Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Accessories & Modifications



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    Thanks for the info. It seems the harder I look the more frustrated I get. This would be the ideal sleeper out on the road! If I find anything exciting I'll post it here.
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    Sounds like the same old mod that has been floating around E-bay. All it requires is a resistor be plugged into the Temp. sensor in the Air-Box fooling the computer into thinking the outside air is cooler than it really is. This causes the engine to run richer, and gives a slight boost in power. However, this performance advantage goes away after only a couple minutes when the engine starts to warm up, and then costs you by making your engine run richer with no performance gain. In short, it has no practical application... Unless you want fuel mileage to suffer... :sick:
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    PAOs Car Page

    on my carspace
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    nice pictures of the solstice pao. Thanks for sharing. I really like the license plate frame :D
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    well it is her she gets the looks better than me...... ;)
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    Hi. I visited the nordstromauto site but could not find any engine covers for malibu (valve covers, yes. engine covers, no). If you have more specific into, please post?

    Thanks E2 for note regarding GM covers that won't fit the older engines. A pity.
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    Does anyone know if the engine bay cross brace (between the front shock towers) will fit the non SS models???
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    I am considering putting mud flaps on my Maxx. In previous posts a few people mentioned having them. To those people I ask... Could you post some photos of what they look like on your cars? Would you do it again?
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    The trouble with K&N is they do not filter all that well. Yes, you may get a slight HP boost, but you will be pulling in a lot more dust, which will contaminate your oil and possibly scratch the cylinder walls.

    It might be better to simply change your air filter a little more often than usual.

    The FTC evaluated the Tornado and found it worthless.
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    I wonder what the cost would be to replace the whole engine and Transmission of the Maxx with the Engine and transmission of the Malibu SS?

    I chose the Malibu SS, not the Maxx version, because the gearing of the Malibu SS engine/trans is the same as the Maxx.
    The Maxx SS is geared so "short" that the engine revs way too high at cruising speeds and guzzles gas by comparison.

    Probably not worth the effort or money, but would be interesting to know...
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    curious as to your reasoning or basis for K&N filters not working well??
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    bought my OEM from my local chevy dealer.....and photos here on my O4 Maxx LT
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    I have always thought the 05 Maxx's centre stack was too bland, no colour at all. Then in 06 they put a chrome ring around the knobs for the HVAC and radio. I thought just what it needed just a little something. Well had the HVAC controls replaced under warranty for peeling paint. They didn't have any 05 in stock so they used an 06 with the chrome knobs. I liked it so much I bought the chrome knobs for an 06 and put them on my 05. I am now a happy man. It is amazing how little it takes to please me as I get older. Now if I could just afford the rear view mirror with the auto dim, compass and Onstar controls, it would be like Christmas.
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    I agree the center console was bland as simply added some of the faux wood dash inserts too mine around the HVAC and Radio can see them in my site above
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    Saw your new faux wood dash. REally looks great!! Where did you get it?
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    just do a search on google for dash kits..there are several around for the best price.....believe mine were from
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    That sounds like something I would like to do, I have an 05 as well. Where did you order those new knobs from? Was it hard to switch them?
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    Ordered them from the dealer. Just make sure you order the 06's The radio knobs take a little muscle but grab the outer knob and pull straight out. When replacing them, snap the outer knob on first then replace the centre button on both the power and the tunning. I am not sure if the HVAC control work the same as they are one piece. But they should be. Good Luck.
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    I did research on several web sites and came up with same results every time; K/N filters do offer a little more airflow but have much poorer dust retention.

    If your area has little dust it's not an issue. I live in desert / urban environment and dust is everywhere.
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    A pity they are not brushed metal edge versions available.
    I found the chrome ones in the Maxx SS created annoying glare spots. However, I may be percularly sensitive to glare and I live in a very sunny area.
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    Anyone have experience with Brembo rotors on their Malibus or Maxxes?

    I am considering replacing all of my rotors with ones that don't warp.
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    tire rack has them for 67 each for the front and 48 each for the rear..assuming you have the 16 inch wheel option.....

