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Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Problems



  • Okay, you want to hear about them replacing one here you go. I called GM Corporate, because I wasn't getting anywhere with CUSTOMER SERVICE. The executive office, was a different story. GM rebuilt my tranny & paid for my rental AT NO CHARGE. 2nd, 3rd & 4th gear were completely burnt, by no fault of mine. I guess the threat of suing might have helped also. Apparently if you want something done first you need to go over customer service's head & be a [non-permissible content removed], got my tranny rebuilt! :D
  • ezurawek,
    My advice to you is to call GM world headquarters, DO NOT waste your time with customer service. You can find the number on the internet. This is a problem with the GP that GM needs to take responsibility for.
  • tom_ntom_n Posts: 2
    Hey bbaisden. Would you please post the contact information for the individual you contacted at GM Corporate? If you would, we can all get something done and you will be everyone's hero!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,105
    I'm sorry, but we don't permit posting names or contact info for individuals. If there is a publicly-available corporate number, it's fine to post that here.


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  • Good Work!!!!! I see where you had a warranty policy that expired a few weeks before the tranny gave out..You were a concerned automotive owner by purchasing an extended warranty and timing wasn't on your side, however, by climbing the corporate ladder and showing the great "American Spirit", you wiped out the dissenters.

    I had a 1998 Olds Intrigue GLS repurchased by GM back in 1999, using only email and fax contact..Refund was full purchase price less $800 for 26k miles..Great deal. Did that on a 26 ft sport boat in the late 70s, whereas the original engines were removed from the questionable hull and installed in a new hull 2 yrs later at no charge..the engines had only 33 hrs of running time over 2 yrs..

    The GXP is a quirky car with the truck V-8, 4 spd auto and two different sizes of tires/rims..Looked like a "money pit" on tire replacement..

    Enjoy your refurbished GXP, Happy Motoring................
  • drvettedrvette Posts: 99
    edited December 2011
    Many posts here regarding the same issues, hopefully some of the following will help, someone at least..

    1.Service Bulletin Number : 08-07-30-016

    2.Service Bulletin Number : 080730002


    3. Service Bulletin Number : 070730012

    4. Service Bulletin Number : 3657


    Print this list, take it to the "Best" GM dealer nearby, regardless if they ever sold your make, take a sack of Apples for bribery, and ask for the head of the service dept.
    See if he KNOWS the TSB that applies to your vehicle.

    Don't forget the apples, ya catch more flies with honey than bitching!!

    You may consider taking some 'Eye-Candy" with ankle strap high heels, it never hurts.
    [coming from an ex-technician, I KNOW]

    If No joy is obtained, go here and add your complaint at the bottom of this page also, note the GM Cust Ser e-mail at the bottom, try local fix's first.

    One reader resolved similar issues by removing corrosion from the under-hood fuse panel, drivers side.

    Remember that GM put the same driveline into many other cars, get any TSB # I posted, and Google it, you'll see what I'm talking about.

    Edmunds explains TSB's

    Here's another email that might come in handy if nothing else works.

    [email protected]

    Remember that "Recalls" are mailed to all owners of those vehicles
    TSB's are usually NOT addressed unless you complain,, and I might add, complain "in-time"

    Worst option, file a complaint here

    Hope this mess of a message can be deciphered by the NSA/CIA for you :)
  • The links got all skewed when I c&p them

    Anyway, here's a couple important ones.

    How Can a [TSB] Technical Service Bulletin Help Me?
    link title

    List of TSB's from 1966 - 2009
    link title">link title
  • A masterpiece of info and it gives hope to those who insist that GM is poised to fix anything that involves a major cash outlay..Out of warranty out of sight!!!

    Maybe if one has had a GM dealer maintain the car over time it might offer some talking points.. One experience of mine was my wife's 91 Caddy Touring Sedan where the engine was replaced free of charge around 60k miles due to "piston slap." Clearly out of warranty, however the dealer had addressed this problem several times during the warranty period.. While the new engine was being installed, I bought her a 96 Caddy Sedan Deville at another dealer and broomed the 91 Caddy after 50 miles of test driving couple months later..

