3 bolt pattern (5 on 4.5"). The offset is a typical DCX FWD offset at +42mm. The lugs are common DCX ones as well - 19mm or 3/4 inch with the dual flange to hold on the factory wheelcovers or a single flange for the alloys.

    Any common 15" tire size would be at least 3% different, so that's not a good option.

    But, good luck finding low-priced 16" wheels. Last time I talked to Tirerack, they said that they're not even going to be selling steel wheels this winter because the metal market has gone up so much that steel wheels are no longer a money-maker for them.

    I bought an extra set of 17" steel wheels, tires and covers off eBay from a shop that put 20s on a Caliber. It was a good price for virtually new wheels and tires, but shipping was high.
  • grayseabringgrayseabring Member Posts: 18
    With the change to a smaller wheel rim which tread has to go farther to cover the same distance comes a false reading on your odometer. It will not recalibrate by itself to reflect the reflect the extra distance the wheels must turn. You would be reaching the end of your mileage based warenty sooner. Along with an speedometer which will not be accurate, perhaps you should recalibrate your purchase to reflect your priorities.
  • commprocommpro Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for the answers nonnemacher and greyseabring. Sounds like 16" is they way to go if I want to "downsize" for winter. You're absolutley right on the cost of steel wheels. I got a quote on a set of $90 CDN each and the same shop quoted me just over $100 for a basic alloy wheel that didn't look too bad. Finding reasonably priced tires will also be a challenge no doubt, but I see Cost-co up here is going to be running a specail on Michelin's soon, so maybe some nice new X-ice.
  • neely2005neely2005 Member Posts: 70
    I'm not 100% sure about this but a co-worker of mine said that if you buy your winter tires from Costco (in Canada) they will put them on your regular rims and then switch your summer tires back to your regular rims - For FREE, EVERY YEAR as long as you have a valid Costco membership.

    This savings on Tire Balancing may be worth it and would probably allow you to buy the same size winter tires as the tires that come with the car.
  • commprocommpro Member Posts: 13
    As I've said before I am looking a winter wheels and tires for my Caliber.

    Does anybody know if dodge is selling the TPMS Sensors through parts yet? Also, when I switch the tires over does the car need to be taken to service so the computer can be set to recognize the new wheels or is that an automatic thing? I am so dumb about this stuff. :confuse:

    Thanks Moparfancanada for triggering me on something I had not thought of! Man, whoever thought living in the north would cause this many problems when it comes to buying winter tires!
  • gigantlegigantle Member Posts: 4
    Hi Commpro,

    I have been searching for winter tires as well. I will "downsizing" as well for my Caliber to 215/65R16.

    Did you get an answer about the TPMS? I was wonering the same thing.

    What was the best place for rims and tires that you found?
  • commprocommpro Member Posts: 13
    The TPMS Sensors are available at parts for about $65 CDN. According to Chysler the system is self learning and the sensors will "train" themselves when the car roles down the road.

    The sensors cannot go on steel wheels which means alloy is a must. My experience finding alloy at a good price for winter wheels and a shop that knows how to deal with installing the TPMS sensors was not great. In the end I settle for a second set of Caliber rims and had my dealer do the install. It probably cost me about $300-400 :( more but it was way easier.
  • moparfancanadamoparfancanada Member Posts: 18
    Here's one for the books. If anyone has any more information to add to this, I would be happy to hear it. Here goes:

    Tuesday morning - Got in my Caliber R/T AWD with the TPMS system. The warning indicator goes off and the Low Tire flashing in the command centre shows that my front passenger tire is low. I get out of the car, and it appears fine. I get out my faithful tire pressure gauge and all is fine. HUM! It wont go off. Drive to the dealer and he says " must be a bad sensor" Dealer changes the sensor, 35 minutes later I drive off, and all is fine.

    Thursday morning - Get in my car and the audible warning comes on, and the command centre indicates 2, yes 2!, tires are low pressure. Both passenger side wheels. Get out of the car, all appears fine, pressure is fine. HUM! Continue onto work and call the dealership - "Bring it in" he says. Go to my car, start the ignition - WHOA! Now I got 3 tires indicating low pressure. The original 2 passenger and now the front driver side.

