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Audi allroad Tires and Wheels

markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
edited October 2014 in Audi
In stock form the 2.7T allroad comes with 225 x 55 x 17" N/S tires (N/S - not good for any season).

The tires are supposed to be a compromise offering some off road capabilities, some all season capabilities and a nod to the fact that the allroad is after all based on a German sport sedan/avant (the A6). The best of all worlds, at least that was the original idea -- the worst of all worlds in practical terms.

In stock form the allroad really does have a pretty capable sporty sedan-like vehicle lurking just beneath the surface. The easiest, quickest way to uncover this aspect is simple: new tires.

The tires must closely conform to the geometry of the OE tires if you wish to do a replacement with some "upside potential" (upside performance that is).

Depending on where you live you will either want to do All Season tires which pretend to have some winter capabilities (and in truth they have some) or 3 season tires (with dedicated winter tires for your local's climate).

The single most popular tire for the OEM wheels for the allroad appears to be Michelin Pilot Sport All/Season's in "plus zero" size 245 x 50 x 17".

The geometry is preserved by this size. Indeed this size is virtually perfect for the car and its factory OE wheels -- in my opinion it is an "11" on a scale of 1 - 10 for fitment and performance.

If you don't need all seasons, you can look for tires in this size that are termed UHP (ultra high performance) or MAX (maximum performance). The above mentioned Pilot Sport A/S are a hybrid tire in that they are both UHP and all season. As far as I know there are no MAX and all season rated tires available.

The UPH and MAX tires (A/S or 3 season) will improve the turn-in and overal responsiveness of the allroad -- even if everything else is 100% bone stock.

Note: UHP and MAX tires rarely are good for more than 20,000 miles and UHP A/S tires if driven in a 4 season climate 1,500 miles/month will really only have one good winter in them, even if they are not otherwise worn out -- it just goes with the territory. UHP and MAX tires do what they do (so well) because they have sticky tread -- sticky tread is, more or less, "soft" and gives great dry and wet traction at the expense of tread life.

A longer lasting, harder tire will be a mismatch for the allroad's suspension and capabilities.

So, plus zero - absolutely yes. 245 x 50 x 17" is THE way to go. Even greater improvements in the handling dept can be had by going plus 1 which means NEW WHEELS and 245 x 45 x 18" tires (this is the allroad 4.2 set up, FYI and there are 18" wheels available from Audi for the 2.7T and 18" wheels that will fit the allroad from many many other vendors too.)

Now, having had the Pilot Sport A/S's, I can say they are excellent tires and only a fair value. Now with 1 year under my belt, I can say that the tires ARE great but frankly overpriced by about $50 to $75 per tire based on what you could buy if you educate yourself at www.tirerack.com and www.tires.com.

My current set up and the one I wished I had done from day one is:

Factory OEM wheels and tires (Goodyear) for 10 winter weeks; 18" x 8.5" wheels and 245 x 45 x 18" UHP 3 season tires for the other 42 weeks. The handling with the 18"s took another major step up.

Now with respect to the suspension. My dealer used the on board allroad comupter to lower the air suspension by -12mm -- my #2 setting is about like #1 on stock set up that is. After they did this they performed an all-wheel alignment. The result is a somewhat stiffer ride but an improvement in cornering as the car is both lower and stiffer. Body roll is still an issue with such a set up: Plus sized tires and lowered suspension, that is.

However for about $200 which includes labor, you can have your dealer order A6 sport rear anti-swaybar and bushing and replace the stock allroad 15mm swaybar with the sport swaybar which is 20% thicker or 18mm. The roll or "lean" into curves is substantially reduced and the ride is not compromised.

I have no reason to believe that this will harm the vehicle or void my warranty. All the "mods" I have made, tires, wheels, lowering and swaybar have been done at the dealer with dealer approved and/or supplied parts.

Finally for another $90, I had the factory BPV's (turbo by-pass-valves) replaced with Sport BPV's, the result, smoother power, slightly stronger power and a vrooooommmmm sound kinda like the THX movie trailer as you accelerate through 6000RPM.

