Chevrolet Malibu Maxx End of the Line?

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I see that the Maxx is no longer going to be manufactured after 07. Can anyone tell me why?


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    in 2008. Was announced in an article on Edmunds today. The 2008 Malibu redesign will apparently be sedan only.

    Enjoy 'em while we have 'em, folks.
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    Wow! I'm definitely going to have to buy another one before that happens. I think it is the rear wiper that sealed its fate :P
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    I know sales percentages v. the sedan have been disappointing but Chevy did very little to promote the Maxx in my opinion. There's plenty of tough competition in the sedan catagory including the new Camry, the Sonata/Optima and the Ford triplets. Chevy (along with Mazda) were the only two providers of mid-sized hatches and neither did much to promote their cars---- ah well... :cry:
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    Since mine is only about 11 days old, I'm disappointed to hear that. Came back to GM after reading about their stepping up in quality and safety. One test drive of the Maxx told me that it was true. It's the best new car I've had in years. Well, the change is 3 years away and Malibu is staying in the lineup so perhaps some form of the Maxx will yet remain. Even with the announced change, it's still a great car. :)
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    This can't be good for trade-in value. Guess I'll keep mine a while.
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    Been thinking about this announcement for a day or so but can't help wonder why would GM shoot themselves in the foot like this ? I know Edmunds is noted for their accurate reporting, so I'm not questioning their report, but am wondering about their source. How does GM expect to sell the 2006 & 2007 models after such an announcement??? Is their marketing department, really that dumb???
    If the 2008 change is correct, I would also imagine that the next 2 years production may be somewhat limited. That said, I'm not sure they are capable of another complete re-design and testing in just 2 years. Actually about 20 months before production must begin, I suspect some of that may be wishful thinking on their part.
    At first I was disappointed but now think, if true, Maxx owners may not be hurt. Hatchbacks are always in demand and nearly all here agree that the Maxx is a great one. According to the announcement, the Malibu will continue, just the Hatch dropped, so I don't expect it will effect value, it just might enhance it. What do you think, could the Maxx become the next "Collector Car"?? (just kidding) :):) .
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    It may never be a classic collector car but maybe someday there will be a rally for the Maxx car club long after the last one is made.
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    Is their marketing department, really that dumb???

    Yes. After all, GM got itself into its current mess in part because of all the huge SUVs they've been pushing. Now they're dumping the best SUV alternative in their lineup, for what? So that they can push more Stupid Useless Vehicles like the Escalade and Hummer?

    Oh well...I sort of expected this to happen. I always said that if the Maxx hadn't existed I would have been happy with a loaded LT sedan instead. But I plan to keep my 04 Maxx for at least 5 years more.
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    The problem with that is that there's plenty of great 4 door sedans, including (what looks like a little more interesting) Camry, a less interesting but better Sonata, and better priced Ford triplets. That hatch and the flexibility is what brought me over.

    My short list consisted of a Suzuki Aerio SX (something that really ISN'T selling), and a Scion xB (really noisy churning engine). Had the HHR been out I would have given it a look but it won't have this level of power and sophistication. The space was what was important to me.

    We must be odd because I don't see many Mazda 6 hatches or wagons, but I just keep feeling that Chevy has ignored this car from the beginning.
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    My baby's 2 weeks old, and she's already going to be an endangered species! :cry: so to speak... I hope I'm not in the market for another one by then. I suppose this means that the HHR will need to be really good, because I don't see any other GM cars nearly as roomy and fuel-efficient.
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    We must be odd because I don't see many Mazda 6 hatches or wagons, but I just keep feeling that Chevy has ignored this car from the beginning.

    Actually, the Mazda 6 hatch is hard to tell from the sedan version. Mazda did a pretty good job of making their hatch unobtrusive, which might be part of the Maxx's looks a little too different from the Malibu sedan for most people.

    But I thought the Maxx looked sportier than the sedan, plus when viewed from the rear, it has a less visible muffler. I can't figure out why so many GM cars have such low-hanging exhaust systems...