    So I call the 1-800 Chrysler Canada number, and talk to a really nice lady. I explain to the last detail whats happening. "Gee" she says, nothing on her computer to indicate that any other Caliber owner has ever had this problem. So I tell her to open up a new file, because it aint no bad sensor anymore. There has got to be something wrong with the electronics of the TPMS. Have a nice day she says, then off to the dealer I go.

    I hand over the keys and get a ride to work in one of them nice Caravans. Only thing missing was the 2.3 kids and some soccer balls. But I have all the faith in the world with DaimlerChryslerCanada to get to the bottom of this.

    Got a call later in the afternoon. Every mechanic in the shop is stumped. They are on the phone with the "head" technician down in Windsor. I dont know whether to feel good about this or worry like hell that I have an electronical nightmare on my hands. When one electronic system goes, all the others are bound to follow. There are more computer systems on a car today then the appollo mission that landed on the moon.

    My car is now resting comfortably overnight at the dealer as the have yet to find the problem.

    Looks like I'm walking to work tomorrow. I need a drink.

    Anyone else have a similar TPMS story?

    NOTE: This week, the morning temperatures have been just above freezing. But my car is in the garage, so go figure.
    I dont know.

    Damn that NITRO is hot!
  • gigantlegigantle Member Posts: 4
    I had problems with it going off as well. It started off with just one tire and then to three tires at one point. It varied from day to day. This all started when the temps. started to go down. The cold air causes the tire pressure to condense. In the morning they would go off and when I would get into the car in the afternoon everything would be fine.
    After a week of the annoying :mad: problem I finally put more air in my tires and I am running all tires at 34 psi. No more alerts for low tire pressure. :D

    Hopefully this helps.

    Next time ask for the NITRO as a courtesy vehicle. :shades:
  • moparfancanadamoparfancanada Member Posts: 18
    Thanks gigantle for the post. You should work at a Chrysler service department because you are dead bang on the cause.

    Got my car back today, and low and behold, cold weather will condense the pressure in the tire. The TPMS system has a 2% tolerance. At 34psi or, 240kps here in Canada, a 2% tolerance aint much. When the temperature nears freezing, it will reduce the pressure more than 2%, thus causing the warnings.

    Since I am switching to steel winter rims, because they use salt on the roads here like it a cure for winter!, I need to remove my chromed rims. The dealer said not to bother spending the $$ with sensors for the winter rims, because at a 2% tolerance, the cold weather will always result in a warning on cold tires. SO!

    I've saved about $400 in sensors on my winter rims, BUT!, I will always have the small warning indicator on the dash. There is absolutely no way of turning off the in car computer sensor system. Live and learn eh?

    At least I know that my Caliber is not sick! Maybe I should move to California?
  • commprocommpro Member Posts: 13
    I feel your pain. It's -28C hear today (about -18.5 for my friends in the US) and all four of my TPMS sensors are flashing. The other day I did a longer trip and after about 30K or so the alarm on the dash turned off (pressure reading on the EVIC were still flashing), so at least you can kind of get rid of the warning.

    The tolerances for the TPMS are way too sensitive for my taste and I find I am ignoring it more than paying attention to it as a result.

    If I would have known that before the purchase I might not have gotten the option but otherwise I am loving this car>
  • gigantlegigantle Member Posts: 4
    Ouch! -28. That is something I get to look forward to..not :( I put winter tires with steel rims on this past weekend. The alarm chimes 4 times at start up and then continues to flash for 15 minutes or so....i will time it one day. I have learned to ignore it as well.

    I know how to avoid hearing the alarm chimes. Just install a car starter like I did. That way you are never in the car to hear it go off. ;)

    I agree with you that it is way to sensitive,,,good for the summer.....bites for the winter.

