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Toyota Highlander Owners: Photo Gallery

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,068
edited March 2014 in Toyota
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  • V6 4x2 Limited package with all the bells-n-whistles.


  • The day after we brought it home. I now have the windows limo-tinted and have the hood protector on order along with the wind deflector for the sunroof. $500 over invoice, not bad.
  • eraperap Posts: 8
    What's the size of your new wheels and tires?
    What type of wheels is it and tire brand?
  • ramrod5ramrod5 Posts: 6
    Limited 2001 loaded sitting on Ferretti Messina dub's with 275/40/20 Goodyear Eagle tires.
  • darko1996darko1996 Posts: 5
    your HL is so gorgeous. Did you have the windows tinted after you bought it, or was that done by the factory. It isnt typical to see the front windows tinted on the HL, also are those the Alloy wheels from the factory??
  • dano42dano42 Posts: 11

    Great looking HL! What kind of trailer hitch do you have? I am in the process of searching for one and like way your's is hidden under the bumper.

    Thank you.
  • toledo19toledo19 Posts: 119
    VERY cool. Love those running boards!
  • awchan13awchan13 Posts: 44
    Here's my Limited V6 AWD with 235/70R16s. Great in the snow! Sorry about the poor lighting. Try this link, the photo is posted on the yahoo website... sorry, haven't had a chance to setup one of those free photo sites..... - - r=/&.dnm=Dueler+AT%27s.jpg&.src=gr
  • stevtecstevtec Posts: 4
    At the Outer Banks, NC no less.



    We have VSC/TRAC, and believe it or not it did actually make it all the way out to the water through the deeper sand near that black truck in the background. I was too afraid it was going to settle in and get really stuck, so unfortunately I never took a pic and pretty much turned right around and went straight back. Darn it! Next time. :-)

    - Steve
  • Wanted a car that looked expensive and unique, but didn't have the guts to buy a Corvette. So fell in love with the Highlander and used it as a project to get tricking-out a car out of my system (something I never did as a teenager). Now my life is complete.


    Changes to stock '01 gold Limited V6 AWD:

    Kluger grille, fender flares, door handle protectors, hood deflector, sunroof wind deflector and two additional roof rack cross rails added.

    Bottom half of vehicle, front grille, fender flares, side mirrors, door handles, rear garnish, and rear spoiler painted metallic black (with brown metallic flake).

    Brake calipers and rotors painted same shade of gold as car.

    "Toyota," "Highlander," "V6," "AWD," and "Limited" chrome badges removed from exterior.

    Black carpet installed in interior.

    '02 center console retrofitted into this originally consoleless '01 vehicle.

    Sound system upgraded with aftermarket amp and speakers.

    Was thinking of adding "MLCV" in gold characters to the exterior (for "Mid-Life Crisis Vehicle").

    Now, even Corvettes slow down to check-out this car!
  • Nice lookin' HLs, guys!
  • lgjavalgjava Posts: 48
  • This is a 2005 Limited with Nav system. Photo was taken in August near Silverton, Colorado

  • Looking good. Was this car in a front end wreck? Paint appears to change behind front door drivers side and rear of front fender on passenger side. Just wondering.
  • lgjavalgjava Posts: 48
    No, I haven't been in any accident in my Toyota Highlander. The car is unaltered--apart from my step bars-- since I bought it--brand new.
  • landdriverlanddriver Posts: 607
    The logo is affixed to the rear garnish (that's the official name for the trim piece you want to paint) via industrial-strength double-sided sticky foam. If you have very strong fingers you can probably pry it off without any tools. Otherwise a dull knife would work for gently prying it off. Needless to say be careful to not nick the areas of the garnish that is visible. After the emblem is removed use gum turpentine to remove any remaining foam tape. Although in theory it's possible to preserve the logo I ended up buying a new one from the dealer (~$30); it comes with the foam tape pre-affixed.

    Good luck, and post some pics!
  • tumwetumwe Posts: 7
    Nice shot, where exactly is this location? What other back roads or "trails" is the highlander capable of in the San Juan Mnts. Hope to go exploring there this summer.
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