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There is lots of talk about the mechanicals of the car but how is the H/K audio system, that's what I want to know?

Is it truly audiophile quality or simply a snow job based on the name with a mediocre sound quality?

Can anyone who has it answer that?

Thanks so much.


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    I've cranked up several of the xm rock stations to full volume, and they've sounded great with absolutely no cracking.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    How does the system sound with CD's?
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    Very good, and this is with CDs I've burned off of my computer. Has some Led Zeppelin up full volume to demonstrate to my friend and he asked me to turn it down. We'll see what happens 20,000 miles and 2 years down the road, but for now it sounds great.
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    Many thanks rake2.

    The quality of the audio system may be THE determining factor in my decision to buy the car. It's high time GM started putting true premium audio systems in their cars as opposed to the usual Delphi junk of yesteryear.
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    Go check one out, then, and take your own cds for a test. I wouldn't consider myself a music afficionado, but I've been amazed at how clear it is at full volume. Add the fact that this car is quiet with respect to road noise, and it makes the listening experience even better.
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    Thanks very much. Your comments and observations have been most helpful.
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    H/K will not put out a "snow job" system. And this is the first system in a GM car so they made sure it was done right.
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    i agree..for me too
  • minarets1minarets1 Member Posts: 49
    i think Saab 95 has had HK systems for some time, no?
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    Sorry, I keep forgeting about that GM division. So I do not know
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    GM uses Bose in most of it's upper level vehicles, not Dephi junk. Lower models get Monsoon systems, mosltly Pontiacs. H/K isnt something you typically find in American cars, I think it was a smart move by Buick.
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    We'll see. I know they're having a problem w/ the cd players on the Harley-Davidsons.
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    the h/k system is extremely clear. Under high volume, the system is still clear. Plus the Aux port is an excellent feature.
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    Hi, for those of you with the HK system. I noticed that the speakers on my rear deck don't seem to be operating, what I think is correctly. They appear to be just subwoofers, I do not get any audio(vocals) from them, just bass(you know the thump thump). Now I am not an audiophile but is this correct? The other speakers I get vocals from, except of course what I think is tweeters in the front A pillars. I don't want to make an appt with a dealer if this is the way they work. I don't know anyone with a Lucerne to compare these too.

    Thanks in advance for your replies
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    Just happened to see your post. You will not ever get vocals, etc. from any subwoofer. Strictly designed to handle LF. If system sounds good am sure they are working fine.
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    The Lucerne CXS with the NAV radio unit uses the NAV display for displaying the radio, CD and MP3 information.

    For FM categories, which are broadcast with the RDS information, are very limited, for the this unit, The radio only supports 3-4 category. There are many categories defined for RDS FM stations: POP, Classical,Talk, Soft, Soft Rock, Easy, Jass, R&B, HArd Rock, Top 40 etc. My last car radio supported all these categories - this must be an oversite with the Lucerne unit design.

    Also when playing an MP3 cd - the display does not display the track time left for the song - another oversite - most radio's do.

    I hope a firmware update exists for this unit.
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    The HK sound system is the only thing good in my Lucerne. The rest of the vehicle is complete and utter garbage. The only bad thing about the HK 6CD system is that you can't leave the CDs in if you are NOT listening to them. If you go to an FM station, the CDs rattle inside the player if not being played.
    Lexus here it come.
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