Dodge Magnum Transmission Issues

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After initial start and for about 5 minutes afterwards the transmission is slipping in any gear from 1 to 3. Most noticeable when in 3 gear and accelerating lightly. You will notice the RPMs are gradually going up, but the speed is not going up but tends to go down. Another symptom is when driving in Over-drive and you need to make a lane change, and lets just say you stomp on the gas, the RPMs basically red line. You need to get off the gas and then you feel the car drop into 4 gear and then you can go.

Had it back to the dealer, said there was a bulletin, seemed to be OK for about a month, now it is happening again. Anyone else experiencing the same issue ?


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    What size engine do you have in your Magnum? Mine has 3.5 and I thought the trans was slipping. But, then I thought it might just be my imagination.
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    I have an '05 SXT V6. My wife and I have had very similar transmission issues with our vehicle. Like you mentioned, most notably at low speeds. Very hard shifts, and loud "clunks" that feel and sound as if the transmission dropped several inches. Our car has been in to the dealership 3 times now with this issue. The first 2 times, the trans was removed and "fixed". However, the issue remained. Now, as an added bonus, the vehicle will jerk foward when you let off the brake, and almost caused my wife to hit a vehicle in front of her at a drive-thru. I t is currently at the dealership, and they've told us that they cannot replicate the complaint. I'm not sure why they need to since they have fixed the exact issue twice already. My particular vehicle is not safe for my child and wife to be in, and Chrysler doesn't much seem to care.
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    I have two 05 Magnum RT's. One of them makes a loud thump when parked on a hill and moving from park to any other gear. Of course the dealer told me to put the parking brake on before I change gears. It also lacks power compared to my first one.
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    Sorry for late reply.

    engine is the 3.5

    Story get worse. I started to get the check-engine and the PRNDL indicator would all ligth. The the car would be stuck in 3'rd gear. Back to the dealer again (two more times for the same problem). All they did was the computer reset. Fixed problem for a day. Second time it happen the trans would not come out of park. Made it back to the dealer and one of the control models were replaced on the shift.
  • scarab22scarab22 Member Posts: 6
    Sorry for late reply.

    Just got things "fixed" -- maybe

    They were finally able to capture an error code. Of course it was the 999 unkown error. After 5 day at the dealer they decided to change the model on the shift column. Since then nothing, but I am watching out for it to start again.
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    We just purchased a 2006 RT AWD Magnum. A couple of days after driving it we noticed it wasn't shifting properly. Took it to the garage in Manassas 14 days ago. They won't replace the transmission - they are taking it apart piece by piece to try and find the problem.
    We've contacted the customer service hot line but the person answering the phone won't give his last name nor let us talk to a supervisor. He was very rude.
    I've emailed DR.Z - got a "we really don't care attitude" email back.
    I'm so mad that I wish I had never bought this car! We're making payments on a BRAND NEW car and can't even drive it and have no idea when and IF we ever will be able to!
    We've owned 6 Chryslers in the past 14 years. Some new some old. Have had problems with a few but have always had good customer service. I'm so disappointed in the way this particular cars problems have been handled that I'm thinking about returning it.
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    Things did get worse, from the shifting to a grinding noise. Between 35-40 mph, when the car shifts from 3rd to 4th, the rpm go way down (3000k to 1500K -- as you would expect), but then I would get a nasty grinding noise/vibration. Also when driving 65mph and rpms around 2K +/- you could see the needle pulsing up and down, ie something was slipping. Sorry for the all of the detail. Anyway the fix ( I hope) was a new tourque converter. Mine had moister and water and God knows what else. Only took 2 weeks to get the car fixed -- what a joke. They said there is a service paper so I cannot believe that Dr. Z could not found it.

    It is a shame a car with such nice lines has to have these types of problems.

    Being your car is new I would look into the Lemon Laws ASAP.

    Hope this helps
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    Sounds like the same problem I had. I am on visit #3 for transmission problems. The 2nd visit they found water in the transmission and replaced it and now a few thousand miles later the tranny fluid is leaking. I am very frustrated with this car and all the problems.
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    I think I might be experiencing the same problem when I go up a hill the car makes a grinding/slipping sound. Is this what you experienced and if so how was it fixed. The service guy checked the transmission and everything was ok. I would be grateful for any feed back.
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    The best way I can explain is that it sounds like I am running over rumble strips on the highway ( the groves on I95 just outside of the white line. This is to warn you if you doze off and go over the line).

    Pay close attention to the RPMS and which gear you are in when it happen ( mine was from 3rd 3000k rps, to 4'th around 1500 rpms)

    Try to connect all of the links together, it was detailed as it happen.