    Pontiacs are history so anyone getting upset due to problems with your Grand Prix should forget about GM fixing it "free." The 3.8 engine is a cast-iron relic, however the supercharged 260 hp is a funbeast on the freeway..Stoplight zip is not its strong point and just might shorten the tranny life..Having owned 4 cars with the 3.8 V-6 std engine, I will say they are reliable and totally trouble free..however gutless..

    No tranny problems.......................
  • Ok let me say this was my first Pontiac Grand Prix- Grandfather had retired from GM, Grandmother has driven a Grand prix as long as I can remember-Im 40+ now. My transmission probably started slipping over a year ago. Took it to a GM dealer ask for someone to drive it and run the codes. Didnt drive it and no codes. And could not be bothered to answer questions. It would only act up once in a while so no worries ( I thought) . So called GM to see if there was any issues wow just like the Government major run around. No one could help. So on Monday Dec 19, 2011 I am driving home from work and the transmission goes out on me. I am now stuck with a car that I cannot drive nor can I afford to pay to have the transmission fixed. What issues are there? Is there any recourse? Or am I stuck with a lawn ornament courtsey of GM? Cause from what I can tell this is a common issue>
  • drvettedrvette Posts: 99
    edited December 2011
    I must correct One incorrect statement,

    "Pontiacs are history so anyone getting upset due to problems with your Grand Prix should forget about GM fixing it "

    Any GM product dealer can warranty the Pontiac brand.
    Just last week I called my pal who is pretty high up at a GM new car dealership and gave him some bad news.

    I told him that none vehicles they sold, gave me any thrill.
    Also that I was planning on buying a Chevy Cruze

    He lowered his voice and told me that Chevy makes a good car.

    I then asked about service, since the Chevy dealer here is pitiful, no wrong word,,, err, there isn't a word to describe this dealer.

    Anyway, he said they would honor warranty gladly for me or anyone with a GM vehicle regardless of where it was purchased

    Hopefully there are other fine dealerships like this one.

  • I see that they will honor the "warranty" if it still has coverage.. So I assume if out of warranty, please open your checkbook...The std warranty for 90% of the Pontiacs has long expired...

    We are grousing over cars worth less than 10 grand on todays market..
  • I am sorry to hear that your vehicle is not operating correctly at the moment, Anamarkie. When you contacted Customer Assistance, were you given a Service Request? If you would like to open one, we'd be happy to help you explore any options available to you at this time. Please email us more information, including: your name/username, contact information (phone and address), the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership.

    Thank you for your clarification. Your statement, "Any GM product dealer can warranty the Pontiac brand", is correct. Prior to going in to a dealership, especially if you have never been there before, it may be a good idea to phone in to see if the technicians have been trained to work on Pontiacs. There is also a dealer-locate tool on GM's webpage where you can specifically search for "Pontiac Service". Thank you for your post, and I am pleased that you have found a dealership you like working with.

    Happy Holidays,
    GM Customer Service
  • Take it to a Chevy dealer for the "W" body is basically common to the Impala..

    I have found that the old style Buick/Pontiac dealer is a waste of time on service..The Buick service in Florida due to the heavy population of "seniors" is sure to be expensive for we are classified as an easy sell..Recalling a recent 4 tire purchase at the Buick/ex-Pontiac dealer, the wheel alignment was checked, and 6k miles later the rear tires were flat-cupped..Solution: 4 new tires, and had the Chevy dealer align and relocate the struts--problem solved-20k miles later, tires are perfect..

    I only use the Buick dealer for battery warranty..It's simple work!!!!!!
  • "Warranty" Coverage is a gray area, sure the black ink covering drive line items will be fixed but here's a note from a local experience I had a while back.

    In "85 I bought a 6-month old "84 Corvette, sticker some $30k or so

    Traded in a "85 Grand Am and got a killer deal on the Vette.

