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I took home a new Lucerne CXL V-8 for a test drive tonight - it's in my garage right now. I'm loving it! My dealership or any other dealerships in Columbus didn't have the color I wanted (Sagemist) so I have to order one. I just found out the new DVD navigation system is available since last week for around $1800. Has anyone seen it? I'm thinking about going for it when I make the order later this week. My main question that nobody seems to know is this - is there still an iPod jack with the nav system? The literature seems to indicate there's no audio jack and for me that's a showstopper. Is the OnStar Turn by turn system better? Is the Magnetic Ride Contol and Stablitrak system worth the extra money? I'm trying to keep the price down, but you know how it is when you're hot for a new car. My order is already up to 34K with my options! I'd appreciate any advice...


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    Nav: if you like a pretty screen to impress friends or to display info like XM then the screen is good. However if you really want it for navigation and like to keep things simple then the OnStar nav is good. All you do is puch the button and tell the live person where you want to go. It then works like a nav system by giving you turn by turn directions. You also need to compare the costs of the nav to the monthly OnStar charge to see which is what you want. If you do the comparison let us know what you come up with. BUT keep in mind you get more than nav with the OnStar charge.

    Do not know about the ipod jack but take a look at the cadillac site to see if they talk about it. Same system?

    I have never driven the mag control but the car mags love it. Gives a smooth ride while keeping the handling.
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    The writeup on the Lucerne's nav does not say there is a jack, but they do indicate there is one for some of the other radios.

    On the DVD nav system, my point of view is this: The nav system should have all of the city maps for the US on one DVD. When you are in a strange city, you can bring up a map on the nav. Probably you would not have a paper map of the city unless you have planned ahead. Also, looking at the nav screen while driving should be somewhat better than trying to look at a paper map while driving - one should be very careful in either case.

    For the cost of a nav system, one could buy a laptop computer and install one of the map software packages available. However, while driving, one can't work a laptop -> you would have to stop somewhere to look at the laptop map.

    The magnetic ride is only available on the CXS Lucerne, where it is standard. This is a different suspension package than the CXL, so it may ride a bit differently.
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    hi is the onstar turn by turn nav currently available for lucerne's (i know the directions and connections is currently offered)..if so, what does it cost a month...one other question, for those of you who have bought the CXS...re the option of the 18 inch chrome aluminum wheels...i am trying to figure out if i like them (about a $600 option)....i am not sure i do, as they seem to be a bit flashy for what really is kind of a more subtly designed car (it is a buick after all haha)..in fact i am not sure i like the regular wheels offered either, but have only recently paid any attention to it....any opinions?...i am buying a cxs in the next month or so....thanks for your help.....
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    My understanding is that the Onstar turn-by-turn nav was to be included in production Lucernes as of March 2006, but have not seen any so configured in dealerships as of yet. With respect to CXS wheels, I plan to order a 2007 when available because many production options that I want are becoming unavailable in late 2006 model year vehicles. I had originally opted for the chrome wheels but have seen a couple of CXSs with the standard painted and clear-coated wheels and prefer them to the chrome rims for the same reasons you mention. IMO,chrome 18" wheels on a Buick don't look quite right.
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    if i might ask, which production options are not available now, but will be for 2007? thanks
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    The ones that come instantly to mind with respect to 2006 CXS production are a couple of exterior paint colors, and heated and cooled bucket seats. I last checked 3-4 weeks ago and there might be more by this time. Apparently 2006 production will wind down in early summer and no new orders will be accepted after about mid-May 2006. All of this info is based on inputs from 3 dealers in central Virginia and I can't swear to their accuracy. I'm assuming that the options not now available for special order will be restored with 2007 production because of their popularity, but who knows, given GM's reported problems with suppliers, etc. I'm thinking good thoughts.
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    I have driven both the CXL and the CXS. The CXL feels softer and doesn't notice some bumps as much, but the CXS feels more planted and doesn't bob as much. Make your choice and pay your money. I think the CXS is overpriced in the current market.
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    I have a CXL and I saw that the instrument panel has a compass configuration option. How do I view the compass on my dash?
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    The compass is displayed on the inside rearview mirror and is turned on by the leftmost icon on the OnStar control panel under the mirror.
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