The whole car, and mine is a 6spd, feels stronger, sportier, more capable overall.

If you have $375 and want to go to the ultimate you can get FRONT AND REAR sway bars from www.h-sport.com that will even more totally transform the car's handling by making it corner under almost all circumstances perfectly flat.

It is, however, stiffer with the h-sport set up but since the springs and shocks are stock the ride, for most people's tastes actually is improved since virtually all remaining wallow is banished from the vehicle. Unfortunately, for me, the cost of the h-sport's since I already have the PSK rear only anti-swaybar is hard to justify since I have only 23 months remaining on my lease.

Now, chipping the engine is another matter, and it is one of hot debate and potential cost if you have a mod (chip) unfriendly dealer. Personally only the tiptronic versions need such a mod as they are, IMHO, castrated at birth by the programming and gear ratios of the tiptronic -- which as you may know imparts both a slower acceleration capability and a "hesitation" that has been dubbed "tip-lag." If you are shopping for an allroad and must have a tiptronic, go with the 4.2 -- just remember that a 6spd 2.7T is quicker than a $6,000 more expensive 4.2 tip.

Drive it like you live!


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    seth4manseth4man Member Posts: 2

    I just bought a 2001 Allroad and it comes with these 225 x 55 x 17 tires which claim to be all-season and are even rated M+S. These things look like summer tires! Do they really work in the snow?? or am i gonna have to go and buy some real winter tires for this thing?

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    dermderm Member Posts: 3
    Mark, You seem to have thought quite a bit about allroad wheels and tires. We live in an area with a real winter but were unimpressed by our allroad with all season tires and are planning to get a second set of wheels and tires for summer. We considered 18" rims but we have alot of pot holes in the area and as hard as you try to avoid them, not always possible. Thinking about Michelin pilot sport summer tires 245 50R17 on the twin spoke stock rims, any problem with that? Any thoughts on a winter dedicated tire for the Northeastern US on a stock rim?
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    joxer1joxer1 Member Posts: 27
    If you can get the Nokian WR there I would. I had the previous generation of those on my RWD BMW here in Toronto and they lasted 5 winter of commuting getting me through everything (sno, slush) while handling like a capable all-season on the bare pavement. I think it is the only tire that is rated both for use in all seasons and has the alpine snowflake designation thing.

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    dermderm Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Joxer, we actually have this tire on our '03 which we bought in the fall used with 15K miles on it and we found they weren't that great in the snow, my wife is driving it and decided to go for separate winter and summer tires and are looking to find out what is the best tire for each of these applications, I'm think about getting another set of stock rims for summer but could also get something aftermarket.
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    dermderm Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone have a recommendation for summer tires for our '03 allroad on stock rims, In 245 X 50 X 17 the only tires I can find are Bridgestone Potenza RE 050 and Pirelli P Zero System.
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    alex14alex14 Member Posts: 1
    I'm being told there are only two tire choices for the Allroad due to its high vehicle weight. The factory Pirelli Allroad tires are known to wear extremely quickly and I haven't heard very good things about the other Goodyear factory tires.
    Does anyone have an opinion or knowledge about using other tires with this car?
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    w210w210 Member Posts: 188
    I find the Pirelli P6 actually offering good mileage but with poor wet, try, snow traction. I have seen users putting on Falken 512s. Since we mainly drive the allroad when weather is not good, we have winter tires on all year round.
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    2xaudi2xaudi Member Posts: 7
    I like this website http://www.tirerack.com. You can research out your tires that suit your particular driving needs. I own the Pirelli Allroad tires now (they are Factory original). I'll have to say, although they handle nicely on pavement (haven't been on snow yet), they are very noisy :( on a smooth freeyway. I will be switching to the Bridgestone Turanza LS-V once these wear down (only have 20K on them).