    The Corvette warranty is for "The-original-owner-only" at the time anyway.

    Long story short,
    1 -my window regulator quit
    2- right headlight motor quit
    3- the cross-ram TBI gasket leaked
    4- the rear end pin that holds the spider-gears came loose

    This was not at ONE time, several trips.

    The Dealer Fixed EVERY ITEM FOR FREE,

    Then when I spilled some cleaning fluid on the rear bumper and ruined the paint, they called a body shop they knew and got me a special deal on fixing it and a scratch on the Targa-Top.

    Not all dealers are Equal, being an ex-wrench [Technician] myself, I must say
    Not all customers are Equal.

    Being Nice,, even though you are frustrated goes a LONG Way to getting "premium service" ANYWHERE you go.

    Rusty Wrench aka DrVette
  • The "Good Old Days" , have been there and it did happen...Too many times to recall all the free fixes..Owning 53 cars to date it, tons of stories, however it would probably bore the distressed Grand Prix owners..
  • To tom_n

    Sadly, I JUST purchased a 2008 GXP with only 54,000 miles from a dealership and have experienced your problem twice. I passed on the the 3 year, 36,000 bumper to bumper warranty @ $2700 that was offered as well.

    Have you had any luck diagnosing your problem further? I know a fluid and filter change rarely fix much but wanted it done just so I knew it was done. I'm worried I just made a huge mistake. I owned the car I traded and got $5000 for the trade and bought the car for $14,900 so if I have to dump, there is room to come out ahead.

    Best of luck in your issues as well.
  • Your vehicle may still be within the Powertrain warranty. This runs for the first 5 years/100,000 miles that the vehicle is in service, and may be helpful if the condition you're describing is due to one of the covered components. If you would like for us to check into this, you can email the last 8 digits of your VIN and we'd be happy to look into the parameters of coverage for you.

    GM Customer Service
  • I actually sent a seperate message to GM Customer Service and luckicly, the 5 year Powertrain Warranty is in effect until 9/12/2012. Good news I must say.
  • Re: Sarah
    GM Customer Service

    It is wonderful that GM has seen the light and has intelligent and competent persons like yourself to visit these various forums to assist where you can in resolving issues.

    I'm an old wrench from the Pre-Nissan days at Datsun.

    We had little to NO assistance from corporate in resolving issues regarding poor design or improper implementation.

    There is little old Tech's like myself can do to actually pinpoint or resolve most issues, at this distance, with the little info and the lack of "hands-on" the only help we can offer is posting TSB's or advice from practical experience.

    Thank You So Much for being here!

    Rusty Wrench aka DrVette
  • I appreciate your kind words, DrVette. Truly. Most of the time I wish I could do more. I know that your insight is an incredibly valuable contribution to the forums as well.

    See you around the forum,
    GM Customer Service
  • drb10drb10 Posts: 5
    My transmission just went out at 78,000 miles 2005 I am concerned with all these problems going on it wouldn't move after shifting it into Reverse, drive etc. Had to tow it to dealership. 3000 to replace transmission wondering what next? I am thinking the samething about GM seriously thinking about no more GM products. Service Advisor says they told me to change the tranmission fluid at 50,000, they didn't if they would have told me I would have done it.
  • drb10drb10 Posts: 5
    Is there a class action suit against Pontiac for transmission failures?
  • drb10drb10 Posts: 5
    Where do you have a number for GM corporate
  • Good morning,
    I apologize for any frustration you have encountered as a result of your transmission concern.

