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Pontiac Grand Prix vs. Ford Mustang

skinderdineskinderdine Member Posts: 4
being the owner of a gxp and having owned a 1994 Gt. In my opinion (I hate to say) I feel the 94 gt would beat the gt in the 1/4 if that's what your asking. A newer gt would probably beat it also, (haven't had a chance to test that challenge out yet)


  • gxpjoeypgxpjoeyp Member Posts: 38
    After doing some numbers crunching,the 06 gt comes with 300 hp/320lbs torque....the gxp is rated at 303hp/323 lbs of torque...the gt is said to do 0-60 in 7.03 sec....the gxp is said to do it in 5.7 sec, 1/4 mile est. for the gt is around 15 sec....the gxp is low 14s....found this info from diffrent websites/opinions really find out you gotta get the 2 on the track and see...(THE GXP WINS HANDS DOWN)

  • ocmike3ocmike3 Member Posts: 232
    on paper they are pretty evenly matched. I'd say it depends on the driver, weather and timing. I've beat a new Mustang GT and been beaten by one at the traffic light launch; run for a block or two... toss up.

    to jccantfly591 - you will get Zero hp to the rear wheels of a GXP - the GXP is a front drive car.
  • skinderdineskinderdine Member Posts: 4
    That really surprises me, However I'm glad to hear the good news. I do know for a fact, that it will out run a Ford Crown Vic with a Police interceptor (not counting motorola) just the car itself. It is a 2004 vs. gxp 06. I know do to having to drive one at work. Ford will generally top out at 140 as the Gxp is said to have topped out at 152 (according to a forum page on :)
  • v8jimv8jim Member Posts: 11
    I have never done any track racing. Have owned a Grand Am GT and now own a GXP. Love them both. Both underrated. Stoplight raced an M3 convertible recently with GXP. Don't think it was new. Driver was heavier than me plus he had a passenger. I weigh 170. Smoked him off the line, at 85 mph he was still well behind. I slowed down at that point. He seemed angry and kept accelerating....very fast...very dangerous. DO NOT REPEAT THIS STUNT!!! Have also been challenged by some "tuners", all have lost to the GXP. I HAVE ABANDONED THIS PRACTICE, IT'S TOO DANGEROUS. Have not had the GXP over 100 mph. Did it regularly with the GA GT. Handled great. Its rigid body and tight suspension made high speed driving fun. At 94000 miles, I just replaced the original brake pads!!!! If you look at hp, torque, and weight, A GXP should keep up with MustGT with an automatic, if not beat it. Some members here have written that they ran below 14's in the 1/4 mile. I believe it. I think Pontiac's official 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times are cautious.
  • tlaurotlauro Member Posts: 504
    Here's a good sampling of folks who have tracked the GXP. As you can see, just like with the Supercharged versions, knowing how to launch and drive is key. That's why I'm so vocal about magazine racing.

    # 1)__13.64 @ 102.5 2.08__1stgxp_________|CAI|mufflers(GXP)
    # 2)__13.68 @ 102.3 2.09__tony____________|STOCK(no headlight)(GXP)
    # 3)__13.76 @ 101.3 2.12__DavidS1567______|STOCK(no headlight)(GXP)
    # 4)__13.86 @ 101.1 2.12__killagxp_________|OpenCone(no headlight)(GXP)
    # 5)__13.88 @ 99.30 2.09__06GXP__________|Stock(GXP)
    # 6)__13.88 @ 101.6 2.20__CGreen_________|VectorTune(GXP)
    # 7)__13.90 @ 102.0 ______Atek_gt2_______|CAI|no res|muffler s(GXP)
    # 8)__13.97 @ 101.1 2.21__kissmyss03______|CAI(MonteCarlo)
    # 9)__14.01 @ 98.53 2.07__LIGHTFIGHTER___|STOCK(no headlight)(GXP)
    # 10)_14.01 @ 100.5 2.19__slippingaway_____|STOCK(GXP)
    # 11)_14.19 @ 100.2 2.27__BigMike_________|STOCK(GXP)
  • v8jimv8jim Member Posts: 11
    Thanks, tlauro. When these guys write "opencone" or "vectortune" do you know if those refer to performance filters and intakes? does no headlight reduce weight? anyway, with a car this fast, i applaud your efforts to promote track racking b/c street racing is just a bad idea....
  • skinderdineskinderdine Member Posts: 4
    I wish more people thought like you did, It would make my job alot easier. There is nothing worse than having to tell a loved one there kid is dead due to some idiot racing on the street. I can add a drunk driver also!
  • tlaurotlauro Member Posts: 504
    Vector Tune is references an aftermarket tune on the computer controls of the engine and tranny. open cone is simply an open cone filter under the hood....IMO go with a cold air intake or fenderwell intake, CAI or FWI.

    Opening up the headlight allows more air into the stock airbox. I don't do it since I have a FWI and run my car as I would on the street.

    Email me and I'll point you in some great directions/links.
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    I am a little confused, the 2005 Mustang GT is quoted at 0-60 in 5.1 secs (for the 5spd) by Motortrend and 13.5 sec @ 103.6 mph for the 1/4 mile. While I love my 06 GXP, I think the mustang can take the GXP.

  • tlaurotlauro Member Posts: 504
    yes, the new style MGT's can and will take a GXP by 1-4 lengths depending on the launch of both. The MGT will have to be a stick shift though. Autos aren't nearly as fast and I've seen most run low to mid 14's. I can hook up and hit 13.8's pretty typically in my GXP and have been edged out by GT's at the track.....but I've not seen one go below 13.6's yet....stock that is.
  • gemykgemyk Member Posts: 1
    This is highly unlikely. M3 driver must not have been racing or they weighed 300+ pounds each. M3 hardtop can run a 13.4 in the 1/4, the droptop can run a 13.7.
  • mike189mike189 Member Posts: 24
    the ford would only win if it was going down a cliff ,or if it was a gm powered flatbed and it was on the flatbed,after all,fords do that good right,
  • whosnextdclwhosnextdcl Member Posts: 2

    I know it's been a while since this post, but could you provide me with some of those links, especially for the fenderwell air intake? Thank you.
  • mawilliz1mawilliz1 Member Posts: 7
    um, for the #3 post, I don't know where you got that info (mustang gt does 0-60 in 7.03???) ya, maybe in 1982! The current mustang gt does 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. Although they have similar horsepower and torque ratings, the GXP seems to be much heavier than the mustang gt (i've got to check the actual curb weights), so I have no doubt that the stang would smoke the prix.
  • waterdrwaterdr Member Posts: 307
    A stock Mustang GT 05+ out of the box can run in the mid 13's and they are well under 6 seconds 0 - 60. The Mustang should destroy the Pontiac out of the hole for sure. The Pontiac with it's SC should play catch-up however. N/A cars and those that are blown perform a lot differently. The Pontiac would be better suited to race the Mustang from a rolling start.

    My 2000 GT Vert ran 13.8 when it was stock at 100 mph with a 2.0 60 foot....stock days are well beyond me though - lol

    The stock Mustang GT and the Pontiac seem very evenly matched though when looking at the 1999 - 2004 Mustangs.
  • mistymousergxpmistymousergxp Member Posts: 3
    I've smoked a couple Mustang GT's in my GXP with no trouble.
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