    There is a repair paper that Dodge should have. I will try to locate

    Good luck
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    An update on my issue. We may have FINALLY found a fix! Thanks to this message board and lots of research, my problem and fix are right on the money with the other people who have had this same issue/fix. (See posts #1777, #1778, #1779.) A BIG, BIG thanks to those guys who posted their stories - which I believe in the long run, saved me time, money, dealership headaches, and trouble!

    "I purchased my 2006 Magnum RT about a month ago with 18k miles. Started noticing the bad vibration - only way I can describe is like when you're on the highway and you get too close to the side and the grooves in the road make your car vibrate. That's what my Magnum does and it almost seems as if it is having a hard time switching gears. ...The problem has progressively become worse - especially in the last few weeks of holiday driving...."

    UPDATE: So I took it BACK to the dealership and told them what I had found on this message board and the TSB - Tech Service Bulletin. The service manager looked into the TSB and said that was possibly the cause. Before leaving my car with them, I made that same service manager sit in the passanger seat while I took him down the service road and highway - just so he could see, it was in the CAR, not my HEAD.
    Since the dealership reluctantly agreed to put me in a rental, they had my car in and out in about 3 business days. Verbatim from the invoice, here is what the dealership performed on my Magnum:

    Problem: ESP and BAS lights on
    Fix: Replaced the Steering wheel angle sensor. Replaced SAS

    Problem: Transmission shudders/vibrates
    Fix: ***UNDER TSB 385 WP40***
    Replaced filter and o-rings
    Replaced o-ring adaptor plug
    Replaced filter - transmission oil
    Replaced oil - automatic transmission
    Replaced hose - 1ft. fuel and vapor

    T-Conv Shudder: flushed transmission, replaced filter and tube seal, then road test.

    During transmission diagnosis - noticed rear differential leaking fluid. Replaced ALL seal, axle shaft oil as per TSB 385 WP40. Axle seals leaking, R&R Rear Diff & replaced axle seals.

    The service manager told me the rear axel leak was causing the vibration. He also said they replaced the torque converter? I never found that in any of my paperwork...

    The first time I had it in the shop for the ESP & BAS lights, they replaced the Clockspring/Steering angle sensor. Apparently this didn't work or the new switch was faulty, because the lights came back on by the time the dealership delivered my vehicle to my house, straight from the service department.

    After all that and two trips into the service department totalling over 2.5 weeks in-shop, I can finally say my Magnum is performing well. No more noticable shuddering or vibration. We have recently (and finally!) had some rain here in Dallas, so I guess that will be a good test to find out if all my seals are in working order. My only complaints now? The car pulling to the right - which I have read is normal? Suppose I'd better have the tires rotated every other oil change. Last but not least, the best gas mileage I can get carpooling kids and running to the grocery store is 16.8 mpg. Highway best - 21mpg. I guess that's the price you pay for having that AWESOME Hemi - oh, and a lead foot. ;)

    Good luck to you all.

    Stephanie and her "Bad Mama Mobile"
    Dallas, Texas
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    Can you tell me the build date on your car. It is listed on the driver door jamb on the sticker. I am having this issue and the dealer will not budge at doing this under warranty.


  • stroguystroguy Member Posts: 2
    What was the build date on your car? Look at the driver door jamb sticker for the date please. I am in serious bind with mine trying to get warranty work. Thanks a bunch.

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    Sorry for the delay in reply. The label says 02-2005. Hope this helps. My ESP/BAS lights are still coming on. This problem has been addressed and supposedly fixed a couple times now. Who knows. Best of luck to you.

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    I'm a new mbr and will be purchasing a '06 Magnum SXT/3.5. Forum is helpful but not much on '06 models; could also be more specific i.e. tranny 4spd vs.5spd. Regarding some trnny prblms-shuddering shifts w/42RLE auto trans? TSB 21-006-04 states h20 contamination caused by faulty bushing where fill tube enters the case. There's a new bushing/fill tube to be added, w/transmission flush to replace contaminated ATF+4. I'm a Sirius subsriber, x2. Reception or sound quality problems might be fixed by 're-booting' the unit. Call Sirius Tech support for info. Will stay tuned. Look forward to forum.
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    Welcome to the forum! And Happy new Year!
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    I'm glad I found this thread. Been searching the net for info. My sister bought an 06 Magnum R/T AWD. When she took it to the car wash the transmission acted up. The engine raced but no forward gear (drive). It had to be towed to the Dodge dealer. They said a gear had to be replaced and had it for a week. When she got it back they told her not to go to a "track" car wash. So, next time she took it to a "laser" car wash and it did it again, only this time it would go forward, like it was stuck in a low gear. By the time she made it to the dealer the problem resolved itself. She's a nurse who works the night shift & wanted the AWD for snowy weather. Now she doesn't want the car at all & wants to go back to her import. What should she do?
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    I would tell her to take it back to the dealership. It seems as though it's a water issue. Do the carwashes have an under carriage wash? Water could be getting into the wiring harness. Maybe the dealership can duplicate the problem by getting the vehicle wet.
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    I have an 05 Magnum RT AWD with 19K on it, great car, no problems until I noticed the stains on my driveway - obviously transmission fluid. Dealer serviced the vehicle based on my observation, replaced two o rings. Anyone with a similar issue, will this be a reoccurring problem?