    You're right, GM didn't really try to sell this innovative car. That's just their problem: They're too reactive. Even on those rare occasions when they come up with something original, they don't attempt to influence the marketplace and promote what they've created. They just hope that people will drift into showrooms and discover their new product. No wonder they're going down the tubes.
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    Looks like there's a 2008 Maxx SS in my future. That will be my third Maxx (unless some moron creams my '04 before then).

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    you'll have to get your SS in 2007, as GM is discontinuing __all__ Maxxes at the end of that year.

    Other than the SS variant, I doubt (but could be wrong :confuse: ) there will be any major changes in the Maxx from here on.

    The rest of the Malibu line gets redone in 2008.

    If GMs' light bulb had gone on and they stuck AWD into the Maxx in 2008 (which they hinted about doing at one time) and restyled the rear end a bit, it could have been a hot competitor to the Audi A3 and _ gasp _ maybe the AWD Chrysler 300.

    The engineers knew what to do with this car. Pity that marketing was and is clueless about it.
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    Are you saying BOTH GM marketing guys dropped the ball on this one? ;)
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    "Dropped the Ball" - Not exactly - But they should have kept the summer intern on, for a week or so longer to give the intern a chance to think their decision through. ;)

    Sorry couldn't help that - Only GM would make a decision to kill one of the best designed cars they've built in years. Sure, they didn't promote it. With all the behemoth SUV's collecting dust on the lots, the advertising bucket had to be put somewhere. They had much more tied up in the SUV's.

    Oh, Well, there's still hope. The SS versions of both cars, due in 2006 may change some minds. Time will tell but until then I'm going to enjoy mine. I still don't see the value being hurt much, if at all.

    I do respectfully disagree with the posts about Hatches being unpopular - I see them everywhere. But at the same time, lets be honest, the Foresters, Outbacks, Santa-Fe's, Rav-4's and other like sized vehicles, aren't SUV's. They are car based AWD hatches. Please don't yell. There's nothing wrong with that or with them, but that's exactly what they are. If gas keeps going up even the fuel stingy Subies, will feel the pinch.

    I enjoy getting 30 plus on the highway when virtually nothing else with the size and versatility of the Maxx, is coming close. :) In fact, As we've seen with the big SUV's, if gas doesn't settle down, the entire AWD bubble is going to burst.
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    This is sad, and completely crazy. I cannot imagine why this car hasn't been an enormous hit with the public. It is so far better than most, and a great value. It breaks my heart that such a terrific design and concept will be dropped. I love mine and it has been perfect for our family. Everyone who rides with me raves about it.
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    Kurt - I agree, you are correct. I think the main reason the Maxx isn't a mega-hit is the look. It's not the egg with wheels that most other sedans are. People get used to a certain look and it takes time to change. Even a portion of the Hyundai advertising strongly suggests that it "looks" like something else. Once you get someone inside a Maxx, their opinion changes completely. I liked the "different" look of the Maxx right-a-way but it took a little bit to convince my wife.

    As to another post that asked if the reported departure of the Maxx has been seen anywhere else. Actually the reports I've read quoted Edmunds. Of course, nothing official from any GM site. Maybe there's hope, yet. :):):)
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    You're right....a 2007 Maxx SS (maybe with AWD?) not a 2008. Of course, a left-over 2007 sitting on a dealer lot in January 2008 might have a great deal available.

    Installed new Blaupunkt speakers in my Maxx over the weekend. The PIE (Precision Interface Electronics) model GM12-AUX v2 auxiliary input adaptor is 12 pin, and will not work on the Maxx LS (the stereo is 24 pin). I have a call in to PIE; they're supposed to call back in an hour or so with more info.

    Getting to the stereo is easy---just pop the fuse panel cover off, and you can reach right up and unplug the stereo wiring harness (unless you have big hands).
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    Yes, I dumped my 95 4x4 Yukon for a loaded 05 LT Maxx And I love it!
    It goes over twice as far on half the tank the Yukon did! (1 Tank $24 -vs $54 )
    D~ (BTW My Yukon can't sell so I keep it for a winter beater here in the NE!)
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    I have been away for one week and this is what I get to come back to??? :surprise: :mad: :cry: :confuse:

    That is terrible news.

