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Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Problems



  • did you ever figure out this problem? having the same problem with my 99 grand am 3800
  • i have a 2000 grand prix gt with tranny problems when i shift it in to drive it wont move but if i shift from low range on threw to drive it will then move but if i was to suddenly stop and try to go aging it wont accelerate there fore i have to start the process back over once i get going its ok for the most part could this be caused from a software problem or the shift servo
  • I was wondering if anyone would know why my Tachometer on my '05 GXP bounces why i am at steady speeds on the road, I read it has either has something to do with the DOD system or a solenoid valve. I just had the fluid changed along with the filter.
  • i have the same problem with my 2002 grand prix gt .i got the filter and oil changed it work for awhile and it back within a couple days
  • feder2feder2 Posts: 1
    my trans just went out no warning; was into Pontiac for general 27 pt inspection and oil change one week ago. 58K miles 2005 GXP what broke???
  • jjg27jjg27 Posts: 1
    Ok, so when I got 50+MPH I can hear a high pitched squeel from my engine and my car will stay at like 2500 RPMS the entire time I am on the highway, no matter how fast I go...I think its my overdrive not working??? If it is does anyone know If the entire transmission needs to come out for that to be fixed on a 2001 Grand Prix 3800 motor????
  • salvsalv Posts: 1
    I have 99 grand prix sedan.... when i turn it on and drive away some distance... then the tranny doesnt kick in. When i turn it off then i turn it back on it runs fine for a lil while. then i repeat it again. is it the sensor????
  • The transmission in my vehicle went out in October 2009 and the vehicle only had 60k on the odometer. I have been reading a lot of post and clearly there is a problem with the transmission that GM put in this vehicle. The vehicle started acting up again after 20k in March. The Dealership I had it replaced at has had my car for a month. I initially took it to this dealership because my transmission went out on a weekend I had an extended warranty through Nissan and was unable to verify if I could take the vehicle to any repair shop so I took it to the local Nissan dealership. However they have been giving me the run around first they fixed the motor mounts and then they figured out that I was right about the transmission. The transmission was supposedly fixed to be returned to the GM dealership who failed to fix it the right way. I would like to know with all the problems that GM is having with this transmission has there been a recall or are they helping with repair bills on this vehicle. Is there any one I can contact to complain about the problems with this transmission? Any help I can get will be much appreciated.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I am from GM Customer Service. Just to clarify was the transmission fixed at the GM dealership or the Nissan dealership? Is the vehicle currently under warranty? I can check for recalls I will need your VIN number to do that. Did Nissan not cover the transmission under their warranty? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I need to check but I believe the first transmission was bought from GM and put in by the Nissan dealership. But the remanufactured transmission was put in by GM. The transmission was covered under warranty and my vin # is 2G2WC54C651320894. Thank you for your assistance.
  • beepo9beepo9 Posts: 1
    My 2006 when coming out of neutral to drive or reverse some times just sits there ,then I think I am driving a Toyota it just jerks forward at a high rate of speed.
    Other times stutters before it finally goes into gear.I only have 48000 mi. Is this Tranny problem? Or something else maybe? No power train warranty on 06.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I am from GM Customer Service. Can you please email me at with some more information? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2005 Grand Prix GXP and I have the same problem. It acts as if it shifts out of drive and into neutral at stops. Not all but most stops. Feels like the transmission is slipping but then BANGS into gear and takes off.
    I notice at highway speeds you can feel the car as if it has trouble going into and staying in Overdrive. Since there might be a sensor or a small valve out it could be confusing the DOD (3rd and OD activation) and that is what causes the highway issue. There are a few sensors and valves in the transmission so I don't want to pay out the wahzoo to replace every one of them If it is just one.
  • dustinryandustinryan Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a 2000 grand prix gt and I am having a problem. The car will start, shift into gear and drive fine until i stop. Then with no indication it seems to go to neutral and will not move. The car will shift to park and that seems to engage but I cannot reverse or drive. After I turn the car off and back on I can shift it to gear and it will drive fine again. I had the tranny 4t65e rebuild a year agoe and im just outside my warrenty. Could this be a sensor or the computer or transmission? I have no Idea and I dont want my pants pulled down over the price on a new tranny.
  • tgaudettgaudet Posts: 1
    i am having the same problem. any solution to get that problem repair
  • jheard282jheard282 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Pontiac Garand Prix GT. When driving over 45mph the RPM hand reads 3000RPM and higher. Its not shifting to the last gear. When I depress the gas pedal, it feels as though the car shifts to the neutral position (giving me the idling effect) and the RPM hand drops to 1000. I had a diagnositc done from Firestone, they suggested a tune-up. Had the tune-up done and the problem still exists. I have gone to other automechanic stores and they have all suggested different things and nothing is solving my problem. Any suggestions?
  • tillatilla Posts: 2
    I was driving my car and when i went to park the shifting linkage got stiff so i disconnected the cable and its internal. Is this a common problem and is it easy to fix ??? thanx
  • tillatilla Posts: 2
    Inside the transmission I mean by internal....all of a sudden the linkage rod that goes inside the transmission is hard to move......
  • Exactly like message #51. I have previously owned a 2000 GP and now a 2001 GP. BOTH have had exactly the same problem - shuddering when trying to accelerate, tach needle jumps up and down, hill climbs are terrible. I called a local GM dealer about the possibility of a pcm update, but he says he needs the "codes" to look it up. He said the GM website says nothing about an update related to the transmission. So what do I have to do to get the update without spending alot of money on diagnostics and stuff?? I am not very car literate. ;) I have a ton of other work that needs to be done on this car so I don't have much money available for UNNECESSARY repairs and expenses! Please help!
  • Hello,
    The transmission was not fixed at a dealership, either time. The first time, a GM employee, transmission specialist, fixed it. the second time, a mechanic friend fixed it. I just paid $2200 for the second transmission. Is this going to go out every 70000 miles?!? The warranty had already expired. The first time at 70,000 miles, next at 141000 miles. This car sits up almost as much as I drive it. VIN# 2G2WC55CX61217929. I am also a GM employee for 26 years. Please help!!
  • I have an 1995 pontiac grand prix 3.1 SE, My speedometer does not work, i have changed the speed snesor, i have changed the dash still not working, But one day i drove the car and put it on the highway and it started to working, soon after it stop working. Need help to fix problem.
  • montycarlomontycarlo Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I also had same problem with my 95 gp, dealership said there was no codes showing, they could'nt get it to surge, while car was there they replaced EGR, I had a service engine light on, I knew I needed one, but they guarenteed it would fix the problem. (ha-ha nope) took mechanic for a ride to show him still surges on slight incline at 50-60mph, he cleans fuel injectors, took him for another ride cause it still was surgin, third time was the charm, it was a crack spark plug, could'nt see the crack, but the porcelin part of it was black. We were amazed that this was the problem, so 750.00 for the EGR, but no charge to clean fuel injectors, or replacing the spark plugs
  • mwattsmwatts Posts: 1
    Just started tonight. When the car hits 2K-2.5K RPM there's a whiring sound coming out of the front. Under no sound, over, no sound. However when going up a hill past the 3K mark, it feels like it slips and cuts back down.