    The dealer followed up with a phone survey on their service dept. response which will come to me as a written form to confirm for the dealer and Chrysler.
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    What a mess! After rebuilding my trans. three times and a new replacement; I brought it back last week to confirm my “new” transmission shakes too; they not only confirmed it, but told me Chrysler has to engineer a fix for that transmission. The service manager said he will call me in thirty days to update me if Chrysler came up with a fix or not. After a series of major mechanical problems with the engine, suspension, and now the transmission, you think this car is a LEMON?!! Chrysler doesn’t even know what is wrong with it! What can I do? The service manager won't work with me to lemon my car! I've been dealing with this aggrevation since May 2007!
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    hey I got a 05 magnum and I bought it used from a small lot somewhere in GA. 3 weeks in I'm having transmission problems. It slipped one time on me now my check engine light comes on then off, in GA there is no LEMON law for used cars, so I'm stuck, but I was wondering is it that my tranny is going or does it need to be maintained? Also, is there something I can do as far going to dodge themselves or I'm going have to repair it out of my pocket, the car has high mileage on it so I would think it need maintainence...I need advice!!!!
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    when my 06 magnum r/t hemi shifts from 2nd into 3rd gear there is a hard knock coming from the rear end. every other gear is fine. it has 42000 miles this started about 500 miles ago.
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    Not sure but if its only on one shift i would have to think it was in the trans. I suggest to have the trans serviced and a computer relearn done or even ask your dealer if there are any programming updates for you vehicle concerning shift complaints. It also could be caused by clutch damage...hope not.
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    Hello I just joined this forum as I just picked up an used 05 Magnum RT. I really enjoy the car but as of last night the transmission started to howl in both 2nd and third gear. It only does it if the car is rolling it won't do it from a dead stop. The noise will start at 30 mph and will go up to 60. I like the car but I am a little scared now after reading the posts on the transmission. What am I up against? I did purchase an extended warranty with the car and I am glad I did.
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    :sick: Hello, I just purchased a 2007 sxt magnum used with 20,000 miles on it. Looked at the car twice before buying, no problems. Signed all the paperwork before closing on a sat. drove 5 min and the transmission light came on right after switching lanes trying to pass someone , not even speeding. I guess im still under the factory warranty so ill try to post my progress as i go through this mess. Really hard to enjoy new car with transmission problems. Suggestions anyone???????????
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    Hiya. I've got an '07 Hemi Magnum with 7300 miles. Same thing. As far as I can tell, the transmission seals and "O" rings simply started leaking...blood on the saddle. Dealer says it looked like heat dried out the seals. Hmmm. Still under warranty so no big deal I guess. Gotta watch those Canadian seals I guess. Local mechanic who let me put it up on his rack to check it out said he's heard of 300's and Magnum's getting leaky early.
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    I just purchased a 05 Magnum RT AWD. I had it for a week and right now it is getting serviced. When we test drove it we ask for them to look at the transmission because we noticed it was not running right. They never did. So I took it in today and guess what, there was water in the transmission. I found out that there is a TSB (technical service bulletin) regarding this issue. Which means that the filler value and all parts that could possibly be effected by the water will be replaced. I hope this information helps anyone. If you notice that the transmission is surging or shuttering or just seems like it can't decide which way to shift this might be the problem.
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    My ESP/ABS light began coming on after I disconnected the battery for an extended period while changing plugs and the number 5 ignition coil. I've tried calibrating per instructions found on my repair CD for the magnum.. I also flushed my brake fluid, but believe that is not the reason for the ESP/ABS lights to come on.. Dealer wants $90.00 to analyze. I thought someone out there may have a solution to make the lights stop coming on. I will appreciate any assistance.
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    Hi all,
    I bought an '06 RT with 27K on it a few months ago. I've driven a few thousand miles since and from the getgo have had the shift from first to second gear accompanied by a heavy sounding, "clunk". On occasion the shift from Drive into Park does this as well. I've a few thousand left on the factory warranty, and will have it checked soon, but other than this, no problems or concerns. My roommate says that in her experience, Chryslers have never shifted smoothly, but given the possibliity, I plan to have this and as many things as possible checked.
    P.S. For those of you who experienced strange RPM revs and odd shifting at higher speeds, I noticed this as well, but am reassured as it is mentioned in the owner's manual as part of the normal operation of the overdrive. Pulling up Topanga Pass and such hard, high speed climbs as this are the only times I've had to ease off the gas and let the car find its groove.
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    I hope you all enjoy. I've come across a video file of a black magnum crashing through a huge storefront window. I guess this driver got it sometime after its airbags had been blown, cuz he didn't fare too well...but the car scenes kcik [non-permissible content removed]!
    I want to grab a still for a screensaver. :shades:

