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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Problem Codes/TSBs



  • bhw77bhw77 Posts: 101
    Hi guys,

    How can I get that TSB 00-05-22-002H without subscribing to AllData?
    Turning of rotors to correct lateral runout is covered under original 3/36 warranty.
    Dealer told that rotors are covered 12/12 and
    tried to charge me for repair. Never happened thou...
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    I got the latest TSB (002H)from the free site, but that site no longer lists TSB issued prior to July 2006. GM updates this TSB in June each year to add new model year. I also, get my TSB from For 14.95 you can access all the TSB for your car for one year. They are in PDF format and you can save them to your computer for future reference. They currently only have TSB issued through May 2006. They add new ones a couple times a year. The latest one they have is 002F from June 2005 (when they added 2006 GM models).
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    What model year and engine (likely 3.5L) do you have? If you noticed this on a specific ignition cycle had you recently done a remote start or had a short engine run cycle before driving it when this happens?
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    I have the 3.5l, 2005 Maxx, and did a remote start (after market remote starter) - the car ran for about 5 minutes, engine temp a bit under the half mark. Never had a problem up until now. But, I rest the oil life monitor, and Since yesterday am (about 60 miles the oil life is down only 2% - it is now at 98%. I did a remote start this am - high 20's for the temp again, and knock on wood everything seemed normal. My oil life did not drop any on my way to work - about 10 miles. Yesterday it dropped 5% in about 30 minutes. Thanks for any ideas!
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    OK, UPDATE: It was down in the 20's, heavy frost last night, warmed up the car for about 5 minutes before I left this am. Temp gauge goes to a little below the half mark (side not - this is where the temp goes even on an extended trip - we went on a 200+ mile trip this weekend and only dropped 2% in about 250 miles). I dropped 10% in less than an hour this am. RPM and mpg remains normal. So, question 1 - does this sound like a thermosat prob? and question 2 - Can the service dept. hook a scanner up and see if the thermostat is bad - even with a "warm" engine? THANKS for any tips!

    Larry :-)
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    Well, here is what is going on: Only on extreme cold mornings does the oil life drop. So, took it to the dealer, car is not throughing any codes, they have no idea what could cause this. They said all check out ok, did an oil change and they said oil looked good. I know something is up, as it is not normal to loose 10% of your oil life in less than an hour. ANY ideas? THANKS!
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    Curious if you did a remote start or some brief engine run prior to driving when you saw the % drop?

    If so you might be dealing with a software issue.

    To your knowledge has dealer recently updated software in engine controller? There is likely an update although it would have been done per a TSB to address a long crank condition and not your complaint. However it might also resolve your complaint. If I can find out more I will
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    Yes, I this has happened when I remote start. I do not know about any software flash, I did have the car in in August and they worked on the steering tsb. Maybe they did something to the software then? I have an aftermarket remote that the dealer installed when we bought our Maxx if that makes a difference. THANKS for the info! It gives me something to suggest to the dealer!

    Larry :-)
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    NP but they certainly aren't going to tie the oil life complaint to a PCM reflash from anything in a TSB.

    This condition was probably always present, not due to anything they did - just takes certain conditions to show up.

    What I was saying is there there is a potential that this might be cleared up with latest calibration.
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    OK, I have not remote started my car since last week, and all is well. So, I am going to try the remote start next week and see if the oil life drops. I suspect it will. If that is the case, then I must need to be reflashed?

    Larry :-)
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    I still don't know if latest calibration made any changes in that area - I will ask about it.
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    Thanks, I appreciate it!

    Larry :-)
  • The local dealer printed out the Brake TSB, all 20 pages of it that go into a lot of procedural issues wrt how to turn rotors, how to clean rotors, et all. It did say proper torqueing of wheels (via torque sticks) and proper runout were absolutely critical with these brakes - any small deviation would result in pulsation within 4K miles or so.

    What it did not mention were any replacement rotor parts to address the problem. So I guess the rotors, at least to date, will remain relatively flimsy and easy to warp.

    Local dealer also printed out hot starting problem TSB. The report hints that the problem might be related to a Delphi EGR valve (saying that the vehicles with Siemens EGR valves already had newest calibrations). I'm to go into dealer tomorrow to see if they will recalibrate my '04 Maxx and if they do it, whether or not it helps.
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    I found old notes that complaint I had heard about was really specific to a 2006 model but am still checking on it.
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    THANKS again! It has been real cold, and I have not used the remote start. I have been manually going out and starting the car in the morning. The oil has dropped 10% in the last week and a half, and I have put over 1000 miles on. So it is acting normal now. I am going to try to start it tomorrow with the remote and see if that makes it drop. I have a suspension that it will.
  • I found a site that's selling the full text of TSBs for even cheaper than Infotraxx. The posted prices are $2 for each individual TSB or $20 per year for a subscription that gets all TSBs for your vehicles. What makes them really cheaper than Infotraxx is that they don't charge extra for additional vehicles in your account up to 7 vehicles. So you can have all the TSBs for 7 vehicles for just $20 per year. The TSBs are in PDF format. The website is at
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    Thanks so much for this find. This site is way better than INFOTRAXX and it's current. INFOTRAXX has not added new bulletins issued after May 06. $20/yr for 7 vehicles is a bargain.
  • tdadcoxtdadcox Posts: 1
    I would like to see the print out of the hot starting problem if you could send it to me. I have been having trouble with my 04 maxx for over a year and fed up.
  • here's my situation. 05 MAXX, just in the last 3 days the engine has powered itself down while on the road. I called the dealer and he advised me that that this will happen again and that I have to bring it in for service. Which of course I did. On the DIC when the system shuts down it shows " engine power reduced" and then " engine disabled" So of course you roll onto the shoulder or into a parking lot if you are lucky. The dealer went through their stuff and it seems that there were 2 error codes on the EBCM c0242 and c0561 that were not present at the time that they had the vehicle. Their suggestion was to drive the car and "monitor" till it happens again or "perhaps it will not show up again and if it does then to come back" They cleared the error codes in on the EBCM and of course it happened again later tonight. (SIGH) just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and any solutions