    I took a trip from Dallas to Chicago and I will say that the ride of my maxx was awesome. I wondered how accurate the computer calculations for gas mileage were so I did the calculations myself. On the low side, I was getting 32 mpg. On the high side, I was getting 35 mpg. This was awesome out of a V6.

    I read something earlier about the HHR being the vehicle that someone replaces their maxx with... I am sorry but why would GM hire the same guy that designed the PT cruiser to come over and make a slightly larger version for GM? Frankly, I think that was mighty stupid. Also, I have only seen options for 4 cyl engines in the HHR. There is now room under the hood for a V6.

    As for the look between the 'bu and the maxx, I like the style of the maxx much better than the 'bu. I do not know why anyone would want a 'bu over a maxx. I love the leg room in the back and don't need to worry about asking passengers if I need to move the seat up.

    Of all the cars I drive, I like the maxx better than any honda or toyota that I have worked on. I really like the rear suspension for the fact that you get a camber and a toe adjustment, which many other makes don't offer. Therefore, it is not as frequent to have to install after-market alignment products.

    If this rumor is true, I know that it is not the first stupid thing that GM has done... just look at the side post batteries in about a year or two... I suppose I will have to take my dollar somewhere else when it comes time for my next new car/truck. I hope I can get as many miles out of my maxx as I did my silverado...
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    is supposedly the styling did not catch on. People complained about how the rear end looked (C&D called it a bulldog butt).
    Ok, so why not restyle the rear end (can't cost __that__ much to change the shape of the hatch!)?

    As for HHR,,

    has info on it. Just another retro vehicle clone that's underpowered to boot.
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    The European version of the MAXX--The Signum--looks like the same car without the bump on the rear. Seems like a small modification that might make our car more appealing to the general public. Check it out. I happen to like the way the MAXX looks--it's eye-catching and unique.
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    Perhaps the Signum will come in as a Saturn. It would be great if Saturn=Opel. Save GM some money too. With the closing of the Spring Hill plant (for S. anyway) and the abandonment of plastic panels GM seems to be moving in this general direction--look at how close the Aura looks.

    Of course, when Olds was changed from huge land barge (98, etc) to slightly more European in nature, the plug was pulled. Certainly Saturn has no place to go but up-- and the Aura certainly DOES look up after the Ion.
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    I quoted the article from edmunds..if you not GM is redesigning or replacing all the body styles recently include the G-6, LaCrosse, Saab 9-3 and the Malibu by 2010.

    "The midsize Epsilon is GM's workhorse platform. In North America, it will underpin vehicles from six different brands by 2010, including replacements for the Buick LaCrosse, the Chevrolet Malibu, the Pontiac G6 and the Saab 9-3, as well as the new Cadillac BLS and the Saturn Aura, sources told Inside Line. When the Malibu sedan is redesigned, the five-door Maxx will be dropped"

    I would consider this they are maintaining the chassis/platform and redesigning the cover that the platfrom..sales always drives a car...and it is obvious the Maxx didnt catch on like GM thought it might...again...I think it was said early...there is this distaste for a hatchback...but personally.I love them!!
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    The new Maxx/Malibu were essentially tweezed Opel/Saab designs anyway. One major change was suspension, which were modified to cope with our bad roads. At least one Enthusasist magazine complained about that.
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    ...and it is obvious the Maxx didnt catch on like GM thought it might...again...I think it was said early...there is this distaste for a hatchback...

    Forgive me for sounding cynical...and pardon me, truck/van/SUV offense intended (really!)...but the reason hatchbacks don't catch on in this country is because they're too polite & sensible. It seems that everyone would rather have a big, in-your-face trucklike vehicle whether they really need it or not.

    I'm so sick of hearing from people with kids who say they "need" something like a Suburban to haul around two pre-schoolers and a couple bags of groceries (all of which would fit easily in a Malibu or Impala) because they don't feel "safe" driving anything smaller.

    OK. I got that off my chest. Flame away!
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    "I'm so sick of hearing from people with kids who say they "need" something like a Suburban to haul around two pre-schoolers and a couple bags of groceries (all of which would fit easily in a Malibu or Impala) because they don't feel "safe" driving anything smaller."