    Just a minor thing to deal with for this awesome car. :shades:
    I love this car more and more each day. If you are like me I did not read to far into the manual...a guy thing. Just the other when I picked up the babysitter she sat in the front and I noticed that seat belt sign came on in the center console. I found out later that the front passenger seat has a sensor in it to recognize a light/smaller person may be sitting the front seat. What this does is it turns off the passenger side air bag....thinking maybe a small child may be in the front seat. Very cool option :shades: My wife told me all about it when I got home...she read actually read her manual....she has a Caliber as well :blush: Yes, we have a his and hers Calibers. She refers to mine as the mid life crisis orange coloured one. ....oh well still love it

    PS. 16C tomorrow for us...could be -28C the next day....the joys of living in Canada
  • commprocommpro Member Posts: 13
    -28 again today gigantle! My wife insisted on taking the Caliber because of the heated seats now I'm stuck in the Grand Caravan that takes an hour to heat up :(

    Question on your remote starter. Did you go for aftermarket or OEM? I've been thinking about getting one put in but I always hate to mess with something when it is a new model.
  • gigantlegigantle Member Posts: 4
    I have to agree heated seats rock. I bought my wife one of those portable vibrating heating seats...they can plug into the cigarette lighter or the oulet...about $50 from costco. No excuses for her now ;)

    Yes...aftermarket...I called my sales rep and asked him who installs them for the dealership and he gave me the guys info and I went direct thru him. The dealership wanted just over $700 after installed. By going direct it cost me $350 installed....still expensive but worth it. The only thing about it right now is because I have the security system, if I use the remote without unlocking the car first the horn will beep once. It is not that big of deal. The guy was going to check to see if they have come out with updated software that will override the horn going off. I will call him this evening to see what he found out.

  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    Heads up people!! I LOVE my car, but good god, all my tires are cupping in and it appeared that I needed a full tire alignment. I was going to get hit for $80 at the dealership today, but once they did some more checking on the car, it appears that nothing needs to be aligned?????
    What does that mean, I said? The shop is confused, and is calling Dodge tomorrow, and if no issues, they are calling the Firestone company to get me a new set of tires. IF the tire company does not replace the tires, or take responsibility, and Dodge......."dodges the issues" at hand now, then I WILL BE SUEING DODGE FOR A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was going to be charged $80 for an alignment today since the 7000 warranty on the alignment agreement ran out. I have !6,000 on my car now. I treat it like a baby. It has never been on gravel roads, and I don't tear it up.
    So BEWARE, PEOPLE. My DODGE CALIBER SWD R/T is beginning to smell much like a lemon. Even the dealership underwriter told me that he too, would go after Dodge for a car replacement if the shop is already proving that everything is lined up and nothing else to cause this all four tire cupping. I don't want to have to replace tires every 11 months. I haven't even owned it a full year yet.
    Andy ideas as to what would cause this? Is it the tires, do you think??? I need all your forum input to guide me since I am going to be up against DODGE and FIRESTONE in the next two days............Thanks for your replies if you have any.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    I hope you get some insight, I don't know much about tires but if it's all four and their doesn't appear to be any issues with alignment wouldn't it almost have to be a problem with the tires themselves?