    season six, episode nine: CSI Miami, CBS. G5FB06DJoKe5XTHMweLgebvUk&category=recent&play=true
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    I have a 05 rt and iwas stuck in the snow. While trying to get unstuck the trans incured a problem. When in park,reverse,drive the car tries to move forward but won't but if placed in neutral the car goes forward for a half block. The engine sounds like it has a load on it no matter where the shifter is but it never attempts to go into reverse. Call or text 586-738-4991 john if anyone can help or had the same problem. Also when the trans messed up my climate controls quit working and there's no blown fuses :(
  • rhtransrhtrans Member Posts: 84
    05's have a mecedes unit 722.6 if i'm not mistaken. forward and reverse i believe are still hydraulically controlled..if it moves forward in neutral and binds in reverse most likely somethin burnt and welded up on your attempt to get out the snow.
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    Need some help, if possible, I have a 2006 sxt dodge magnum... Got ready to back up and it was moving inch by inch,, same thing when i went forward...finally it was working but when it shifts, it feels like it is shifting really hard... I carrried it to the dealer thinking it was low on fluid... and how can we find out about that...30$ to tell me the levels were correct and the transmission guy was not in and to make another appointment to bring it back into the dealer...a couple days later the check engine light comes on and stays on all day then goes what is there to do???? I want to know if you can work around the dealer and check the fluid yourself... and what is going on with the transmission... PLEASE let me know...
  • batmobile2batmobile2 Member Posts: 2
    u can buy a trans dipstick from a dealer or the snap-on tool man I have a 05 rt hemi and it sounds like either ur trans silinoid located under the shifter or the torque converter clutch is burning out. I need a trans for mine. If there is a autozone near u they will plug ur car in and tell u whats wrong for free
  • pancha252000pancha252000 Member Posts: 4
  • pancha252000pancha252000 Member Posts: 4
    In the book it says it has a saftey deley where it has to be warmed up or it will go into saftey mode... but now i went to start my car this morning and it idioled for about 2 seconds then shut off... i tried giveing it gas but it still shut off. The security light is on and will not go off... think it is a defect with the securtiy
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    Do you know the part # for the dipstick & how remove the dipstick tube cap? I have been told the trans is sealed &draws in water & will not let it evatorate out
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    I have a 2006 sxt dodge magnum that is giving me the same issues (exact issues) that you are experiencing. Have you located the cause or had the issues resolved?
  • jacc335jacc335 Member Posts: 3
    I'm Jacc335,I got your email of Mar 16. I have not had any issues with my trans in my 05 magnum. I removed the fill tube cap, got dip stick from junk yard, I'm going to add trans cooler later this summer .The sealed trans draws in water but does not vent it out.
  • noocytnoocyt Member Posts: 1
  • jacc335jacc335 Member Posts: 3
    The part # is9336 I found it on internet for $109. I got one at junk yard for $1.00. Turn the fill tube cap slow,to left ,as you push down. cut the dip stick to fit. Mine is about "28.25..I will use top brand of oil. You can email oil co.
  • pancha252000pancha252000 Member Posts: 4
    Well carried car to dealer and they said that it was ""veh had codes P0700, P0703 in correct gear ration. Codes are not current cleared codes and test drove if codes come back trans will need further diagnoses""... I was not told what the codes were or anything just rying to dig deeper into my pocket.. Looked codes up on net and found that P0700 is Transmission Control System Malfuction..P0703 is Brake Switch Circuit Malfuction... Has any one had such a thing happen Please let me know what the fix was??? Thanks
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    I have a 2008 SXT that I bought 3 weeks ago with 22K on it. Within 3 days I had this exact same issue. The shift from first to second gear in low RPM (around 1800) will clunk or even shudder. Best way I can describe is when you're driving a manual transmission and you shift at too low of an RPM and the car almost stalls. Took it to the dealership twice already, and they ran a TSB on it to flash the transmission computer as well as a quick learn. Still does it. And now I can feel it when it shifts in other gears. Also, it seems to slip at higher gears but only at low RPMs. Anyone else have this "fixed" and can give me some advice?
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    think i have the same think . at about 140 miles the rpm will start going up and at 200 miles it just stops moving . i pull over stop shut off engine wait a min or so start up and go for a mile as it starts slipping to a stop well its been in the shop, was said the trans filter was not seated correct. that happen six day after i drove off the car lot now six day later the same thing just about 200 miles i drove .so now its back in the shop.I have 50000. mile on my used rt love the car hope they find a real fix hate to have to give it up please some one find a fix. just got a call from dealer said car is fixed after six days had said replaced tourgue converter and pump did a extensive road test and i should have no proplems so said. hey guys ill be back to give an up my RT.oh it' an 2005
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    Do you guys have the 4 speed or the 5 speed transmissions with the autostick? Just trying to see if the problems are with the 42RLE or the NAG1 transmissions that have the problems. We just got a magnum and it has the 42RLE 4 speed transmission and yesterday it was holding it's shift longer tha I am use to with A/T's. When I mashed the pedal it would hit up to 7000RPM before shifting and at one point would shift up anymore and I was just goping about 85mph at the time. I will be checking the fluid if it's low or has any burnt smell to it.
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    I have an 05, got it new and it started having sluggish starts at lights and even started stalling. The check engine light kept coming on, then off again. It didn't like going under 40 MPH, if you did it would run bad like above. I would have bet it was the transmission. The problem ended up being the EGR Valve. Fault code P0406.