    If this statement is in response to my inquiry above.... as I am assuming you must not have kids.. neither do I (at least not until the Russian Govt. says I do $35,000 later)... therefore, I don't have the experience of packing all the "kid crap" into a vehicle of ANY kind... and just wanted a little advice from those who are experienced before I go out and purchase this "sensible" vehicle.

    Thanks to those of you who were so kind to reply about cargo issues.
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    Congratulations on your impending family. A close friend of our family has twin girls adopted from Russia. Although their experience was costly, everything worked out for them and they are very happy.

    As to packing all the stuff needed, well, having raised 2 kids and now have 2 grand-kids, I can tell you it's a chore and a half. There's never enough room. When my kids were babies we owned a Mustang. Packing the kids and stuff into the "Stang" was a real show but we managed. Believe it or not we then went from the Mustang to an Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Wagon. 454 motor with all the toys. Purchased it about 2 months before the 70's gas crunch hit. (Yeah, shot myself in the foot with that one). Only got about 8 to 10 MPG with it but it towed our camper and all the "kid stuff" with ease. Except for the MPG it was a good car.

    Whatever car you choose, get the DVD option. It will save your sanity on a long trip. By the way, with kids, a long trip is anything over 30 minutes :)

    Honestly, the Maxx should be a great car for your needs with outstanding MPG, reliability and utility. However if you need a little more room, give the Ford Freestyle a look. Underpowered with the 3.0 but tremendous interior space. I gave it a good look before buying. However, since most of our traveling is through mountains, I found the motor a little sluggish. If it wasn't for the mountain driving, that might have been my next car. I do tend to agree with the other posts stating that for many people the 4 x 4 behemoth isn't a "needed" vehicle, rather it's a "wanted" vehicle. :)
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    Haven't driven the Freestyle but it looks very interesting if you need extra space. I also hear that's due to be cancelled but that the same platform will continue as a Mercury.
  • beedublubeedublu Member Posts: 236
    The statement you quote wasn't directed at you at all. Sorry if it came off sounding like a personal attack.

    You're right, I don't have kids. But even if I did, I wouldn't choose a Suburban or even a Trailblazer. And definitely not a Venture/Uplander. An Equinox, maybe. But the Maxx would seem just about perfect.

    BTW, I know people who do have the aforementioned two preschoolers and who manage to haul them, the groceries and all the kid-related paraphernalia around in Taurus wagons, Accord sedans and (yes!) Subarus and other hatchback/small wagon types of vehicles.

    Those who simply want a huge SUV are welcome to buy them, as far as I'm concerned; I was only commenting on the absurdity of claiming that having a child or two makes such a vehicle an absolute necessity.
  • madmadammadmadam Member Posts: 55
    I agree with you. When my daugher was small we got around with a Cavalier--and we usually had one or two extra kids with us. The trunk was always full of stuff. Now that she's a teenager the MAXX has been a great choice. Perfect for driving long-legged teens around.
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    "because they don't feel "safe" driving anything smaller."