    I would also recommend getting a second opinion on the alignment just in case.
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    Tell that to the tire company as we did. We called several of the certified tire companies for this tire warranty and they all said that it is the alignment that is causing the 4 tires to cup inwards. Then the dealership that sold us the car says they checked out our car to be without any problems in alignment (diagnostic). We are back to waiting now for the dealership to "make amends" on the 4 tire replacement (them finding or supplying tires for our car and replacing them). The service manager himself said that the tires are all chopping and we deserve new tires, but he has to go through the channels to get it in motion today. I tell ya, once we get the new tires, we are asking the dealership to do a another diagnostic to show it is all okay before we drive off the lot. If later on, the tires do it again, we will have documentation that it is the car that is causing the tires to cup again....we shall see.
    This car only has 17,000 miles on it so far too. Nice vehicle otherwise though. Another dealership said to bring the car to them after all is done, and they will re-check all once first dealership tries to fix the problem (alignment vs tire) issue.
  • spike61spike61 Member Posts: 8
    You are not alone. MY 07 CALIBER R/T AWD HANDELED AND DROVE GREAT WHEN I GOT IT. AFTER SECOND OIL CHANGE I STARTED HEARING HUMMING NOISE FROM MY FRONT TIRES. I called dealer to have them rotated and checked.Tech said excessive wear checked alignment said alignment was way out [all four wheels] with only 6,000 miles. tires were cupped bad.Alignment was done and I did not like the way the car drove,steering wheel was turned to the right and the car does not handle the same. I told dealer I wanted new tires and realignment.Believe it or not DODGE gave me new tires. They checked alignment and said it was within Dodge specs.I still do not like the way the car handles, drifts R&L jumps when it hits a small seam in the road , something is not right Service mngr. told me to wait till next oil change to see if tires wore, instead of checking alignment to make sure everything is ok.Steering wheel is still turned to right that drives me nuts on a car with 6000 mi.or 160.000mi.Says he will not correct steering wheel I am in the process of contacting Dodge. I will let you know how I do. Also make sure they take care of your wheels. Mine were scratched bad on all spokes by tire machine or Tech. laying them face down on ground ,not real happy about that!!
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    Thank GOD for your reply. We just talked to the Serv. manager and he said that WE have to split the cost of the new tires with the dealership since DODGE and firestone both refuse to replace all four cupped tires with 16,000 miles on them right now. We agreed to take on 1/2 cost of
    tires, reluctantly, for now ($285) with dealership not charging us to do another alignment after new tires are put on in a week or so yet. We are pissed that our RIMS are
    gouged from the alignment machine??, and the service manager said that he will take care of it but has to have another worker to okay it..........ya, right. They WILL give us new RIMS, and I am going to show them YOUR email to prove that we are not NUTS.
    You are so appreciated to have answered this post. Thank you so much. We surely would like to keeep in touch, hey.
  • spike61spike61 Member Posts: 8
    Hey, thanks to you also, maybe it was alignment machine that scratched my wheels service manager tried to tell me it was from auto car wash never been to one , wash it by hand. Dodge gave up new tires pretty easy to me ,indicating to me that we are not alone in this or they know something is wrong. Maybe we should compare vin #s. Something may have gone wrong in production or with a certain part who knows. I called my salesman about the tires he seemed to have no problem getting us new ones.
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    You know this makes me so sick about the tire/alignment issue. The dealership (service manager) asked me to send your chat with me about your problem(s) with the cupping of the tires, and also the rim damage. He said that soon there will be a Warning Bulletin to alert other owners of our problem(s) that we are having. He said when it comes out we should be reimbursed for having to pay for 1/2 of the tires, and the dealership will get their money back for their share of the new tire expense for us. I am so afraid that the new set of tires will do the same cupping thing again. I am seriously thinking about trading this car in as soon as the new tires get placed on them though. I like the car itself, don't get me wrong. But I should not have bought a new model car out the gate. I should have waited and watched it for awhile, but I loved the looks of it, etc. a year ago. I can't beleive that we have to pay for the second set of tires, do you? This is causing so much stress, since spouse is very sick, and can't take much more stress like this. Good luck with your Caliber from here on out. I will exchange vin #'s if you like too.......I am afraid I am dealing with a :lemon: here.
  • cmmessinacmmessina Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2007, AWD Caliper, purchased in FEB. I have had it in the shop 6 times for the steering wheel shimmy vibration. Much to my dismay, crysler keeps saying it is the tires. Well I am now on my third set of new tires,
    at Cryslers expense. The problem with the steering wheel
    shimmy 50-70mph is still there. Crylser says it is within
    specs. Ha, I have now filed a lemon law suit against
    them; I this this is a sfety issue. By the way, don't
    let them fix your car or keep it unless the dealer pays for
    a rental car. I have had a rental care each time the
    car has been serviced for this continual problem. I will never by another Crylser product again. I am hoping for a
    cash settlement, so I can trade this car in.