    I really hope this isn't the transmission. Anyone have any ideas? I checked the transmission fluid when we got home and it was clean as it could look. A few months back I had a spark plug wire pop off and caused some jerking while accelerating, but nothing like a whiring sound that we're getting now.

    Please help. I know nothing about cars at all!
  • Anyone have ignition key locking in ignition probs - mine does and after new keys -tumbler still does - my gm boys tell me i have to replace complete shifter tower at $1400.00 or so for parts- car has only 60,000 miles of hyway driving on it. I have never heard of replacing shifter tower before-- does this make sense ? should there not be a cheaper fix if this indeed is the fix ? EM me if you have - I thank you
  • Had the same prob on my father-in-laws ended up changeing the ignition out lot cheaper and fixed the problem
  • Car ran great to San Diego 72 miles. When got in car to come home could not get up to speed car started bogging out like starving for fuel. So replaced fuel pressure regulator. Didn't fix the problem. Went to next step and replaced the fuel pump. Also replaced Trans due to slipping. Trans direct from GM $1600 and change. Fuel pump $355 Fuel pressure Regulator $75 still easy pressure on accelerator will build speed try to accelerate normal to build speed and boggs out no power what am I missing. What else is there HELP ME HELP ME PLEASE Going completely insane almost looseing my mind
  • had similiar problem with my 2002, just last month. Catalytic converter was plugged up and had to be replaced.
  • grwatchergrwatcher Posts: 3
    edited September 2010
    For over 2 years I had the same hesitation up slight hills from 45-70 mph as post 51. RPM's didn't swing wildly though and stabbing the gas pedal got the car to stop hesitating. Spent $150 at a large dealership for them to suggest a new torque converter for thousands of $$ because they could not find the problem. I couldn't afford it so continued stabbing the gas. My now son-in-law and his friend rode with me and said it wasn't a transmission problem but a power problem. When I stabbed the gas pedal, they said, I was resetting the engine's power output (or something like that). They suggested a tune up and timing belt adjustment if the tune up didn't work. It didn't but I didn't go further with it.

    So last month the Low Coolant light came on. My local Firestone had the car for a week and finally figured out that problem. They are great guys but that is all another story. After I got the car back, no more hesitation. My car drove beautifully! I talked with the mechanic: he had found 2 wires close enough to each other that they were arcing so he rerouted them and they stopped arcing. That was the only thing he thinks fixed the problem.

    So if you have hesitation, you may want to find a good mechanic and have him check out everything to do with the power of the engine no matter how small.
  • My wife's 99 Grand Prix will not shift into drive or revers for about 2 - 3 minutes. It will not shift into gear until you hear a slight click from the floor console at the shifter. Could it be a vacuum leak or just something sticking? She has spilted pop on the floor console at least once that I know of. Other then wating for that slight click sound to so that your able to move the shifter, it a good running car.
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