    EBC also makes some good rotors as well...and you can get theirs slotted and or cross drilled........about 150 for the front set and 115 for the rear

    check here for other options li-maxx-001&year=2004&part_name=brake_disc&my=1&cat=h
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    Will the 06 chrome knobs also fit the 04 Maxx?
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    I am sure they will since the just snap on
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    anyone replaced the OEM speakers yet in the Maxx...Im keeping the OEM headunit..just want to swap out the speakers in the doors.....assume there is a cross over somewhere to account for the tweeters in the A pillar as well
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    he, he, there nothing you haven't tricked out on your Maxx. I need to see the latest and greatest!! The most I've swapped out is the wipers :shades:
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    really no changes since you last saw me I do beleive
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    Hi, just got my Maxx & didn't get the windows tinted. In retrospect, probably a good idea & it does look kinda cool.
    The pre-cut tints - are they okay or is it better to spend the money for a professional job. I'm wondering too if tinting prices are cheaper in the U.S. - I could drive across to Buffalo if necessary. Any ideas??
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    have it professionally done......better tint and better warranty replacement
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    Ok, so I have an 05 maxx LT. As you all know they make no cool parts for it so I figure im going to start doing whatever I can to start the craze. I am having trouble figuring out how to take off the front and back trim peices with the chevy badges on them. So far I have a K&N airfilter, im cutting the springs and going badgeless (VW upbringing) and doing cosmetic work for the looks, im trying to find wheels in 18" size as well as im fabricating things to add a turbo ^.^ I could use any help, email me at [email protected] and your welcome to ask what makes me think i can do all this bullhocke and pull it off :D
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    when i first driving my 04 malibu ls i was having so much fun watching the gas milage. so i started expermenting with different gas stations. i found that the "cheaper" gas i got way less gas milage. found the BP gas stations were a few cents higher a gallon but got almost 10 more miles to the gallon easy! i am finishing up on a maxx ss and the gas milage is a lot less than the "sedan", but i dont mind. i will stay away from the "cheap" stations/convient store.
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    Any one installed a trailer hitch on the maxx. If so where to order one and how difficult to install?

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    I went to U-Haul to have them install a trailer hitch. It took 30 mins to install. No special tools were required, just two holes were made and 2 existing were used. Paid $137.50 hitch, $50 labor, $5 warranty. I didn't want wiring as I use it only for bikes.
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    Generally I use Top Tier gas in my 05 Maxx. In the St. Louis area that's QT (dominant player here), Conoco/Phillips, or Shell. Will generally pick these over the non Top Tier brand names such as BP or Mobil. Since QT sets market prices they all wait for QuikTrip to move and follow along.

    Anyway, I was surprised by a comment on bobistheoilguy from an Atlanta driver saying he found that Murphy got better mileage than QuikTrip. His supposition was that the higher detergents in QuikTrip meant less gas in a particular gallon.

    I take the idea of meeting Top Tier standards seriously enough so that I wouldn't switch from Connoco/Phillips or QuikTrip to BP. I suspect that BP skimps on detergents on their regular because of the old Amoco premium= more detergent ad campaign that they inherited. As I said, around here QuikTrip has more stations, better stations and sells a lot more gas than BP, so if there's two stations across the street from each other I'll take the QT so as not to worry about build up. I figure GM (and others) came up with those standards for a reason.
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    Since the brand list changes, I thought I'd list since I quoted my preference:

    TOP TIER Gasoline Retailers:

    Entec Stations
    MFA Oil Company
    Kwik Trip/Kwik Star
    The Somerset Refinery, Inc.
    Aloha Petroleum
    Tri-Par Oil Company
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    and what exactly does this do???

    with the other aftermarket parts....mufflers....unless you replace the headers back...add a free flow cat and probably increase the size of the pipiing arent going to see a noticeable increase in HP.....adding a COLD air of the systems shown are really a CAI as they are not drawing cool air in but rather hot air from the engine compartment...I would like to see a dyno sheet that shows a 10-15 HP increase from a CAI advertised in the ebay chips....why not just get the ECM or BCM tuned......that does a better job than a simply chip replacement..probably one probably does a tune for the malibu engine.....and I really not sold on the supercharger look alikes that the other site was showing......again some stuff, but nothing that will increase the get and go of the malibu engine....which is really made to be tuned in the first place..IMHO
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    18" wheels will not work unless you have the steering rack modified with turning restrictors. That is how the Maxx SS managed to get 18" wheels into its wells (its rack is different from other Maxx's). Otherwise you will grind the wheels on the inside or outside of the well when you turn.

    Good luck on adding a turbo. You will probably have to put that under the engine (as one Chevrolet truck installation had to do) as there is no room in the engine bay for one.
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    Isn't the SS have a larger diameter tire as well which would cause the clearance problems instead of the rim? I'd like to know as well. I think the SS tire is 1/2 inch taller.