  • maliboooomaliboooo Posts: 1
    I felt the same way as you did, when the dealer indicated he replaced the steering gear on my 2006 Malibu. The clunking noise went away, but about 3 to 5 thousand miles later it was back as strong as ever. This time they said they had a factory bulletin indicating this problem needs a special type of lubrication grease kit. To get to the place they have to lube, they have to remove the front panel inside the car behind the steering wheel. They lubed this place. The clunking went away for about 500 miles and counting now , but I expect it to return. There must be some bad news friction some place between steering parts, if they have to keep lubricating this same place all the time. It sounds like another band aid fix by GM to a problem that would cost them too much in a recall. The problem is the bandaid is going to keep falling all before the sore ever heals.
  • rdesantisrdesantis Posts: 30
    For those of us living with that rear sunshade that will not stay put.

    THE TSB/problem code is: TSB# 04-08-110-004B Part number 15227008. A plastic reinforcement that should have been installed at the factory. Cost me $30 for one reinforcement. If you have a 2006/2007 MAxx the problem may have been fixed, but if not get them to put these reinforcments on especially if your warranty has not expired. The plastic sunfoof trim gets soft because of the sun and the shade will POP out and scare the fun out of your drive as they roll up. It is a simple install, pull back the trim and stick on the reinforcment. You may have to pull down the head liner for more space. After the part is set, get a small clamp to make sure the adhesive sticks, let set for about and hour. Ask your parts person to print a diagram for you, the diagram ID is 1697983 AND Do Both Sides especially if warranty covers it. ;)
  • Maxxes have had this rear sunshade problem ever since '04. The reinforcements usually require removal of the rear roof glass surrounds in order to apply the reinforcements.

    Don't feel too bad... the first fix for the '04 were pieces of cardboard glued to the inside of the rear roof glass surrounds. I got the real fix around two years later.
  • grayhawkgrayhawk Posts: 1
    The lift gate latch on the rear of my 2004 Maliu Maxx works sporadically when it is very, very cold outside. When the outside temperature warms up, neither the driver's door button nor the key fob button can get it to open. I had the lock (motor) replaced twice, but it only worked for a short while.

    Any ideas?? Vaman
  • torya77torya77 Posts: 1
    HI Pete

    I know its been awhile since you posted this problem but I'm wondering if you ever found out what it was exactly ... my 2006 Chevy Malibu is doing EXACTLY the same thing ... I've been researching it this morning and I think it may have something to do with the TPS (or body) as I had that replaced not long ago and it seems that others have had a problem with the wiring on these anyway if you were able to get answers I was hoping you would share them. Thank you - Victoria
  • rdesantisrdesantis Posts: 30
    The renforcements I received were made of hard plastic and all I did to get them fastened was to pull down the rear section of the head liner, pull back the plastic where the reinforcment were to be attched and let the double sided tape set in. Very easy install.
  • rdesantisrdesantis Posts: 30
    I had the same problem. MAke sure that the plastic moulding and rubber weather strip is pushed all the way down. Oil ( i used w d 40) the heck out of the catch on the rear hatch and the catch. make sure all is clean. That seemed to work for me and had to be done on a regular basis. It was something I had to live with. i did not have the motor replaced.
  • What was the resolution? We are having the same issue
  • kitabug21kitabug21 Posts: 2
    Hi im having the same EXACT problem with my 2006 Chevy Malibu Ls Sedan...ive taken it to 2 places which both claim its an electrical problem...I seen that this issue happened last year if you could please tell me how you got the issue resolved I would greatly appreciate your feedback.
  • kitabug21kitabug21 Posts: 2
    Hey Victoria

    We both have the same car and I was wondering if you ever got the issue resolved??? Im in desperate need of some insight on the matter as you went or are still going through the same thing!

    Thanks - Kita
  • eh81eh81 Posts: 1
    my 05 maxx just started doing this a few days ago. i took it to the dealer and there were 13 error codes but they could not find the problem. they replaced driver front turn signal because it was out and said that could have caused some kind of short?? my car has stalled twice since. now i have to take it back. Its pretty frustrating
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