    If we can look into this situation further for you, please send us an email with more information, including your name/username and contact information (phone and address please), the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage (I realize you posted it here, but it can be difficult for us to match emails to posts at times), and the name of your current dealership.
    GM Customer Service
  • ann75ann75 Posts: 4
    edited January 2012
    I too am having trans issues with my 2006 GXP. I took it to a GM deealer yesterday and they said nothing about a service bulletin . Said they could tell me nothing about what it needed till they tore it apart. It is still shifting but is very hard going from 3 to 4. What does the service bulletin do for me? Any assistance with the repair? I am past the 5 yr powertrain warranty but only have 75000 miles.
  • Will get that sent over to you. No was not given any help and no nothing about a Service Request. As I have said, was given the run around like nobody knew a thing about problems with the Grand Prix's.
  • Search for GM Corporate on any search engine
  • Good morning Ann75,

    Service bulletins are for our technicians at the dealership and provide them new service information. They provide a correction to a specific product problem and usually contains repair procedures, information on part numbers and availability, and warranty labor code information. The body of the bulletin will describe the condition, cause, and correction to the problem.

    If you are seeking assistance on the repair, that evaluation is done by us in customer service through a Customer Assistance Case. This does hinge upon getting a diagnosis done by one of our dealerships so that a repair can be proposed. If you would like to establish one of these through us, please send us an email with the following information: your name/Edmunds user name, contact information (phone and address, please), the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership. My co-worker Christina generally responds to emails from Edmunds and will assist you from there.

    GM Customer Service
  • drb10drb10 Posts: 5
    What is the email address, I have talked to Pontiac and the Dealership they have offered a 70/30 warranty.
  • If you were to click on my username, my email address should be available to view publically. My coworker Christina, who answers a bulk of the emails from Edmunds, will guide you through whatever steps need to be taken from there.
    GM Customer Service
  • Just found this forum. My 2008 GXP got a new transmission at 62000 miles. That should never happen but the GXPs are plagued with problems. I had to replace rear struts already too. Would I buy another one if I had the chance? YES! This car is the only fun car out there where I can still drive through the snow and have my 3 kids in carseats in the back. And DrVette is right, being nice goes a LONG way. I bring pizza, donuts, etc. to my dealer as a thanks whenever they do a great job or go out of their way. And for that, I am treated like a queen whenever I come in. They definitely go the extra mile when it comes to caring for my cars, all because I treat them with respect.
  • ann75ann75 Posts: 4
    thank you Sarah. I have since talked to GM customer service and the car is at dealership now being diagnosed.
  • It's always great to hear from happy drivers, fastgarcal! Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for the GXP, and if we can ever assist please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    GM Customer Service
  • Wasn't the warranty of the 2008 model yr., 5yrs or 100,000 miles??
  • The 2008 Pontiacs had a Bumper to Bumper warranty of 3 years/36,000 miles whichever came first, and a Powertrain limited warranty of 5 years/100,000 miles, whichever came first. If you are interested in covered components, I would be happy to post those as well!

    GM Customer Service
  • Yes sarah please post whats covered in the 5 yr poertrain warranty, because im overseas and my fiance has my 2007 Grand Prix GXP and she told me the vehicle is stalling out on acceleration from a stop sign today and it's shifting from first gear roughly.
  • The powertrain warranty covers the following components: Engine: Cylinder head, block, timing gears, timing chain, timing cover, oil pump/oil pump housing, OHC
    carriers, valve covers, oil pan, seals, gaskets,
    turbocharger, supercharger and all internal lubricated
    parts as well as manifolds, flywheel, water pump,
    harmonic balancer and engine mount. Timing belts are
    covered until the first scheduled maintenance interval.
    Transmission/Transaxle/Transfer Case: Case, all
    internal lubricated parts, torque converter, transfer case,
    transmission/transaxle mounts, seals, and gaskets.
    Drive Systems: Final drive housing, all internal
    lubricated parts, axle shafts and bearings, constant
    velocity joints, axle housing, propeller shafts, universal
    joints, wheel bearings, locking hubs, front differential
    actuator, supports, front and rear hub bearings,
    seals and gaskets.