    They also repaired it about a year ago, and found that the vibration I was having at high speeds was from a drive shaft nut not being tight.

    My car has 76000 miles on it and is now running great!

    All the above repairs was less then 600.00

    Best car I ever owned!
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    I have a 2008 mag sxt 3.5, purchased used w/24k miles. I own a 2007, 300 with same engine and trans so I had definite expectations. I immediately noticed the low gear clunk and less responsiveness than my 300. Once while making a hard stop in the mag, the engine stalled. The dealer stated that there was a transmission code update needed and performed the update. For a few months, the trans was smooth but soon after I began noticing the clunk again. The dealer recently advised me that I needed a new transmission valve body. The dealer order the part yesterday. I will update after the repair.
  • luvmymagggieluvmymagggie Member Posts: 3
    For starters to all Magnum owners, I saw a very short interview of a Chrystler executive Winter of 2008 and this is what he said re status of Chrystler at that time: "we lose money every time we build a Dodge Magnum," I am not kidding. Wonder what that meant ? What did he mean ? (That statement sticks in my mind)

    Anyway here is my concern re my 2007 Magnum SXT @22Kmiles, purchased from a dodge dealer in Bellevue, WA with 12K June 2008. Build date May, 2007:

    At 13kmiles started hearing a "rattle" as soon as all is warmed-up to operating temp coming from somewhere down under. Local dealer here in Ellensburg, WA not able to find anything conclusive. Still living with this rattle, for now. (Rattle sounds exactly like a loose exhaust hanger wiggling. This is not the case. )

    Most important concern for me now is the "thump" I too am getting when trans downshifts from 3rd to 2nd especially when slowing down to a stop when exiting a freeway. Getting a bit more pronounced very recently. Local dealer here did find a "flash code" re the thump I was getting on upshift from 2nd to 3rd and that is all OK for now, so far.

    Local dealer and I have good working relationship and they called me back re my email to them about the downshift "thump" and they want to look at it today.

    Although only 22K miles, today I will request an ATF fluid flush and filter clean. filters are re-useable (they clean them.) Hopefully an ATF change out might fix the problem. Also, maybe they did some more research and might be another code adjustment.

    I will get back to all of you to share my results.
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    I drove around for an hour, came home and parked the magnum. It ran just fine. An hour later I try to leave and it's stuck in park now. There are no lights on the dash, the brake lights work, the fliuds are fine. Its just stuck in park and will not budge. What can I do to fix this problem?
  • canadamikecanadamike Member Posts: 1
    My car is at the dealership now (2 wks), clunk and shudder from 1st to second when releasing the gas pedal after accelerating. The dealer did a trans flush to no avail. Then the service mgr tried to tell me that the clunk was "normal"!
    I took the tech for a test drive, he agrees, not normal. Gonna check the whole drive line, incl the u joints.
    Will keep you posted.
    By the way, the car has 160,102 kms. So it is now over the 160 power warranty, Chrysler Canada is looking at this under goodwill warranty and issued a case number when I called the 800 line to complain.
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