Chevrolet Malibu Maxx vs. Chevrolet HHR

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Well, I did not see one Maxx while I was in San Francisco. I did see some sedans. I was given an HHR to drive to my balloon ride in Napa. The HHR seems like one of Chrysler's venus fly traps (great looking, but watch out once you get inside). Compared to the Maxx, the headroom, driver's legroom, cupholders, visibility, and rear hatch are all disasters. I also found the plastic to look awful given the fact that they put very nice leather on the seats. The one bright spot (no pun intended) were the headlights. They were much better than the 'Bu headlights and did not jiggle when going over bumps ;)
Nope, it is still maxx4me. GM, please don't eliminate the Maxx!!


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    I got to drive an HHR 6 months ago for a 1400 mile trip. It left me cold; chinzy interior, so so seats, decent ride, low power, touchy steering. The radio was ok, the power window switch location absurd.
    If B.Lutz really thinks this will replace the Maxx, good luck to him.

    FYI, I've had no trouble with the 'bu lights, though the turn signals tend to burn out early.
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    I agree HHR seems chinzy and people that use them as a loaner seemed to get thier hopes up... then frown walking away. Yes so- Keep me my Maxx. (My daughter and her friend ~12 yrs) were getting a ride home and daughters friend commented how cool...all the stuff was,glass-roof, wireless headphones..D~
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    well if the Maxx isnt around after 08......I probably will look at the HHR...but only in the 2.4 liter 2LT version...most have the 143 HP 2.2 Liter engine vice the higher output 2.4...and perhaps after they add the turbo is cramped compared to the Maxx...but its just the two of us.....we have loved the Maxx so far.....68K on ours and going strong.....just replaced the 63K....rotors turned for the first time..feels almost new again...
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    There is the Saab Sport Combi, which is the Maxx in Saab dress. More expensive, though, and a harsh ride (Saab seems to like harsh riding cars, for some strange reason).
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    Ive looked..and not impressed with it....for the price and the maintenace associated with up keep.....but not ready yet will keep enjoying my Maxx
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    Maybe we'll see a hatchback or wagon version of the Saturn Aura in the future. That might be an alternative to a Maxx.
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    Well, given that Saturn wants to be an "Opel" (and indeed is getting some of their future cars directly from Opel), a luxury performance version of the Maxx might fit in with their product plans. Hatches, after all, are very European.

    And if done right, an Aura hatch could blow the Audi and VW offerings into the water in terms of value for money.
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    Ive simply gotten use to the versatility of the will have to see whats around when the time comes.....Im good for another 70K at least
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    If a replacement was needed for the Maxx, and no new Maxx's were available, I'd probably be looking at a Toyota RAV4, V6 - 269hp!

    Not sure about the price/value comparison.
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    RAVE4 will cost more, but some configs have AWD and other niceties.
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    If I couldn't replace my Maxx, I would probably replace it with a Subaru Impreza STI, Wagon, or the Saab 9-2X Aero, (the 9-2 i think costs less than the Subaru even thou they are the same vehicle.
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    Just replaced my '05 9.2x with an new '05 maxx lt. The maxx is a much better car by far. If you really like the maxx then you might like the subaru outback...drove one for six years and loved it, swore I wouldn't drive another FWD vehicle,then I had the 9.2x for a year and a half.
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    I traded my '06 Maxx LT 3.5L A for a HHR 2LT and was very dissapointed. I kick myself every time I see a Maxx. I guess this was the stupid moment that every one has.
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    I rented an HHR 2LT last fall. Better than I would have thought, seemed to handle slightly better than the Maxx and the larger engine wasn't too bad. Like most renters, I didn't stick premium in it, but didn't notice the difference. Still like my Maxx better.

    Can I ask for a little more detail as to why you're kicking yourself?
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    I kick myself, because for me, the Maxx was a much better car and I traded it for what turned out to be a disaster, for me (the HHR). There were just way too many issues I did not like with the HHR, after I got to driving it for a bit. Things I didn't really notice during the test drive.
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    Man, I'm glad I read this thread. I was looking at getting a used HHR or used Maxx and y'all just helped me immensely.

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    Check out this thread, it might help also. Some people disagree with the problems I found with the HHR but, you can look over the list and check them out for yourself when you look at one.

    Changes you would like to see

    I want my Maxx back :( Oh well, I have an Impala now and much happier than I was with the HHR.
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    The HHR is nothing more than a tonka toy. The maxx is a real utility car, full of useful features. Unless a fuel cell comes along within the next 6 years, I'm going to really miss my maxx should I need to buy another dinosaur fuel vehicle.
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    I did this a few years ago but as HHR has not changed all that much since '06 or so (save for the SS model), this might be of help:

    Drove an HHR rental on a 1400 mile trip. Compared to my former Maxx, the HHR had less power/responsiveness, less comfortable seats, wandered more on the road, and got about the same gas mileage (maybe a tiny bit better). It more or less got me there but was not all that impressive.

    The new '09 Forester blows the HHR away in all but fuel economy, IMHO
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    The Forester also is not the same class of vehicle and costs $$$ more.
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    Depends which Forester you are talking about. :confuse:
    Foresters are around $19K to start. HHR LT's which appear equivalent to the base Forester is around $18K. Keep in mind Forester has AWD while HHR has FWD, so it's natural the Forester will cost a little more.
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