Chevy HHR Suspension Questions

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Anybody see the Car and Driver article where they pitted a $26,000 fully loaded 230HP PT against a $19,000 1LT HHR...the HHR had the 16s and no sport suspension ...yet it matched the $27K PT Turbo in the lateral acceleration #s...shame they didn't pick a 2LT with the 17s and sport suspension in the comparo.


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    Isn't the HHR based on the Cobalt suspension? The PT is based on the Neon suspension. That's nothing to brag about :)
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    The HHR is based on the Cobalt/Ion suspension which is a rather good suspension that is tight and rides very well. The Neon according to the write ups has a descent suspension but not quite as good as the Cobalt's.
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    I purchase a HHR 07 and when I put on brakes, I hear a clunk sounds as if a can is rolling around. I took it back to the dealership and they said the rear plate was loose. I still hear the noise and i took it to two other dealership and they said it fuel sloshing in the tank. Does anyone else hear this sound when they put on brakes.
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    Our 2008 sound lke that it was coming from the front. The dealer ended up changing to a reengineered suspension link. After numerous trips to the dealer they were able to sopt the noise.
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    Not a peep out of mine, but I have the FE5 suspension package.

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    My 07 HHR LS makes a horrible pop from the front suspension, but only on really cold mornings and only on the 2 mile dirt driveway I have to traverse every morning. My dealer, and all suspension places are 50 miles away, where it is warm and smooth, so no one can recreate the sound. I assume it is a rubber or urethane piece that shrinks in the cold, and returns to normal whenever anyone looks at it. Anyone else have a similar problem??
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    Have them to check stabilizer bushing or stabilizer.
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