    And about top tier, everytime I use Shell or Conoco/Phillips my mileage suffers. When I use Exxon it goes up. And they're not top tier and I'm not worried about it either. I've worked on enough cars using Exxon over the years to see very clean carburetors and intake valves. So I don't buy it :)
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    Try going to 8.php. This is where I found a lot of accesaries for the MAX and others.
  • bluemaxxbluemaxx Member Posts: 2
    For your performance parts go to That is where I found my performance chip.
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    I am new to the whole forum thing so bear with me I recently got a 04 malibu maxx LT.... Remote start, dvd, power leather heated seats, Onstar, and xm radio so I guess the inside is pretty much taken care of. I would like to know where it is if there is a place to buy anything after market for my car (spoiler, wheel's, decals, ect) Any help would be appreciated...

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    there is an aftermarket co that does a body kit....spoiler included....most are cosmetic additions vice performance additions...I added 17 inch aftermarket rims and 225/45/17 tires.....again..check tire rack or discount tires can always add a dash kit inside....again...check for wood kits is your friend in most cases when you do your search for accessories... you can see my maxx on my profile
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    Thank you very much for all your information and help I tried to google accesories and I got a bunch of stuff for other cars not really anything custom for the Maxx. But I will keep looking.
    P.S. Like your car!!
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    google malibu maxx body kit for that item and spoilers got my wind deflector and interior trim kits through these guys.....

    wheels locally through a tire shop...odd diameter...believe its 110mm...which reduces overall selection but still some nice rims out there....

    130K on my Maxx LT now and still running good
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    SS uses 18" wheels, lo-profile tires, and a special restricted-motion steering rack to preserve wheel clearances in the wheel wells when vehicle is turning. Unfortunately that gives vehicle a huge turning radius (over 42' or so).
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    So I have owned my 2004 Maxx for less than 6 months I have put about 5000 miles on it. Since I got my car I have had to have an induction flush, reprograming of the computer for starting problems. A new seat track and a new dvd player. A new exhaust piece. Also a new steering rack and am currently waiting on another piece that broke on the steering rack that conects the steering stock to the rack. Anyone else have so many problems? I love the maxx and I don't want to think that I bought a lemon. :lemon:
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    did you buy the car used I assumed if so how many miles does it have on it? .....dont necessarily beleive in the injection flush..which is what I assume you had done vice an induction flush.....and what was the reason given for the need to have this service done?

    reflashing the ECM is normal, and usually corrects a myriad of problems....

    seat track could be a wear and tear issue....same for the DVD player...

    exhaust piece...are you referring to piping or other part? again could be wear and tear based on the condition of the car, location winters etc....

    the steering rack unfortunately has been a problematic issue with the 04 MY....some have require complete replacements....out of warranty its about an $800 cost.....

    since you indicate you did buy an 04, its a 5 model year old car now......I too have an 04 Maxx LT...and have had no problems other than normal wear and tear items..(tires, batteries, brakes etc) and 135K on the car now....
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    Yes I bought the car used, total a little over 54,000 miles on it I know the other stuff can be accounted for by normal wear and tear but I have had so much happen to this car in a short amount of time. I had the injection flush beacause they believed that bad gas was the cause for my cars starting then stalling problems but when it started it again they updated the computer. I believe the piece on the exhaust was not a muffler but a muffler type piece that had went bad (also I believe could have been part of my starting problems. So why is it only the 04 maxxs that have the steering problem?
    They didn't use the same steering in the regular 04 malibu's?
    I appreciate all the feedback you give me like I said I just don't want to be stranded some where I traded in an 04 buick rondezvous and had to replace EVERYTHING having to due with the fuel system in that car and I don't want to do it again with this car... I am starting to notice when the guys at the shop get their hair cut. That means I am there TOO much
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    Maxxes and Malibus and Pontiac G6's from '04 to '06 have all had front suspension problems, including steering columm, front rack, front rack intermediate shaft, front struts, etc. The most problematic part appeared to be the intermediate shaft, which would develop "clunks" or "pops" over time.

    I had most of my front end replaced over a period of 4 years, including every part above, sometimes several times. However, when the intermediate shaft was swapped with a newer version in late '07, the front end clunks went and stayed away (the vehicle was traded 6 months later for other reasons).

    '04 Maxxes required computer updates for various starting issues when lukewarm. Maxxes can also have a slightly rough idle if the A/C is off.
    However, for the 4 years I owned my Maxx there were no other fuel issues ( Suggestions: be sure that you use TECHRON or similar gas additive every so often to keep sulphur off the fuel tank sensors).

    For me, The Maxx excelled as a long trip car thanks to comfortable seats and good freeway mileage. If you someday decide to trade it, be sure your trader includes Texas locations - the Maxx is extremely popular down there.
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