    Happy motoring. :)
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    njallroadnjallroad Member Posts: 2
    I put Continentals on my Allroad. Started with Pirelli which lasted under 20,000 miles. Now at 58,000 and the tires are still great.
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    sbanghartsbanghart Member Posts: 1
    You should check to see if your Pirelli tires are cupped. That will cause a lot of the noise. On my Allroad the tires cupped at about 10,000 miles. I now have Continentals on courtesy of Audi and they seem to be doing better.
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    jagerjager Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a 2001 allroad w/ 38k miles...$22k abo...
    It's in good cosmetic shape and has new tires...
    The big thing is the dealer (one owner, same dealer) had to replace the transmission under warranty (Tiptronic)...According to the dealer, this transmission is famous for wearing quickly...usually because of pilot error in going from R to D too forcefully or incorrectly...

    Has anyone heard of this? And should this be a red flag for this vehicle specifically or the model in general...

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    jodarjodar Member Posts: 53
    I have an '01 Avant, not an Allroad, but it has the same 5 speed Tip transmission and have not yet experienced any major issues as of yet. I have 64k miles and every service check up has not yielded any problems, except for the 40k service where there was a small leak where a seal was replaced under warranty. If you can get an extended warranty on your vehicle through 100k miles, then get it as long as it isn't cost prohibitive. Mine has already paid for itself. As of this writing, my car is a joy to have and I do not have any regrets.
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    stormygacestormygace Member Posts: 2
    Go to tirerack.com & pore over your options. I'm reasonably certain you've got a lot more options than you were told (would that be the dealer who told you that?).Call 'em up - that may give you options. I just put Goodyear Assurance Tripletreds on my 2000 A4 2.8 Avant - Wow! What a difference!! Had Yokohama Avids previously 4/32 left after 42K miles. Really like quiet, tight ride w/these Goodyears. Also they have 80K tread warranty - let's see what we get w/Quattro. They're not the cheapest - ending up buying them from Discount Tire - Mavis was cheapest nationwide for these tires.
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    markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    I drove "0" miles with the stock rubber on my 2003 allroad.

    My first drive of the car I bought was with Pilot Sport A/S tires in size 245 x 50 x 17".

    I did, later, upgrade to 18" wheels but I never had any of the problems I read about from time to time about the stock rubber on the 2.7T since I did not bother with these tires.

    I cannot, then, make any kind of comment about the stock tires -- other than to repeat what I have read.

    The tires standard on the allroad are 225 x 55 x 17" "allroad" specific tires (regardless of mfg.)

    The are said to be, overall, poor wearing and offer little clue as to the true nature of the allroad's performance characteristics.

    Plus zero sizing mean raising the width of the tire, lowering the aspect ratio and keeping the wheel size intact: 225 x 55 x 17, translates at "plus zero" to 245 x 50 x 17.

    Plus one takes you to 245 x 45 x 18" and if the tires are UHP will improve the turn in. The 18" wheels fill those flared fenders quite nicely too.

    Be mindful, if you go with new wheels, to maintain the geometry of the wheels/tires; be mindful that you may need spacers (and new bolts) with the new wheels.

    Be mindful that ANY Audi accessory NOT put on the car at the time the car is delivered will be warranted for only 12 months.

    I ordered in year two, a set of four Audi Logo'd valve stem caps (from the dealer). Although I personally checked the air pressure regularly, I had a need to have the TPMS replaced (under the Audi advantage a year+ later.) It was winter. The caps "froze" (and I don't mean by virtue of the cold, but by virtue of rust) on the valve stems. Valve stems on a car with TPMS are $90 each for the part.

    Audi INITIALLY denied my warranty claim since the caps were NOT sold with the car, despite the fact that they were gen-u-wine Audi parts. Yikes! $360 not including the labor to remove four wheels, tires, TPMS's, replace them, etc etc etc.

    One call, a nice call, from me to the Audi svce mgr and Audi did pay for it all -- but the dealer svc mgr did say that the terms of the warranty are generally 4 years or 50,000 miles if accessory acquired at time of purchase OR 1 year, no mile limit, after that.

    Good customer status and good svc mgr "pull" saved me at least $400.00. But, had I known the warranty was 1 year, I probably would've said "never mind."

    I ordered RS6 replicas and Falken Azenis ST115 tires had the whole shootin' match sent to the dealer and had the dealer mount and balance everything.