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    Well, I went back to the dealership to get new tires that I had to pay 1/2 of, and also the dealership scratched up my rims too, so I had that to go round and round with them about as well on August 03, 2007. While I was waiting for them to put the new tires on, etc., I walked out on the car lot, found a 2004 Grand Prix GT (NICE!!!), talked to a saleman right then and there, he talked to the owner of the dealership..........I know own the Pontiac Grand Prix Gt, and the MESS is over with my Caliber WAD R/T. I traded it in even steven.........can you believe that!!!!! I was shocked too!! But, the service manager was so relieved that we wanted to trade it in (even as it was getting ready to get new tires and RIMS??? right then and there, mind you.) He said I made things so much easier.....(he knew that we had them against the wall with the car, and the RIMS, I take it. Anyways, I AM FREE......I AM FREE..... from the MESS with this Caliber AWD R/T 2007 piece of crap.
    I absolutely hope that all others will make a huge effort do DUMP their Calibers in Chrysler's face too!!! The Pontiac Grand Prix GT is awesome, and worth the effort. I know drive a REAL car.............whew. Good luck to anyone that is suffering as I did, and probably more if they can't get out of their Caliber ownership. I showed all the chats at this forum to the dealership, and they said that a re-call is on it's way soon. But, I did not want the stress of fighting with Chrysler. I owned a VW Super Beetle (brand new) and I had to SUE them to get them to reimburse me $4750 for all the electrical problems it had about 4 years ago. I am sick to death of customers like myself getting lied to about how great a car is and really it is not worth a dime after you sign your name on the loan. Thanks ever so much for communicating with me, and good luck to you, cmmessina, and others reading this.) :shades:
  • sbcalibersbcaliber Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my Caliber R/T. I went to a Firestone dealer, and they told me that it is probably due to the specs. They think they need adjusted just like Ford recently did with the Focus. I am still dealing with the dealership on this matter. I hope you get things worked out, as I hope I do because I love my Caliber. Keep the info updated.
  • misscindymisscindy Member Posts: 5
    I signed into this site just to check out problems with front end shimming and tires cupping on the Caliber to see if it was my lemon or the car. Started my problems about 10,000 miles agoand still have not got any satisfaction. My mechanic has told me it is the car and not the tires but when I take it to the Dodge dealer they told me it was my alignment (which I paid for) and still the problem persists. But now that I have seen the problems from others I will be able to go in with some info to see if we can come to a settlement on this. Rented the GT ( didnt trust my Caliber on a long trip) and I LOVED it. Told my husband that I wanted to trade it for my car. Lets hope I can have as good a fortune as you.
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    My advice is to print out all these messages (make copies for yourself) and take them to the dealer. Have him keep them on file as you repeatedly have issues with the caliber, okay. Have them check to see if there are any re-calls yet. There should be one strarted up by now, I am told. If you just can't stand living with this all the time................GET RID OF THE CALIBER. I LOVE my Grand Prix GT it is a REAL car. Roomy, speedy, sharp looking, and solid. Don't waste your time trying to convince yourself that you can live with this. I was told it would happen over and over again (you footing the bill for tires and alignments) until a re-call does come to play, but when? Go with your gut. Oh, by the way, as soon as you get a new alignment................quickly trade it off before the crap starts back up again.
    It is a shame that customers have to drive junk. When I see a caliber I am sad because I liked my new sxt, but I also am relieved that the headache is over for me.
    Good Luck, seriously........ :lemon: :sick: :confuse: :mad:
  • misscindymisscindy Member Posts: 5
    Thank you very much. My dealer is going to get to know me real well until we can solve this issue.
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    You're welcome! If you have a fax machine at home, fax copies to serviceman handling this. Then call, and (bug him) to just see if he received the copies. Request that he keeps them on file so that when the recall hits, he can show it all to Chrysler. Make sure they type in on every repair visit (your invoice) what they said is wrong (their opinion) so that it will go with the forum remarks and YOU keep a copy of that with your paperwork at home too. If your car acts up one tiny bit, go right back and [non-permissible content removed] (in a calm voice but persistently firm) that it is happening AGAIN. I was told that when the recall hits, I would be reimbursed for what I had to buy (tires, etc.) all along the way. BUT I did not want to wait, and the dealership really was relieved that I chose to trade the caliber in at their place too!! Because they would have to start eating some of the costs eventually and get reimbursed themselves from Chrsyler someday after the recall hits. But when? How many more customers are there out there with this problem? Just stay IN THEIR FACE, and LOOK for a car that you can trade even up too............right now. I did, and walked away with my Pontiac Grand Prix GT (metallic cherry red) and looks like new too! It is a 2004, but low mileage (lease brought back in). I was lucky to find this on the lot, and they really worked hard to match what I owed to this car so I
    could step out ASAP. Good Luck to you misscindy!!!!) I am a female too,
    and I know how hard it is to get a MAN to listen. But I tell ya, pestering will
    get you everwhere............they hate that even when you are right....they hate
    that too lololololololo ;)
  • cotto19cotto19 Member Posts: 1
    I appreciate all of the feedback. We have been dealing with the same tire issue the last two days. Chrysler is denying any responsibility. We have spoken to multiple levels of Chrysler Service without success.