    How much is your life worth? Have you seen what sometimes happens to smaller cars in an accident where the car splits in half or is crushed beyond recognition? Air bags and crumple zones can only do so much to protect you in an accident. That is why many people choose to drive larger vehicles. I drive an '85 Volvo 240 with no air bags, but it has more built in crash protection than most newer cars and I would put it up against any SUV in a crash. Today's cars aren't built that way any more, so it boils down to how much risk of being killed in an accident are you willing to accept by driving a smaller vehicle verses the extra cost of driving a larger vehicle. Life is about making choices and taking risks. Sometimes you win, :) ....sometimes you lose. :cry:
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    I must say you are living in a false sense of security. Large old tanks have a lot of metal but little to no actual protection for the passengers. What built in protection could your antique 85 Volvo have that aren't offered today? Volvo pioneered the very crumple zones that you state can only do so much and that was why they were known as safe in those days. Your 240 only has the crumple zones to help protect you. It wasn't even designed to handle side impacts or offset impacts. If you were in those kind of accidents, you would be up a creek. Even in a head on collision, with no airbags to protect you, your head would most likely nail the steering wheel pretty hard. I find it interesting that people still cling to the idea that bigger is always better and don't understand that cars are supposed to crumple up to nothing in order to keep the passenger compartment intact. It has more to do with weight then exterior size and how well designed the structure is. Your old 240 weighs about 3300 pounds which would be at the same disadvantage as any other smaller car up against an SUV. In fact, your 240 would be at an even greater disadvantage due to the old structure that hasn't benefited from 20 years of advances. My "compact" Lancer weighs 3050. I'd take my slightly smaller much safer car anyday. It may be unrecognizable after a nasty crash, but I'm willing to bet I will have much less severe injuries then you would. It's designed to give up its life to keep me safe.
  • gmctruckgmctruck Member Posts: 186
    You haven't seen how a 240 is built the way I have. It has a built in steel roll cage and heavy steel bars in each door. There are no cheap plastic body panels like on the newer cars. Many injuries in car crashes are caused by the airbag deployment and not the accident itself. So having airbags is no guarantee that you won't be injured or killed in a crash. My point was that small cars don't always protect you in a crash even with airbags. So are you game for a demolition derby? ;)
  • juswheelsjuswheels Member Posts: 42
    With all respect.
    The safety advances in cars over the last 20 years are far greater than during the previous 75 years put together. It doesn't matter who pioneered them, the fact is, they are here. By current standards, your 85 Volvo is in the dark ages with regards to safety issues.

    The vehicle we were discussing received a 5 Star side impact rating from NHTSA, tying with Audi. Equipped with side curtain air-bags the driver would not suffer any appreciable injury. In a similar side impact with your 85, injuries, probably very severe, are guaranteed. That heavy steel is exactly what would impact your head. Even if the side of your car doesn't give way, You will !! No shoulder and lap belt combination can keep your head from impacting the steel in the side of your car.

    This same car also received a 5 star rating for front impact. I am very aware that air-bags aren't the entire answer and there have been injuries and even deaths from air-bags. However thousands have been saved. Air-Bag technology has been modified to reduce those tragic incidents. In a frontal impact you have less than 7/10 of one second to protect the occupants. Whatever you build into a vehicle MUST do it's job in less than 7/10 of one second. That's all the time you have and nothing can change that fact.

    With todays advances in safety, driveability, quality and yes, even value, it's no longer an issue of big vs small, just for crash purposes. Please remember one of the major vehicle safety issues is equipping a car so that an "average" driver can avoid a crash. Anti-Lock brakes, (another feature lacking on your 85) is just one such advance. Simply put, the behemoth is no longer needed, just to be safe.

    If you are "Taking Risks" when purchasing a vehicle, You will loose. The proper safety equipment is out there and very affordable. However it's up to you to find out and ask the proper questions. I have no doubt that you are completely satisfied with your 85, but hiding in the sand with 20 year old technology and telling others, that's the way to go, is doing them a great disservice.
  • gmctruckgmctruck Member Posts: 186
    "Sorry, but hiding in the sand with 20 year old technology and telling others, that's the way to go, is doing them a great disservice."

    Who's hiding in the sand... not me. If you think ABS is so great, I should let you drive my '99 GMC Sierra pickup on a bumpy road. Your eyes will pop out of your head when the ABS kicks in for no valid reason and the pedal goes almost to the floor as you pray to stop before hitting someone in front of you or blowing through an intersection. Don't take my word for it. Do a google search or go read the complaints yourself on the NHTSA website. I'm not saying that all ABS systems are bad, but I'm glad my Volvo doesn't have ABS. In fact, many new cars today only offer ABS and side curtain airbags
    as an option and not standard equipment.

    "Simply put, the behemoth is no longer needed, just to be safe."

    You can keep believing that if you wish, but mass is mass and the bigger mass usually wins over the smaller one and time isn't going to change that. You remember that the next time you see a small car split in half after an accident. I'll keep driving my 20 year old Volvo until it quits which will probably be long after many newer cars have already gone to the scrap heap. :P
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    Car's with crumple zones are actually much safer for the occupants then a car with out them. Essentially the strongest part of the car with crumples zones is the cabin, in a car w/o them, the weakest part is the cabin. I'd rather have the front of the car cave in, than the cabin. Also, the thin body panels don't really play a role in safety, all the needed support is underneath those thin pieces of aluminum in high-strength supports.
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    Hey guys, cut it out!
    This is a chat room for discussing the MAXX. Perhaps you can get each other emails and have it out in private. This back and forth arguments about safety are interesting to a point, and that point has been reached. Get back on track.
  • juswheelsjuswheels Member Posts: 42
    I know this is a Maxx forum and if this discussion is offensive to anyone, I apologize. I will make this my last word on the subject. I will also apologize if anyone felt my posts were disrespectful, because that was not my intention.

