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Hey Guys, I just love the Chrome interrior in the new 2006's. I saw a GT recently and even the lower models have em. Its so cool that a mid level GP now has 260hp!

The only thing is, these chrome additions to me look like they were glued on. If that is the case, if you do not have a garage, and your car is exposed to the seasons, could these things fall off ? :surprise:

Just curious if anyone has had any problems. These cars are so dam cool. The back seat sucks but if your young i guess it does not matter.


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    I have a 2006 GXP. What chrome inside looks glued on? Nothing inside my car looks glued on!!
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    i can't imagine another way they did it, the 2006 interrior is just like the 2005 but with chrome. Its looks great im just wondering if seasonal changes will hamper with the glue and have them fall off. I know its corporate industrial glue but after a while you know...

    The interrior is really sharp though. I just love the GXP speedometer! The HUD is a very underrated feature, more cars should have them and GM should tout this technology!
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    After having tan Leather in my last car, I learned my lesson well. It sucks. It picks up the color from your cloths. Trying to clean it, i cleaned the leather dye off...ugh..luckily I was able to have a local paint store mix me up some leather dye. Matched perfect. Maybe i should have coated my seats and panels with pam??? hmmmm
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    I just bought an 05 GTP used and I wanted to the chrome accents on the interior. Is this something I can get done at the dealer or would I be better off buying one of those after market dash kits?
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    There is coolant leaking from somewhere in my passenger compartment. I can smell it but haven't been able to locate the source yet. The odor is strongest when I turn on the A/C or turn on the heater. Even with the blower motor off, I need to keep the temperature control dial all the way over to the coldest position. Any position hotter and I begin to smell the coolant. I'm thinking it's the heater core since they are traditionally known for leaking coolant. If it is the core, I'd like some advice on changing it out. Anyone encounter a similar problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have a 2000 Grand Prix with problem windows, and have found great help on this forum regarding where to get the replacement motor and regulator parts, as well as pictures and instructions on replacing the parts. However, I have not seen anyone address the hard plastic strip at the top of the door panel (interior) that is secured to the leather with staples. I am not sure if this would be classified as weatherstripping? Of my four windows/strips, one of the strips has broken in half and cannot be put back on, and another keeps pulling away from the leather. It's purely cosmetic as far as I can tell, but I would really like to find replacement strips and get the car looking good again. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!
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    Does anyone have problems or find the drivers seat uncomfortable? Does anyone have any ideas for changing the seats?
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