    We were supposed to hear from a senior vice president of service at Chrysler today. The call hasn't come in yet.

    Chrysler put us in touch with Firestone. The Firestone engineers told us that the tire Chrysler specified is softer than normal, does not qualify for a tread warranty and will only last about 12K. They said Chrysler is aware of the limited life and continues to specify the tire.

    It's been a nightmare. Good Luck all.
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    Don't give up on this. Chrysler passed the buck to the tire company right off the bat for me too. IF you get stuck with having to change the tires at your cost.......once it is over with................SELL SELL SELL the Caliber like I did.
    I am so glad to be rid of the run arounds from Chrysler, the dealership, and the tire company. What was I thinking when I purchased my 2007 Caliber R/T in the first
    place? When I see one (not frequently) I only see how cheaply it was put together
    and the back service from Chrysler. Did I tell you that Chrysler knows that they
    have a problem with the Caliber and it's tire alignment (cupping) problem? They
    were suppose to come out with a bulletin but from what you are saying Chrysler
    is neglecting to admit anything. Good luck to you!! :(
  • misscindymisscindy Member Posts: 5
    I have been back and forth with my dealer on this same issue. Made copies of all of the messages in this site, and took them with me and was told that they have no recalls or even any records of this issue from Chrysler. Emailed Chrysler and didnt get very far there either. I have a mechanic that usually does the work on my car but because of warranty issues he sends me to Dodge. Was told by Dodge the first time I brought it in, that I needed an alignment (as 20,000 miles) Had that done at my expense and was still having a lot of vibration when braking. My mechanic told me to take it back and have them check the brakes. Did that and they wanted 350.00 for new pads and to resurface the rotors. When I told them that this was the same problem I was in for the first time and that it seemed ridiculous that this should need to be done with just over 20,000 miles he agreed but said there was nothing he could do about it. Had my brakes done (by my mechanic of course) and things are good for now. I have not replaced my tire yet. Not at all happy with the car but its paid for!!!. It is hard to believe that Chrysler is still going to state that they dont know anything about this issue! Good luck all.
  • azcfcazcfc Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 Caliber Rt AWD. Have had no problems with the vehicle until it turned 30,000 miles.I live in the mountains and deal with a lot of snow and the resulting potholes and this spring noticed a rumbling noise at all speeds. Took it to Dodge and was told that I needed tires and an alignment. I was a little confused and asked why they couldn't do the alignment and replace the tires themselves and was told that it would be better to take it somewhere else! Now that's confidence in your service department! After reading the postings here, it seems like this is a common problem and evidently they have no factory fix. I took it to a local tire dealer whom I trust and had new tires put on and an alignment done and was told that two of the factory rims were bent. Checked back with Dodge and was quoted almost $300.00 dollars per rim. Decided to order custom ones from the dealer (better looking and stronger) and now have the smooth riding vehicle that I oringinally purchased. I am considering purchasing an extended warranty just as long as I can go somewhere other than DODGE!
  • bigtsrbigtsr Member Posts: 149
    The easy answer is find another dealership!
    Obviously since you live in the mountains they aren't
    a dime a dozen,but having said that the first thing you
    must realize is the because they the Chrysler sign
    out front they are in all likelyhood a franchise.
    Their reasoning in telling you to take somewhere else
    is a t the least suspect i.e. backed up,mechanic sick
    and many other reasons.
    Don't forget even if you purchase a an extended warranty
    if they are your only resource you are still going to have
    deal with THEM!
    Find another dealer!!
  • azcfcazcfc Member Posts: 3
    Thank You. I already found one 60 miles away, but it is worth it.
    The new tires and rims are quit an improvement. They are are quiet and smooth and I can already see an improvement in gas mileage. It's sad that they (Dodge) would cut corners on something as important as tires, but they obviously did. You would think that Firestone would know better after all they've been through since the 500 Series fiasco. But still, the only other problem I've encountered with the vehicle was the damper on the cold drink compartment wouldn't stay open. Once again my old dealer didn't know what to do so I fixed it with three of those Velcro self adhesive dots placed in front of it in th closed position.
  • caliberrtcaliberrt Member Posts: 1
    I have been absolutely hating the road noise on my caliber R/T from about 10,000 to 28,000 miles (now). Firehawk radials with 18" wheels.