    However, I stand by what I said. For the last 35 years I've seen the suffering and death caused by these crashes, firsthand and yes I've become passionate about this.

    I am very aware that safety technology isn't the total answer but it's a wonderful tool that has evolved and changed considerably over the past few years. Advising others to the contrary is to say the least, untrue and a disservice to those who might tend to listen. Sorry to say, but I find that offensive. For that I do not apologize.
  • madmaxx1madmaxx1 Member Posts: 4
    Wow, that sucks. I love the hatchback-very usefull.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Member Posts: 1,798
    ditto, and a pity.
    USA makers and buyers just can't get a grip on Hatches; attitude is they are cheap econocars and always inferior to Sedans.
    Hatches do well everywhere else but in the USA.

    As for Audi, am watching it but no plans to move to it yet. Dealer network is weak and the reliability is spotty (not that my '04 Maxx is so great; a lot of problems over two years, but it was a first year car.)
  • madmaxx1madmaxx1 Member Posts: 4
    I wish there was a Maxx club now.
  • beedublubeedublu Member Posts: 236
    I see that the Maxx is no longer going to be manufactured after 07. Can anyone tell me why?

    Because in spite of $3 a gallon gas, the idea in this country is still that you should have an SUV if you want versatile carrying capabilities. A hatchback just makes too much sense for most people. :confuse:
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Member Posts: 1,798
    The new Malibu '08 sedan which (according to one article elsewhere) the dealers "want today" seems influenced by the Chrysler 300 and the Toyota Echo. Chrysler supplies the smaller windows, Echo the raised rear deck line.

    Good luck, Chevy.
  • meandmymaxxmeandmymaxx Member Posts: 134
    I have a 05 Maxx and absolutely hated the front end, until the 06s came out and now from the front they look like everything else GM has on the road, so I kinda like the way mine looks now. It will be a crying shame when the Maxx is dead. It is a great looking car (except for the front on view) The Maxx blows the sedan right out of the water from a styling point of view. Versatility is 2nd to none with anything that even comes close in MPG. Comfort and convenience is outstanding. I had my Maxx in for the steering gear repair and they gave me an 06 Impala to drive. Nice car a little bigger, nicer dash, but other then that I will take my Maxx anytime.
  • meandmymaxxmeandmymaxx Member Posts: 134
    Hey thebigal, I'll let you buy mine in 2015, for a really good price. :o)
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Member Posts: 1,798
    ..Dec '06 issue offers spy shot of '08 Malibu and claims Maxx won't be part of the new crop of Malibu sedans.

    The Maxx platform lives on in the new sedan as well as the Saturn Aura and G6, minus the hatch and with trunk in place.

    A pity most Americans just don't "get" hatches.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Member Posts: 1,340
    ...and I won't buy that new crop either. I'll just keep hoping that after my Maxx dies in 7 years that I'll be able to buy a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle from Honda or Toyota that does everything my Maxx currently does.
  • yerth10yerth10 Member Posts: 431
    Actually a CUV is slightly shorter than SUV and a Wagon/hatch is slightly shorter than CUV, and all three share the same 2-box type design with 5 doors.

    But people dont know about this and they hate the words Wagon/hatch.

    The best thing for GM is to create a Maxx which is an inch taller and call it a CUV (just like Chevy HHR) and it will sell well.

    Its a very useful vehicle. They priced it 2K above Malibu and people thought thats expensive. Thats why Maxx did not sell.
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    other than the fornicating suv/car offspring ad when it first came out, I saw absolutely nothing. I've had people with 'Bu sedans come up to me on parking lots and ask how I happened to get one. No effort with GM or dealers to even tell anyone about it.
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