    If I can be of further assistance, please let me know!
    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah I have a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP that according to my GMC dealer requires a new transmission. It was misfiring and was having issues getting into Manual mode. Initially over 2 years ago the misfires were very subtle and only fluctuate 300rpm, it finally got real bad and was 800-1000rpm. At first the Ck Eng light generated a PO327 code for a knock sensor but even after it was replaced the code would eventually come back, I have over 100,000 miles I'm not happy about replacing a transmission on the car it should not have failed. Is there any recalls on the Grand Prix GXP's? Thanks
  • We'd be happy to check to see if there are any open recalls on your vehicle; please email us the last 8 digits of your VIN and we'll get you that information!
    GM Customer Service
  • Thanks Sara I sent you an email.
  • Great! My coworker Christina, who answers the emails coming in from Edmunds, will be responding to you.
    GM Customer Service
  • NHTSA is investigating GM for the transmission problems with these vehicles GM FWD
    Pontiac Grand Prix GXP, Impala SS, Buick LaCrosse.
    File your complaint at...

    NHTSA Complaint Line
    (800) 424-9153; Open 8AM - 8PM (EST)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,105
    We did miss the original post, but we don't permit using the forums to organize legal action. The link to NHTSA and the investigation info is fine - just no collecting names, etc., to organize lawsuits. Thanks!


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  • Sarah,
    I just found this forum after my 2005 Grand Prix GXP transmission quit working. I made it to almost 125K miles, so I appear to be luckier than most of the transmission posts. I'm still not happy with the estimate of $2500 that my mechanic just gave me :-(
    This is my 5th new GM car that I have owned, and by far the most problematic and costly!
    As it currently stands, the transmission is done, 2 cylinders have been burning oil for years and I have a hole in the top of one muffler ($1350 just for the part to fix that).
    Unfortunately, I just spent over $1000 on new front tires, leaking oil pressure sensor, four wheel alignment and new plugs & wires.
    Anything you can do to help?
  • We would be willing to set up a Service Request and explore what options may be available; while I can't guarantee the end result, I can guarantee that we'll look into this thoroughly. If you're interested, please send us an email with more information, including your name/Edmunds username, contact information (phone and address), the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage dealership.
    We look forward to hearing from you!
    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2006 GXP and My Trans just went out also. Car has only 80,000 miles on it and has had all maintiance on it since I have owned it. This is a bunch of Crap if you ask me. GM screwed up with this and they should fix the problem. I think they mass produced the trans for the GTP and put it in the GXP. What ever they did they need to fix it. I AM ON BOARD FOR A LAWSUIT
  • Have you already worked with Customer Assistance? If you would like to get a service request set up with us, please send an email with more information (including your name/Edmunds username, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership). My coworker Christina will advise you further.
    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2006 GXP that would slip when shifted from reverse to drive. A long pause then bang into gear. In 2010 I had the dealer fix what they thought was the problem. The problem persisted after the repair. Lately the pause and bang has been happening more frequently. The acceleration is also a little more sluggish like the trans is slipping. I am waiting for the total breakdown, just do not know when. Currently the car has 124,000 miles on it. Any other sign to look for before failure?
  • My trans wasn't slipping but I had problems getting it into manual and the torque converter was going into and out of lockup. At the end the car was misfiring and according to the dealer the trans was making the car misfire. I had a hard time accepting that but with the new trans it does not misfire anymore. So if u start to misfire your getting close to the end. The biggest problem with this trans is it still very easily goes into and out of lockup at cruise and I think it wears on the trans more then others. A new remanufactured trans from GM was $1900 plus labor ($1200). It now has a three yr 50k warranty (or maybe it 36K) warranty but I will be selling the car before its up. Runs like a new car again and it looks like my gas mileage has improved. I'm still upset I had to pay for a new trans at 103,000 miles though, I have a BMW 3 series that runs great with 150,000 miles.
  • We have a 2006 Pontiac GXP and it looks like we might be starting to have transmission problems with it too. It is just starting to feel like it is a miss in the engine but the engine is fine.

    I am wondering if there have been any recalls for this model car? Last 8 digits of vin is 61217114 Any help would be appreciated.
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