    I had the tires rotated several times - in the early going, road noise was decreased after ea. rotation. At 28 K - the tires are definitely cupped and nearly worn out - noise is at the level to make me very unhappy with the car.

    I replaced last week with slightly different size of Goodyear TripleTred (sp?) and had a 4-wheel alignment done. The difference in ride noise is astounding - car is now quiter than when I purchased it.

  • spike61spike61 Member Posts: 8
    im on my 3rd set of tires on my caliber R/T AWD ,1st set @ 6000mi. 2nd [email protected] 20,000mi. dodge replaced them again at no cost to me. something is wrong but i don't think they know or don't want to admit what it is. My tires are cupping [all 4] bad.Hope soon enough people will raise hell with dealers to get dodge to react. Do not except being told tire wear is normal its not ! ask anyone who knows anything about cars. first call owner of dealership if no help call Dodge #s are in your owners manual. Do not pay for tires or even half .Dodge or Firestone should be responsable .If tires just wear ok ,but severe chopping or cupping is either tire defect or mechanical problem .The fact that they replaced mine twice means they know something is wrong.I will keep demanding new tires untill they fix the problem!
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    Basically, I started the chat about my Dodge Caliber R/T. I come back repeatedly to continue to read new notifications from owners of this car like yourself, spike61.
    You are right on, and I know how you are feeling, as I too had the same problems with cupping/tire company and dealer and Dodge (DODGING) my pleas to FIX the mess I am in with this car. I SOLD this car, and drive a 2004 Grand Prix GT, instead now. I am FREE from such crap from all mentioned about. NEVER give up, and I applaud you for getting right back in their faces to get new tires over and over again. I couldn't deal with it as long because my nerves were not of steel, like yours, BUT I was not going to be used or drive a car that I then hated, and was not proud of. Good luck. I am behind you all the way.
  • verymelloverymello Member Posts: 1
    Have owned a Dodge Caliber since October 2006. There was a steady increase in road noise until we could take it no longer. The dealer replaced the tires but we paid full price for the new tires. We saved the old ones. Tire Manufacturer opened a file on our complaint but each time we contact them we get a new claim number. Calls tot he manufacturer has produced no results. Dealer insists that the problem is not Chrysler (of course). Now heading towards third set of tires in the next few weeks. Last set was purchased in April. I know there are probably thousands of Caliber owners who are upset. It sounds like the dealers and Chrysler and tire manufacturer are together on this one. I think I'll save my energy for the moment when we trade in the vehicle and THEN the dealer will not want to deal. Watch out!
  • bigtsrbigtsr Member Posts: 149
    Tires on any new car have been warranteed by the tire company only
    for many years,if you luck out and have a great car dealer they generally
    will help out in the first 12,000 miles.I think the trouble really starts with
    the independents tire dealers and their lack of concern or their track record
    of getting re-inbursed by the tire manufacturer.
    If you can always find a tire sales office owned by the manufacturer.
    I guess I am lucky this time as I have 30,000 km on the original
    Firestones and they still look like new but they are noisey on certain
    road surfaces.
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