    I then had two sets of shoes (summer and winter - 9 month and 3 month).

    The TPMS system did false trigger a lot -- I can't actually remember when I have had a flat or even LOW pressure situation in 10+ years.

    Unless the TPMS systems are better than they used to be, they are not all they are cracked up to be.

    Overall, I loved my allroad. Now, just as the "station wagon" is making a comeback, Audi discontinues the allroad. :confuse:
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    2xaudi2xaudi Member Posts: 7
    I'm on the fence still -- it depends on what kind of utility you want out of it. It's what you're willing to overlook in exchange for the utility. I hated it, with the tires and alignment issues. But after driving it up in snow for the first time, it was a champ in 10 inches of snow and I love it. New tires have solved the problems with noise and alignment by dealer has so far corrected slight pull.

    One of those love/hate relationships. So far i'm content, but if I had to do it again, I'd be more practical about this high-maintenance toy. The other part is that the audi's are becoming more popular and I think has lost some of its allure. Almost a common everyday car.
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    easyeasy Member Posts: 1
    I am running my second set of Dunlop Winter Sport M3. They're excellent in snow and ice and also plenty good performance on dry roads. Go to TireRack for ratings and reviews.
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    mikeh20854mikeh20854 Member Posts: 7
    One of my OEM Goodyear Wranglers has a bubble in at5 25000 miles. The OEM tires were rated 97 H. How important is it that I duplicate that rating or if I were to get 4 new tires would a 95 H Tire be sufficient. Thanks.
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    nreillynreilly Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Audi Allroad which has been in the shop quite a few times already. Our latest problem has to do with the tires. I noticed that the center treads on the passenger side tires were significantly worn as compared to the driver-side tires. We brought it into Audi Service and they said that the life of these tires is only about 20k miles (we are at 18k). Can this limited life be correct? The service manager also said that we are to blame for the fact that only one set of tires were wearing since each tire should be set to a separate PSI rather than all tires at the same PSI. I have never heard of this - I'm sure we were not told of this - and since we have had the car in for regular check-ups, I would have thought this would be something the mechanic would have noticed long before now. Does anyone have any insight into any this?
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    dangerfloyddangerfloyd Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2004 2.7T in a 6 speed. I love the car. It came with Yokohama AS 430's. So far the ride is excellent. Smooth, quite and handles well. This is my Winter/Family Vehicle. I drive a modified TT in the 6 months of better weather. I will use Winter's on my Allroad, as in Montreal the Winter's are not really 'ALL SEASON TIRE' country!
    The only problem I have experienced this far is the tire pressure. I have put them at 33psi although the book states 39. I will bring it in for servicing in the next couple of weeks to have that checked. I will do my best to keep you informed of any new developments.
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    span1span1 Member Posts: 1
    The tire pressure recommendations are on the inside frame of the driver side door and it does have specific information about the tire pressure. The life of the tires depends on so many factors that the statement of 20K life has not much meaning. The tires also have to be rotated front to back per tire manufacturer's warranty - have to read the warranty. Mechanics do not look at anything unless you tell them to look. Mechanics & service managers hate to do tire alignment. Most vibration is not tires but alignment issue and poor alignment can chew up tires in a fraction of the miles they are rated for. Align tires every rotation and every time you have excessive vibration. Potholes and curbs will misalign cars.
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    max94115max94115 Member Posts: 1
    I bought an Certified preOwned allroad and after only 8,000 miles on top of the original 13,000 miles, I discovered that one wheel rim is cracked. The dealer who sold the car said it's been almost 2 years and even if you didn't cause the damage, it's just too late.

    Do these wheels crack often? Would a pot hole in the road cause a wheel to crack? I don't think the platinum warranty covers this and so, if there is no hope with the dealer, what is the best source for an original replacement wheel? New vs. used?
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    hedgewellhedgewell Member Posts: 1
    Mark- will 245/50/17's fit on the audi allroad 2.7 rims, w/o using any spacers? any rubbing issues? any allignment issues?
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    capriracercapriracer Member Posts: 907
    According to Discount Tire, they will.
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